Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Murders Of Clones Of My Son Oliver

I witnessed several murders against clones of my son Oliver.  The U.S. government was deliberately cloning him, forcing him to work for them, using him, and then murdering him the minute he tried to speak up for me or for himself.

I witnessed his being held hostage, transported around to various locations as a hostage, and who was holding him, and I also witnessed his being physically assaulted and beaten up/punched in the face and stomach, and tortured.

I intend to name some of the persons who were involved in this, on this page.

I feel it's important for my son to know who his enemies are and who he has been vulnerable to in the past.  Some persons involved were maybe not wanting to have him die, or harmed, but they were involved in groups that did, by choice or by coercion and it makes him susceptible to them.

The U.S. government and England, specifically, colluded to have him cloned multiple times.  Specifically, Middletons were one of the families in collusion about this, and they were also involved in staying at houses when they were told I was going to be implanted with a clone myself.

They thought it was funny, and had Carol and others go out with them to think of what purchases I would make for the baby, which they would kidnap from me and what "goods" would go along with the baby when they stole the kids.  I was raped to have every kid I ever had.  I was not only raped to be implanted with clones, I was raped prior to being implanted with clones, by the persons Middletons and the U.S. govt. wanted to be the "fathers".

Several individuals who murdered my sons, clones of my sons, were working with the Middleton family, and several were Jewish.

One was Mark Zuckerberg.  Mark Zuckerberg is currently the owner of Facebook, and I was forced to help him design that social site by the U.S. government, after he had already killed one of my kids and had an older clone of myself burned alive at a stake, with other govt. persons involved.  I was also tied to a stake and they set kindling around my feet on fire, but they let me go.  They made my older clone, and her little kid, burn alive and made me watch.  Mark Zuckerberg, prior to that, showed up at my house in Moses Lake, WA, when an older clone of my son was there, and physically beat him up.  My son was punched in the face and stomach and kicked, and a group of Zuckerberg's friends assaulted him.  U.S. Army man "Mark" who drove a semi truck, was also involved.  Chris Dabney was good friends with Zuckerberg, as was "Rachel", a Jewish woman, and others who wanted to get rid of my son and steal money from us were Christa Schneider and her father (a prosecuting attorney for the government) and Christina of Sweden showed up.  The govt. thought it was "funny" to have her appear at my house, after Zuckerberg had been there, because of the idea of "sweet" for Sweden and "sugar" for "zucker".  Zucher is the dutch word for "sugar". 
Before he showed up to assault my son at my house, Mark Zuckerberg had been raping me. Mark Zuckerberg had friends with him, at the time, who went to Oregon State University and later, I realized my son had been targeted by that college, which has a strictly military background, as I had been, as a kid.

Knowing what I know about OSU persons who assaulted and took part in murders of my sons, and who were abusing him and covering for others, I would not ever want any son of mine, or daughter, to go to OSU.  I was forced to go there as a kid, as a cover for the Pentagon and the State of Oregon.

Later, they came up with plots for how to make me go to their school, ruin my GPA, and then try to kick me out of their school and force me to ask for admission to University of Oregon.  Their goal was to force me all over the place, from one college to the next, since they were friends with FBI Dabneys and Gary Goldsmith, who wanted me to be a "jack of all trades/master of none"--their idea was to have me look like I'd been to 5-6 colleges and never graduated, and there was a plan to keep me from graduating too.

They put Mark Zuckerberg on their 'secret insider' board for Committee of Academic approvals for appeals by students to stay at a college if their GPA was too low--in my case, because they had Pentagon people torture me and were raping me to have more clones implanted. 

OSU also had a history of accusing all kinds of people of being "Spies" who were not spies.  They falsely accused me of being a spy, and my son of being a spy, and I was present when they coordinated police brutality against former professors of OSU with allegations they were "spying for Russia".  OSU became obsessed, in the 1980s, with making accusations that others spied for Russia and it came after I had accused Middleton of spying for Russia.

OSU had their idea of my being a 'secret online student', when I was a kid, as part of what they referred to as a "pilot program" and I discovered one of the CIA individuals who was part of it and helping them coordinate this, which was a way to control me and the outcome of my GPA and education, was Carol Goldsmith.  Carol Goldsmith was helping oversee this "pilot program" before I was enrolled, with the idea I would be enrolled there, and I was.  Then they went through motions, when I was a kid, of what they'd do when I was there when I was older, and the plan was to try to push me out of college deliberately.  I witnessed Gary Goldsmith visiting other colleges in Oregon as well, and negotiating with them to slander me with accusations of "mental illness".

All of this was coming up after Pippa Middleton, the older clone of her, told me "YOUR kid isn't a prince--YOUR kid is the son of a CHERRY PICKER orchard WORKER".  I was raped and being told they got to choose what cloned kid they were going to have me raise, and then after this, they had a goal of stealing my songwriting profits from me, murdering more people, working for the U.S. government, and ruining my life with accusations of mental illness and collusion to force me out of work and out of college, so I wouldn't have a degree.  They slandered me as spying for Russia too, and targeted other professors at OSU, one who was sent to a SuperMax prison (Harold James Nicholson was one of them, and Mitchell and another man were others). 

I was sent to a SuperMax prison, by persons accusing me through OSU, and I was raped by prison guards.  The entire time I was accused of being a "spy", the U.S. and Middletons knew I was NOT a spy, and they already knew who "Anna" was (Anna Chapman, who I was falsely accused of being).  The professor they threw into a SuperMax prison is still there, and I have tried writing to him several times and the federal govt. makes sure he doesn't get my mail and they return it to me.

While I was raped at a prison, at age 9, I was being videotaped in one instance, and more than one man was brought in to rape me.  John Kerry was present, and Bill Clinton was one of the rapists who raped me in front of everyone, and there were several other men, not just guards.  The "warden" of the prison raped me himself and he was in charge of the entire prison.  They had Mike Middleton present, and a Bob jr., and one of the men who raped me along with the others was one of the Bob jrs., my "Dad".  I was interrogated for days, and not given food or water and forced to sit in the same chair for 2-3 days after they gang-raped me.  They raped me for "making comments" about Kate Middleton and other women.  That was the entire excuse for raping me--insulting Middleton and "Rachel".  They didn't even rape me over allegedly being a "spy"--it was just to get revenge for my freedom of speech, which they threatened me about and intended to repress and block.  Another man who was there was Mark Zuckerberg again.

They could not get me to stop reporting what crimes they were committing, so they said they would make sure I was called "mentally ill".  I said, "That's what all pedophiles want their victims to be--mentally ill".  They were not just "pedophiles", they were colluding against me to steal from me and every son of mine that they cloned, they were forcing to join the military, making him work for them after forcing him to work in drugs for the Middletons and Goldsmiths, and to kill people for them, and then they were murdering my sons.  They used them, and then killed them.

My sons knew of several individuals who were responsible for making and distributing child porn of me and several were working at OSU.  These persons also attacked my son.

Some of the same persons who attacked him, and killed one of the clones of my sons, also knew about another clone of my son who had been murdered at a pizza parlor earlier, and who had Chris Dabney involved.

Anytime I attempted to report being raped by Dabneys, Bechtolds, or Alvaro Pardo, I had problems, as a kid, and later, with some OSU persons.  Not all of them, but several knew who these other men were, and they were all part of the same group that killed my kids and then showed up saying "So do you want to go to college for something to do?" because Middletons had me tortured and forced out of RAF (Royal Air Force, in England, which did joint missive work with the U.S. Army).  I was moved from RAF, to West Point, to being told I was "retired from flying" and no one was going to train me any further, and now I could try their "pilot program" of studies online at OSU.

Another group of people connected to OSU who wanted me to go there, just to be sidelined by other people THEY knew and were friends with, were the Ericksons from Wenatchee, WA.  Doug and Gary Erickson and Michelle Erickson, and they murdered one of my sons in a cornfield and I watched them do it and then Michelle's Dad went back into my house, across the street, and started eating the food that they had forced my son to leave when they told him to get up and grabbed him and forced him into a cornfield.

Michelle Erickson and her family were not only never punished for what they did, or held accountable, the U.S. government then had them directing my Dad around and telling him to take me to the OSU campus where they blacklisted me to a group of people and bet on the idea of my being 'suspended' and forced out of college for good.  The other thing the U.S. did was to promote the next clone of Michelle Erickson, by telling her to be a CPS social worker, with future plans of using her to kidnap more of my kids.

Not only was Michelle always working for CPS and Wenatchee persons, she was a GOD DAMNED employee of the Seattle FBI.  Her entire fucking family worked at the FBI, Seattle field offices, and it wasn't just Gary and Doug's military background that gave them the idea they could get away with murder--it was the FBI.

I also witnessed a murder of my son by Kate Middleton and several other women involved, men and women, covering for her.  People who "programmed" me in Texas wanted to program me to kill my own son at their 'triggers'.  They also cut me up and electrocuted me and murdered more than one hostage there, at "Bechtold's" apartment, which he supposedly shared with another man and Chris Dabney was there. 

