Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Oliver Avila's Clones (and approximately how many of him there are)

(this is being updated, as of 6/14/15)

Since I mentioned how I was informed about Oliver's clones in the past, and they did look like him, I am going to explain how many times I was told I had a son and when I saw anyone who looked identical and would have been a clone.

I saw a baby when I was younger and told "You'll never hold your son" but I am not sure whose kid it was.  They wanted me to think it was my son but I figured "that's impossible" because I was only 9 years old.

Whether that baby was actually my son, or had my DNA or not, I'm not sure.  However, the introduction of this baby was a surprise, as was the seeming hostility.  I remembered this event because I was being kept upstairs and I was also extremely depressed and having some strangers visit me with this, and telling me "It's Katie" was a shock.

Then when I was 11 years old, I was asked if Yulia Tymoshencko could be a surrogate for a baby for me, if I'd be okay with that and I wondered why the govt. was asking me this, because why would anyone think I wouldn't want to carry my own baby and raise it?  I gave up being a "royal" for a purpose and reason--to be a FT mother.  I wanted to devote myself to my own kids.  The U.S. told me "Okay then, you get NOTHING".

I was in another country when I was drugged heavily one day and told I 'gave birth' to an ISIS member baby, but I didn't believe that because I hadn't been pregnant 9 months, although when I was in the U.S. again, I met a boy I was told "Is your son".  I sort of believed it because the Avilas were driving him around with govt. people, and I spent time with him.  He was age 9, approximately, and I was about age 12, so I figured "I couldn't have had him when I was 2-3 years old so maybe someone stole eggs from me when I was a baby and created him?"  I thought it was possible, but wasn't sure.  Then I thought, "Maybe there is an older clone of ME, and she gave birth when I was 2-3 years old, and since she and I are clones, it's her baby and therefore, my baby, with my DNA."

Then when I was picking out a website for this boy, to design for him, I was told, "This is for your son" and then he said, "Maybe the Philosopher text" and I said, "Maybe" and he said something else and I had answered, when he said he was my son, "I don't know that--I don't know that you're my son" and he got quiet and backed off.  I thought, "Who are you anyway, that you think you're sure you're my son but I don't know?"

I was told it was a chance to be part of the government's human cloning program and here was my own son, but I began to doubt what I was told because the government lied all the time.

So then all of us were trafficked around more and 'traveled' and I saw him at Ballingers, a place where I would never want him to be or people I'd never want him around, possibly in D.C., where I was told he was being 'raped' and I couldn't see who he was, and then I saw him being sent to a Florida military base we were at, as a kid, and taken into a room and then Joy Tancer was saying to me, "Get out--your brother just 'hit' your son".  "Hit" meant "killed" typically, or raped and it sounded to me more like killed and I didn't believe her.

When I was in Ukraine or Russia one time I saw a grown-up man (I think it was out of the country unless I was flown back and couldn't think clearly) who said, "I'm your son" to me and said to me again, "You're my mother" and then he died.  I thought it couldn't be possible.

After this, I called up a few times, to talk to my son, this guy whose name was David/Daniel, and I thought maybe he's out of the military base and left later, after we left.  So I called and no one would talk to me.  Then one day, I was walking up to a car and my cousin Armando, maybe Matt Damon, or someone who sounded like him and said, "He's dead--He died in a car-wreck".  I said "Where's Levi?" because I was worried he was involved bc he'd said something about killing my son to me and I was injected and knocked out while my family looked at me in anger and alarm.

The next time I heard about this 'son', I was at a club in Portland, as a young adult, and a woman claiming her name was "Anna Chapman", told me, "Your son died in a car-wreck at age 15".  I said to her, "I don't have a son" and wondered why she was saying this to me because I forgot about the boy I'd met because I assumed it was some fabricated government lie.

I didn't think it was possible he was my son until I saw my own son Oliver again, for the first time in years, when he was age 9, at the riverhouse in Coquille.  Then I realized he looked the same as the other boy and had the same voice, and the same mark on his stomach.  He was slinging a stone the same way too.  So I've realized, it is possible that this other boy was maybe my son, and if so, my son Oliver is a clone and I was implanted with a clone embryo.  

I was told this would happen, by military, but I had assumed it was for future baby girls I had, or kids, not for one that was already born through an older clone of me. 

