Thursday, May 11, 2017

Reason for Delay

I have more to add, I've been collecting past memories and thoughts.  I can say this:  Frederick of Denmark died multiple times, by multipl3es of his clone, bc of Mary Donaldson.  Also, several persons were on a CIA list (agents) as well as MOSSAD list.

Some of them include Meghan Markles.  NCLS.  Do you want to play nickleback?

Monday, May 8, 2017

'No Katie, No, Not My Son"

My clone who was married to Frederick of Denmark begged for the lives of their sons.  Katie and others were persons she pleaded with, and it was a total ambush that didn't stop. My clone was set up.  Approximately 8 or more Fredericks died, whose murders I witnessed.  He repeatedly said mostly the same things and it was him. 

I have been thinking about this and Edward VIIIths murders and other things but I am outside right now using wifi and freezing cold and have to go back to my house for the day (it's almost dark out).  I can tell you, Netanyhahus did NOT want him to know the truth or for others to find out what Frederick's last words and actions were, before he died--they constantly wanted to position Mary Donaldson in favorable light.  Yes, I've recognized many of his "doubles" and they are not him.  I can tell, now, by his photos, if it was him or not.

The CIA is definitely involved, along with MOSSAD, and he knew somehow that Waleses and Donaldson were involved, along with some others. 

