Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Teachers Who Are Pedophiles (Stacy Stubblefield, Bechtold, Dryden School District)

Before Stacy Stubblefield decided to train to be a nurse and midwife, she was a teacher and I got her fired or told her to resign or I would report her for pedophilia and an older clone of my own son was going to testify against her.

She dropped out of teaching and her husband Chris, went on a violent rampage and raped me over it.  It was a violent rape and she then did the same thing to me using a vibrator or dildo.  The U.S. government has TONS of full-blown pedophiles.  It is UNBELIEVABLE how many U.S. government employees rape little kids and were raping me and other kids I knew of.

The other family that these U.S. government pedophiles were connected to, was the Dabneys in D.C. and they were not "teachers" in schools--at least not as far as I knew of--they were torturers for the U.S. government and used a BDSM sex "business" as their cover for a government "black site" where they held hostages, including kids, and restrained people and literally tortured them and no, these people were not "enjoying" it.  They were being interrogated, tortured, raped, and operated on.

I wrote a song around that time, after an older clone of my son said he'd testify against Stacy and Stubblefields with me, and I wrote it or before or after he was murdered, but it was stolen and given to another songwriter who didn't record it until later and it was titled, "Stacy's Mom" and has the chorus "Stacy's Mom, has got it goin' on" and it was about Stacy Stubblefield and Dabney's mother and Janet because they were using their professions to rape boys and girls and I witnessed what they were doing.

Both Stacy and Janet were bisexual pedophiles and both were teachers and had constant access to kids.  Janet worked with a small gifted kid's group and Stacy worked with her and at a school in Kentucky or Kansas, I believe it was, if it wasn't Washington State.  She possibly did this while she was single and had Chris as her "boyfriend" but as far as I knew they were "together" in some kind of way.  They were using some of the kids from the places they worked, and sexually molesting them and selling child porn.  I saw Stacy raping them and I also saw Stacy flirting with young kids and deliberately attempting to excite little boys, and she was masturbating them.

I was being forced to "learn", from Stacy Stubblefield and some of these other women, how to "masturbate" men and then they were trying to get me to do it to little boys, when I was a kid myself, and saying "It's natural Cameo".

"Dawn", a woman who worked for Dan Gatti, was doing this to little boys, at Gatti's law office in Salem, Oregon, and I witnessed it, and Stephanie Michelle (Dawn) Maiers was doing this to little boys, including clones of my son Oliver.

I witnessed Stephanie, Stacy, Janet, Dawn, and other women directly raping clones of my son when they were little boys and I told my son who was an older clone and because he found out, and wanted to testify, they murdered him.  They also attacked him and accused him of "raping" or assaulting Stacy and Rachel, as a cover for their own pedophilia, and blamed him for something against Stephanie Maiers too, when Stephanie Maiers was NOT a "nice" young woman.  She was a rapist of little boys and I saw her sucking on my son's penis.  No one was "making" Stephanie Maiers suck on a little boy's penis, who was my son, she was doing it on her own and trying to make me think it was what I should do too, and that it was "natural".  She smirked while raping my son.

Then the U.S. government shits acted like they had a right to be mad, and murder my kids who wanted to testify against this huge group of pedophiles in the government who also murdered people and never were accountable, and forced others to work for them as slaves.  They wanted me and my kids to do all this work and not receive any credit for anything they did and they stole the credit and the money from us.

Stephanie wasn't the only one raping my son, because Janet Bechtold was involved along with Stacy Stubblefield, and some other women.  Carol Goldsmith was good "friends" with all of them, and Kate Middleton was also taking my kids aside and raping them.  Janet Bechtold's son, an older clone of Robin, "Robin", got mad I was talking about it and he also showed up at my house and attacked me and raped me, and the FBI agent letting them into my house was Don Pryzbyla.  One was Don Pryzbyla, one was Louis Freeh, one was Robert Mueller, and "Donnie Brasco" was also letting them in to rape me, to "punish" me for "talking".

The FBI started saying "We are undercover and you're blowing our cover" and I said, "No you're not--you're PEDOPHILES asking me to give YOU BLOW jobs, not a 'cover'."

I said, "It takes hundreds of FBI employees to rape me to be 'undercover'?"  and they stared and I said, "Because you don't have just one or two employees raping me--you have an entire DEPARTMENT that is raping me".  I said, "And not to mention, you're raping other little kids like clones of MY kids so why are you picking on US like you HATE us?" and I said, "And exactly how LONG have you been undercover?  Like, since I was a baby?  Is that how long?  I mean, short time undercover short like Mike Tancer's penis, or long time undercover like long like Robin and Chris Dabney's penis?"

Then they got mad and said, "We're going to be here a LONNNG time" and I was raped and they had all kinds of people involved, including a man who worked for the Department of Education as an "ombudsman" for people who have problems with their college loans.