I was left out of any information from the cloning programs, from the age of about 7, because they decided to permanently get rid of me in favor of Kate Middleton.

There were dozens of  instances of my being told I had a son, and I personally witnessed and saw dozens of clones of my son, at various ages:

1. In Russia I was told "You're my mother" (I think it was Russia but I'm not positive) by a young adult man with brown hair,
2. In Cashmere, I was visited when I was age 9 and told "you'll never hold your son" and I had wondered if the woman implied this one baby was mine but I wasn't sure)
3.  In Coquille and Wenatchee I was introduced to a boy when I was age 12, and he was 9, and told he was my son, and he looked like Oliver, and
4.  When I was age 11 approximately, I saw a boy I was told was my son, but I didn't see closely and he was in a van driven by govt. and Avilas--possibly Barb Greenman.

The one time I am most certain of is when I was introduced to a boy when I was 12 and he was 9 because he looked and sounded the way my son sounds now.  If that's true, he was born when I was age 2-3. 

The only way he is genetically my son is if it's possible to remove eggs from an infant and clone, or if I had an older clone myself, and she gave birth. 

I was also told my "son" had died, twice, by car accident.  Other incidences were not by car accidents.

The cloning people said "So if a clone dies that's related, how should someone find out?" and I'd said, "Someone should tell them, just as if someone dies in a war and the people are notified".  But who knows.

I don't agree with human cloning.  I love my kids, but the government kidnapped all of them and I also do not agree with cloning.  I was told and advised not to be so "extreme" and it was better to be moderate on the matter.  I want my son Oliver to live with me and be raised by me, not government people who abuse him and want to control him.  The first thing the U.S. and Canada did, when he was taken from me, is assault him and torture him, even when he was out of my sight. 

My children all need political asylum, wherever they are.

I am going to complete and continue working on how many clones of my son I witnessed being held hostage, beat up, or murdered.

In the meantime, something I would add, is that I did not see that many clones of anyone else, of that many ages, except for him.  My son was being cloned many, many, times, sometimes more than one of the same age, and sometimes only a few years apart.  The only other clone I saw who appeared to be cloned even near that many times, was Kate Middleton.

I saw at least 8 or so Kate Middleton clones, but MANY more of my son Oliver.  Eight or so clones of Kate Middleton was still a lot, however, and I can also list several incidences of when and where she was. 

In China, I was visiting as a kid and they had a group of clones, all the same age, and about 100 of them all in one group.  I lost count after I got up near 100 and realized that's how many there were.  It was the largest number of all-identical (of course) "clones" that I saw, at one time.  William of Wales was there, and me and my Dad were there, and some government officials. 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Dead Clones

The U.S. government has had a "human cloning" program for a long time.  I am a clone and had an older clone who was murdered.  The photo of me in a jacket looks exactly like a photo taken of her, in a military uniform, when she was this age or younger.  A woman came to our house and brought the picture, which I looked at.  I was told, "This is your Mom" but I said, "Why is she wearing this uniform?" and added, "It looks sort of like my Mom but more like someone else--she has my lips, not my Mom's lips".  When I was a baby, my mother had a photo of me, in a witch costume, next to my cousin Rory, who was wearing a clown costume so that it read, left to right:  "Witch Clone" as in, "Which Clone?"

The photos on this blog homepage are both from within the last 14 months or so. 

I was asked, when I saw the pictures, who I thought she looked like and I had said, "Sort of like Valerie Plame, a little."  I said, "She looks like me, and my Mom, and Valerie Plame". 

I was introduced to babies and kids when I was still a kid myself, and told "This is your son, and you'll never hold him." I didn't believe them, because I thought it was impossible it was my baby if I was still a kid.  The U.S. played a cruel game of putting dolls in my arms and then ripping them away saying, "You'll NEVER raise your own kids" and "We will take ALL of your babies from YOU!"

The U.S. government wanted to clone me, and torture me from the moment I was born.  They came up with excuses to make ME feel guilty, like I was the one who had done something wrong, when it wasn't me--it was them.