Saturday, May 6, 2017

My Marriage Personal Ad For Today

I am looking for a marriage for love, with someone who is Protestant, white, and living outside of the United States in Europe.  I'm hoping to meet some men who believe in saving sex for marriage, older than age 30, to date and have fun with, and selecting one to marry.  I'm wanting to marry a good and nice person, who continues to be this type after marriage, and I would like to marry someone either who already lives outside of the U.S. or who already knows he wants to move out of the U.S. with me.  I would also prefer to live in a country that was non-Allied to the U.S. during WWII, but do not want to live in Russia, or in a community with mostly Jews or Catholics.  I am attractive, adventurous, and I like driving cars, windsurfing, and staying fit. 
History:  My family was massacred in Denmark, as the first in line royal family to the crown of Denmark, and I have been held hostage in the U.S. my entire life as a pawn, used as a body shield, and for ransom demands and I've been raped, tortured, and falsely imprisoned as a kid and had property stolen and been the victim of murder attempts and assault.  I'm white, redhaired naturally, blue-green eyes with sectoral heterochromia, have moderate hemophilia B, and I'm 5'5", 28B, and 31-23-33.  Right now, I am a little over my usual weight because I had a baby and have not had decent athletic shoes for getting back into shape, so I'm about 128 lbs instead of my usual 103-108, and 33-27-34.  I was sterilized under the age of 6 because of politics and religious war.  I've had children as the result of implantation of human embryos by rape and the U.S. has then kidnapped the resulting children from me after they are born (sterlized to be unable to have my own natural children but to be able to carry a pregnancy if implanted with an embryo).  This sterilization is something that shows up on X-ray and CT scan/MRI and has ever since they did this, but I would like to have it investigated and find out if it's possible to reverse.  In addition to this, a number of eggs were stolen from me at a young age, which I was threatened they were giving away and selling to others.  I had horomone injections and operations for this.  People who told me I was sterilized who were part of my family and were not bragging about it to others, were shot and murdered.  I would like to marry someone who does not want to have any children.
Political:  I am a clone, and I would prefer being with someone who can talk about what human cloning is, and where they are not a hostage, and their country does not agree with Israel, Mary Donaldson, Markles, the Parker-Bowles or Middleton family, or the U.S. government.  The original one of me was born possibly around 1890's or so, and human cloning was already possibly at this time, as was plant cloning and animal cloning, with medical records to support it.  For some not familiar with this idea, I also am witness to the fact of several clones alive at age 80-90 in 1977 or so, born in the 1880s, who had clones of themselves (younger versions) already around and working for the U.S. government (for example, Carol Goldsmith-Middleton).  Democracy was over for the U.S. by 1920 (it's impossible for democracy to exist where every vote is not counted), and the stock market crash had to do with unreal money and statistics, and persons unaccounted for (clones) who stole from accounts, stole identities and property, and inflated the economy so that most of the U.S. was poor except for people like the Goldsmiths.  The U.S. government claims to be a democracy and to support this, and does not, and also does not support free enterprise or capitalism.  The U.S. government is very seriously a plutocracy, trafficks people in a massive human slavery system, and controls people with implanted military technological devices for surveillance and torture by remote means.  They also no longer even recruit new people, typically, because they are just re-cloning the same people to replace the ones retired in the government offices, and pass huge amounts of money between those who support this.  It is impossible to have access to courts or even start a business without the government, and the government gives credit for work to others who did not produce the work, and who are only the most 'loyal' of U.S. government employees, agents, and spies.  For example, the only persons who are celebrities are hand-picked mostly by the CIA and FBI and plutocracy.  I have Republican ideas of free enterprise and capitalism, and democratic ideas about having some basic social services for people.  I do not agree with social services regarding stealing kids from parents, or CPS, or anyone having anything to do with the fraudulent trafficking group called "Infant and Family Services".  My belief in social security for people is strictly to providing material benefits, and I believe any and all government interference with families is criminal and against human rights.  I believe in total autonomy for parents and freedom of reproduction and that human cloning crimes by the U.S. are worse than what they did during WWII.  They are the Allied group which won the war, and have only increased their criminal activity and hostage holding, torture, and rape, and while they promote "concentration camp" evidence or photos of non-Allied countries, they have retained the control of, and disappeared, the evidence of their own concentration camps and conditions.  Not only that, they continue committing crimes as bad as those in "Holocaust camps" and keep this secret from the public while stealing properties, identities, and rights of others and using them as slaves and hostages.  The social services I believe should be provided equally to all are emergency food assistance, cash assistance on occasion (to all types of persons, any age, sex, or marital status),  shelter, and basic and emergent dental and medical insurance/care. I also agree with security for those in old age, some transportation assistance, and college loans provided by the government.  I do not agree with any kind of child 'policing' or investigation services, used to round up more kids away from parents, to be sold, exploited, and used by government personnel, particularly since human cloning has been possible.  I am a strong believer in family rights and civil rights protections, and in human cloning disclosure to be made public worldwide.  I believe every clone should have total access to their medical records, those of their prior clones, and to know the numbers, location, and existence of any and all clones used by governments, that are their own clones and also those related to them.  It is criminal that governments are reproducing persons, isolating them from eachother, and destroying family records and the fact this is still occuring, and at such a horrendous level, is evidence there is something wrong with the "Allied" winners of WWII.
Religion:   I am Protestant Christian and all of my clones (and their family that was murdered), hundreds of thousands of people, were all Protestant Christian.  One of my daughters decided to become Catholic, later, and was murdered anyway, because of the Jewish agenda against my entire family (they don't advertise their motives but they are extremely anti-Protestant, thinking since Germany was the base for Protestant Christianity and Jews were sent to camps, that it is the fault of all Protestants, from which they now steal, manipulate, and control).  I would like to marry someone who shares the Protestant faith and belief, or who loves me despite not having the same belief, and is able to recognize religious persecution and motives from others against my family. I do not want to marry someone who is Jewish or Roman Catholic because of this influence that specifically worked together to murder my family to promote only Jews and Catholics who were intermarried with Jews, as "royals".  Also, I do not want to marry anyone with Jewish ancestry at all, such as the Waleses are, who are Jewish in ancestry and private practice (including keeping kosher kitchens), but pretend to be Christians, and go to a Protestant Christian (Anglican) church.  Their motives, beliefs, politics, and practices,  are Jewish, not those of Christians, and they are who torture, rape, and murder Protestants and lie about them.  The propaganda created by Israel and other Jews since 1955, is so extensive, Jewish Supremacy has become worse than "Aryan supremacy" was ever claimed to be.  They have incited hate crimes against Protestants, by (using) Protestants, including police and law enforcement, and intelligence, and used their base to create false evidence, and double the identities of innocent Protestants, who are then accused falsely of crimes, removed from power, and replaced by Jews and those who support them, including non-facist (so-called) Italian Catholics and Catholic Irish-Americans.  The IRA is an example of a militia that was used to promote Jews to world power:  MOSSAD, CIA/FBI, and Waleses sold arms to, and used the IRA to secretly fund and mask the massacres of more innocent Protestants, for Jewish motives, while the group claimed to be about Irish Catholic autonomy and freedom from persecution of some Protestants.  In fact, the FBI refused to put the IRA on the list of "terrorist organizations".  I was personally held hostage by James Comey and his family and clones, raped by him and others in Ireland and England and the US, and watched my other Protestant family members being raped, tortured, and murdered.  I also witnessed the fact the Jewish British royal family and Donaldsons gave money to Comey directly, and to the IRA hostage holders, to continue their massacre against us.  Because of the huge numbers of Israeli, MOSSAD, and world-wide Jews against my family, to slaughter us, I do not want to marry anyone with any known or hidden Jewish ancestry because it would dishonor my family and the slain, and God in heaven-and-earth, and is a huge conflict of interest.  So-called "victims" of Jewish holocaust deny the existence of human cloning and profit from it, using their entire country and other regions, to continue illegal human cloning and selling people as slaves--they want acknowledgement such as a Holocaust museum but do not disclose current crimes against others, and refuse to establish the fact of human cloning.  It is an international plutocracy that continues to use, sell, and massacre people secretly.
