Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Murder of Frederick of Denmark and his Wife Loree and Kids, by Mary Donaldson

Frederick of Denmark was plotted against, and murdered by the wife he was forced to marry:  Mary Donaldson, who is a Jew and was spying against Denmark for CIA Calagun, and MOSSAD.  Frederick had a number of clones of himself, and kids, not just doubles, and I witnessed several of their hostage holdings, torture, and murder, and the fact one of them was pressured to join the CIA wth Mary and Christian, and was shot when he said no, so they brought around another Frederick.

Chris Dabney and James Dabney fired a bullet into Frederick's brain, on the ground, on one of the occasions.  He also coordinated gang rapes against Frederick's daugthers and the man standing next to him and who helped, was Mike Middleton.  Frederick said, "It's him" and they shot him and pushed him down.  That was only one of the murders of Frederick.  I was reading a passage of Ezekiel to him prior to his murder, about the "east wind and "Samaria" and I pronounced it "some Maria"'s family is 'rebelling'.  He said it's him, and they pounced on him and shot him and he was dead.  He was one of several who survived other shootings and massacre.

It is not a lie to say Mary and her kids Christian and the ones who were Jewish with Mary, conspired and colluded against their own "Dad", one of the clones of Frederick, to murder him and his first in line wife, the Monarch and their kids, to put Israeli interests ahead, and CIA's, and construction deals for FBI people like Fowlers, English Jews like Gary Goldsmith, and the Maiers and Sellens.  They all wanted to work in Denmark and get trade deals rather than provide jobs for the Protestant majority Danish people.  Mary was putting out hits against Frederick, spying on him and providing full surveillance against him and his families, to the CIA and to MOSSAD.  She was also handcuffing Fredericks and then IDing them for govt. persons, as to which ones to move, interrogate, or shoot, and she personally shot 2 of him and poisoned another, and then an entire group of his family, with Carol Goldsmith and Kate Middleton.

Anther Frederick and his kids were shot in Coquille, Oregon, when they believed he was tipping me off as to which spy agency Mary worked for, along with his own kids Christian and the others.  They shot him and hugged eachother and cried that "Frederick" was passing information about his murderous 'wife" Mary and the Jewish kids, and Kate Middleton was one of them involved.

They killed him and his family using his son Christian and Mary to help them, in sand pits and construction pits, inside of cliffs where they were trapped, starved, and then shot and died, inside of the royal residences when the Danish guard was forced to leave with others, at a Pelican Point, M.L. location where the Maiers now live, at the cabin in Idaho, inside of conference rooms or small offices where joining the CIA was discussed, churches, and elsewhere.  The killers were (among others):

Mary Donaldson and her family, Christian and his kids, MOSSAD including Netanyahoo, Israeli military commander at the time (Dagan), Robin Bechtold (shot Frederick directly, himself, and his kids, more than once), Obama (both older and younger Barak Obamas raped Frederick's daugthers and wife Loree, and shot him in the head and one of the older ones did this in M.L., and when he turned I said, "You have sparkles all over your face like Meghan Markles" and it was the older Barry Obama who had a spattering of tiny moles all over his face, which younger Barak made sure he did not have.  A clone of Frederick was murdered there in M.L., in Denmark while his wife was raped and stabbed by Kate Middleton, and another time at the Laundromat in Coquille, Oregon, which was a restaurant one of the clones of Frederick tried to run with Loree, hoping for peace, and working with Daniel, the dark haired one, until they were shot inside by another Barry Obama and with Robin Bechtold there and then Donald Trump always to the side saying no report needs to be made Mr. Fowler, State Patrol Dunlap, and Officer Harzan and Bryan Haines.  He was shot by Barry for nodding when I gave him chocolate to eat, Lndt chocolate, and then they went to the same restaurant later and killed more people and then later, Barry and Michelle, wth Mary Donaldson and her son and Middletons, went to the 'laundromat' as it was changed to become, and they danced on the floors there saying for sure Mary was going to be Queen, and Barry Presdient, and Kate had nothing to worry about.

Another clone of Frederick was shot and brought down by George Alexander Louis Middleton and one of the Bob jrs. and then they celebrated with Jews that night, while smirking and sneering at me.  They also shot additional groups of people at the Pelican Point location, with Mary and Christian there and involved; along with Coquille, OR and in Denmark and England.

They tortured and interrogated Fredricks and other ones they'd ask if he supported Mary or me, Loree, and f he sad me, as almost all of them did, they murdered him.