They made jokes when I was a little kid, about how I could get married and carry a 'fur muff', when the U.S. was using muffs to try to get me to forget how they trafficked me around in hand-cuffs and with my wrists tied together.  They started saying, "Now hold your hands together in your muff and if you don't take them out, we won't use the cuffs."  It was "cuffs" vs "muffs".  Annette Sandberg and an FBI woman got mad at me one day, seething with jealousy and making snide remarks and said, "You don't need a MUFF--Where do you think you ARE anyway?" and they stole it from me.  The U.S. did this to me after trafficking me to Eastern Europe one time when I was little.  I was in Russia or England and told to give my muff to "Anna" and "Diana",  then I was trafficked back to the U.S. 

I was lied to most of my life.  I was introduced to other clones and knew clones were a fact, until I was about 5 years old when the U.S. wanted me to quit talking about clones.  I was introduced to a baby that was supposedly my "son" when I was only 8 years old or younger.  I was again introduced to a boy they said was my son, when he was 9 years old and I was 12 and I didn't believe them.  I thought, "Well it's possible someone was a surrogate for my baby and used my eggs" because I was aware of reproductive fertilization techniques.  But when I did the math, and counted back, it didn't make sense to me that the government would steal eggs from me when I was only 2 years old.  So I asked an adult, "Can someone take eggs out of a toddler?  Do baby girls have eggs that someone can extract, like they do teens and women?" and the reply was an uncomfortable silence and then "Why do you ask that?"

I said, "Well, because if X is my son, I was only 2 years old, so either someone took eggs from me when I was 2, or I'm a CLONE and they took eggs from my older clone OR she had a baby the natural way".  I was asked, "The natural way...what's that?" and I commented, "Yeah...What's that."  I left it at that, thinking, "Oh, probably I'd meet my older clone and she'd be around if I was really cloned, and where is she?"  So I decided not to believe this "boy" they said was my "son" was actually my son, but it was.

I didn't realize it until my own son got older and looked just like him.  I also remembered he'd had the same patch on his stomach, a birthmark, as the other boy.  He was even slinging stones the same way I was taught, and like my son, who I personally gave birth to, did.  They had said to me, "Who would you want to be a surrogate for you if you had a baby or kid?" and they said, "How about Yulia?  Would you let Yulia?  (Tymoschenko)."  I had said, "Yulia wants to carry a baby for me?  How come Yulia wants to have one of my babies?" and I said, "I guess so, but...but if it's MY kid, then I want to be the one carrying my baby--not Yulia and not anyone else either--ME.  I WANT to carry my OWN babies, and I want to raise them."  I said, "How come all of you are talking about other people raising my kids, but you're not even thinking about me raising my kids?  And how come you were telling me when I was really little, 'you'll never raise your babies'--and you guys were taking all of these baby dolls away from me on purpose, so I'd cry."

At age 2 I was being told, "You think you're a princess, but we got you".  The U.S. was obsessed with an idea of ruining my life.  The more they could keep my life and past a secret, the better the U.S. felt about it--they didn't want me to "know", or to remember anything either.  They wanted everyone else to be part of the "Clone Club" and I was just someone they held hostage and raped.  They didn't treat me like an individual but as an 'object', and they tortured me from the start, as if I'd committed a series of crimes I hadn't committed, not as a baby, and as someone they wanted to use and then whitewash.  They said of me, "This one didn't turn out so good--we have to start over.  How about Middleton?"  I didn't "turn out so good" by the time I was age 4?  I had a group of adults standing around me after my brain had been fried, by torture, and they were saying "This one didn't turn out so good." I was psychic, and there was a large group that didn't want me to be psychic.  They must have had some serious "issues" with my older clone, because they started out hating me.

Before I was age 4, I had already been told I was going to be the Queen of England.  So I told people, "That man said I'm going to be Queen" and I was saying things like "Obey me at ONCE!" and "I command you to leave my presence".  I got mad when one man didn't leave and instead offered me a "present" and I said, "NOOO!!!!  I don't WANT THAT!!!  LEAAAAVVVVEEEE."  They got really mad at me when I told him to leave even after he bowed to me like a butler and offered me a gift. 