The following is a list of a few names and their involvement in murdering or torturing clones of my sons, either him by himself or with an older clone of me:

I wouldn't want my son anywhere near any of the Garretts (held hostage, tortured, murdered), Bairds (held hostage, murdered), Avilas (tortured, murdered), Bujanda (held hostage, tortured, murdered), Middletons (held hostage, tortured murdered), Waleses (hostage,murdered) , Donaldson/Frederick, Anna Chapman (murdered), Anna Smith, "Anna" (blond Russian speaking woman from D.C--murdered.), Amanda Bynes (murdered), Jessica or Ashley Simpson or the family (accessory to murder), Robin Bechtold (over 3 murders that I witnessed personally), Alvaro Pardo (accessory to murder, held hostage), Gottis (held hostage, murdered), John and Lynda Hartley (murdered), Crystal (murdered), Cressida Bonas (or any of the British royal girlfriends and wives--held hostage, accessory to murder), Holly Telerant (murdered or accessory to murder), Mike Tancer (accessory to murder), Joey (accessory to murder), Kevin or Ken, DelBalzos (murdered, accessory to murder), Salinas' --accessory to murder),
the Blazer family (held hostage, tortured), Will Wagler's family (held hostage, tortured), Rachel Chandler or any Chandlers (beat up, murdered), Rachel the Jew and her Jew Crew (murdered, held hostage), 56117 and 56119 N. Finley Loop are families that held my entire family hostage and raped us and I witnessed my young son raped inside a semi-truck.  I wouldn't want him around them, or around Mark (accessory to murder or murder, held hostage), the U.S. Army truck driver from Boston, MA, or Ben Affleck or Matt Damon (held hostage, murdered)or any of the Irish-American Boston people that paid Kate and "Jimmy" so much money and starved us and wanted me to unlearn all manners.  O'Neals, Bechtolds, all of the ones who were connected to FBI and N. Ireland and Mmiddleton.  I also wouldn't want him around Guzmans (held hostage, murdered)or the Maiers (accessory to murder, held hostage, raped, tortured) family, or obviously anyone who targeted me.  He had people picking on him and torturing him when he was little that were sort of random too, like Holly Reverman from Sherwood, Oregon and Heather Glass and Donnette Miranda and they fried his brains with the electrocution headbrace and were govt., and friends with Bechtolds.  I also wouldn't want him near the Mormons who did nothing for us but steal from us and torture us.

There is a huge list of people who I actually witnessed literally killing him, and then groups of accessories to murder who not only assisted with the murders, they made dozens of cover ups and had tried to help with plotting the murders and getaways for others, and some tortured him until you couldn't hardly recognize who he was.

He also had people lying to him about whose kid he was, particularly who the father was.  He was told it was Prince Charles, George, Dodi Fayed, and so on and he knew he was screwed over bc he was saying as a kid who should I marry to be father for him, and then saying, the older clone said don't marry anyone and just raise me and I said yeah, I'd do that.

I was the one who made the comment that he and I could partner together and I would be his "Merlin", not Diana of Wales.  Diana heard me say it and mentioned it publicly in reference to her own sons.  I was making him a black shirt and myself a white dress around the time and it was prior to "Edward Scissorhands" because I was making plans about us and a huge group was spying-in and getting jealous. 

The U.S. also had some kid, who, grown up or in his 20s looked extremely similar to him and who tortured me and sneered saying "You won't remember me..."  and I said, "Yes I will.  You look like my son."  They were talking about killing me and stealing from me.  They wre saying Katie would be Queen.  another who did the same thing was Harry of Wales and also Dabney,and there was another. And Prince Edward.  Several "Princes" along with FBI did this to me.

The life my son wanted for himself, was one where he and I escaped the U.S. and had a normal life working as civilians in a country that respected our rights.  He didn't want to be a govt. employee or mixed in with Mafia, or anything like that.  They were forcing him into military.  Harry of Wales brought him over to my house one day in Moses Lake, WA and I did an "inspection" of him like the Queen did of RAF and they had laughed about it but Harry wasn't his friend.  

I also know he said Pat was dealing porn of me, and I only knew of Pat, Rani's husband, and Patrick Sullivan.  So was Dick Cheney.  Pat, Rani's husband, also held my son hostage.  He was forcing him around.  Louis Freeh was too.  I also wouldn't want any Australians (well, specific ones--cocaine and porn dealers for Royals and Middleton and Popes), or any of the Popes of the Vatican around my son bc I witnessed they were trafficking him to the Holy See, like I was trafficked, and I think it was worse for him.  I think they made an anal "project" out of him, and I witnessed the fact of Popes wanting to murder an older clone of my son in a cornfield in the early 1980s.  Along with them were Dabneys, lawyers & judges, and blacks.  He shouted "Papa" before being shot.  And that was only one of several shootings of older clones of my son that I witnessed, in a cornfield. 

Oh and it was interesting, because Kate Middleton was calling one of my relatives "Papa" too, along with some other girl.

Charleine Garrett and her husbands were holding my sons hostage too.  The fact CPS tried to come out to "investigate" my house, or called me at least, no investigation yet, in 2007, was after she visited us and I told her daughter to get off of my son's rideable train.  She was pissed, just like when we were younger and honestly, she just acted like maybe she thought I remembered too much and they'd get us before we got them.  The U.S. had her over, and Stephanie Maiers having me and my son to Seattle before constant harassment with false reports, and torture.  They also used "Crestin and linda" to say bad things and steal medical records from me and then the State wasn't reimbursing me for mileage to Seattle.  The FBI didn't want me to file a lawsuit against their bitch Stacy Stubblefield, and her State cop husband who had already threatened to harm my kids, in the past, and then did.  They carried out their threats, even after I had reported them as pedophiles.

I was also being monitored by the Gotti family--Mafia, and they were getting all their permissions from the FBI and U.S. government.  They just came over to my house whenever they wanted, and took my kids with them whenever they wanted.

I had said, as a kid, I was sure my son would like art, and painting, and this white U.S. govt. man who was constantly around and monitoring me, Jordan or Mark or someone, said, just to make points with the U.S. govt. about being a psychic and making predictions, "So like he likes Jesus and John the Baptist?" and I had been looking at an art book and they'd said, "So what kind of art do you think your son will like then?" and I had pointed out a painting of Jesus and John the Baptist.  They said why did you point that out?  and then the govt. got mad, and mad at my Dad and all of them looked scared of me and said "I thought you said she wasn't psychic anymore."  The U.S. was MAD about the idea of my possibly still being psychic and able to predict futures or see into the future or read minds.  They spooked out and looked threatened, and it showed me how paranoid they really were of me.

I said, "Huh?  I just picked it out because it makes sense he'd like it.  I am good with kids and if I'm my son's mother, I know what he'll like". 

So they then brought over Gottis, including John Sr and John Jr. Gotti and they said "There isn't anything we can do for you about your son" and I said, "The govt. had you come over here just bc I said my son will like Jesus and John the Baptist?"  and I said, "So you're telling me I can't raise my own son, and there's nothing you can do, when you guys were around when the govt. told ME they got to steal all of my money and songwriting credit.  Now, I'll bet if that wasn't the case, I'd have plenty of money for a LAWYER to defend myself and my son in the future."  They got mad and left bc the FBI made Gottis and the "Mafia" part of their 'deal'.  I said, "Hey, how about this...if my son DOES like that painting in the future, bc I'm sure GOD, the GOD IN HEAVEN will JUSTIFY me, then you have to help me and I get to raise my own kids."  They had Alvaro Pardo go over there and smacked him on the back saying "Talk to Alvaro" and I said, "I don't want to get married to raise my kids.  I want my kids on my own." and Alvaro stood there, saying solemnly like a real shit:  "It will take a MIRACLE."  I said "Oh really?  You act like you're making fun of me.  Well get ready for a real MIRACLE because I happen to BELIEVE in GOD."  I said, 'Don't you FORGET I SAID this, because GOD will do it and you will KNOW it's GOD."

So then someone said, "Cameo, what's all this about GOD?  Shouldn't you just say it should happen because that's your right as a parent?" and I said, "I say it matters to GOD because I already KNOW God does NOT LIKE THIS GOVERNMENT and what they've been doing to ME and MY KIDS." 

They tried to say "Daniel coached her on it" and I said, "No he didn't.  He actually tried to coach me to pick a DIFFERENT painting and I picked the same one anyway, even against the intimidation and suggestions, and I can agree or disagree on my own."  I had said, "And he didn't say anything about my son liking it either."

Then, as it turned out, decades later, when I had forgotten about all of this, I got my son all kinds of books, Oliver, in 2006-2007.  I had books with me even at the hospital when I delivered him.

So then later, at my house on Methow St. in Wenatchee, one of the books I got from a library was an art book and he looked at several things, paintings and art and pictures from the book and was sometimes restless about things or moving to the next idea, and then when he saw that painting, he stared for a very long time and didn't move and just studied it like an art teacher.  I didn't even remember what I'd said in the past, about this.  I just noticed, he was paying a very long attention, focused on that painting and I treated it the same as other photos of paintings too.

He had an extremely long attention span for that and some other art, and mechanics and even Italian opera.  I didn't know that many babies who would sit there next to me on the couch and enjoy and smile though an entire opera or hour-long set of arias by The Three Tenors.  There were no cartoons, no lively background pictures or features or set--just 3 men singing arias with tenor voices, for an HOUR, and he watched the entire thing and liked it.

These people kidnap and murder him to use him.  And they kidnapped me to exploit and steal from me.

I was doing a great job with my kid.  No one could have done a better job than me, and this fucked up govt. got jealous, tortured him and kidnapped him.  And this entire time, the FBI had GOTTIS and Alvaro Pardo working with THEM, not in support of our rights, because they're stealing from us and so are Middletons and Waleses.

The FBI had Chris Dabney out to my house after Alvaro, and he was the one who said, or with another man there, why do you need to say it's "God" if it's your own rights, and I then said, "Because it's a point I'm making that this govt. doesn't respect our rights and doesn't respect GOD either, and they lie and say it's one nation UNDER GOD and they're liars.  I know GOD wants me to raise my own kids and have my own natural kids too".  I said "Also, if you're saying that, why do you have to say I need to be married to raise my kids like I have to marry Alvaro or someone?  I should have the right to raise any kid myself."

