Saturday, May 6, 2017

I'm a US Hostage, Communications Blocked, & Forced to Live Around Murderers

I am having nothing but serious computer problems, with the US govt. making it impossible for me to check or respond to email for work, or getting out of here.  I am trapped and held hostage in Coquille, OR which is a locked-down govt. town and they murdered hundreds of my clones here, at every single business place, bank, and church in town, and including the U.S. post office, library, and courthouse and all govt. buildings.  I cannot get work here and have been trying to leave and my phone was shut down and email communications constantly tampered with so I can't respond to work offers, or make requests for work or transportation to leave this god damn area.

I need to leave this fucking country.  I hate the US govt. and they did nothing but lie to Frederick of Denmark clones to frame my clones to force him to replace my clone of me with her, because she spies for them and MOSSAD.  I have experienced nothing but rape and hatred in the U.S. and I want to leave, permanently.  Right now, I am typing on Blogger but I'm not able to access any email accounts and the US has shut down several of my email accounts even after I gave ID to proof I was the owner of the account, when the closure claim was for 'identity fraud".  One of Rachel the Jews friends, and Dabneys, and Bechtolds, just drove by with plates 14105 and he works with them to tamper with the communicactions of others and blow people up.

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