My religious beliefs are sincere, and I pray to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, and angels, and I occasionally fast, and read my Bible often.  In addition to writing secular songs which the U.S. govt. stole from me, I wrote thousands of Christian worship songs which were also stolen and recorded.  My church attendance depends on the area and if there is one I like, and I have gone from not attending at all to attendence 3 times a week for activities and as a volunteer.  I typically would go at least once a week but have had to live in some areas where all of the pastors are U.S. govt. men (and involved in murdering my family) and I try to avoid them.  For example, in the small town of Coquille, Oregon, almost every church in town hosted murders against clones of my family.  This also occured at several churches in Coos Bay and in Portland, OR, making church attendance, which is something I would regularly be part of, uncomfortable and a conflict of interest.  In many of these murders, the persons listed above were immediately involved, so it became a way for some pastors or churches to show "pledges of alliance" to Jews Mary Donaldson and Kate Middleton-Goldsmith, and Parker Bowles Catholics.  Other times, if one or their entire family wasn't there, they had other govt. friends and handlers who were killing my family.  Mostly, there was almost always an entire group of clones of the persons mentioned, at the murders in churches, against my family.  I am non-denominational Christian, and the type of service I like most is Anglican or sort of traditional and formal in style.  I believe in the Apostle's Creed, and I am not Catholic but like the idea of having a rosary for counting beads to remember prayers and things.  I am not fanatic but I am devout.  I do not speak in tongues and I do not have any special spiritual talents or gifts.  I was forced to "pretend" to speak in tongues as a little kid, by Middletons, Donaldsons, and govt. persons who wanted me to look like a fanatic, fundamental Christian, to alienate me from other groups of Christians, and who were covering up the fact they had tortured my family with Haldol and drugs to create seizures and contortions of the tongue so they couldn't speak or articulate what they were saying, and then they'd make fun of them telling them no one could understand what they said anyway.  I am not prophetic but I believe in psychic and prophetic abilities, and I was psychic in mind-reading/ESP, remote viewing, and other things as a child, and tortured and operated on to not be.  The operations and torture and medications were extensive and severe, including constant electrocutions, brain surgeries, and repeated diagnostics under all forms of MRI, PET, CT, and X-rays (including by, and at, the Goldsmith-Middleton, Parker-Bowles, and Donaldson residences in England, Denmark, and the U.S.) and I had manipulation of my brain done while under these diagnostics, throughout my life up to the age of 7.  I then had another brain surgery after this, at age 10, and it was while I was awake.  I do not want to live in a country or be with someone who attempts to 'study' me or use me for experimentation.  I want to marry someone who also disagrees with this kind of treatment, and who believes the system of the U.S. is a plutocracy, and who refuses to lie and say it is a "democracy" when that is impossible where human cloning exists, is secret, and controlled by the government.
Personality:  My personality is extraverted and I like to talk, go to events and parties, and meet new people.  I also enjoy having time to myself, to think, read, and write or create something artistically.  I would describe my natural personality type as the Jungian-Myers "ENTP" and possibly between P and J but my conditioned personality type to be "INTP" or "INFP".   I believe the only aspect that is a constant and never fluctuated, is "N".  For those unfamiliar with this, in Jungian theory, one is either "Extroverted" or "Introverted" (and I am naturally E), "Sensing" or "Intuitive" (I'm naturally "N"), "Feeling" or "Thinking" (I'm either one but naturally F), and "Judging" or "Perceptive" (I'm either one but encouraged to be more P).  What this means, is that I'm naturally extroverted, keep an orderly house and business, like to see the big picture as well as paying attention to details, enjoy intellectual games and study but I also like some hands-on hobbies, and I'm usually more judging and a quick thinker for decisions and was trained to post-pone decision-making as more of an analytic, when typically, I could do both...gather information until needed and then make a good decision.  I remember even being influenced by govt. to not select "S" (sensing) answers as much and to deliberately select more "N" answers, so my personality conditioning has been for a long time and influenced even testing, though I answer honestly. What difference would it make if I am ENTP or ESFJ?  While I think a lot, and spend time in intellectual pursuits and always want to be learning something new and to advance my skills to expertise, I also enjoy some things that are hands-on, such as some sports, occasional flower and herb or vineyard gardening, and arts and crafts projects.
Hobbies:  My hobbies include decorating, organizing, making lists, singing, writing, music, socializing, computer surfing, acting, parlor games and cocktail parties, clubbing, dance, painting, thinking of new movies and books, cooking, some gardening, waterskiing, snowskiiing, windsurfing, polo, running, working out at the gym (up to 6 hours a day--for example, it is easy for me to train for Olympic events and I did so as a kid (pre-Olympic tryouts), and adult, for gymnastics, iceskating, skiing, running), kickboxing, and any sport indoors to loud music.  I also swim and used to know how to sky dive, rappel, and scuba dive. I particularly like windsurfing and have considered buying my own boom, mast, and board, many times and purchased windsurfing magazines for awhile.  This is something I would like to be doing seven days a week, and is the type of intellectual and physical workout I like.  This is a challenge to me and also a way for me to relax.  I also like sauna a lot, for relaxing, and as part of my work-outs.  When it is possible, I have also been interested in organizing for political causes such as disclosure of human cloning to the public. I witnessed the fact that many have no ability or talent or even desire to stand up for human rights, and I tried to do this as a kid and all of my clones did as well, compared to Mary Donaldson and Kate Middleton, who were lazy and took money for cocaine dealing and human slavery and murder instead.  I also used to enjoy spectator sports but haven't done this in a long time.  I like horse and greyhound races, animal and flower shows, ballet/theatre/opera, sports events sometimes (bb, baseball, football, etc), and on t.v., if watching sports (which I don't usually do), I mostly like to watch sports of gymnastics, some ice-skating, some skiing, races (running), and sometimes tennis.  I like comedies, romantic movies, action and spy, and foreign films, silent films, and old movies, and I don't watch much t.v. at all, but when I have, I've watched dance competitions and comedies. I also directed and wrote screenplays for several movies as a kid and was not given credit for my work.  I've taken film classes in college and wanted to apply to film school there and was blocked from doing so by the U.S. govt. stealing my vehicle and forcing me to move out of state.  They also put hits out against my other clones who tried to develop film school degrees and backgrounds.   I do not like watching surgeries on television, medical-based t.v. series, shopping channels, team sports, or soap operas.  I like books about ancestry and anthropology (books about origin of blood types, DNA, meanings and origin of surnames), and novels (English and Russian classics) and creative short stories and poetry. I also read some science journals and as a kid, studied astronomy and was blocked from buying my own telescope (and had one that was given to me as a gift stolen), and read patents for scientific inventions.  I've taken piano lessons at times and like classical piano methods (Chopin as a beginner), and I enjoyed learning violin and had more than one of my violins stolen from me, before I could learn to play.  Playing the violin is something that was important to me, that was another thing the government stole from me, and forced me to quit, and it's something I would try again, as well as piano.  I also had a drum-set stolen from me when I was younger but it's not something I would try again.  I had a pottery wheel and materials as well, at one time, and this is another thing I would enjoy, is pottery and ceramics-making, and the glaze/paint mixing, firing, glazing, and painting of the entire process, and I wanted to be accepted for an internship for glass making as well.  I also like fashion sewing kits and was forced to quit this as a kid, even though I was already making my own patterns by age 5, and told I was not allowed to learn with the objective of going to fashion school to be a fashion designer (they took away all of my scissors, sewing machines, pattern mats and rulers, and stole a mannequin one of my cloned daughters had bought for me to practice fitting on).  I like to drive cars and flew planes as a kid (field planes, small craft such as Seabrings, military jets, and 747s (continental airliners), and I was forced to quit flying by age 8 and taught to fly incorrectly to reverse my training.  I was also tortured inside of flight simulators and witnessed murders of more of my family inside--the govts. would lure my clones into a simulator with me where it was closed-in and dark, shoot them, and make me leave until I was too nervous to try to fly anymore and said I didn't want to go.  When I decided to make myself go anyway, despite my nerves, they tortured me and gave me drugs that caused me to pass out and then said I was medically "unfit" to be trained as a pilot, which was a lie.  I did some acrobatics and stunt work as a kid, even though my back, legs, and arms were repeatedly broken to force me to quit (tightrope walking, aerial acrobatics, train-jumping, rappeling for art heists).  Several of my clones were murdered in forced art heists where they wanted my clones' DNA on items and to have them crashing through glass to the floor below, while Middletons, Markle, and Donaldsons were picking up the jewelry and art with others, and leaving.  None of my clones wanted to do it, one of my daughters kept saying, "No Cameo, it's stealing" and they were forced to do this anyway, and murdered.  I also like to take photos and enjoy the process of photo and film-making.  I witnessed murders of my clones who worked at FBI offices as hostages, in California, and other locations, where the FBI allowed Parker-Bowles, Donaldsons, Steven Harper (clone from Canada), Middletons, and Markles, to go inside the darkrooms where they worked, and kill them.  I worked in the darkroom as well and witnessed the U.S. was altering photographic evidence to support these people and trying to frame my family in Denmark to get rid of them.  I took photos, processed the film in the chemical baths, hung them to dry, and then worked on machines to enlarge or clarify features, crop, and find artistic elements in my work.  I also processed the film of others and then had to deliver the product to them, and for all of this, I was never paid.  I was being raped and tortured, like all of my clones, by the U.S. government.