I was told my older clone was murdered.  While I was learning to do some things in England,  I also was flown to the U.S. and tortured with people watching and being interrogated.  I couldn't understand why my own "Mom", "Dicksie", was performing a U.S. government-led torture session of me, to extract a confession from someone ELSE.  I thought, "Wasn't my Mom supposed to love me and protect me?  How come my Mom and Dad were torturing ME, to make OTHER people cry and try to make them testify and confess?"  One time, for example, was obviously in a government building and it was professionally done.  They had other agents and officers around, and a couple sitting in chairs, who were crying and being told, "You can't raise her" and "Did you give secrets to XX?  When were you in (country)?  At what time did you leave X to go to the offices?"  Valerie Plame was even around back then.  They were telling a young woman and man they couldn't raise me because she didn't have enough money.

My own parents were bringing in videotapes of people torturing me, showing them to U.S. govt. held hostages, at U.S. govt. buildings and saying, "We have guardianship.  We're the ones in control, not you, and there's nothing you can do about it".  Some of this occurred in New Mexico, I believe, because a clone of Chris Dabney was involved, along with someone that looked like James Dabney once, and a woman who looked like the current Governor, and Mark, and maybe Bujanda.  I had my head fried in several locations by Dabney and older clone Mike Tancer.  I was tortured by them and then one of them made jokes to have me laugh while I was tortured.  The older clones also raped a woman there and I think it was my older clone.  They got William of Wales to torture me and slip me a bunch of pills too, with someone that looked like Katie Middleton, the older clone.  Katie was trying to "get into" my head.  She had a Dicksie help her.  Nikki, the older clone, also did this to me and premeditated having me raped by a man later--she was getting me drunk and then I was having to be led out, under orders, by the same man, and I wasn't supposed to fight or argue.  He turned out to be the same person she colluded with in 2008, or a younger clone of him, from Texas, to rape me in D.C.  Nikki was conditioning me to automatically not object to him, as a little girl, who was expected to follow the same responses as an adult, and she tortured me and programmed me.  She made fun of me and was jealous and felt since she was older and the "real" government worker, she could set me up to be raped.

I was also tortured violently, one time by Locklyn while she rocked me in a rockingchair.  I was raped by a man, she tortured me and then they gave me a bottle.  This was also done in England.  When Locklyn did this, she really hated me.  She didn't want me to be psychic and didn't want me around.  She would say "I'm your favorite auntie" and repeated this over and over and started joking with me and playing to have me forget what she did when I was younger.  I said "Locklyn is not my friend".  She was around Katie Middleton, the older clone, a lot.  I actually got my "Aunt Locklyn" and Kate Middleton mixed up more than once (the older clone of Katie) and thought Locklyn was sleeping with William of Wales.  I was tortured in the rockingchair when I was still a baby and toddler.  Later, I got assaulted by cops, but it was several years after I was a baby.  Locklyn and my Dad, or one of the Bob jr. clones did this to me, and this was before her daughter Rani was ever born.  (At some time, so did the older Wales' boys clones.)  I remember it hurt my feelings as a kid that she named her girl Rani, after what they did to me.  I was devastated, and I remember I wanted to commit suicide and I was only 3-4 years old.  Part of the devastation had to do with losing some people I loved to murder.  There was Raine, Raina (American), Rayna (E. Indian), and Lorraine, and then Irene. 

All of these Jewish people hated my guts and I couldn't figure out why.  I mean, why was Lorraine Rose involved in my life that early?  I was too young to dislike anyone for ANY kind of religious reason, so I am assuming it had something to do with my older clone and their fears that I was a threat as she was. 

I later thought it had something to do with Edward VIII.  Edward the Abdicator.  I'm probably wrong, but he 'supposedly' died in 1972, and yet I was still talking to a man named Edward who was his former Royal, in 1978.  They tried calling ME "insane".  Oh yeah, that was a real cookie.

Maybe someone was lying to me, and wanting me to sound nuts, but there was definitely a man who was supposedly one of the royals (British) who was "Edward", not young Edward, but he told me, one day, "I am EIGHTY-FOUR" (or something).  He was eighty-something.  I visited him in Paris, and in England.  Mike Middleton sometimes had to be involved, but it was someone else too.  I didn't like the "bologna" place bc I was tortured.  When I look at Edward VIII's photo, I don't get warm nice feelings--however this man who was Edward said he liked me and I gardened with him a little, and he wanted me to be Queen he said, but everyone is a liar too.  I thought that's why I was being tortured in England though--bc there was someone and their cronies who liked me.  It came up in 1978 because I was then being told to shut up and then they said, "She needs some treatment" and claimed I was nuts for saying I talked with Edward, when he was dead.  One Russian spy that was a spy or pretended to be one, actually took spying over it, and acted out what I said was occurring--he went to court in 1978 and said he was "insane" and took an insanity plea, with his lawyer saying "He hears disembodied spirits (voices) talking to him".  Well, I had gone before a "panel" of people, over this, because they started saying something was wrong with me for being age 4 and claiming "Prince Edward was eighty-three or four, and talked to me and said he wanted ME to be Queen of England".  And I did witness him being intimidated by some group and supposedly he was suffering from a hernia from gang-rape.