And then Dabney stood up and smirked and said "We're going to have to stop this train."  I knew what he was thinking was sinister because I could tell he took what I had said, made fun of it and had an insider plan for how to ruin my plans and wishes for my own life, and how he was going to help the govt. destroy the will of God.  He's a loser, like the govt.  He was basically saying to my face, "Maybe that's true.  Okay, maybe I can help you" and then to the side, to others and to my Dad, a Bob jr., he was making other comments to imply he was going to make sure I was stopped in my tracks and so were my kids.  He is my enemy, and one of several.  He was also already thinking into the future and seeing how they'd steal my kids and how he'd rape me and implant me and they'd torture me to lose an unborn baby and he'd said, "It's not going to be a problem".

Not only that, he was also trying to interrogate me and asking me how did I think of saying this, that I was sure my son would like that painting and so on and I said, "No one told me, in my life, to make a bet on it and I'm saying it because I believe God WILL make a miracle happen, just for me and my son, just to PROVE what I'm saying is true, that I am supposed to raise my own kids and God doesn't like what is going on."  and I said, "I guess if you don't LIKE it, that I'm saying this, I can throw in the fact I don't think GOD wants Kate Middleton to be any kind of "Royal" either".  I said, "Should I ask God if I can throw that in too?"  He got pissed and that's when he stood up saying there would be no problem.

They get pissed over anyone implying this "grandiose" idea of Kate Middleton as a royal, after her and her group's crimes and murders, is "god's idea".  It's NOT.  I said, "So if God wanted her to be a royal so bad how come the govt. implanted me with things to torture me when I said it wasn't true?"  I said "Did God tell you to torture and rape an innocent little girl like me?" and I said, "I think NOT."

I said, "IN FACT, maybe, since you want to claim someone named "Daniel" didn't like my choosing that painting and saying my son would like it...maybe he used his pschic abilities for EVIL, not GOOD, and wanted to stop me and block God's will by having me implanted to torture me, just because there are people who are SCARED of what God's actual real will might be."  I said "This govt. thinks they need to sabotage GOD."  I said "And not only that this govt. wasn't even letting me go to CHURCH when I wanted to...just to..." and he freaked out and got all nervous bc his entire family sold me for sex as a kid, and said, "I need to go" and he didn't want to hear the rest of the truth about the "State" that holds kids hostage from going to church, stealing their Bibles, and instead brings over every fucking Porn Queen in the world, including Kate fucking Middleton. 

I was saying this stuff about what God wanted, after they'd had all of Middleton's "pals" over to gang-rape me repeatedly.  But oh they can't have that.  I said to Dabney, "You don't like the truth because you don't like God's will--YOU are like the DEVIL."

So then they had a group of "religious debaters" over to my house to accuse me of being ungodly and coming up with every sinister or "bad" thing I'd ever done and saying "and you'll curse and ...when you're older" and I said, "Why should I take responsibility for what you and the govt. force me to do?  you force little kids to do your dirty work for you and then want to say you're the clean ones, the good ones."

I said, "All I'm saying is I'm positive I know what God wants for my life and who are YOU or the GOVERNMENT to tell ME otherwise?"  I said, "Maybe that's what you believe in".  I said, "Maybe that's what you believe in, but I believe in God" and then I wrote my song "We Believe In God" which Amy Grant (non-Christian) stole from me and performed in a barn where they were raping one of my sons with Middletons there.  Middletons thought I was a joke.  A joke to be obsessed about.

They were also making fun of me, plotting to denigrate and degrade me with more forced rape and now, forcing me to moan and make sounds like I 'liked' it too, just to defame me when they were raping me, not just once, but every single day, and they snicked and said, "Songs from the ...heh heh...LOFT"  like "songs from the bed".

I wrote my song to include a secret reference to my rapists--James.  "We believe in God, and we all need Jesus/cause Life is hard, and it might not get easier"... Life was a reference to "la Chaim" (to life!) as a way to approximate Jaime (James) and Jews picking on me to steal from me.  I refrenced being raped and forced to masturbate James on one side and I.T. Chris Dabney on the other side., and others. "James is hard and I.T. might not get "easy" woman".  I also remembered "B" and James Comey with it (J.C. as in Jesus) and "B" leave my house.  The FBI had all kinds of people ready.

The U.S. and England made a big deal over this, and so did Mossad, and they plotted against me and my kids for the future, and began dragging me around to places they wanted to brag about predicting I'd have to flee to, after they started torturing me and my son. 

I had govt. people, including Dabney, leaving my house and smirking to others, bragging and joking, "It won't be easy, but I think we can get it."

They had also bragged saying "This is a GOOOD doctor", about Dabney.  Chris Dabney.  So I remembered "the good doctor, jesus the great physician, dr. suess who doesn't want to be sued and plots against me".  They not only had Alvaro smacking Dabney on the back, telling me "this is a good doctor" (and another man), they then had invited over the same doctor from Prince George Hospital in MD where they murdered my baby, after driving me to that area, and caused me to then suffer miscarriage for over 6 months with excessive bleeding.  They had it plotted out to the exact line-up of govt. shits who were going to kill my baby, try to kill me, and deliberately try to "stop the train of Miracles".

Every God Damned shit wanted to ride my train.

After I said this as a little girl, the U.S. govt. raped me multiple times, on trains, and coordinated it and then taunted me deliberately saying "I don't want to ride your train" and getting in my face about it after they'd raped me.  I finally blew up and said, "Maybe you're right, you don't want to ride my train because you're going to be the next one on a train to Auschwitz, where all the 'good' witches go."  It was Virginia Dukovitch and after I made this comment they went nuts, and all over again, "You'll NEVER raise your own kids".  Oh well sure.  They just so happened to have the Dukovitches lined up to lie about birth certificate after certificate of multiple clones the U.S. would force me to have and then kidnap.  And I had, more "importantly", said this to Carol Goldsmith, and they were pissed about that, because she was Jewish, and Stacey Stubblefield had been there as well.  They had all these women who delivered babies and recorded baby info positioned against me.

When I was little, my older clone, before they murdered her, had told me I could be an OBGYN if I wanted to be.  It was just excuse after excuse.

I didn't feel bad about my comments at all.  They wanted me to say these things and provoked me to do it and I got the ideas from them, from adults who already hated me and raped and tortured me and wanted to justify what they did.  They were already using the entire "Ritchies Boys" group to assault me and it was a big part of the CIA and trickled down to FBI.

Virginia and her husband assaulted my kids over it, over anger about my comment.  They had been sort of okay--nice enough and then either they wanted me provoked or something, bc they flipped out about it.  These people had all the records and statistics personnel involved bc all of it was concealing human cloning.  Virginia had acted like I was going to be working with them, but it wasn't true, and I'd already said I didn't want to have any clones.  What I witnessed by Dukovitches, out in a canoe in the water somewhere, one day, looked to me like a murder of my kids.  And Middletons were around.

Patting Chris Dabney on the back about being a "good doctor" was like a reference to having him implant me with a clone later.  He did work as a doctor too, had surgical knowledge, and he was connected to Chuck Goodman and Amy Roe.

A ton of people were involved, including the editor in chief of the Willamette Week.  He was at my house planning with the govt. about how to slander me later, and flipped out after I'd been provoked to make a comment about "jews".  He was already positioned, with Meeker, by the FBI, to slander me and refuse to print retractions in a newspaper.  They were saying "So do you like gays?  Jews?" and they were fishing for whatever negative comments they could use against me, additionally they had used forcing me into a "neo-Nazi" group that the FBI (yes, the FBI) had started and using as a "cover", to engrain all kinds of references and talk like I knew, as a kid, what I was talking about.  I didn't even know what Auswitch was, but the FBI was making sure I did, to try to coax it out of me in an angry statement later, to use against me.  My son knew what they were doing and they killed him.

The FBI was also deliberately putting me in harm's way, to have me raped by any gang-banging group they thought they could incite to rape me, to make them feel better.  They stroked their own ruffled feathers at the office.  When I made THAT comment, as a kid, I was being forced to masturbate myself in front of govt. employees who said, sneering, "She can do it herself" which is what Alvaro Pardo said to me in Coquille, Oregon in 2009, when I visited my parents and to pick up my hope chest, which Mykal Holt stole from me.  The FBI had Shannon Borg stealing all of my documents, diaries, photos and everything I had, medical records--from my entire life saved as a kid up to an adult and the FBI stole all of it and passed it on to Kate Middleton.

Not only was I raped on trains, over just a train comment,--I mean, the FBI and govt. was RAPING and torturing little kids over COMMENTS.  I wasn't hurting anyone...wasn't physically assaulting anyone--I made comments and they punished me, in the U.S., with torture and rape.  They were pandering to British.

Then they had my Dad rape me once and said, while standing over him, "Get off of her" and told him to get off the train and wanted to arrest HIM when they had been doing this to me my entire life and it was an FBI woman and Janet Bechtold and the Bechtolds and Megan Jacquot and a couple of others.

There is an even larger list of people my son should never be around.  Brian Gross, Jim West, and Kevin (Doug) Jones are all included, tons of cops, lawyers (Paul Cassel, and Tomas Caballero and Hotchkiss), judges (some), celebrities, and others.  Tom Garrett too--none of the Garretts or Bairds should be around him except me.  I saw him being held hostage and beat up by Char's husbands, over money.  A lot of it was over money and child porn.

Pablo Avila blew the head off of one of my sons. They didn't act like they were "related" at all, and when it came to money and stealing from me and my kids and trying to keep a cover about it and drugs for Middletons..and MaryAnne McIntosh?  It was a problem for them.  Pablo was mad thinking my son had either held his girls hostage or raped one or something, after his guilty complex over how they had all been raping and torturing us and selling porn to the govt. and letting govt. shits into bedrooms to rape us.