Pets:  I like pets and have a standard poodle, and have been babysitting kittens. I've had cats in the past but prefer dogs.  I don't mind also having cats, particularly I like Himalayans and Persians, or having them around as mousers.  I don't like tons of hair and fur, or having them try to crawl around me when I'm working, and I like poodles and hypoallergenic dogs, but on occasion, I've really loved other types too.   I also have a lizard and have had them in the past, and enjoy keeping, caring for, and watching an assortment of pets and have managed outdoor livestock as well, including cows, sheep, buffalo and horses, and even goats.  I've also had birds, fish, rodents and hamsters, turtles, a goat, and a pig.  I also kept spiders and some bugs.   My clones taught me not to kill spiders because they are good and eat flies and other pests (for the most part).  I used to have no fear of even tarantulas, until I witnessed fatal bitings against my clones (by Kate Middleton, Donaldson,  and her group) and was forced into rooms full of rats (including having a rat inside of a 'rat cage' around my head, and spiders, and once, snakes, and scorpions.  There have been times I've had no pets as well.  I can horseback ride Western and just a little English style, and I once used to love jumping with horses and was forced to quit (although I was then asked to train to be a jockey and told they'd keep me on for it but after the first race I said no because I was threatened with death if I continued--multiple death threats from Dabneys, Waleses, Gottis, Markles, Loebecks, Bechtolds, Ed and Mary Howard, Middletons, and Donaldsons, all the time, to force me out of Olympics gymnastics, horse racing, and other activities I was good at and could be paid for).  I have also tried rounding barrels with horses and rodeo, roping, and hog-tying.  I used to be able to lasso animals but I don't know how anymore and was forced to train incorrectly to contaminate my abilities, after I was already good at it (tortured, with forced repeated training to do things wrong).  The only thing I didn't have much success at was bull-riding and that is something I don't want to try again, or wild horse (out from the stall, bucking) riding.  As a kid, I asked to continue training for bull-riding, with the objective of raising money for my hostage-held family, but I wasn't allowed to.  I did everything in my power, as a kid, to try to keep my clones and family alive and the U.S. and MOSSAD murdered them all anyway, in total massive extermination, along with killing millions of others who I wasn't even related to, in huge explosions and plots to get rid of their own detractors (people who supported me and my family) by creating huge and enormous "accidents" everywhere.  I will never forgive MOSSAD or Jews for their crimes against my family and brainwashing and programming of me to ridicule my own family as a little girl, be forced to kill them under age 8 or forced to watch, and clean up their blood, put them in gas chambers,and their bodies into cement pits and sand pits, garbage incinerators, pesticide bonemeal grinders, vats of chemicals, barrels of oil, graineries, swamps, avalanches, ocean floors, laboratories, jars, freezers, space, ovens, and feeding them to wild animals and barracudas, after they were killed and while still alive.  I've ridden camels and elephants as well.  I tried to train camels and had a few that liked me, but later when forced to be in a competition with Mary Donaldson, the camels chosen went to her instead of to me.  I also trained and liked some elephants and some people thought the elephants were a miracle (they tried to kill me with them and had also tried to kill me with wild safari tigers and lions), but then used more to murder off and stampede more of my family members when Donaldson, Middleton, and Waleses got jealous. I was forced to live in zoo cages as a kid, sometimes, and in the animal sections of zoos and was almost killed a number of times, and was made fun of, along with my clones.   I like the idea of riding into the wilderness, setting up a tent and camping and exploring, as part of an adventure, but I don't love camping all the time.  I'm also not interested in all of the work that goes into saddling up and outfitting horses, maybe because I was forced to do this for the entire Middleton and Wales family, RCMP in Canada (work all day and night doing horse drudgery) and Mary Donaldson and Christian and his family, and Dabney and Rachel Chandler after I said I didn't like doing this.  Canadians also made a point to put a number of my family on horses, as clones, and then shot all of them before they could ride over a mountain, as part of more murders, and with the help of Jewish govt. employee Annette Sandberg who also worked as a lawyer and then "Chief of Police" in Washington state after she agreed to murder my family that was on horseback, with Jews, FBI, and Canadians (over 100 people, bombed, grenaded, and shot after surviving ones were raped--the govt. told me they could rape and murder my clones like "Indians").   I also like to be near water at the beach or a river, and I like to fish. I have done deep sea fishing, lake fishing, and fly-fishing.   When I started enjoying fishing, I was also forced to quit that too.  There are several things I tried that I began to really enjoy, which I was then blocked from.  I've done some stake-outs for deer, as well, and liked tracking, but I'm not into hunting really, not overnight hunts.  I don't mind possibly shooting fowl, and if I was starving, I'd shoot deer, but I prefer not to game hunt.  I do not like cutting up or skinning deer or small animals. I don't even like plucking or skinning fowl, at all, but if I had to, it's more tolerable to me to hunt for fowl only.  I used to have no problem cutting fish either, and then was trained to not like it--to feel sickened with unhooking fish, cutting and gutting them.  I could hunt for fowl and fish though, and I tried killing cows and butchering and passed out and I can't even kill cows.  If I was starving, or my life at stake, sure, but otherwise, no. I like the idea of having my own chickens for fresh eggs (like 3-4 hens with room for them to wander and a small coop).  I've tried and liked archery, and would enjoy picking up any new skill or hobby with my husband.  I enjoy keeping and having birds around as well (birdhouses, fountains, and things), and seeing bees buzzing around new flowering plants and herb gardens, and butterflies.  I am a little bit of a naturalist in the sense that I like to watch and collect some things, and like books on collections (gems, beetles/scarabs, wild animals, breeds (horse magazines mostly), planets, constellations, human anatomy, herbs, flowers, and plants for homepathic medicines and tinctures). 
Partner:  I am looking for someone who loves me for who I am, shares mutual attraction, has some of the same interests, and wants to marry for long-term, and who is respectful of not having sex until marriage.  I am 42 years old,  have never married, and I have maintained the same value of wanting to save sex for marriage, my entire life.  The fact that I have been raped is attributable to the persons and groups I mentioned above, who organized huge and massive gang-raping activities against me and my entire family, which I was forced to witness.  I am not interested, at all, in marrying anyone who works for the U.S. government, or Israeli government.  I am not particular about hair or eye color, but I do want him to be somewhere between 5'6"-5'11", and height and weight proportionate.  He needs to be someone who does not look at porn, believe in having mistresses or affairs, and who has not lived with a woman outside of marriage, and who has never been married.
Style:  I typically dress and present myself to the public in accordance to the occasion, but I also used to be in photography and when I don't have clothing I like, sometimes experiment with hair styles and various ways to dress or pose for photos (I used to also do some modeling and worked as an art model, clothed).  I would say I'm more artistic than the average woman, including having dyed my hair blue, bright red, black, blond, and brown, and when my hair is longer, using a variety of braided wreaths, updos, and styles.  I would be comfortable with any kind of hair cut or color.   I can include some photos with your request, and have a few at the end of this resume.  As to dress, I have an understanding of what is required for formal or upper-class events or attire, what is suitable for everyday, and I use a variety of styles.  When I have money to buy what I like or typically wear, I would describe my style as casual professional, tailored, and sometimes artistic.  Jewelry I like includes bracelets, necklaces, earrings, headbands, and rings, and I also like scarves.  I typically wear light-moderate make-up but am comfortable without any make-up and also with heavy make-up. 
Languages:  I speak English, and have studied only a small amount of Arabic, Farsi, Spanish, Russian, Danish, German, just a small amount of Asian language, and French.  I would like to learn another language fluently and would seriously apply myself to learn whatever languages the man I marry knows.  In addition to the language of my husband, I would enjoy learning additional multiple languages.  I would like to know Arabic, Russian, and Danish.  I haven't studied Danish since I was 8 years old, and do not remember any of it.  I've studied a small amount of Russian and found it a harder language to retain memory of, and whenever I tried studying Arabic or Farsi, I have been tortured.  I last attempted studying Farsi in 2012. I spent 3 months learning each day, including listening to audio,  and making flash cards for the alphabet.  I was forced to quit because of torture and this is something that the govt. has done to me since I was a little kid, forcing me to quit studying something by torture, and also to be raped, by torture.  I was also forced to make false confessions because of torture (as a kid).   I would like to try learning Arabic still, although I have started on Farsi already, continue working on Russian, learn Danish fluently, and I have a slight interest in possibly picking up some Chinese and writing in Chinese.  I know a little French though I can't speak it.  I studied French only in college up to first year level and retained that level for 3 years by watching French foreign films.  My Spanish is beginner level and I don't have much interest in studying Spanish.  In addition to some language knowledge, I picked up a lot of cooking influences that are international and I enjoy foods of all kinds and whenever I've had a house of my own, I've cooked for others and had dinner parties (mostly French and British cuisine).  I do not really cook for others without having my house and place.  I like Italian, French, European, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Mediterranean, and Mexican food.  I also know a little Ukrainian/Russian cooking, British, Danish, German, and other specific styles of cooking.  I can cook or bake anything with a recipe, so it never matters to me.  When I think about what I've presented for others as an adult owning my own house, it was mostly French, Italian, or British (Veal parmasegna, French prawns, Steak with white peppercorn sauce, etc., Roast with horseradish sauce, Vietnamese spring rolls, Mexican chicken soup, Mediterranean lamb and Iranian rice, Chinese sweet & sour pork from scratch, Sweet & Sour pork with hot mustard and sweet sauce, Danish style salmon and fish, sushi, greek falafal, spaghetti and garlic bread, borscht, --all with various salads and appetizers and mostly French-based desserts such as creme brulee, pudding, or tort).  I enjoy learning about regions of the world and cooking according to these regions.  I've also been Vegan (5 years) and Vegetarian (2 years) and competently cook entirely Vegan foods.  What I like to eat, mostly, as a Vegan, is quinoa with veggies, spring rolls, Vegan lasasagna and pizza, and Mexican salsa with chips and refried beans.
Art:  I like pre-renaissance paintings of landscapes and Madonnas, particularly 14th and 15th c., and European (Netherlands); baroque florals, Degas and other pastel and oil artists from the same era; and some abstract art.  I've also had diamond and stone (gem) books in the past and enjoy learning about this, as well as glass art.  I particularly like diamonds, emeralds, opals, sapphires, rubies (particularly for snake eyes), and pearls, but I also like looking at and studying all kinds of rocks and gems, and I like alternate forms of jewelry such as long or chunky necklaces.  I've studied and created oil paintings, pastels, pottery, and other kinds of crafts, and I like fashion, fashion design, and sewing.  I like to make my home feel welcoming and attractive, and inspiring or relaxing.  I also like fires and candles, feng shui, and lighting techniques.  I really love everything about art.  With my last house that I owned, I renovated the interior by refinishing hardwood floors, new paint throughout the entire house, calligraphy on some door frames and artistic design with paint, and I selected plants, furniture, rugs, and plants for the garden.

