Saturday, December 19, 2015


This blog is about my work as a mother for my son Oliver Garrett-Avila and the obstruction of justice that occurred, and kidnapping of him, in the United States.  Because of illegal actions taken by the government against me and my son, I had to contact the Hague Convention organization and spent over 4 years sending emails to lawyers and law firms around the entire United States.

My son's life was threated when I was younger, and these threats occurred by persons connected to the U.S. government, England, and Mossad.  I was threatened, by the U.S. government, with rape of my son, if I had any sons, and kidnapping of him, and with murder of my sons. I was also threatened with the removal of my daughters from me.

I began making requests for political asylum from the U.S. when I was eight years old.  At that time, I had the assistance of some adults who also were concerned and believed I had a right to political asylum. 

I have another blog which covers some information while my son was still with me, and this blog is going to be about the U.S. government kidnappers who held me and my son hostage, and their involvement in human cloning and trafficking of children to be sold and exploited, and stolen from.

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