Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Murders of Frederick of Denmark, Loree Garrett clones, Edward VIIIth clones

I have a lot more to write, but some of the murderers of Frederick of Denmark clones were:
Meghan Markles
Mary Donaldson and her kids (all of them involved as adults)
Ed Howard, Robin Bechtold, Daugleish, Trump, Obamas, Bob jr. and Dicksie (one of them), Joy Sterling Tancer and Tancers, Taylor Swift, Dmitri Medlev and Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel, Dan Gatti and Greg Smith, James and Chris Dabney, Queen Elizabeth II ...additional persons involved and more involved against Loree Garrett clones and all of her and Fredericks' kids and descendants.

Edward VIIIth was convinced, one of them, at one time, to conspire with this group against Fredrickes and Lorees and then apparently changed his mind because he spoke up against them, and told me some things as well, and they were attacking and murdering his clones too.  They were murdering his clones before "convincing" one to join them (I thought) and then killing his clones again.  James Sandberg shot a clone of Edward VIIIth after Edward said, "It's James" and he was looking past Sandberg over to the back, where James Middleton and Mike Middleton were.  Another Edward was stabbed.  James Middleton stabbed a redheaded younger clone of Loree who was pregnant, with Mike Middleton, and then killed her daughters next to her, and then Harry and Meghan Markles killed another clone of Frederick's relation, his daughter, unless it was a clone of Loree, and then the U.S. crammed condoms into other victims vaginas.  They were shoving condoms inside of victims, and had been doing this ever since I tried reporting how often I was raped by them as a little girl, and they were always going in and fishing out the condom that "fell off" while they raped me.  Kate Middleotn and Markles were among those doing these kinds of "checks", and Dicksie, and Victoria Gotti.  Edward VIIIth was not lying when he said "It's James" and the U.S. and Mossad tried to cover it up with more scenarios.  Tom and Camilla Parker Bowles also murdered him, and with Dabney and James Middleton and James Dabney waiting around in nearby cars, sometimes with CIA man Calagun, other times with Bush, Gotti, Bonnano, or Robin Bechtold, or Obamas.  I am 100% positive of more than one clone of Edward VIIIth being murdered, and in each instance, when speaking up for me and my family or saying one of the names of the murderers.

One of the Edward VIIIths knew I wasn't lying and had the knuckle on his middle finger of one hand broken repeatedly to become abnormally enlarged, so it stood out in a photo.  He was being tortured beside that as well, and they killed that clone of him.  He was older, about 70 or so.

I'll give more specific names with each instance very soon.  Some of the other names were Valerie Plame, Goldsmiths and Middletons were heavily involved, Ben and Sarah Netanyahoo, The Rabbi Rose and Lorraine Rose family, Markles entire family, Bowles' entire family (they were spying for CIA and I knew this by the time I was age 4), and Chris Dabney was shooting my sons through car windows by the time I was age 5 or 6 and then running off, with likes of Scott Williams (Farmers Insruance), Donna Ciaramella, John Kaempf, Whittemores, Barbossa-Pardo, Doug Stevens, Charles Spencer...

Two times Edward VIIIth, or more than that, told me specifically, "Don't let her get my ring" and he named the persons:  Camilla and Catherine  Laura Parker Bowles threatened me while I was still alive in the back floor of a car after they'd shot him, and forced me to give her the ring after Victoria Gotti and some others gave up--I refused to give it to Camilla and had it myself, and Laura forced me to hand it to her, and oddly, Roses were often involved.  She had him shot while he was still in a car.

Kate Middleton was prying his ring off of his finger, after stealing his watch too, with Mary Donaldson and others that jumped him.  This was another Edward VIIIth, and it was his ring. I was so shocked and then Charles came over to my house WEARING that same ring, with Camilla with him and other Middletons and Waleses, as if to boast about it.  I felt sick.  They were murdering my entire family, and only Protestant or Loree-supporting Fredericks, and then some weird thing was going on with an Edward VIIIth but some of them started siding with me.  He told me, at one point, that it was MY ring and I was the one wearing it, when he let me.

Tiggy Legge Bourke and Natalie Hicks Loebecke were also involved in killing Edward VIIIths, and they seemed to feel the same about getting rid of Frederick's Lorees.  Rachel Chandler and the other Rachel (Russian I.T. one was also involved, with Carly Massey Birch).  Also involved were Amanda Bynes and Anna--several "Annas":  Dianna, Anna the blond from D.C. Dabney knows (and James Dabney assisted with one of the murders of Edward VIIITh, and so did Chris the British boyfriend of Kate's and her other boyfriend), and Anna Chapman.

If I had reportred Anna, it would have led to James and that is what Ronald Reagan was questioning me about before giving the "go ahead" to replace my clone and ME personally (or my position) with a clone of Mary Donaldson, and going ahead with the Wales plan.

Ivana Trump and Marla Maples were also involved--Trumps entire family basically.  Then after Markles kept being escorted around with CIA in the U.S., everywhere, to hunt down more of my daughters, they were all standing by this.  James Comey was another one.  He was acting like a lead mafia person involved, along with James Dabney paying people to kill my family, including paying Kate Middleton.

Another mafia man who was friendly with Kate M. and around at the time one of the Edwards was shot in a car, from what I remember at least, was a Luchese man, and of course, Gary Goldsmith.

Frederick's clones were murdered anytime he tried to say Mary or her kids were spying for either CIA or MOSSAD.  It didn't matter which one he seemed to indicate, they were killing him.  He pointed some people out to me, and if made a nod of his head or smiled, they killed him.

They raped in total gang-rape, with James Middleton, my clones and daughters, and this was after they'd raped and murdered a set in Denmark first.  They continued holding hostages, all over the place, and they were gang-raped, and made fun of, and then killed.

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