Mary Donaldson Murdered Her Husband's Clones

It is not easy to say, but she did.  She did not just spy on him, she murdered his clones over and over until she and her group had killed all but the only 2 or 3? who were stating loyalty to her and her kids instead of to my clone and her kids with Frederick.  The Fredericks who died, outnumbered the ones who lived and survived.  The ones who died in front of me, expressed their wishes clearly, and they were killed for it, and then one who was actually with Mary appeared to be a hostage and tried to escape and they had him grabbed and contained.  The ones who were left, either knew all along, or they were brainwashed and a huge number of schemes to make my clones look like we were commiting espionage or trying to kill him or his kids, were developed to cover for huge govt. plans against my clones and Frederick.

It was very hard for me, as a preteen, to try to articulate how many of his clones were killed, and how many by Mary directly, bc I was a hostage and despite my repeated requests to see photos of Frederick again, to refresh my memory, they wouldn't give me any.  Even though it has been so long, and the govt. blocked me from even seeing his face so I couldn't make reports then, I can think back and remember specific incidents, and they were his blue eyes, and it was him, at various ages. 

I also cannot live in the U.S.  I can't tolerate or stand to be living here, knowing how many of my family they cruelly lied about, falsely imprisoned, and murdered, along with Frederick clones.  It is so sickening, and I'm trapped here.

I'll try to define specific times and then attempt to upload the info when possible, as soon as possible, but I'm having a lot of computer problems lately.  I also have memory of incidents involving murders of Edward VIIIth clones, and one of the times, he specifically stated that it was "James" and looked to the back where James Middleton was.  I can recite the incidence and scriptures I was looking up at the time. 

Also with Frederick, I asked one of him to let me know who he thought was targeting us and if it was so bad, indicate a certain way and he did and was shot.  That was just one of him, trying to speak to me from a scripture reference to "grainfields" (grain-filed).  It was to imply the Waleses for the 3 grains (stems of wheat) on the signet ring of Edward VIIIths that was going to others. The govt and Waleses attacked him as if HE was a traitor when he was maybe the only one who was NOT spying.  More than one of the Frederick's knew Mary Donaldson was murdering him/his clones and family.  He already knew.  She wasn't the only one he pointed to, but he did this more than once and died.  Same with Edward.

Dabney was also involved in a huge number of murders of clones of me and my kids, in all kinds of locations--my house, other houses in M.L, Warden, Denmark, Scotland, Australia, and more. 

I'm a US Hostage, Communications Blocked, & Forced to Live Around Murderers

I am having nothing but serious computer problems, with the US govt. making it impossible for me to check or respond to email for work, or getting out of here.  I am trapped and held hostage in Coquille, OR which is a locked-down govt. town and they murdered hundreds of my clones here, at every single business place, bank, and church in town, and including the U.S. post office, library, and courthouse and all govt. buildings.  I cannot get work here and have been trying to leave and my phone was shut down and email communications constantly tampered with so I can't respond to work offers, or make requests for work or transportation to leave this god damn area.

I need to leave this fucking country.  I hate the US govt. and they did nothing but lie to Frederick of Denmark clones to frame my clones to force him to replace my clone of me with her, because she spies for them and MOSSAD.  I have experienced nothing but rape and hatred in the U.S. and I want to leave, permanently.  Right now, I am typing on Blogger but I'm not able to access any email accounts and the US has shut down several of my email accounts even after I gave ID to proof I was the owner of the account, when the closure claim was for 'identity fraud".  One of Rachel the Jews friends, and Dabneys, and Bechtolds, just drove by with plates 14105 and he works with them to tamper with the communicactions of others and blow people up.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Murder of Edward VIIIth and Frederick of Denmark, and Loree & Her Kids Obstruction

I've been having severe problems with obstruction by the U.S. in making reports about these matters, and I'm being tortured with a govt. triggered migraine that is extremely severe and terrible computer problems.  I have 5 laptops and had more and they were stolen, and the plug in cords for all of the ones I have, except for one, were stolen from my house and I don't have money now to buy new ones.  The one computer I have is suddenly operating extremely slow with 'not responding' messages all the time.

I'm also trying to get work and can't get work in this area, and every ad I send out or resume, through Craigslist, is only being answered by the exact same people who work for the U.S. govt, who were involved when I was a little girl and preteen, and it's the same names, email addresses, and it's all of Mike Middleton's friends.  They're all dead-end repeat emails, and I need actual work and to relocate, and I'm held hostage here, trapped with computer monitoring and editing of my email, no jobs possible for me in this area (which is 100% operated by the U.S. govt. and supports only Mary Donaldson, Meghan Markles, Kate Middleton and Middletons and Goldsmiths, and Camilla Parker Bowles.

I want to write more about the murders, and have more info, but the migraine is very severe and I'm outside getting cold. I have been targeted with remote operated torture for a long time.  People involved in surgeries against me, I'll also try to name again.