Rosella and John spooked about one of my sons saying one of the pedophile child porn traffickers was "Tom" and they went after him.  Tom Parras Garrett is her son, and Bob jrs. half-brother and he married a CIA German wife, Jody.  The clones  of my sons, my sons, did not just name one person.  They told me a few things and were killed.  Sometimes, it was Joe Bonanno involved, other times, John Gotti, and always, U.S. govt.  These were the same people the FBI was telling ME to work for, and no one ever thought the FBI was investigating bc they weren't--they plotted against ME and my kids, for my money and assets.
A bunch of people involved in trafficking child porn of me came over to punish him for saying any names (actions in parentheses are things I witnessed these people doing to my son, to the best of my recollection) including: John Kaempf (trafficked, murdered), Dick whittemore (trafficked, accessory to murder), 2 Popes from the Vatican (Italian ones prior to John Pauls--held hostage, accessory to murder or murder), Harry and William of Wales (beat him up, hostage, raped, murdered), Frederick of Denmark (murdered, beat up), Louis Thebault (held my son hostage with NJ Mafia and killed their own family member), Brian Theault, Brian Haines (beat up and raped, murdered), Brian Gross (raped, murdered), John Gotti Sr. and his sons (beat up, hostage, murdered), Joe Bonnano (murdered), Middletons (murdered--Kate and Pippa specifically), Ericksons, Gatti (held hostage, raped, trafficked), Greg Smith (held hostage, trafficked, looked like murder ? at Marcy Eastwoods house), Anna Smith's husband (from Nashville, TN--murdered), and more.  Guy Pelly, William's friend, Calthorpes (held hostage, trafficked, murdered), Thorntons (held hostage, trafficked & she or McLaugh murdered), McLaughlin (held hostage, trafficked), Amy Roe and her father (who was a pedophile--raped, hostage), Rose Farkhaut (William's girlfriend--hostage, tortured), a huge group of Lake Oswego students who were friends with Ryan Barnes (hostage, beat up, tortured, trafficked), a huge group of Sherwood High (OR) students who were friends with Robin (murdered, tortured, trafficked, held hostage) including --Jordan Peterson, Tony Roos, Bechtold, Geoff Rasmussen, Erik Lund, Jacob Wright (related to State patrol officer Wright? or Wenatchee patrol Wright?), Mike Smith, Tom Roark, Nathan Allen, Eliza Bechtold, Rani (blond)?, Shannon Adams brothers, Alicia Peter's brother,
...so many people from Sherwood High School at least half of the school assaulted my son,and I'm not kidding.. all grades from one below me to same to above, and all clones--Jessica (McNeil ?--murdered), Chris Stevens and Dana ?, Jerod, Bill Boyle, Megan ?, JOSH Norman (murdered), Dave, Carol Skeeters, Samantha, Amy Nelson, Professor Douglas (art teacher--held hostage, tortured, stabbed), Nancy McCusker and her son and husband (all pedophiles), Sharon and Jim Krouger (Hardcore),  --- Dana from CA (who Robin dated/had kids with)and her Dad who was a lawyer, Diana (murdered, with Nathan Knight) and Sarah Kelly, Melissa and Julie Curtin, Tom Vice and his brothers (hostage, kidnapping, murder/accessory to murder), Biels (Mr. Biels, a teacher I had in Moses Lake who I met earlier & who held hostages, tortured and raped me), Jessica Biel (tortured, held hostage, with Timberlake), Justin Timberlake (accessory to murder), Justin Bieber (murder, accessory to murder), Anthony Banderas with Melanie Griffith (held hostage, tortured, murdered),
Ted Bundy, Rick Baken, Raul Bujanda, Mercados, Martinez, Gonzales, Garza, Perez, Lopez, Avilas, Guzman, ...

I have more names and incidents to fill in, but all of these situations are murders by pushing over a cliff, out a window, from a plane or boat, and/or shooting (mostly), and stabbing.  A few of the shootings, very remote chance, could have been faked or with a tranquilizer involved but most of these situations, there was blood and evidence of murder.  I was also forced to kill my own son, with them squeezing their hands around the trigger while making me hold the gun.  For a short time a group of murderers that were involved, paid me money to shut me up.  Then one day when I said maybe it wasn't my son, they quit paying me, but it had been my son and I remember now as well, with photo reference and they had killed him.  William of Wales also wanted to shut me up, and Middletons.  In several of these situations a Bob jr. or Dicksie was also involved and had been present and going along with what the govt. wanted, sometimes directly killing themselves.  Then they had additional persons blackmailing and torturing them over it too, and forcing them to do even more things, like raping me, or threatening to expose only them.

Not only was I forced to murder my own kids, clones of my kids, I was being deliberately used and forced to murder dozens of others, with the same people who murdered my kids, forcing me to also murder others, including persons who would advocate for me, or tried to report things, were my friends, and only a few who I knew were "bad" and raped me and assaulted me.  I was being deliberately traumatized, and forced to shoot and stab people, at their orders, and no one in the government compensated me for this.  I know many of the names of the individuals who forced me to do this.  I was so young, as a kid, I sometimes wasn't even strong enough to pull the trigger, so they would support the gun in my hands as I held it, and then pull the trigger for me and then they were sometimes putting the guns into plastic bags after I had touched it.  Other times, they took the gun back and kept it on them.  In addition, they tortured me all day and night, to "program" me not to resist their orders and triggers to murder someone.  So they were forcing me to learn or recognize trigger words combined with movement or hand signs or things, along with specific persons involved, and if I didn't respond automatically, without delay, they were raping me and torturing me more.  One of the first persons to abuse me to force me to kill whoever she wanted was this GOD DAMNED bitch Kate Middleton.

The U.S. government was sending me over to England and letting their own CIA assets and others, forcibly train me to kill others on command, including my own kids--anyone...absolutely anyone they wanted, by constant torture and while degrading me too.  Not only were they forcing me to shoot people automatically, and to practice stabbing people, they weren't feeding me or even giving me my bottle of milk until I had given all of them blow jobs.

So they not only tortured me to be murdering my own family and friends, to laugh at me and degrade me by controlling me, they were raping me and starving me unless I let them, and degrading me that way too, and in addition to those extreme and cruel forms of torture against me, they were stripping me and photographing me naked and forcing me to be in sex acts with other people, kids, babies, and animals, to degrade me and they continued taking naked photos of me and porn movies, up until I was a preteen, with my knowledge.

This entire time, they were collecting all of this information about me, and using it to feel better about themselves for being rejected by me and my older clones of me.  So they basically had this woman, that they resented, hated, were jealous of, and lusted over, and they had her cloned and when I was born they trapped me to be a constant hostage and did nothing but degrade me and collect mementos from it, so they could laugh at "her" whenever they wanted.  They were also planning to use this material in the future against even future clones of me, younger ones, to manipulate and do whatever they wanted with.  She refused and I refused to be in porn movies, so they forced us into porn and kept the videos and had porn for themselves, not only to collect porn and never pay for it, but to degrade us.  They were profiling us to then control us in the future, to identity every personality trait and ability and force us to work for them and have our own enemies manipulate us and have us become attached to them so they could even manage to marry the person who was their enemy, if they wanted to in the future, to then collect from the profits they already knew I was capable of making, by being a multi-talented and multi-faceted person who had natural talent in athletics, music, creativity, language, math and science, and was pretty in addition to everything else, and naturally psychic.  They wouldn't allow me to develop all of my talents because they were forcing each of us to only be gifted in one area, not allowing us to develop any other skills, so we were controlled by one particular group that isolated these abilities and used us.  They were worried that the more skills or abilities we developed, the more opportunities we would have of getting out of their tight control group and branching out and being accessible to others who would pay us for our other abilities.

They got off on raping "her", by raping me. They felt better about themselves being able to watch degrading porn of me at all ages of my life, and making fun of her, and then trying to figure out ways to isolate her later and rape her or force her to have sex with them.

The U.S. and England and Mexico persons did not just make porn movies of me when I was a preteen, they had forced me to be actively participating for porn movies when I was a child as well.  I wasn't just photographed in stills, I was being videotaped and they were selling this, sharing it with others so others could develop ideas for raping us, and laugh, and to degrade us and they used it to harass and torture others who actually loved me.  They made porns of me when I was age 2-3, forced me to do sex acts and games for more videos at age 5-8, and then later when I was a preteen, they grabbed me and forced me to be raped at age 10-12 in studios and before that, they did videotaping at private houses.  They didn't just force me to be filmed in 'porn' in studios in California, they were forcing me to "practice" first at dozens of U.S. houses and they always had Princes Harry and William and James Middleton involved.

In the middle of all of the porn making and forcing me to do blow jobs, on the surface they were telling me they were training me to be a Princess and marry so and so and then they just decided to skip that lie.  They were committing hundreds of murders against my only friends the entire time they raped me and held me hostage to all of this.  They forced me to have my prints on guns and to murder others, hundreds of people.

Then when I was age 7 or 8, they started trying to use guilt trips on me, and threats by the fucking FBI of "jail" when the FBI was responsible for at least half of the murders THEY forced me to commit, as a kid.  Those fuckers are RESPONSIBLE.  They covered for all kinds of things, and arranged for transportation.  They covered for the fact Kate Middleton was torturing me with William and others and forcing me to murder people at HER command and orders, automatically, without delay.

She and Pippa were then taking videos of me playing "sex games" and making sure they had good shots of my vagina in all of them.

In some of the earlier porn videos made of me, Kate Middleton was coaching me along with Shirina fucking Edwin, and "Nikki" and others, laughing and saying, "Come on and show us your PUSS-eh" and making me think it was funny, and giving me rewards, when I was as young as under the age of 5, for "acting" out "animal" and other pantomines while naked and incorporating porn and sex themes with it.  They were saying things like "this is your PUSSY" and they said, "Show us what a PUSSY does" and when I started dancing around and moving my vagina and saying "Meow" they started laughing, all of them making fun of me, while degrading me as a little girl.  All of them fully clothes--these fucking "non-princess" royal girlfriend BITCHES who GOD will take down if I don't have the fucking pleasure to do so myself.

