Saturday, May 6, 2017

Mary Donaldson Murdered Her Husband's Clones

It is not easy to say, but she did.  She did not just spy on him, she murdered his clones over and over until she and her group had killed all but the only 2 or 3? who were stating loyalty to her and her kids instead of to my clone and her kids with Frederick.  The Fredericks who died, outnumbered the ones who lived and survived.  The ones who died in front of me, expressed their wishes clearly, and they were killed for it, and then one who was actually with Mary appeared to be a hostage and tried to escape and they had him grabbed and contained.  The ones who were left, either knew all along, or they were brainwashed and a huge number of schemes to make my clones look like we were commiting espionage or trying to kill him or his kids, were developed to cover for huge govt. plans against my clones and Frederick.

It was very hard for me, as a preteen, to try to articulate how many of his clones were killed, and how many by Mary directly, bc I was a hostage and despite my repeated requests to see photos of Frederick again, to refresh my memory, they wouldn't give me any.  Even though it has been so long, and the govt. blocked me from even seeing his face so I couldn't make reports then, I can think back and remember specific incidents, and they were his blue eyes, and it was him, at various ages. 

I also cannot live in the U.S.  I can't tolerate or stand to be living here, knowing how many of my family they cruelly lied about, falsely imprisoned, and murdered, along with Frederick clones.  It is so sickening, and I'm trapped here.

I'll try to define specific times and then attempt to upload the info when possible, as soon as possible, but I'm having a lot of computer problems lately.  I also have memory of incidents involving murders of Edward VIIIth clones, and one of the times, he specifically stated that it was "James" and looked to the back where James Middleton was.  I can recite the incidence and scriptures I was looking up at the time. 

Also with Frederick, I asked one of him to let me know who he thought was targeting us and if it was so bad, indicate a certain way and he did and was shot.  That was just one of him, trying to speak to me from a scripture reference to "grainfields" (grain-filed).  It was to imply the Waleses for the 3 grains (stems of wheat) on the signet ring of Edward VIIIths that was going to others. The govt and Waleses attacked him as if HE was a traitor when he was maybe the only one who was NOT spying.  More than one of the Frederick's knew Mary Donaldson was murdering him/his clones and family.  He already knew.  She wasn't the only one he pointed to, but he did this more than once and died.  Same with Edward.

Dabney was also involved in a huge number of murders of clones of me and my kids, in all kinds of locations--my house, other houses in M.L, Warden, Denmark, Scotland, Australia, and more. 

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