I don't understand how England's intelligence cares so little about England, they allow all the Waleses and their girlfriends/wives to spy for the CIA against England and report everything about citizens to the U.S. and hold people, including secret clones, as hostage.  I really don't understand how Frederick of Denmark is held hostage by Mary Donaldson either, or how he allowed all of his own clones of himself to be murdered by either her, directly, or his own kids from her, whose group only cares about those kids having position, and just using him to get there. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Murders of Frederick of Denmark, Loree Garrett clones, Edward VIIIth clones

I have a lot more to write, but some of the murderers of Frederick of Denmark clones were:
Meghan Markles
Mary Donaldson and her kids (all of them involved as adults)
Ed Howard, Robin Bechtold, Daugleish, Trump, Obamas, Bob jr. and Dicksie (one of them), Joy Sterling Tancer and Tancers, Taylor Swift, Dmitri Medlev and Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel, Dan Gatti and Greg Smith, James and Chris Dabney, Queen Elizabeth II ...additional persons involved and more involved against Loree Garrett clones and all of her and Fredericks' kids and descendants.

Edward VIIIth was convinced, one of them, at one time, to conspire with this group against Fredrickes and Lorees and then apparently changed his mind because he spoke up against them, and told me some things as well, and they were attacking and murdering his clones too.  They were murdering his clones before "convincing" one to join them (I thought) and then killing his clones again.  James Sandberg shot a clone of Edward VIIIth after Edward said, "It's James" and he was looking past Sandberg over to the back, where James Middleton and Mike Middleton were.  Another Edward was stabbed.  James Middleton stabbed a redheaded younger clone of Loree who was pregnant, with Mike Middleton, and then killed her daughters next to her, and then Harry and Meghan Markles killed another clone of Frederick's relation, his daughter, unless it was a clone of Loree, and then the U.S. crammed condoms into other victims vaginas.  They were shoving condoms inside of victims, and had been doing this ever since I tried reporting how often I was raped by them as a little girl, and they were always going in and fishing out the condom that "fell off" while they raped me.  Kate Middleotn and Markles were among those doing these kinds of "checks", and Dicksie, and Victoria Gotti.  Edward VIIIth was not lying when he said "It's James" and the U.S. and Mossad tried to cover it up with more scenarios.  Tom and Camilla Parker Bowles also murdered him, and with Dabney and James Middleton and James Dabney waiting around in nearby cars, sometimes with CIA man Calagun, other times with Bush, Gotti, Bonnano, or Robin Bechtold, or Obamas.  I am 100% positive of more than one clone of Edward VIIIth being murdered, and in each instance, when speaking up for me and my family or saying one of the names of the murderers.

One of the Edward VIIIths knew I wasn't lying and had the knuckle on his middle finger of one hand broken repeatedly to become abnormally enlarged, so it stood out in a photo.  He was being tortured beside that as well, and they killed that clone of him.  He was older, about 70 or so.

I'll give more specific names with each instance very soon.  Some of the other names were Valerie Plame, Goldsmiths and Middletons were heavily involved, Ben and Sarah Netanyahoo, The Rabbi Rose and Lorraine Rose family, Markles entire family, Bowles' entire family (they were spying for CIA and I knew this by the time I was age 4), and Chris Dabney was shooting my sons through car windows by the time I was age 5 or 6 and then running off, with likes of Scott Williams (Farmers Insruance), Donna Ciaramella, John Kaempf, Whittemores, Barbossa-Pardo, Doug Stevens, Charles Spencer...

Two times Edward VIIIth, or more than that, told me specifically, "Don't let her get my ring" and he named the persons:  Camilla and Catherine  Laura Parker Bowles threatened me while I was still alive in the back floor of a car after they'd shot him, and forced me to give her the ring after Victoria Gotti and some others gave up--I refused to give it to Camilla and had it myself, and Laura forced me to hand it to her, and oddly, Roses were often involved.  She had him shot while he was still in a car.

Kate Middleton was prying his ring off of his finger, after stealing his watch too, with Mary Donaldson and others that jumped him.  This was another Edward VIIIth, and it was his ring. I was so shocked and then Charles came over to my house WEARING that same ring, with Camilla with him and other Middletons and Waleses, as if to boast about it.  I felt sick.  They were murdering my entire family, and only Protestant or Loree-supporting Fredericks, and then some weird thing was going on with an Edward VIIIth but some of them started siding with me.  He told me, at one point, that it was MY ring and I was the one wearing it, when he let me.

Tiggy Legge Bourke and Natalie Hicks Loebecke were also involved in killing Edward VIIIths, and they seemed to feel the same about getting rid of Frederick's Lorees.  Rachel Chandler and the other Rachel (Russian I.T. one was also involved, with Carly Massey Birch).  Also involved were Amanda Bynes and Anna--several "Annas":  Dianna, Anna the blond from D.C. Dabney knows (and James Dabney assisted with one of the murders of Edward VIIITh, and so did Chris the British boyfriend of Kate's and her other boyfriend), and Anna Chapman.

If I had reportred Anna, it would have led to James and that is what Ronald Reagan was questioning me about before giving the "go ahead" to replace my clone and ME personally (or my position) with a clone of Mary Donaldson, and going ahead with the Wales plan.

Ivana Trump and Marla Maples were also involved--Trumps entire family basically.  Then after Markles kept being escorted around with CIA in the U.S., everywhere, to hunt down more of my daughters, they were all standing by this.  James Comey was another one.  He was acting like a lead mafia person involved, along with James Dabney paying people to kill my family, including paying Kate Middleton.

Another mafia man who was friendly with Kate M. and around at the time one of the Edwards was shot in a car, from what I remember at least, was a Luchese man, and of course, Gary Goldsmith.

Frederick's clones were murdered anytime he tried to say Mary or her kids were spying for either CIA or MOSSAD.  It didn't matter which one he seemed to indicate, they were killing him.  He pointed some people out to me, and if made a nod of his head or smiled, they killed him.

They raped in total gang-rape, with James Middleton, my clones and daughters, and this was after they'd raped and murdered a set in Denmark first.  They continued holding hostages, all over the place, and they were gang-raped, and made fun of, and then killed.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Murder of Frederick of Denmark and his Wife Loree and Kids, by Mary Donaldson

Frederick of Denmark was plotted against, and murdered by the wife he was forced to marry:  Mary Donaldson, who is a Jew and was spying against Denmark for CIA Calagun, and MOSSAD.  Frederick had a number of clones of himself, and kids, not just doubles, and I witnessed several of their hostage holdings, torture, and murder, and the fact one of them was pressured to join the CIA wth Mary and Christian, and was shot when he said no, so they brought around another Frederick.

Chris Dabney and James Dabney fired a bullet into Frederick's brain, on the ground, on one of the occasions.  He also coordinated gang rapes against Frederick's daugthers and the man standing next to him and who helped, was Mike Middleton.  Frederick said, "It's him" and they shot him and pushed him down.  That was only one of the murders of Frederick.  I was reading a passage of Ezekiel to him prior to his murder, about the "east wind and "Samaria" and I pronounced it "some Maria"'s family is 'rebelling'.  He said it's him, and they pounced on him and shot him and he was dead.  He was one of several who survived other shootings and massacre.

