Monday, March 13, 2017

Accounts Tampered With...Gmail and Microsoft/ CIA and Pentagon Employers

Both Microsoft and Google are govt. owned businesses.  I was part of developing the entire websites for both of them, and they claimed me and my kids and clones got jobs as part of the deal, and paid and some of the profits in partner-share and instead, the CIA and Pentagon and FBI coordinated hits against my clones, and chained me up and raped and beat me, and tortured me not to tell anyone.  I have had my accounts for email closed and blocked over Kate Middleton, specifically, not even Mary Donaldson, as much, but specifically the Parker-Bowles and Waleses with Middletons.  They have repeatedly hacked into my accounts, shut them down, and then changed information or had friends break into my house to make it impossible for me to recover my accounts.

They murdered many people.  I personally witnessed it and saw the blood, it wasn't tranquilizer guns.  They murdered clones out of greed and plutocracy.  I was the person paying for all of it.

Anyone who was my clone and old enough to testify in court about what I did or was asked to do and promised and had in contracts with the govt., was murdered, and anyone old enough to be a trustee for my bank account or monies was also murdered.

I was forced to work for the CIA for all 12 years of my life, and they also "loaned" me to the FBI while I was still forced to work for them, and for the military branches, and they also sold me for profit to be gang-raped in England at Sandhurst and other military places and by British and Danish royals who signed up to work for the CIA and Mossad.

Murders of Oliver's Clones In Thousands

The murders of my son Oliver's clones number in the thousands.  This is just for one person and I say this because I personally witnessed at least 100-200 clones of him murdered, almost entirely by the U.S. govt., and then in addition to this, he'd had kids of his own who were killed, and embryos of him were even killed. 

The U.S. did not just shoot him--they have been torturing him, holding him hostage, and murdering him in painful, aggravated and drawn-out ways.

Almost all of it was over greed and false claims that my son was a 'spy' when he wasn't.  Being a 'spy' was the govt.s favorite excuse and really it was over his challenging the fact of stealing from me, my clones, and my cloned family members, raping us, holding us hostage, and very often, sometimes just because he'd said one name:  "It's Rachel".  He was getting murdered all the time over saying this name and same with clones of me, and one of my clones of me looked up at a light, to tell me it was Rachel Chandler, right before she was shot and murdered in Coquille, Oregon.

It was a signal from my older clone, this one particular clone of me, because the clones of me were in the hundreds and the US had been keeping all of them isolated from one another and unable to know how many of them there were, who they were trafficked to, and who was murdering them and their kids after using them as slaves.  The signal I told her to make, was that if she meant Rachel Chandler was the kid of Bob and Dicksie Garrett, make an indication and look at a lamp or some form of artificial light, for 'chandelier' and if it was Rachel the Jew from the East Coast, look up at the sky like looking at the sun for natural light like Jewish star.  She said
"It's Rachel" and looked at the lamp on the light post and was immediately shot with a gun.  Rachel Chandler and her brother were helping murder off all of the clones of me and my kids, and they committed one of the murders with Kate Middleton in the early 1980s.  They were constantly breaking into houses and shooting clones of me and my kids and Rachel Chandler is supposedly the Rachel who held clones of me hostage at Tancers, stole my bank accounts with them, and then married a clone of Mike who had "divorced" my clone by murdering her after torturing her.

I witnessed murders against clones of me by both Rachel Chandler and Rachel the Jew from D.C.  They also programmed me and tortured me, and others my clones were murdered over, who were from the U.S. were Amanda Bynes, and Anna the Russian speaking blond spy in D.C. that Dabney knows, Rani Guzman and my "cousins", and then the entire Wales family and Donaldsons with Frederick were murdering my clones, always in collusion with CIA and MOSSAD of Israel.