They stood around laughing saying "It looks just like her too" and making fun of my older clone while they abused me as a kid, so they could feel superior.  It gave them ego trips to degrade me.

They went from trying to force me to think all of this was natural and innocent and funny, to torturing me when I didn't want to.  They constantly tortured and anyone who went after some of them, for what they did to me, deserved it.They haven't gotten nearly 90% of what they have coming to them, which they really deserve. 

They had, just for example, Shirina Edwin raping me and helping coordinate torture of me, forcing me to shoot on Kate Middleton's commands, and taking porn of me, and making me do sex acts, as a very little girl, and then when someone thought one of my sons had done something to her or one of them, they lured him into my house and murdered him.  While they were having parties, forcing me to be naked, just for one example, under the age of 5, and ridiculing me by taking advantage of my youth and their control of me, they held an older clone of my son hostage and forced to watch and be there as they made fun of me.

When I said, at that age, "How come you guys all want me to be naked and all of you aren't?" and started to feel self-conscious, wondering why they wanted me to be stripped of all my clothes, they got upset I quit 'acting' for them and playing around to make them laugh.  I wouldn't do anything else and so then this sick fucker Chris Dabney said, "Here.  I'll take off my clothes too and I'll be naked too so you're not alone--it's no big deal" and he was using this idea to attempt to have me, as a kid, think he was "relatable" and "like me" when I was superior to him and every other clothed pedophile shit there.  I said "How come it is just you and me then and the others want to watch?" and they were then saying, a couple of them, "I'll get naked too" and they were basically having a few adults get naked around me, to make me feel more comfortable, while they insulted and degraded me and they made sure I was the only one on the video, not the others.  And then they were saying, when they tried to film me again, another time, not to ask others to "join" me and be naked.  They went from having a few employees get naked to make me "more comfortable" while creating a history of my life to ruin my life and insult my family, my ancestors and my entire future, they then told me to get out there and be naked and instead of others joining me, they said no to me.  They kept saying no and then said, "If you keep asking, you're in for it" and I said, "Why should I do this if you're not?" and then they had men strip off their clothes and rape me, and they also had Mike Middleton, fully clothed, rape me.

Meanwhile, they were trying to make "Chris Dabney" and "Brad Pitt" and some of the others act like they were sympathetic to me when they weren't.  They were responsible for coordinating the group together in the first place, and in trafficking and storing porns of me, and then while they were naked themselves, assuring the rest of the people no one would get in "trouble".  They also tried to force an older clone of my own son to strip and they forced him to undress and made videos with my own son naked, and forced to be in videos with me, while he was trying to escape and was crying and then they were just murdering him.  Prior to some of the videos they made of me, and "performance" they forced me to give to others, Kate Middleton was coaching me with a few other women and forcing me to do certain things.  She was smirking the entire time, with the others, while thinking of how they were going to humiliate and degrade me.  I knew something was wrong bc there was a woman there who was held hostage and they were bragging about how stupid and ridiculous they were going to make me look, and how the only response I'd ever look for, was from being filmed or photographed, and how they would ruin my chances of career, marriage and normal life with it.  They talked about it, out loud when I was around 5-7, but they were already making films of me to secretly degrade me with, before that, before I was even age 5.  Their wishes to have me implanted to torture me by remote means had to do with their fears that I would remember what they did to me when I was little and that I might be successful on my own, outside of their control, despite all they'd done, and upset their plans--so they said, "We have to have her chipped".  They were not just having me "microchipped" as in, easy to find or locate later by ID, they forced me to be in multiple surgeries, which they were taking part in and were present for, to facilitate torture against me.  That is what Kate Middleton and Camilla and Mary Donaldson run from, on their platforms--they used the CIA status to further pressure the U.S. and English persons to all agree with them too, and behind them was Mossad and Mossad was dirty.  Mossad is one of the dirtiest intelligence agencies in the world.  There was an entire hardcore group of Roman Catholics also involved, but from what I remember, they were directly invested in Camilla Parker-Bowles because her husband was Roman Catholic and so were her kids.  They already had a big group of Mafia Italians who didn't like me and thought I was competition to someone or to their plans--when they were talking about implanting me, to be tortured, Camilla's husband was involved.

I had also accidentally reported the "wrong Tom" as being the torturer with plots to kill my son.  I got tipped off, as a very little girl, about "Tom", and "Charles" and somehow the wrong people got hit and one happened to be a friend, not foe and then the enemy went after me even worse. I had thought I knew, but I had somehow been wrong and as such a little kid, I never had a bad plan for anyone.  I knew I had to protect myself, but I wasn't a mean-hearted kid who hated people or wanted to kill them.  I remember how I felt and I was "live and let live" until I was tortured non-stop and then I hated the people who tortured me, and I was forced to bond to some of them, even after what they'd done.  But I wish to God I had made different decisions before I was even age 5, 6, or 7.  If I had, things could have been different, but I made good decisions too.  I did try to fight the horrible plans they had developed for me later, some of them.  By the time I was 8, they didn't care about me.  I was already programmed and ruined.

I had tried to correctly identify "Tom", "John or Joe", "Charles", and Lord Mountbatten versus "Stanley", U.S. Navy admiral.  I mixed something up, before age 5, very badly.  I also knew a bunch of "Brad"s were involved in something, even back then.  Later, after this, I didn't expose Donaldson like I should have.  I also misidentified someone who was having a sexual relationship with Kate Middleton, and there was a problem between Mike & James.  I'm sure that's not to mention giving info to maybe the wrong person somewhere.  It resulted in my being operated on, to be controlled by torture for the rest of my life. It was that, which was used to justify already-born jealous motives to control me.  I already knew some people hated me, by the time I was age 4.  At age 2 and 3, I already had an "attitude" and knew who would sometimes go after me and who I didn't like and was mad at.  They knew too, some of them were psychic and knew I looked at them with a 2 yr. old's evil eye.  I didn't like their treatment of me, and their plots, and they knew it.  By age 3 or 4 however, the concept of jealousy came up, that one of the reasons I was being harmed and targeted was bc of jealousy.  I was already a jealous person by age 2, like any 2 yr. old, for affection or attention, but by age 4 I could understand more elaborate emotions and plots and ideas against me.  I felt like an adult by age 4.  I was also being gang-raped in "circles" by age 4, by several groups.  One group was the entire Middleton family.  They had their entire family seated in chairs and passed me from one person to the next, to utter a curse against me and torture me and each of them injured me.  Kate Middleton's older cloned kids, Charlotte and George were already around and they were in the circle.  I was also passed around in a U.S. govt. circle and with other groups.

Kate Middleton and Camilla were BOTH CIA skanks who tortured little kids.  BOTH of them and no one likes to remember they are related biologically either, and Camilla has a face like this bitch Nikki and boobs to match and no heart.  The other CIA employees, who I have repeatedly stressed ARE working for the CIA and have been for decades are Mary Donaldson and Prince Frederick of Denmark and they have more than one set of cloned kids who get money from the CIA shits.  The evidence for them working for the CIA?

I'll do my best here.

They signed a contract with Stanley and the Bush family when I was age 4, for one example.  Their entire family did, after passing me around in a circle to injure me and curse me and insult me.  They got a contract.

An older clone of me was there, and looked shocked, and alarmed and possibly a clone of my daughter or son.  They then said to an older clone of Robin Bechtold, "Robin, do you want to do the honors?" and Robin Bechtold pulled out a gun and shot her.  Someone who looked like Mark Shaw was also involved.  They said "We don't need you anymore" before she died.  Then they said, looking at me, "We have to chip her" and started talking about what they were going to have to do about me.

The CIA pulled in the entire family, to work for them, convincing them that "England doesn't have your best interests at heart" and "You need us and we need you". 

They had just the Middleton family there, with William and James Cartright, and only a few others.  Then they had Prince Charles and Camilla walk in after the Middletons signed to join the CIA.

They made me a green spotted dress when I was age 5, after this.  The next person they blew out, after Middletons and Waleses and Camilla & Charles signed a contract, was Lord Mountbatten.  They involved me and tried to blame me.  I want to say Mountbatten died first and then the CIA showed up, but I was only 4, so I think not.

The CIA did not just recruit the Middletons, they recruited a few of William or Harry's (?) girlfriends.  I wouldn't say all of them, but a few of them were also recruited. 

They re-enacted what happened later.  I had also overheard plans for people to join the CIA before this 'group meeting' too.  I saw Kate Middleton recruited on her own, to the side, and signing a contract with them, and a couple of men were present and involved when she did.  She signed for things sometimes, so that wasn't unusual, but this one time, it was a bigger deal.  I said, "Katie wants to kill X" and I was asked "Who said that?" and I said "They said the CIA will kill him for you".

After the Middletons signed to join the CIA, from there, in England, I was flown to Texas and tortured and programmed by Robin Bechtold, Amanda Bynes, Anna, and many individuals who now wanted me programmed to murder my own kids and family and friends, at their command. 