It is not a lie to say Mary and her kids Christian and the ones who were Jewish with Mary, conspired and colluded against their own "Dad", one of the clones of Frederick, to murder him and his first in line wife, the Monarch and their kids, to put Israeli interests ahead, and CIA's, and construction deals for FBI people like Fowlers, English Jews like Gary Goldsmith, and the Maiers and Sellens.  They all wanted to work in Denmark and get trade deals rather than provide jobs for the Protestant majority Danish people.  Mary was putting out hits against Frederick, spying on him and providing full surveillance against him and his families, to the CIA and to MOSSAD.  She was also handcuffing Fredericks and then IDing them for govt. persons, as to which ones to move, interrogate, or shoot, and she personally shot 2 of him and poisoned another, and then an entire group of his family, with Carol Goldsmith and Kate Middleton.

Anther Frederick and his kids were shot in Coquille, Oregon, when they believed he was tipping me off as to which spy agency Mary worked for, along with his own kids Christian and the others.  They shot him and hugged eachother and cried that "Frederick" was passing information about his murderous 'wife" Mary and the Jewish kids, and Kate Middleton was one of them involved.

They killed him and his family using his son Christian and Mary to help them, in sand pits and construction pits, inside of cliffs where they were trapped, starved, and then shot and died, inside of the royal residences when the Danish guard was forced to leave with others, at a Pelican Point, M.L. location where the Maiers now live, at the cabin in Idaho, inside of conference rooms or small offices where joining the CIA was discussed, churches, and elsewhere.  The killers were (among others):

Mary Donaldson and her family, Christian and his kids, MOSSAD including Netanyahoo, Israeli military commander at the time (Dagan), Robin Bechtold (shot Frederick directly, himself, and his kids, more than once), Obama (both older and younger Barak Obamas raped Frederick's daugthers and wife Loree, and shot him in the head and one of the older ones did this in M.L., and when he turned I said, "You have sparkles all over your face like Meghan Markles" and it was the older Barry Obama who had a spattering of tiny moles all over his face, which younger Barak made sure he did not have.  A clone of Frederick was murdered there in M.L., in Denmark while his wife was raped and stabbed by Kate Middleton, and another time at the Laundromat in Coquille, Oregon, which was a restaurant one of the clones of Frederick tried to run with Loree, hoping for peace, and working with Daniel, the dark haired one, until they were shot inside by another Barry Obama and with Robin Bechtold there and then Donald Trump always to the side saying no report needs to be made Mr. Fowler, State Patrol Dunlap, and Officer Harzan and Bryan Haines.  He was shot by Barry for nodding when I gave him chocolate to eat, Lndt chocolate, and then they went to the same restaurant later and killed more people and then later, Barry and Michelle, wth Mary Donaldson and her son and Middletons, went to the 'laundromat' as it was changed to become, and they danced on the floors there saying for sure Mary was going to be Queen, and Barry Presdient, and Kate had nothing to worry about.

Another clone of Frederick was shot and brought down by George Alexander Louis Middleton and one of the Bob jrs. and then they celebrated with Jews that night, while smirking and sneering at me.  They also shot additional groups of people at the Pelican Point location, with Mary and Christian there and involved; along with Coquille, OR and in Denmark and England.

They tortured and interrogated Fredricks and other ones they'd ask if he supported Mary or me, Loree, and f he sad me, as almost all of them did, they murdered him.

Others involved in murdering Frederick and overtaking all of "Protestant Denmark" (which Parker Bowles, CIA, MOSSAD, and Middletons and Mary Donaldson wanted to be dominated and overlorded by Jews and CIA) were:  Calagun.  The Russian Division CIA director and another Frederick was shot for indicating to me Mary worked for him by saying "Return the ring".  Also murdering him were Vladmir Putin, Dmitri Medlev, Brian Gross, Fowler, Waleses inclouding William of Wales, Andrew, Edward, (all of them), Bechtolds, Amanda Bynes, Anna the blond from D.C. that dates Chris Dabney, Dabney and James Dabney and Richard Whittemore, Mersereau, and John Kaempf.  Karin from Canada and Steven Harper from Canada (along with Whittemores who worked with FBI), the Rabbi Rose and Lorraine family, Gary Goldsmith and Goldsmiths, James Comey and his wife and those he worked with (with Waleses and Middletons and CIA) with the IRA, Jorgenson (M.L., WA), Mitch Heaps family, Scott Halvorson and family, Schneiders, Mike Tancer and Sterling-Tancers, Alvaro Pardo with his family and Shakira and her entire family including redhaired kids she'd already had with the same man she's with now, 50 cent rap performer and other blacks like JayZ, Kanye West, and other blacks working with Obamas, Roger Harris and his family, Susuann White and the Whites, James (Whitey() Bulger who Kate Middleton already worked with back then and who is now in jail as an informant when he was big time govt., Bushes, Cheney, Rachel the Jew from the East Coast (computer speciliast, restaurants, friends with Dabney and Mike Tancer), Rachel and Aaron Chandler, Mary and Ed Howard, the Koch brothers, Bill and Melinda Gates, Kate Middletons kids including another daughter and son she had then, one named Louis or knowing Louis Freeh, another named Isabella possibly.  Matt Damon and his wife Isabella, Ben Afflwck, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Leon Panetta, Del balzos, Leonardo dicaptrio, the current President of China, ping and CIA elected future Chinese Presidents, Angela Merkel, the entire Meghan Markles family with Harry, and more.  I remember distinct, specific occasions of the murders and who shot and was around most of the time.  Also, the Springers, the Davis family (Heather Daviis's Dad and Satos), Raul Bujanda and his group, members of both sides of my socalled 'family", James Carter (Jimmy Carter, former Presdient) and Clintons with their kids who are Jewish and married to Jews, along with Pippa and James Matthews who is Jewish.  They also brought in a few Muslims and a couple of Eastern Indians, mostly Muslim more than Eastern Indian then, such as the Fayeds and other royals to assist Waleses and CIA.  Also, the Spencers, including Charles Spencer and his Canadian wife.  There were "Canadians", Israelis, Russians, British, Mormons, Jews, and Catholics and some bribed Protestants who tried to make it all about stealing my music and entertainment industry money, holdng slaves, and promoting their own drug trade.  They also stole files, looted throughout Denmark blaming my clones, and forced my clones to take and inject themselves with drugs and be filmed counting out drug pills, and they were stuffing the back packs of my clones as they got on planes, without their knowledge, to have them arrested over 'drugs' to get rid of them.  The Rose family specifically worked on this, with other Jews, to create propaganda against my family so Protestants and Danish officials thought there was something wrong with us.  Jenny from Colombia, who grew up in Brooklyn, NY and knew Alvaro Barbossa, also did this.  Another man involved with Dabney drives 757 HNJ and is from Germany.  He tortured me, raped me forcing me to give him and others blow jobx, paid William of Wales a huge amount of money in Denmark, trafficked my clones to England and then over to a US Army base, where the Waleses, him, and US tortured us, raped us, held us hostage and told us "She'll never be Queen" (me).  This is after I had told people at age 4, Frederick told me Mary wasn't going to be Queen, I was and I was in line.  I later got Rachel confused wth Mary, showing up at my house and told her she'd never be Queen and it wasn't very much after this they invaded and murdered my family in Denmark, most of them, and held several as hostages, and then later allowed another family of my clones to live in the area and pretentded to be 'sorry' for what they did.  Another Frederick gained control again, and moved others out, and the CIA including Fowler, and Kate Middleton and other murderers, were no longer assured any royal titles in the future.  This German man assisted Anna in shooting my clones, blond Anna from the East Coast, and then went to my house later with Rachel and Aaron Chandler, Amanda Bynes and other girls including 735 HTZ and 562 HFY, to murder4 my clones again, and with Meghan Markle.  He specifically worked with the Markle family and Kate Middleton.  Kate Middleton was allowed to run all over the place in M.L., WA at Pelican Point and other locations, like Wheeler Road, and murder more of my family after poisoning them first.  They poisoned them, with Anna helping them, and then shot them up against trees.  Kate Middleton was allowed to murder countless numbers of my clones and of Princes and Princesses of Denmark, and one of the times Melania Trump helped her.  This German man also promoted Melania and assisted her in poisoning my family.The other man, or one of the others, who helped poison them and then kill them, with Kate, drives 088 JTP.  He was also, from what I remember, in Denmark.

