Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Oliver Avila's Clones (and approximately how many of him there are)

(this is being updated, as of 6/14/15)

Since I mentioned how I was informed about Oliver's clones in the past, and they did look like him, I am going to explain how many times I was told I had a son and when I saw anyone who looked identical and would have been a clone.

I saw a baby when I was younger and told "You'll never hold your son" but I am not sure whose kid it was.  They wanted me to think it was my son but I figured "that's impossible" because I was only 9 years old.

Whether that baby was actually my son, or had my DNA or not, I'm not sure.  However, the introduction of this baby was a surprise, as was the seeming hostility.  I remembered this event because I was being kept upstairs and I was also extremely depressed and having some strangers visit me with this, and telling me "It's Katie" was a shock.

Then when I was 11 years old, I was asked if Yulia Tymoshencko could be a surrogate for a baby for me, if I'd be okay with that and I wondered why the govt. was asking me this, because why would anyone think I wouldn't want to carry my own baby and raise it?  I gave up being a "royal" for a purpose and reason--to be a FT mother.  I wanted to devote myself to my own kids.  The U.S. told me "Okay then, you get NOTHING".

I was in another country when I was drugged heavily one day and told I 'gave birth' to an ISIS member baby, but I didn't believe that because I hadn't been pregnant 9 months, although when I was in the U.S. again, I met a boy I was told "Is your son".  I sort of believed it because the Avilas were driving him around with govt. people, and I spent time with him.  He was age 9, approximately, and I was about age 12, so I figured "I couldn't have had him when I was 2-3 years old so maybe someone stole eggs from me when I was a baby and created him?"  I thought it was possible, but wasn't sure.  Then I thought, "Maybe there is an older clone of ME, and she gave birth when I was 2-3 years old, and since she and I are clones, it's her baby and therefore, my baby, with my DNA."

Then when I was picking out a website for this boy, to design for him, I was told, "This is for your son" and then he said, "Maybe the Philosopher text" and I said, "Maybe" and he said something else and I had answered, when he said he was my son, "I don't know that--I don't know that you're my son" and he got quiet and backed off.  I thought, "Who are you anyway, that you think you're sure you're my son but I don't know?"

I was told it was a chance to be part of the government's human cloning program and here was my own son, but I began to doubt what I was told because the government lied all the time.

So then all of us were trafficked around more and 'traveled' and I saw him at Ballingers, a place where I would never want him to be or people I'd never want him around, possibly in D.C., where I was told he was being 'raped' and I couldn't see who he was, and then I saw him being sent to a Florida military base we were at, as a kid, and taken into a room and then Joy Tancer was saying to me, "Get out--your brother just 'hit' your son".  "Hit" meant "killed" typically, or raped and it sounded to me more like killed and I didn't believe her.

When I was in Ukraine or Russia one time I saw a grown-up man (I think it was out of the country unless I was flown back and couldn't think clearly) who said, "I'm your son" to me and said to me again, "You're my mother" and then he died.  I thought it couldn't be possible.

After this, I called up a few times, to talk to my son, this guy whose name was David/Daniel, and I thought maybe he's out of the military base and left later, after we left.  So I called and no one would talk to me.  Then one day, I was walking up to a car and my cousin Armando, maybe Matt Damon, or someone who sounded like him and said, "He's dead--He died in a car-wreck".  I said "Where's Levi?" because I was worried he was involved bc he'd said something about killing my son to me and I was injected and knocked out while my family looked at me in anger and alarm.

The next time I heard about this 'son', I was at a club in Portland, as a young adult, and a woman claiming her name was "Anna Chapman", told me, "Your son died in a car-wreck at age 15".  I said to her, "I don't have a son" and wondered why she was saying this to me because I forgot about the boy I'd met because I assumed it was some fabricated government lie.

I didn't think it was possible he was my son until I saw my own son Oliver again, for the first time in years, when he was age 9, at the riverhouse in Coquille.  Then I realized he looked the same as the other boy and had the same voice, and the same mark on his stomach.  He was slinging a stone the same way too.  So I've realized, it is possible that this other boy was maybe my son, and if so, my son Oliver is a clone and I was implanted with a clone embryo.  

I was told this would happen, by military, but I had assumed it was for future baby girls I had, or kids, not for one that was already born through an older clone of me. 

I was left out of any information from the cloning programs, from the age of about 7, because they decided to permanently get rid of me in favor of Kate Middleton.

There were dozens of  instances of my being told I had a son, and I personally witnessed and saw dozens of clones of my son, at various ages:

1. In Russia I was told "You're my mother" (I think it was Russia but I'm not positive) by a young adult man with brown hair,
2. In Cashmere, I was visited when I was age 9 and told "you'll never hold your son" and I had wondered if the woman implied this one baby was mine but I wasn't sure)
3.  In Coquille and Wenatchee I was introduced to a boy when I was age 12, and he was 9, and told he was my son, and he looked like Oliver, and
4.  When I was age 11 approximately, I saw a boy I was told was my son, but I didn't see closely and he was in a van driven by govt. and Avilas--possibly Barb Greenman.

The one time I am most certain of is when I was introduced to a boy when I was 12 and he was 9 because he looked and sounded the way my son sounds now.  If that's true, he was born when I was age 2-3. 

The only way he is genetically my son is if it's possible to remove eggs from an infant and clone, or if I had an older clone myself, and she gave birth. 

I was also told my "son" had died, twice, by car accident.  Other incidences were not by car accidents.

The cloning people said "So if a clone dies that's related, how should someone find out?" and I'd said, "Someone should tell them, just as if someone dies in a war and the people are notified".  But who knows.

I don't agree with human cloning.  I love my kids, but the government kidnapped all of them and I also do not agree with cloning.  I was told and advised not to be so "extreme" and it was better to be moderate on the matter.  I want my son Oliver to live with me and be raised by me, not government people who abuse him and want to control him.  The first thing the U.S. and Canada did, when he was taken from me, is assault him and torture him, even when he was out of my sight. 

My children all need political asylum, wherever they are.

I am going to complete and continue working on how many clones of my son I witnessed being held hostage, beat up, or murdered.

In the meantime, something I would add, is that I did not see that many clones of anyone else, of that many ages, except for him.  My son was being cloned many, many, times, sometimes more than one of the same age, and sometimes only a few years apart.  The only other clone I saw who appeared to be cloned even near that many times, was Kate Middleton.

I saw at least 8 or so Kate Middleton clones, but MANY more of my son Oliver.  Eight or so clones of Kate Middleton was still a lot, however, and I can also list several incidences of when and where she was. 

In China, I was visiting as a kid and they had a group of clones, all the same age, and about 100 of them all in one group.  I lost count after I got up near 100 and realized that's how many there were.  It was the largest number of all-identical (of course) "clones" that I saw, at one time.  William of Wales was there, and me and my Dad were there, and some government officials. 

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