There was also an older clone of my son, in the U.S. who was crying all the time after this, and he appeared to be a hostage.  He was being beat up by multiple persons and people wanted to control him and me.  There wasn't anything he could do because his own govt. turned against him as a favor to enemies who had "joined the CIA".  The U.S. was getting people to turn to become spies for them and then attacking and holding their own citizens hostage.  I had also once had an option to stay in England rather than the U.S. and they removed that option.  My son was getting beat up by Mike, "Kevin", "Domenic" and British royals.  Domenic was not just Mary Del Balzo's brother "Domenic", it was a Hispanic man named Domenic who later showed up at New Song Church in Oregon.  He was friends with William of Wales and his occupation was "electrician".  He tortured my son.  The U.S. govt. attempted to get me to marry him, and he asked me to date him in 1995, when I didn't remember who he was, and he brought up ideas about marriage.  He had not just tortured and electrocuted my son, he tortured me.  He married a blond woman who had assisted him in torturing us in the past. This same man is friends with the "Vice" family and Meyers, and showed up all the way over in Winston, which is near Coquille, at a "church" event and he's been going back and forth to torture people for a long time.  He was saying he'd make sure I never raised my own kids.  I also witnessed him and Tom and a group of people beat up a Bob jr., rape him or appear to rape him, and smirk over at a Dicksie before going into another room with her, years after he was torturing my son.  He was around in the early 1980s and then again in the mid-1980s after disappearing and then didn't show up again until 1995.

He got mad, with some others, that I said I wouldn't want to marry him and said it was because he was "Jewish" (Sephardic Jew).  I said, 'Not only that, you're some kind of COP."  Later they made some food, to predict what I would make in the future and making fun of me and saying "We will steal all your kids and you won't raise any of them"  and they offered me a piece of bacon and I said, "No thanks, I don't like PIG" and stared at the pigs.  Robin Bechtold, Domenic, Alvaro Pardo, Chris Dabney, Amy, Anna, Amanda, this entire group of people was mad at me.  They said, "Why not?  are you Jewish?" and then they were saying, "Okay then, if you don't like bacon, how about a nice big juicy SAUSAGE".  I said, "Why are you saying it like that, like in a sexual way, and making motions about it?  Is this because Jake Wright has a big penis, or because Alvaro Pardo does, and you're hoping to rape me with one of them again?"  And I said, "And how come you're comparing Rick Baken and Chris Dabney together? just because both of them have something to do with a Rachel?"  and I said, "Why is Robin always around?  He acts like he's nice and he tortured me with these people and raped me and I saw him murder my son and YOU people think I want some of that?  and not to mention how you had Domenic trying to make me eat bacon."

They kept saying I would never raise my kids and how I'd 'eat pork' anyway and so on, like sexual innuendos and then when I got back to Oregon after being in Wenatchee, and raped by Dabney and Pardo again, my parents were going to a church meeting in Winston and I asked to go with them and then when we got there, I was tortured the entire time while I sat there, and they had Robin's friend from CA up on stage, giving a sermon about "pig" and "kill peter and eat" and made everyone go up in a line and eat bacon, handed out as a treat and saying "If it heals you, don't you want a piece of bacon?"  This was just in 2011 they did this--this entire govt. torturing group again, and Domenic was there, the "latino", and the Vices, and a number of other people, including some men with British accents who know the Waleses and who had been there decades earlier, in the past, WITH Middletons and FBI standing around, smirking as people made predictions and guarantees of killing my unborn baby, kidnapping my other kids, and raping me and my kids with their fucking employees.  I saw William of Wales, Harry, Charles, Camilla, and the entire MIddleton family there, at that same place, and surrounded by U.S. govt. shits.  They had Chris Dabney there, Rose Fargquet (one of William's girlfriends), Anna, Dabney's brothers, Officer Wright and Officer Adams (OR state patrol), Alvaro Pardo, Alvaro Pardo's Colombian girlfriend....all of these people who were plotting to rape me again, who had already raped me in the past and murdered clones of my sons.  I was about 11 years old when all of them showed up to plan murdering my baby in the future and raping me with their pigs because all of them, are GOD DAMNED fucking pigs and I said that in the past, and I had also said, "including those of you who are JEWS--you're PIGS".

Alvaro Pardo had stood around laughing at jokes by other Hispanics and Dabney, who was saying "It's going to happen" as they teased him about how he was going to score with me.  The Obamas were there, with their daughters who are clones and they were already older like teenage, and Clintons, Hemenways, Probascos, Tanya and Josh Rose (from Rabbi Roses' family) along with Lorraine, Blixseths, Kristen Stewart, Florence Brudenelle-Bruce, and several others.  One of them was the same Mexican who was arrested in Mexico wearing a "London" shirt, or looked just like him.  They had this Moroccan man there as well, who I was living with when I was tortured while pregnant, and the Nigerian shits who I had to live with who tipped off a CIA-run hhospital in Prince George that I was going to arrive, so they could murder my baby.  The CIA picked out "Prince George" just for the dandies.  They wanted to make sure that when they murdered my baby, they did it at a place that was bearing "Prince George's" name just so the Middletons and CIA shits could feel special. They had Laura Ingraham and Bill O'Rielly there, Donna Titleman and her husband, Affleck and Damon and Brad Pitt, Michelle "Hedge" who was already a Hedge-hog because she is a clone and had already married a "Hedges", the Ericksons, Gabrielle, Cindy Crawford and her kids, Hilary and Ragnar from "Hillsong" church in CA (they are NOT 'christians', believe me, they're swingers), and more.  There were even more people from another time at that church when it was my "mom's" baby the U.S. was kidnapping and then mine.  So a huge number of people, from England and the U.S., showed up to support the idea of torturing me and having my baby murdered and never letting me raise my kids, and harming me.  One church event had tons of "celebrities" and reporters and another had tons of FBI and then the last group had most of the people I've just mentioned.  All of them that I just mentioned were there, at the church event when I was age 11 or 12, except for Hilary at another event, Crawford at a prior event, and Dabney possibly at the prior event with a younger kid of him at the last one. The entire group that was assembled to torture me and implant me and murder my baby, in D.C. in 2008, was there.  They had the entire idea worked out by then, in supposed retaliation against me, for 'coming up with an idea' against how to treat my Mom or another person.  The entire 'idea" was something I was forced to do when I had said I didn't want to and then the U.S> govt. trafficked me around the entire country and even the UN, pushing this idea--it was their idea not mine and the original idea of impregnating someone to then have them bleed and die by miscarriage, was a Mike Middleton and U.S. govt. and Scotland idea, as was having "contests" over whether or not Kate could be "Queen" or not.  The CIA had already decided she was going to be that, in 1978 when the Middleton family signed up with CIA, along with the shits William and Harry.  Both of them.  Chelsea Davies.?...by the way, was there.  It looked to me like Chelsea was also another CIA employee.  Brian Gross or Jim West, possibly West, was also specifically involved in trying to force me to say this 'idea' was my idea, and he started pressuring me after he'd murdered one of my kids and wanted to demonize me as an alibi for himself.  He was with other men, like Michelle Erickson's Dad, Josh Gatov and William of Wales, and some Jewish men, pushing all the ideas at me, which I first heard by Mike Middleton to start with.  Others involved were Jerrod, Ivory Avila's husband, and my Uncle Tom (Rosella's son), and Henry, Alvaro Pardo's friend and James Middleton and Rick Baken.  I had even reported Rick saying "How come Rick and these guys are trying to make me say all this stuff? just so other people will hate me?  Is this over Rachel or Katie?"  They kept brainwashing me about it and said the govt. needed this and yeah, now to go around and convince other people to get involved, so they took me on a tour to incriminate myself, and sound like I advocated murdering babies, after they'd forced me to go on a worldwide tour where they gang-raped me and murdered off all of my kids and my older clone.  Not to mention Hillary Clinton.  I will never vote for that bitch Hillary.  She came over and was one of the individuals promoting the idea of my telling everyone how a pregnant woman could be killed by having a baby die.  That fucking bitch was SALIVATING over the idea, and was supported with Michelle Obama (a black woman I believe was Michelle), Kate Middleton, and a couple of other women--one of them was Monica Allen-Henderson.  She said "I don't know, what do you think Monica?" and Monica said "I think she's crazy".  It was an older clone of Monica, not the one I met at Sherwood High when I was forced to go there.  Hillary and Bill had both the Monica Henderson from "Kentucky" where Tim was from, next-door to Arkansas, and Monica Lewinsky from Oregon, BOTH working for them.

These shits were all plotting against me, because they beg from me and steal my money because they're too fucked up to make their own money without rape, torture and child slavery.

In this situation of trying to brainwash me and telling me to convince others to go along with an idea of murdering a woman's baby (when all along they were inciting hate crimes against me), several 'couples' coordinated to murder one of my sons, a clone of Oliver, and there were several accessories to this murder, who acted as accomplices and wanted to conceal who the real killer(s) were.  These couples were made up of Rachel the Jew, Monica Allen Henderson, Tim Henderson, a Bob jr., Aaron Chandler, Ben Affleck/Matt Damon, Chris Dabney, Jen Garner, Rachel Chandler, Anna Smith and her husband, William of Wales, Kate Middleton, Harry of Wales, Chelsea Clinton, Cressida Bonas, and a few more.  Every one of these couples participated in covering for a murders against my son which occurred at my house in Moses Lake, WA.  I did report what had happened, at the time.

The U.S. govt. had my son sit in a chair at the end of the kitchen, and more than one time, with more than one of my older cloned sons.  There was more than one murder of him a few years apart. 

The U.S. let Kate Middleton's husband and boyfriends murder one of my sons there, and it was older clones of Willem Marx and Henry Ropner.  Henry Ropner took the gun and shot my son, with Willem Marx standing behind my son and a young girl who looked like Kate Middleton but whom they were calling "Monica". 

One of the Bob jrs. and Jewish "Rachel" murdered another of my sons, in the kitchen and no one was there except for me and them and I didn't hear or see anyone else in the house.  They walked in like they were all friends and then he was shot and Rachel did it.  They cornered him up against the refrigerator and a wall there, where the other clones of my son were forced to sit in a chair at the end of the kitchen, right in front of the dining room area, sort of across from the fridge.