Whether or not he was alive, because I don't know, Prince Frederick was involved in wanting me to be quiet about things, and several others were as well. 

The more the U.S. government used family members, the more they assured themselves, they could rape kids and get away with it.  I would say the number one feature of the hate crimes against children, by the U.S. government and mafia, because the government used mafia too, to make a kid think it was just "bad guys" (although they used enough cops and FBI a kid knew no one was going to their defense), is that the U.S. made sure a kid was too embarrassed by what a "family member" had done to them, to start telling the public and others internationally, what was being done.  All of the royals did this.  Every one of them, used family members to rape and torture a kid while they did.

As a very little girl I thought someone maybe wanted me to sound crazy about Edward to cover up for the other royals.

The U.S. government and royals had motives for killing me because of the level of crimes against me.  This country raped me, almost every single day of my life as a kid, and I am not exaggerating.  They did not just rape me almost every single day, they wanted me to feel responsible, guilty, participant, and too embarrassed to tell anyone.  They also used large groups of people to rape me very often, not just two people at a time.  My entire life and childhood, was spent being raped, violently raped, and then countries like Israel were doing "surgeries" to conceal the evidence.

They did it so often, they were trying to 'reduce the number of injuries" and told me if I fought them and didn't "pretend" to like it or stay still and not fight, they'd tear me up and torture me too.  They did this enough times I had multiple surgeries, just from being raped, although for several years all of the rape was mostly forcing me to do blow jobs for royals, U.S. government, my entire family, and non-govt. that worked with govt.  If I felt like "talking about it"--all of them felt threatened and wanted to kill me.  They also used constant rape against me as a kid, as a way to reduce me from fighting against them when I was older, using the constant rapes to "train" me to "accept" being raped and "pretend to like it".

There isn't anything to like about the U.S. government.  And that was another thing--they planned so many rapes and theft of intellectual property, they figured any normal kid would try to leave, or escape, or might be desperate enough to "spy" for another country or do something to be falsely accused of this, and then they tried to arrest the victim.

Some of the women involved would say horrible mean things to help out their sons and husbands, and shame the victim, as a child, too.  Meanwhile, they were parading around their own kids and babies, to my face saying they were going to raise their babies, and they'd steal mine and rape them and I could never raise them myself.

That is what CPS really does, and it's what they've done with my kids.  I know from personal experience, this government was always aware of my being gang-raped, every day, and they were making money off of it.  The U.S. was using every single government group they had, to help them:  Secret Service, Homeland Security, Pentagon (every branch of military), CIA, FBI, NSA, Department of Justice, OIG, CPS, DHSH, NASA, Department of Defense, and local and state cops in every single state in the U.S.

Saturday, December 19, 2015


This blog is about my work as a mother for my son Oliver Garrett-Avila and the obstruction of justice that occurred, and kidnapping of him, in the United States.  Because of illegal actions taken by the government against me and my son, I had to contact the Hague Convention organization and spent over 4 years sending emails to lawyers and law firms around the entire United States.

My son's life was threated when I was younger, and these threats occurred by persons connected to the U.S. government, England, and Mossad.  I was threatened, by the U.S. government, with rape of my son, if I had any sons, and kidnapping of him, and with murder of my sons. I was also threatened with the removal of my daughters from me.

I began making requests for political asylum from the U.S. when I was eight years old.  At that time, I had the assistance of some adults who also were concerned and believed I had a right to political asylum. 

I have another blog which covers some information while my son was still with me, and this blog is going to be about the U.S. government kidnappers who held me and my son hostage, and their involvement in human cloning and trafficking of children to be sold and exploited, and stolen from.