Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Murder of Edward VIIIth and Frederick of Denmark, and Loree & Her Kids Obstruction

I've been having severe problems with obstruction by the U.S. in making reports about these matters, and I'm being tortured with a govt. triggered migraine that is extremely severe and terrible computer problems.  I have 5 laptops and had more and they were stolen, and the plug in cords for all of the ones I have, except for one, were stolen from my house and I don't have money now to buy new ones.  The one computer I have is suddenly operating extremely slow with 'not responding' messages all the time.

I'm also trying to get work and can't get work in this area, and every ad I send out or resume, through Craigslist, is only being answered by the exact same people who work for the U.S. govt, who were involved when I was a little girl and preteen, and it's the same names, email addresses, and it's all of Mike Middleton's friends.  They're all dead-end repeat emails, and I need actual work and to relocate, and I'm held hostage here, trapped with computer monitoring and editing of my email, no jobs possible for me in this area (which is 100% operated by the U.S. govt. and supports only Mary Donaldson, Meghan Markles, Kate Middleton and Middletons and Goldsmiths, and Camilla Parker Bowles.

I want to write more about the murders, and have more info, but the migraine is very severe and I'm outside getting cold. I have been targeted with remote operated torture for a long time.  People involved in surgeries against me, I'll also try to name again.

I don't understand how England's intelligence cares so little about England, they allow all the Waleses and their girlfriends/wives to spy for the CIA against England and report everything about citizens to the U.S. and hold people, including secret clones, as hostage.  I really don't understand how Frederick of Denmark is held hostage by Mary Donaldson either, or how he allowed all of his own clones of himself to be murdered by either her, directly, or his own kids from her, whose group only cares about those kids having position, and just using him to get there. 

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