(other murders here, from this group, in kitchen).

Another thing the U.S. govt. and Middletons-Waleses did, was a slaughter of some of the older clones--my sons, daughters, and a clone of myself, and then the U.S. bragged about "hanging a Hawaii 5-0" after they murdered another of my kids.  There was an "inside" meaning to this, and it developed after some comments I had made, and being misunderstood, and also after I was being not just pushed out of things, but noticing murders, operations, and also, I was being passed around to huge, massive gang-raping events in England by the Middletons and her boyfriends, and William and Harry and others' friends.  A big to-do was made about my commenting on "holes", and "halls" and several incidences occurred which others were using to try to scramble over the truth. 

I was also noticing labels for things later, and picking up on quips that were made in English and French.  The Middletons used tons of French while killing people.  Mike Middleton was part French and his kids and grandkids (George and Charlotte) knew French fluently.  They not only spoke French, while murdering people in England, seriously, and making quips and jokes, they spoke French in Canada and were picking up "hit lists" by Canadian govt. officials and murdering people for them.  They weren't "training pilots"--they were murdering people.  I was forced to go along and being tortured and raped and I was forced, by THEM, to stay with the "Bieber" family, among others. 

The Biebers did horrendous things to me, and Kate Middleton is a good friend of theirs.  I had to live with the Biebers, "Justin Bieber", multiple times in my life and then after serious crimes, they hid him from me so I'd forget them and then reintroduced him and said, "How about him?  You could marry him."  I am not kidding.  The U.S. government and Canadians tried to trick me and said, "He's not American so you've definitely never met him before and he isn't part of a conspiracy against you."

They were trying to get me to say I'd marry someone who had murdered kids of mine in the past, in Canada, and who had also tortured me, raped me, coached me to want to commit suicide, and his family had me sent to a mental hospital for "insulting" their son and "Kate".  Not only that, he was extremely violent and had a babyish looking face but was killing all kinds of things around his house.  His family did a massive amount of damage to me when I was a little girl, and to my kids, and then later Canadians and the U.S. and Middletons had my parents shushing me and really acting like oh shhh....don't report them bc they're friends..which was a govt. scam bc they were NIGHTMARES.  They committed some of the most violent acts I ever witnessed when I was a kid and they worked with people who wanted to damage me and ruin my life.  I later, after so much harassment and being attacked, I tried to assault Bieber, after he had murdered one of my kids in front of me, and the next thing I knew they had called people and they forced me to an "insane asylum" so I couldn't report murder, or torture by them.  They were all part of the same fucked up "Middleton" team.  I was sent there as a very baby and toddler, like so young most people wouldn't remember, and had to live with them, and then I was back in the U.S. and then I was sent over again when I was around 7 years old, and more torture and worse.  Then I was back in the U.S. and I didn't see him again until he showed up at my house, next to Shirina, for murder of yet another clone of my sons.  Justin was involved in no less than 3 murders that I specifically remember, against my sons.

So here was the U.S., telling me when I was a preteen, "How about Justin?  You could marry him" and they were not joking.  If I had married him, I'd have not only married a shit who tortured me and emotionally abused me when I was little, and forced me to kill things and respond to triggers by Kate Middleton and Bynes, I would have married someone who had killed my son, and that's who Canada and the U.S. wanted raising my sons--people who had murdered my sons.

Justin Bieber murdered one of my sons at his house in Ontario, B.C., and had been bottle feeding a baby before that bragging to my older cloned son that haha, he was going to raise my son and my older cloned son, a hostage there, was terrified.  Several people were involved in murdering my son there.  He also murdered one of my kids from a large ship that Hamilton Steel owned.  He was standing the same room at my house with Shirina Edwin, holding a gun when my son was shot, a 3rd instance and there was blood everywhere bc my handprint was on the wall from it.  These are not the only murders he committed against clones of me and my kids.  The idea of HIM, singing a tribute at "Orlando" is a way for the entire govt. of Canada and the U.S. to brag about this.  Not only that, he is FRIENDS with Chris Dabney, another god-damned serial killer and rapist for the govt.  He picked up keys from my Grandpa Baird in Cashmere one day as well, and wanted to go out to the East Wenatchee house and give his predictions to the govt. about how they could torture me to chase me and my son out to Canada where they'd rape my son and kidnap him back.  Biebers also lived out there for a short time, and weren't paying rent.  He did a circle jerk rape of me with my Grandpa Baird at the house in Cashmere.  I was not just raped by him in Canada, he was raping me with my Grandpa Baird and I made sure to notice their penises and said, "So are you guys related?"  Bieber had also used peanut butter on himself and with dogs at his house and elsewhere, for me to be forced to lick off, and I remembered this when I was forced to go there next at age 7 and said out loud, "Oh yeah, I need a DAB of J.B...---I mean, P.B., you know, peanut butter, for my crackers".  Justin wanted Kate Middleton to notice how I was forced to lick peanut butter off of dogs too.  He also knew Monica Allen Henderson, who tried to murder in 1995 with Canadian-born Mike Nichols in a car hijacking, where I broke my neck, and Carley Massey-Birch showed up at his house as well and I'd said, "You're like Carla Massey-Birch, CMB for honeycomb, and Marla is maple syrup."  I said, "I guess Katie is CEM (keem), like cream, but green cream, turned green from envy."  They got mad and violent over these comments.  I said, "J.B. is like pbj, and chris Dabney is like CUD, like a cow chewing its cud and I guess you get green cream from cud."  I said, looking at Jen Garner, who was also from Ontario, Canada and there, "I guess you get a JUG (for J.G.) of green cream if you want but...nah, I think NOT."  All of these Jews were so pissed off, I was later forced to work for Lorraine and Rabbi Rose, and then her ddaughter Laura and Scott Lewis, who told me to show up when their kids were eating "green eggs and ham" that Laura had dyed to make for them and have me notice.  And then the U.S. was giving this bitch Teana Lewis a bunch of my songs to record and sell and take credit for and none were by her.  I wrote them.  So they were then getting vicious and saying "So what am I, Cameo?" and egging me on and I said, to Michelle Obama, "You're MO, and I don't want MO of dat stuff."  She and the others got mad and this black man grabbed me and they said "You're losing it" and I said, "You're threatening me about killing my son again?  or are you just threatening me about losing my virginity when you've already had your husband raping me?"  I said, "I'll tell you something, I'M not the TURKEY here."  Then I added, "OR the goose."  And someone yelled "I'll KILL HER!" and then I was hit over the head and blacked out, after Mike Middleton got in my face when I started saying, "Mmmmmm----mmmmmm" and I had said, "Are you going to be a cow or a goose for Christmas Mike?" 

After I was hit on the head, when Mike walked over, I was then being tortured with more rape and with comments like "top or bottom or both" and "one or two fingers" and they were inserting a finger and thumb into my rear and vagina and 'goosing' me and bragging about it to Kate Middleton.  They did it there, in Canada, and then in the U.S. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Goose

I not only wrote about this when I was a preteen, on a public blog site and was forced to remove it, I included the same link for "urban dictionary" and they had Keith Urban show up and torture my Dad and me and my son.  They hired teams and groups of people to show up and repeatedly non-stop assault me after this.  They also brought around someone named Ryan Gosling, and the "Top Gun" movie was my idea but everyone was pissed and no one was paying me, and the FBI just wanted to make more money off of my "clever ideas" while torturing and raping me.  They made fun of me and raped me more, saying "who is going to take her TOP?" as in tops and bottoms.  I was raped by William of Wales there, and a few other men, in Canada, and I witnessed the fact they started raping one of the Bob jrs., even though they'd had a Bob jr. and Justin murder an older clone of my son.  Not only that, these shits had murdered the older clone of ME.  Justin was involved in luring my older clone to be massacred. 

This is who Canada and the U.S. suggested later, that I should marry and their other 'suggestions' and plots have been just as bad.

That "flag" in the background of the photo on Wikipedia for "Top Gun" was my idea because I had already the big flag stood for "A fucking big FAG".  So my idea was Tom Cruise is pictured, looking like my son, with a huge FAG on his back and the name is United States of America.  The FAG stands for pedophile rapists who raped me and my family and 'goosed' us over these fucking SHITS who were RESPONSIBLE for TRAFFICKING us to other countries to be harmed in the FIRST PLACE.

I told my Grandpa Garrett Sr, "If it's really true the U.S. govt. is raping my sons, like I noticed and have seen and they're still doing it, and if they've raped you like me too, don't have a flag at your funeral bc it will stand for the idea you don't want to be draped with a FAG and the U.S. is responsible for RAPE of innocent people".  And so he didn't.  He was told he could have a gun salute and flag and he said no thanks.

That's in spite of the fact I saw him hold a gun against one of the clones of my son, with a Bob jr., in a cornfield, with a group of lawyers and a Pope of the Roman Catholic church.  He held a gun, a Bob jr. did, and the Australian-U.S.-w/Pope and British group did and right before he was shot he said "Papa".

Who is MAH?  Monica Allen Henderson.  Chris Dabney was calling me "Toto", a dog, to insult me because of his crazed obsession with hating me and my kids.  He said, when I said one of his relatives, "Dorothy", was like the girl who left home, and that Katie or Monica looked like "Dorothy", nothing special, he said 'You're like Toto" and he said "Parte pro TOTO" (latin for: part for whole) and was calling me a hole and a dog both.  The Middletons and Carley thought it was funny, and showed up with a half bottle of J.B. whiskey, to hand to a Dicksie at Granny and Grandpa's house in Cashmere.  I was also raped and Chris's mother showed up saying, "You'd better get out of this country while you can" and motioned to me, after I had noticed the wiki on "parte pro toto" online as a preteen, about countries. 

