Sunday, February 7, 2016

U.S. Control Of Me Throught Ritchies Boys (CIA, Army, and Mossad)


I sent a complaint about violation of human rights to your offices and it was received but I haven't heard from anyone yet, or been interviewed.

The situation is getting worse and my parents and children and myself are now in immediate danger of having my baby kidnapped to another location, and my parents are being threatened with jail if they don't both testify against me in court on Monday.

The Judge raped my mother, and we are being forced to go to him, and he raped me when I was a little girl, more than one time.  This man is someone the U.S. government has used a number of times to kidnap my kids.

Additionally, my kids have been illegally cloned and I have evidence of human cloning by the United States.  I do not support human cloning and I have explained my entire life, to the government, which forced me to work for the CIA when I was a kid, that I don't agree or want to participate and they created cloned embryos anyway and raped me multiple times to impregnate me with clones, at night, by drugging me.

I am being blocked from any kind of work here, and my parents do not have work or money at all.  They are forced to lie and live in houses that are government owned and move back and forth between the same houses.

I was also forced to work for Princess Diana and I witnessed Prince William and Harry were cloned multiple times, and so was Kate Middleton and Pippa and James, for example.  I am including photos of people to prove the U.S. government has cloned people and are forcing people into this program and lying about it.  At one time, one of the older clones of William told me he wanted me to expose this, and he is maybe not alive anymore, but my kids are being kidnapped because of this illegal manufacturing of humans.

I was tortured, as a kid, my entire childhood, raped almost every day by government employees, and I was flown out of the country, to dozens of countries, to be forced into sex slavery and medical torture and child labor.  Most of it started with child pedophilia to high-class people in Europe and Italy and Mexicans were also being used to send it around and to rape me and control the drug trafficking for the CIA.

This trafficking of me was also to British royals.  I do not believe William of Wales loved me, that any of them did, but I do believe at least one of them knew his life was in danger, back then in the 1980s, and the Bechtel Corporation was huge and involved in sending out child porn around the world and killing people off over those who tried to report this, with a government cover.  I was forced to be sexually molested by even members of his family and one of the clones of himself, but he still wanted me to expose human cloning because of the dangers and, supposedly because the CIA told him if he allowed me to expose human cloning, they'd sign a deal to give him more of the profits that resulted from my work which was forced--in songwriting.  The group around to pressure him included Bechtolds, whose former name is Bechtel, and who are directly related to CIA and in CIA, and to the Bechtel Corporation.

The U.S. government even forced me to cut the side of one of the clones of Kate Middleton, with a knife, in a police office in Portland, Oregon, when I was a kid, and didn't want to; they had me interrogate one of the Prince Harry clones for being a "rat" and trying to give information to the government and then told him, "See? You shouldn't trust Cameo"; and they also had Prince William in a bed and pressured him to agree with them.

I was raped by all of the Presidents of the United States, and future Presidents, that the U.S. wanted to appoint and promote later.  I was raped multiple times by Bill Clinton, and I was sexually molested and I believe, raped, by Bushes.  Usually it was forced blow jobs, fellatio, when I was under the age of 8.  The U.S. tried to cover for Clinton by claiming "P.J." was "Paula Jones" when it was the initials used for a nickname for me at the time that I was being raped by Clinton and forced to help with their political campaign.  It was actually a name to insult me for being the kid they forced to give everyone "B.J."s, blow jobs, but they said it stood for "Princess Jessie".

I witnessed my entire family being raped, shackled in handcuffs and tied up, without any cause, inside of houses and buildings, and the government installed hidden cameras into all of our houses and had us under secret "house arrest" and would pick up cameras whenever someone from the UN or another agency was called upon because of a report.  They would go around, cleaning the house of any trace of evidence of surveillance or me or evidence of torture of me, medications I was forced to take (Haldol and tranquilizers for political torture), and they would threaten me not to talk.

I witnessed several babies being cloned and created and then murdered by the CIA, as "practice" for making "made men" and "made women" of government employees. 

Another set of babies of mine is about to disappear and be kidnapped on Tuesday of next week, and I need assistance immediately.  I also know the CIA bribed many members of the U.N., which makes my situation worse, but please have this sent to someone without any conflict of interest.