Another man involved in murdering my clones was Philip of Denmark and Greece who gave up his title to marry Elizabeth II, and become Duke of Windsor.  Philip of Denmark helped plot invasion of Denmark and murder of Frederick's and only one of his clones cried or ever looked sad about it.  Once the US forced him to sign papers about me, as he cried.  Earlier, the other Philips around, used Waleses, and Jews Rachel from the East Coast who knows Chris Dabney, and Rachel Chandler, to try to murder us, including he specifically told Rachel, "Shoot her Rachel". He also told Christian to shoot my clones and Christian, Frederick's biological son, killed clones of Frederick more than one time.  I saw him shoot a Frederick or one of his sons, in M.L., and I also saw him taking money and info from the CIA to murder my family, and he worked wth them all the way back in 1977.  One time, when the CIA and James Cartright with Marines/Navy were at a place trying to recruit a Frederick (with Mary there0 to join the CiA, I had said, "Frederick, you can be in the CIA like Christian" and then I said, "C?  I ......ATE an apple" (and then I bit into an apple by pretend).  I also told Frederick one time, "You don't look very good...who is dong this? let's say it's the 3 ships like the Pinta, Santa Maria or Mayflower and I said, "If it's Mary , say Anna and then it won't sound like you mean Mary but I'll think of Anna Maria like Santa Maria" and he said one day, "Get Anna" and then was shot.  Another time, he looked and nodded at some flowers when Kate Middleton was around and she shot him.  It was a milk thistle with 3 stems and buds and I had said, "It's like Edward's ring with the feathers and he let me wear it until they stole it"

Monday, March 13, 2017

Accounts Tampered With...Gmail and Microsoft/ CIA and Pentagon Employers

Both Microsoft and Google are govt. owned businesses.  I was part of developing the entire websites for both of them, and they claimed me and my kids and clones got jobs as part of the deal, and paid and some of the profits in partner-share and instead, the CIA and Pentagon and FBI coordinated hits against my clones, and chained me up and raped and beat me, and tortured me not to tell anyone.  I have had my accounts for email closed and blocked over Kate Middleton, specifically, not even Mary Donaldson, as much, but specifically the Parker-Bowles and Waleses with Middletons.  They have repeatedly hacked into my accounts, shut them down, and then changed information or had friends break into my house to make it impossible for me to recover my accounts.

They murdered many people.  I personally witnessed it and saw the blood, it wasn't tranquilizer guns.  They murdered clones out of greed and plutocracy.  I was the person paying for all of it.

Anyone who was my clone and old enough to testify in court about what I did or was asked to do and promised and had in contracts with the govt., was murdered, and anyone old enough to be a trustee for my bank account or monies was also murdered.

I was forced to work for the CIA for all 12 years of my life, and they also "loaned" me to the FBI while I was still forced to work for them, and for the military branches, and they also sold me for profit to be gang-raped in England at Sandhurst and other military places and by British and Danish royals who signed up to work for the CIA and Mossad.

Murders of Oliver's Clones In Thousands

The murders of my son Oliver's clones number in the thousands.  This is just for one person and I say this because I personally witnessed at least 100-200 clones of him murdered, almost entirely by the U.S. govt., and then in addition to this, he'd had kids of his own who were killed, and embryos of him were even killed. 

The U.S. did not just shoot him--they have been torturing him, holding him hostage, and murdering him in painful, aggravated and drawn-out ways.

Almost all of it was over greed and false claims that my son was a 'spy' when he wasn't.  Being a 'spy' was the govt.s favorite excuse and really it was over his challenging the fact of stealing from me, my clones, and my cloned family members, raping us, holding us hostage, and very often, sometimes just because he'd said one name:  "It's Rachel".  He was getting murdered all the time over saying this name and same with clones of me, and one of my clones of me looked up at a light, to tell me it was Rachel Chandler, right before she was shot and murdered in Coquille, Oregon.

It was a signal from my older clone, this one particular clone of me, because the clones of me were in the hundreds and the US had been keeping all of them isolated from one another and unable to know how many of them there were, who they were trafficked to, and who was murdering them and their kids after using them as slaves.  The signal I told her to make, was that if she meant Rachel Chandler was the kid of Bob and Dicksie Garrett, make an indication and look at a lamp or some form of artificial light, for 'chandelier' and if it was Rachel the Jew from the East Coast, look up at the sky like looking at the sun for natural light like Jewish star.  She said
"It's Rachel" and looked at the lamp on the light post and was immediately shot with a gun.  Rachel Chandler and her brother were helping murder off all of the clones of me and my kids, and they committed one of the murders with Kate Middleton in the early 1980s.  They were constantly breaking into houses and shooting clones of me and my kids and Rachel Chandler is supposedly the Rachel who held clones of me hostage at Tancers, stole my bank accounts with them, and then married a clone of Mike who had "divorced" my clone by murdering her after torturing her.

I witnessed murders against clones of me by both Rachel Chandler and Rachel the Jew from D.C.  They also programmed me and tortured me, and others my clones were murdered over, who were from the U.S. were Amanda Bynes, and Anna the Russian speaking blond spy in D.C. that Dabney knows, Rani Guzman and my "cousins", and then the entire Wales family and Donaldsons with Frederick were murdering my clones, always in collusion with CIA and MOSSAD of Israel.