I had to contact someone after the U.S. consolidated loans of mine and was trying to charge me more than they were supposed to, and it added up to thousands and I had to finally contact someone there and it was the same man who the FBI brought to my house in Moses Lake, WA with a group that supported cops, FBI, CIA, and Pentagon men raping me and stealing from me.  I tried contacting him multiple times, and his name given was "Dennis", and after emails and calls all he would do is say to me over the phone, "It's going to take a LONG time".  Then he wouldn't return my calls, and this is decades after rape, murders of my children, and then his friend Dabney raping me again in 2008.

I had said, "Why is this man from the Department of Education, and the lawyer for them, and CPS over here?  Is this retaliation for my saying Janet Bechtold and Stacy Stubblefield, Stephanie, Kristen Stewart, Rachel,  and Kate Middleton should never be teachers because they're pedophiles?"

I said, "I want to know why these women are RAPING my SON and my OLDER clone of my son wanted to know TOO, before you MURDERED him".

Then they tried to lie and claim there had not been any 'murders', and started bringing over men saying, "See? your son is right here" and I said, "Are you even kidding me or are you just NUTS".
  I said, "Why is Jecca Craig involved in this, by the way, and the other British Royals' girlfriends?  Are they PAYING you to rape me and my kids and screw us over on our educations?"

I said, "And Jill, and Tomas Caballero, and all of these people...JAN..." I said, "You have JAN raping my son and she's a NURSE?"  And I said, "And you have two different Thorntons bringing my son back and forth to get raped, like Tina Thornton AND Julia Thornton and Brett McDonald, and as far as I know, they're working for the FBI too, and they're approving this molestation of my son, and with Michelle Erickson's family...why is my son moved around by people who rape him?"  And I said, "And DAVE.  Why is DAVE sooooo interested in my son?"  I said, "I can tell you one thing--I really don't think my SON wants to be sucking on DAVES penis".

I said, "And I'm sick of being told to do that too...and you're FBI?  How about you get out of my house and bring over the real agency that protects kids, because it's NOT YOU."  They said, 'Dave? what Dave?" and I said, "I don't have a bunch of Dave's doing this or around him like David Koch, and Dave Kopra, and Dave Slader, and Dave Allen, and Dave the Navy kid from Wenatchee, and Dave Letterman, Dave Sanderson, and Dave who has red hair...pick a Dave, any Dave", and Dave the garbage man."  They said, "Dave with red hair?" and I said "Yeah, Harry, Dave, whatever".  I said, "And how about Dave Sanborn, and Dave Sanchez, and Dave Guitterez, and so on"  (you got your dog? no you don't, you don't have her)

I said, "I've seen some of these Daves rape my son and others beat him up and shot him and is there a reason cops and military brats wanted to help kill one of the clones of my son?"  HMMMM? and royals.  I said, "Why is JIM WEST and BRIAN GROSS and the VICES so interested in hurting MY KID?  and SANCHEZ?"  I said, 'And MARK, and that Navy kid whose Mom is a teacher in Wenatchee and others?"  And I said, "And I SAW Dave Allen raping my kid" and there's another Dave who is a cop too, and someone wanted to shoot my kid over some Israeli kid named David."

I said, "You people clone my son, use him, and force him to live in the same areas where you've always controlled him, with the same people who are murdering him, just like you do with me.  So what are you going to do?  Force me to go to high school with a clone of Robin Bechtold so his younger clone can rape me too?"  I said, "Is that all that this government is about anymore?  Plotting how to rape little kids and using and abusing them to serve your own interests?"

So that's what they did.  They literally forced my family to move from Moses Lake, Washington, to Sherwood, Oregon, to force me to go to high school with the younger cloned shit of Robin Bechtold, to be raped and have to go to school with all the same kids who helped conceal a murder of my sons and daughters and older clone in Cashmere, Washington.

I had said to them, in Moses Lake, WA when they were all there and I was a kid, "If that's what you're thinking of doing, trying to force me to go to his high school, to rape me with another clone of him" (..I started saying this bc one man said, "hey! that's a good idea!).."...then all you can say about yourselves is that you are OBSESSED with me and your HATE CRIMES and there is NO national interest or value in it--you're just GREEDY and OBSESSED" and they looked like they were about to kill me and I said anyway, "Unless you're thinking of trying to conceal your hate crimes with national interest...hey! maybe you could make a bet with another country and try to win something democratic looking for raping me if you succeed!  Yeah! hey, maybe you could make a bet with GERMANY and tell them they have to take their 'wall' down if you win...then maybe you can try to keep classifying your constant rape and torture of my family as "govt. interest and secrets'."

So then they weren't even upset and said, "We'll work on that" and SLAP on the back, "Thanks for the good advice" and I said then, "If you do that, you will be proving you use 'national security interests' as a cover for nothing more than hate crimes and bullying kids to create a slave system for yourselves."

I said, "I will tell the world if you do that, and I hope every one of you involved will be forced to pay for your big mistake."

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