In the past, the FBI found out about my petition and one of the Rabbis in town made fun of me for writing that I wanted my report sent to every member of the U.N., and for saying at least one person could handle it, and he put up a poster in his house that said:  "One man can make a difference, and every man should try".  This man is Rabbi Emmanuel Rose, and he is also a participant in concealment of child abuse, torture, rape, and trafficking and I was forced to work in Israel in child labor too (for Sarah and Benjamin Netanyahu, for only one example), and they discussed how to kill my kids.  I had surgeries done on me to implant me with microchips and wires throughout my body, to facilitate remote torture by military, and for control of me, and had dental work done to allow government to blow up my teeth when they wanted to as well and they've done this to my parents too.

Israel confirmed this occurred, and that these 'devices' were in my body, and ran MRI and CT and more sophisticated measures for hard-to-find materials, and then after collecting a reassurance for themselves that they could also control me, they refused to take any of it out, telling me "It would be too dangerous and you could die if we tried to remove all of it."

This is a lie.

Please help me and help us.

Cameo L. Garrett
SS#:  534064362
DOB:  10/22/1974

Photos of cloned humans attached. 

I also have some evidence for why the U.S. government and Mossad and the British Goldsmith-Middleton family tortured me and held me hostage throughout my childhood and it was out of revenge for WWII Nazi activities against Jews, and I am not Jewish.  Many of the people who tortured, raped me, sold me, and justified stealing from me were former concentration camp members who forced me to go to Nuremberg, Germany, when I was 3 years old, to be tortured for getting 'confessions' out of accused Nazi's going to trial.  It was obvious to me then that I was not Jewish and being used by the government to force confessions from others, because I was somehow believed to be related biologically to those who were German nationals or participated in Nazi activities.  One man who showed me some of this evidence, gave me a copy of a death announcement from someone who Middleton worked with, and who tortured me when I was a kid.

I was also raised in a family where I was never treated as a family member and was not considered to be one of them.  I was a clone, and my entire family was participating in crimes against me, and with Middletons, but not ever telling me what everyone else was involved with and who they worked for, what their religious backgrounds really were, and why I was the only one being tortured and raped and stolen from in the family.

The family I was being raised in, worked for the U.S. government and they were using Christianity as a cover for being Jewish and motivated politically to harm me and torture me, over past crimes against Jews.  Most of my family members and those in the government torturing me had family that went to concentration camps in Germany and many of them worked for the CIA and Army through a group that was called "Ritchies Boys" and worked in Europe (with Middletons and Goldsmiths) interrogating people over Nazi work, on behalf of the U.S.   Two of my "Aunts" married Mexican men who were Jewish but claimed they were Catholics, and they tortured me, had me gang-raped in orchards and told me they'd make sure I could never raise my own kids, and they'd control them.

A group of German men one time broke into my grandparents house and demanded that my "grandfather" let me know I was not related to them.  They said, "Tell her.  Tell her she is not a Baird" and he told me I wasn't related to them.  That was the grandfather on my Mom's side, whose sisters married Mexican Jews that were motivated to torture me. 

One of them is named Pablo Avila and his relative Manuel Avila, died in 1987, after he tortured me himself and interrogated me in Europe with the Goldsmiths and Middletons.

I was given the information about Manuel Avila's death, by Edward Lee Howard, who worked for the CIA from 1981-1983 and did other government work before that.  I was also being forced to work for the government at that time.  He said this was the reason I was being tortured.  When I was given this information, I later told some of my family members about this and then the government was using them to try to conceal who gave me the information and who wanted to expose this.  The CIA used my brother Levi Garrett, to pretend to be giving me information about him, and he questioned me.  Edward Howard fled the country for political asylum in Russia.  He not only told me to mention Manuel Avila, and that I was tortured by CIA and Mossad over Nazi war crimes committed by others, allegedly, he told me "It's Ritchies Boys" and I said "Huh?"  Ritchies Boys was a group from CIA and U.S. Army that formed in the 1940s and had German-speaking Jews move to the U.S., become intelligence units, and then dispatched to Europe to interrogate "Nazis".  These members then became employees for CIA and the Army and continued doing work along these lines, and in psychic spying and human cloning, and held hostages.  I was told by Ed Howard and a Bob Garrett Sr., "You're not Jewish--they're trying to kill you".  I was told I was not a Jew like them, I was a substitute for one.

