Monday, May 8, 2017

'No Katie, No, Not My Son"

My clone who was married to Frederick of Denmark begged for the lives of their sons.  Katie and others were persons she pleaded with, and it was a total ambush that didn't stop. My clone was set up.  Approximately 8 or more Fredericks died, whose murders I witnessed.  He repeatedly said mostly the same things and it was him. 

I have been thinking about this and Edward VIIIths murders and other things but I am outside right now using wifi and freezing cold and have to go back to my house for the day (it's almost dark out).  I can tell you, Netanyhahus did NOT want him to know the truth or for others to find out what Frederick's last words and actions were, before he died--they constantly wanted to position Mary Donaldson in favorable light.  Yes, I've recognized many of his "doubles" and they are not him.  I can tell, now, by his photos, if it was him or not.

The CIA is definitely involved, along with MOSSAD, and he knew somehow that Waleses and Donaldson were involved, along with some others. 

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