Others involved in murdering Frederick and overtaking all of "Protestant Denmark" (which Parker Bowles, CIA, MOSSAD, and Middletons and Mary Donaldson wanted to be dominated and overlorded by Jews and CIA) were:  Calagun.  The Russian Division CIA director and another Frederick was shot for indicating to me Mary worked for him by saying "Return the ring".  Also murdering him were Vladmir Putin, Dmitri Medlev, Brian Gross, Fowler, Waleses inclouding William of Wales, Andrew, Edward, (all of them), Bechtolds, Amanda Bynes, Anna the blond from D.C. that dates Chris Dabney, Dabney and James Dabney and Richard Whittemore, Mersereau, and John Kaempf.  Karin from Canada and Steven Harper from Canada (along with Whittemores who worked with FBI), the Rabbi Rose and Lorraine family, Gary Goldsmith and Goldsmiths, James Comey and his wife and those he worked with (with Waleses and Middletons and CIA) with the IRA, Jorgenson (M.L., WA), Mitch Heaps family, Scott Halvorson and family, Schneiders, Mike Tancer and Sterling-Tancers, Alvaro Pardo with his family and Shakira and her entire family including redhaired kids she'd already had with the same man she's with now, 50 cent rap performer and other blacks like JayZ, Kanye West, and other blacks working with Obamas, Roger Harris and his family, Susuann White and the Whites, James (Whitey() Bulger who Kate Middleton already worked with back then and who is now in jail as an informant when he was big time govt., Bushes, Cheney, Rachel the Jew from the East Coast (computer speciliast, restaurants, friends with Dabney and Mike Tancer), Rachel and Aaron Chandler, Mary and Ed Howard, the Koch brothers, Bill and Melinda Gates, Kate Middletons kids including another daughter and son she had then, one named Louis or knowing Louis Freeh, another named Isabella possibly.  Matt Damon and his wife Isabella, Ben Afflwck, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Leon Panetta, Del balzos, Leonardo dicaptrio, the current President of China, ping and CIA elected future Chinese Presidents, Angela Merkel, the entire Meghan Markles family with Harry, and more.  I remember distinct, specific occasions of the murders and who shot and was around most of the time.  Also, the Springers, the Davis family (Heather Daviis's Dad and Satos), Raul Bujanda and his group, members of both sides of my socalled 'family", James Carter (Jimmy Carter, former Presdient) and Clintons with their kids who are Jewish and married to Jews, along with Pippa and James Matthews who is Jewish.  They also brought in a few Muslims and a couple of Eastern Indians, mostly Muslim more than Eastern Indian then, such as the Fayeds and other royals to assist Waleses and CIA.  Also, the Spencers, including Charles Spencer and his Canadian wife.  There were "Canadians", Israelis, Russians, British, Mormons, Jews, and Catholics and some bribed Protestants who tried to make it all about stealing my music and entertainment industry money, holdng slaves, and promoting their own drug trade.  They also stole files, looted throughout Denmark blaming my clones, and forced my clones to take and inject themselves with drugs and be filmed counting out drug pills, and they were stuffing the back packs of my clones as they got on planes, without their knowledge, to have them arrested over 'drugs' to get rid of them.  The Rose family specifically worked on this, with other Jews, to create propaganda against my family so Protestants and Danish officials thought there was something wrong with us.  Jenny from Colombia, who grew up in Brooklyn, NY and knew Alvaro Barbossa, also did this.  Another man involved with Dabney drives 757 HNJ and is from Germany.  He tortured me, raped me forcing me to give him and others blow jobx, paid William of Wales a huge amount of money in Denmark, trafficked my clones to England and then over to a US Army base, where the Waleses, him, and US tortured us, raped us, held us hostage and told us "She'll never be Queen" (me).  This is after I had told people at age 4, Frederick told me Mary wasn't going to be Queen, I was and I was in line.  I later got Rachel confused wth Mary, showing up at my house and told her she'd never be Queen and it wasn't very much after this they invaded and murdered my family in Denmark, most of them, and held several as hostages, and then later allowed another family of my clones to live in the area and pretentded to be 'sorry' for what they did.  Another Frederick gained control again, and moved others out, and the CIA including Fowler, and Kate Middleton and other murderers, were no longer assured any royal titles in the future.  This German man assisted Anna in shooting my clones, blond Anna from the East Coast, and then went to my house later with Rachel and Aaron Chandler, Amanda Bynes and other girls including 735 HTZ and 562 HFY, to murder4 my clones again, and with Meghan Markle.  He specifically worked with the Markle family and Kate Middleton.  Kate Middleton was allowed to run all over the place in M.L., WA at Pelican Point and other locations, like Wheeler Road, and murder more of my family after poisoning them first.  They poisoned them, with Anna helping them, and then shot them up against trees.  Kate Middleton was allowed to murder countless numbers of my clones and of Princes and Princesses of Denmark, and one of the times Melania Trump helped her.  This German man also promoted Melania and assisted her in poisoning my family.The other man, or one of the others, who helped poison them and then kill them, with Kate, drives 088 JTP.  He was also, from what I remember, in Denmark.

Another man involved in murdering my clones was Philip of Denmark and Greece who gave up his title to marry Elizabeth II, and become Duke of Windsor.  Philip of Denmark helped plot invasion of Denmark and murder of Frederick's and only one of his clones cried or ever looked sad about it.  Once the US forced him to sign papers about me, as he cried.  Earlier, the other Philips around, used Waleses, and Jews Rachel from the East Coast who knows Chris Dabney, and Rachel Chandler, to try to murder us, including he specifically told Rachel, "Shoot her Rachel". He also told Christian to shoot my clones and Christian, Frederick's biological son, killed clones of Frederick more than one time.  I saw him shoot a Frederick or one of his sons, in M.L., and I also saw him taking money and info from the CIA to murder my family, and he worked wth them all the way back in 1977.  One time, when the CIA and James Cartright with Marines/Navy were at a place trying to recruit a Frederick (with Mary there0 to join the CiA, I had said, "Frederick, you can be in the CIA like Christian" and then I said, "C?  I ......ATE an apple" (and then I bit into an apple by pretend).  I also told Frederick one time, "You don't look very good...who is dong this? let's say it's the 3 ships like the Pinta, Santa Maria or Mayflower and I said, "If it's Mary , say Anna and then it won't sound like you mean Mary but I'll think of Anna Maria like Santa Maria" and he said one day, "Get Anna" and then was shot.  Another time, he looked and nodded at some flowers when Kate Middleton was around and she shot him.  It was a milk thistle with 3 stems and buds and I had said, "It's like Edward's ring with the feathers and he let me wear it until they stole it"

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