The people who were trafficking me around, when I was a baby and kid, were coming from the CIA, the U.S. Army and Pentagon, and FBI, and I was being sent to Middletons and Goldsmiths in England, where the CIA had "black-site operations and interrogations".  I was tortured, programmed, and implanted with objects for torture, while others were interrogated, at the Goldsmith's house, Middletons (Mike and Carol), and at a location not far from the airport where Mike Middleton worked, near Sandhurst Academy.   I was being dragged around by the government as a pawn for accused "Nazis" and those accused of espionage, to see being tortured as the U.S. and Mossad was trying to force confessions from others. 

I was not only tortured in the U.S., and England, and forced to work for free, since "the Jews had been stolen from and were forced to work", and I was somehow being punished for this, as a kid, I was also being flown to other countries while the U.S. was looking for more "escaped Nazis", in places like Brazil and Argentina.  I was severely tortured at a U.S. Army base in Germany, which was connected to Middletons, and also in Russia, while the Russians there said it was "getting even" for what the "Germans did to the Russians" in WWII.

By age 3, I had already overheard conversations about how I was not going to ever be allowed to raise my own kids, and they'd punish me for my association with "Nazis". They were promising Middletons they would keep me oppressed, to promote a Jew to become a publicly known royal--Kate Middleton.  An older clone of Kate Middleton was handing me baby dolls and taking them from me, to provoke me when I was a toddler, and she was murdering actual babies, with others, as part of their extreme ideas for "interrogations".  Because they already used me as a political hostage, the U.S. was already making promises that they'd control me and any kids I had, and would never allow me to raise my own kids in the U.S., and they were bribing others to agree with them. 

I was being led to believe I was related biologically to the Bairds and the Garretts, but I knew my "parents" were cloned more than once, and I was forced to wear an ID bracelet when I was a little girl, when the FBI was swapping clones of me around, and back and forth and didn't want to mix up which one was which.  The last time I saw a little girl who was identical to me, I was around the age of 4 years old, and they quit using an ID bracelet on me or having visits between me and the other girl.

I was tortured by everyone in my "family" and I did not see any of the other kids or cousins being treated this way.  Almost always, there was other government around, but sometimes it was done privately. 

I was being told, when I was age 5 and age 6, that the reason I knew German was because I was visiting the British royals (who knew Middletons), and they spoke German.  I was being forced from Germany to England to the U.S. and then staying with Ed Howard, who spoke fluent German and would speak it in the house, and then from there, the CIA was sending me to Moses Lake, WA and my parents spoke German and my mother, particularly, would talk to me in German.  Then they suddenly quit trafficking me to German-speaking locales, and to the Howards, and told me we no longer were speaking German at our house in Moses Lake, only English, and that is when I was age 6.  I continued to be sent to England, but speaking only English and around those who spoke with British accents, and the German language was not used around me anymore.

I continued to be sent to the Pentagon and to the CIA offices in Virginia, and to other locations around the world, but I was directed away from anyone that spoke German, to forget about what they'd been doing to me.  I was also still used, and tortured, to elicit confessions of persons accused of "espionage" but they were of Russian interest, and not Germans.  I was also not being sent to Israel to be tortured and for their interrogation work, or operations on me.  By the time I was age 6, the U.S. government had attempted to shift the focus of their torture against me when I assumed some Russian-Jews had to do with Russian spying, not Nazis, and they also had me around Italian mafia.  Even a German-connected family in Moses Lake, the Maiers, were concealed as not having anything to do with Germans and Goldsmiths, and instead having something to do with Russians.  In fact, I was tortured by them, at their house, and by others, and trafficked.  I was also being trafficked around, and visited by government workers for the military named Sandbergs, who were also German-connected, and I was being raped by them, and transported to Maiers, where I was tortured by Jews and others connected to Middleton and "Ritchies Boys".

The U.S. was also forcing me to work for free, out of retaliation and punishment against me, for WWII-era Nazi crimes and accusations committed by others.

On my "Mom's" side, two of my Aunts married Mexican Jews and they worked with Goldsmith-Middletons and tortured me--Valentine Guzman, and Pablo Avila.  They also worked for the U.S. government and were already cloned and part of the human cloning program.  Both Guzmans and Avilas are registered on Holocaust lists as Jews and having worked with the U.S. through "Ritchies Boys".  Goldsmiths and Middleton of England were also part of Ritchies Boys; Richard Whittemore, an attorney who was a constant presence during my youth and who trafficked money to Kate Middleton clones was part of Ritchies Boys (basically CIA-Army MK-Ultra and human cloning, intelligence, and interrogations against Nazis from a German-Jewish perspective); the Albini/Dabney family was on the holocaust list and involved in torturing me and operating on me; the Bairds were part of Ritchies Boys and had been Holocaust survivors and against facism; Mark and Troy Shaw, who both spoke German fluently, had many members of their family in Ritchies Boys and were Jewish holocaust survivors, and tortured me and stole from me; Joy Sterling and Forrest Tancers family were Jewish and tortured me and had been part of this group; the Maiers were part of this group; and the Bechtel/Bechtold family that tortured and raped me and held me hostage were also part of the same group.  and almost all of the others who I was surrounded by, were involved in this group; including Mary Donaldson, who married Prince Frederick of Denmark and was Jewish herself (her mother is Jewish with surname "Horne", and Mary Donaldson had support from Mossad, which I witnessed as a kid).  Both Mary Donaldson and Kate Middleton were Jewish and promoted by the CIA to marry British royals who helped them "find Nazis" in WWII--Prince William and Prince Frederick.  They were part of interrogation and torture against even kids and tortured me directly.  As a toddler, I had them blowing horns into my ears until I was almost deaf, over the Horne holocaust survivors I was tortured over.  Both Mary Donaldson and Kate Middleton were descendants of Holocaust survivors and the CIA employed them.

Some of the others who trafficked me and tortured and raped me and wanted to have me degraded worldwide, were Thebaults (Lisa Thebault is Jewish); Del Balzos; Ken Kargman (part of torturing me); Kyle Flick; Ed Israel; and Lorraine and Rabbi Rose (who lived in England and worked for British as Jewish refugees)--all of them are WWII Holocaust survivors.  I was being raped at age 2 and told "You think you're a princess, don't you?" by all of these people, and tortured.  Later, some of them employed me when I was older and didn't remember who they were and then refused to give me  references to find work with anyone else.

These people were responsible for thinking they had a right to steal from me my entire life, and torture and rape me, and had decided their revenge against others for Nazi crimes, was to do this to me and control me and kidnap any baby I had and raise it themselves, out of retaliation for the Nazis who took their own Jewish kids in the past.

Here are some of the cloned kids that they created from my DNA, from an older clone of me (who they must have hated and blamed for Nazi crimes), who they repeatedly cloned and later implanted me with, to deliver myself.  Prior to this, I was being drugged and experimented on with drugs for purposes of "implanting unsuspecting persons with cloned embryos" and the U.S. Army chemical unit was involved in this.

I was also prevented from any kind of government work, or access to classified materials.  I was forced too work for free, and not allowed any wages, or an actual job with benefits or pay, throughout my childhood and my life.  I was forced to work and produce for several government departments and for Mossad and the Israeli Army.  Each time someone thought to offer me a "position" for training for a career, I was then taken to a government employees house, forced to take overdoses of Haldol until I had seizures and couldn't get up off of the floor, and I was then given Benedryl to treat the overdoses they gave me, and their purpose, from what I heard, was to keep me from "thinking you're so smart or you get to work here and make any money."

I was forced to do songwriting and music video direction at my house, and not allowed to copyright any of my material and when I tried to buy a storage box, such as a bank deposit box, the U.S. government stole what allowance I had saved for this, and kept stealing my songs, and had countless numbers of celebrities and performers and singers over to my house and sent me to other locations, to "sign over" my own rights to my music, to others who did not write the songs or music or earn the money.  This was another form of punishment against me, coming from the "Ritchies Boys" and Holocaust survivors who then cloned me and made me a hostage to them, Mossad, British royals, and the U.S. government.