The movie "Top Gun" came out in early 1986, years after these events took place in Canada and the U.S.

Bieber also went out and murdered a bunch of a people in Ontario, at a gay club, supposedly to "send a message" that he was against Kate Middleton and her rapist family and group, that raped little girls and boys anally and vaginally and were trying to force kids to be homosexual too.  That is what he claimed he was against, but he had me killing my own relatives at his house with others, in Canada, and he was involved in multiple murders of my son.  Bieber had murdered one of my sons at the club, after he was told to go there to pick up a tip or deliver something to someone.  So he was still murdering my kids--he was Kate's friend, not ours.

He wouldn't be scheduled to perform at the Orlando shooting if the govt.s didn't know about all of it.  They just brag about it.  "Orlando" was also a name for remembering "Ontario".  I had lied and said it helped me remember my grandpa but I thought of Orlando when asked by the govt, bc I was remembering threats against me by govt. in Ontario, and I was raped by English man Orlando Bloom in England (along with many other Middleton friends), and I was remembering Michelle and Barak Obama involved in everything.

Also, this Teana/Leana Lewis was picked out among some to steal music from me, and a woman named Tiana had also worked with Justin Bieber.  Tiana went to Sherwood High School and was a clone and the one closer in age to me was a year younger.  She sang "Manhatten Transfer's "Tell Us About The Boy From NYC" at a talent show in 1990, which has a line of "cool, cool, kitty, tell us about the boy from new York city" because they had mocked me with this song when I was little, with Kate Middleton playing it for me and then telling me to dance to it and that my "pussy" was the "kitty".  Rachel the Jew, Holly Avila, and others were involved and I cried and cried saying "Rachel, she's not good, she's not good" and saying "Holly isn't holy, she isn't holy".

Holly Avila is someone every single older clone of my son tried to avoid.  He was repeatedly picked up by Avilas, to be raped by their family, and used, and then dumped.  He isn't their son, and has never been treated like their son and he repeatedly mentioned Holly Telerant, and Holly Avila and a Dicksie as being people who tortured him.

I also witnessed them rape him.  I was held at the Avilas house and gang-raped while held by them in a bedroom.  Not only was Pablo Avila allowed to rape me every day, multiple times a day, they had over 100 men from the community and nearby rape me in that bedroom.

Holly's kids all are involved in holding my son hostage and raping him.  They did the same thing to me, and if I had been raised by them, I would have been raped by Pablo every day.  Not only that, Holly raped me herself. 

Not only did I witness Pablo Avila blowing the head off of a clone of my son when I was little, over my son naming one of his daughters as molesting him and reporting their family, his son Andres helped Justin Bieber shoot my son down by telling my son to be at the gay club where they expected Justin to shoot, and I witnessed Andres being paid money by Kate Middleton's kids, "George", "Charlotte", and some other British persons, maybe someone also Australian.  Andres had sworn to make my son pay for "raping" his sister, which my son never did--he just reported them for their crimes.

When I was in Canada, with my son there, after I had said I don't want "mo of dat stuff", more people came over and they raped me and my son non-stop.  Several were black men--a bunch of Michelle and Barak's friends came over,and raped us non-stop, and William of Wales and some English men showed up and raped us non-stop and said, "Tell us when to stop" and wouldn't stop.  They had claimed that my son raped Ivory or Dahlia a long time ago or encouraged someone to and they hadn't stopped.  What I know is true is that they were deliberately harassing my son and waiting until his face was red, and his penis was red,and saying things like, "Look, he's like a red bull" and they raped my son until he thought his penis was going to fall off and he was under the age of 10.

The U.S. govt. repeatedly wanted to clone my son and kidnap him and have him raised only by people who would torture him and punish him for alleged crimes other clones of him had committed, and Pablo and the others hated him--they saw him and saw the other clone in him and tortured him.  They were also making a lot of money off of it, and forcing my son to kill people for them.  They didn't want the money flow to stop.  I had told my son how they treated him when he was younger and not around and he had said, "Stop the money going to Holly and Pablo" and he did not want any of my money from songwriting going to anyone in their family.

Not only that, they lied to everyone, telling everyone they were "Christians" and they're not.  They're Jewish.  They practice the Jewish faith, like Middletons and Pablo is a Hispanic Jew--regardless, they tortured my son.

Tiana sang this song at the same school, Sherwood, and in the gym where people ate later, and they had a clone of my son on the stage and some family over and the Middletons and the U.S. govt. had my son murdered on that stage and then said I'd never remember and I'd eat lunch there later as a teen.  I saw Holly and her family looking at my son with hatred and Andres helped others kill my son there, in front of people.  Jake Wright was one of the men involved along with a relative cop, named Wright.

My son had been targeted by Avilas ever since I also told my son how they had coached me to drive to kill myself, at their house.  They laughed and said I would die of a "California stop"--failing to stop my car in a panic.  They wanted me trained to step on the gas and accelerate instead of slow down to a stop, in a panic.  It was their idea of how they could kill me off and have it appear "accidental" and William of Wales and Middleton and Gary Goldsmith paid them money to do this to me.  They were Jews.  They supported only Jews like Midldeton and Goldsmith.
I had also told my son how Dahlia was with the women who plotted making me "dance" with my "vagina" to humiliate me and degrade me.  They made jokes calling it "the vagina monologues" and I was forced into an office later, a building and large room, and forced to be stripped naked, when I was older, like age 8, and they made my vagina face Chris Dabney, Amanda Bynes, and other Jews, and them, and then Pippa Middleton and others had my stomach inflated with air and then pushed on it and when noise came from my vagina, they said, "She's talking to you Anna".  They were saying, "I know she's trying to say something, but I can't make out what it is" and they exposed my vagina and made fun of me and my vagina as "talking" and called it "the big mouth".  And they said, "She just can't shut her mouth so we have to find something for it to do".  And they were calling it my "heart" and saying "she has a soft heart".

Later, Mike Middleton wanted to have his daughter Pippa, a younger clone, wearing a dress with a heart by the hem and crying in a picture of him and his girls in Jerash, when they had made fun of me and my son and daughters and said they were in our vaginas and asses and got a hole in one.

After all of the "car crash training" exercises by Avilas, against me and my son, because I witnessed their teaching my son to drive wrong too, and my daughters, I was being told my son was dying in "car crashes" when he was "15 years old", repeatedly.  They had attempted to murder me, the govt had, by the time I was age 16 by hit-and-run and using their techniques. 

Then Monica Allen tried to kill me again, after working for Hillary Clinton, when Bill Clinton was President and she and Tim were always being paid by Middletons.

I was plotted against, to lose an unborn baby, because of a couple of the women who thought it was funny to make fun of me but whose husbands didn't like it when the same was done to them.

Also, Justin Bieber, J.B., is referred to in CIA officer Edward Lee Howard's book, with "I'm Taking Your Job".  They had made fun of me, suggesting when I was young, that I marry Bieber and while he had tortured me, he was then being nice.  Some of the men who didn't like the idea had the singular fear that "If she marries him she'll raise her own kids--she'll be rich".  They figured I'd have access to my own money or living a "pop star" or rockstar life.  So they said, "No, it has to be someone else."  They showed Bieber a bunch of distasteful photos of me to humiliate me, even though he had already been involved in trafficking and making child porn of me.  Then they brought Amanda Bynes in and had him marry her and they had a baby.

I said, "You people murdered my clone just so he could marry Amanda??"  They'd done the same thing earlier, in England.  They had him hold a baby around me, to try to make me jealous but I wasn't jealous.  I remembered almost all of what Justin Bieber had done.  I made comments like A.B. and J.B. and 2 B's and I hoped they were miserable.

After my Dad was raped, particularly after this and then after Canadians, including current PM Steven Harper got involved and then staged and plotted how they'd jail me and my son in the future, after they forced us to flee to Canada, after this and killing one of my sons and rape, Canadians "banned" my family, specifically my Dad, from going to Canada again and we were no longer making trips there, for me to be flown out of Canadian airports, to go to England and other places, when I was age 8.  By age 8 I started accusing the Canadian government of human trafficking and told them they had conspired to incite hate crimes against me, by using Justin to murder a bunch of gays at a club, and then blaming me. I said, "I'm the kid who is trafficked, not you" and I told them I was tired of their rape and torture and constant guilt trips and said "I am going to sue you" and they said "No you can't.  You can't sue Canadians unless you live in Canada."  Then they banned me from Canada, and I was age 8 the last time I was there as a kid.

The entire reason of avoiding a lawsuit by me, is another reason they hosted people like Stubblefields and WANTED them to torture me and my son in childbirth, and to have us forced out of filing a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Canada, England, and the U.S. are countries my son should never be living in because there is nothing in this country that can ever compensate any of us for what they've done and they continue kidnapping and raping us and creating more clones to hold hostage.

The Beckhams, Victoria and David Beckham, were among British persons who worked for the CIA that raped me in Canada, and they raped my son too.  They named their kid "Seven Harper" after Steven Harper to thank him for also raping us and defaming me.  Their daughter "Seven", born a few years ago, is not the first one--she is a clone and has been duplicated many times.  The first time I heard of her, was after I was age 7, because they were getting a clone of Victoria pregnant and naming her this.  They told me I could "pick" the name if I agreed not to sue them.  I had guns at my head and had been told to do whatever they wanted so I picked a name and then wasn't allowed to sue either.  They are rapists, torturers, and murderers and they know William and Kate Middleton raped me too--they held me down to help him do it.  I was saying SHuh Bee happy for SHB (Seven Harper Beckham) and the A.B. and J.B. and said it's like a bunch of "B's" for the CIA hive.  I had said later, "Maybe people should know the Beckhams and Steven Harper are in the CIA, and are having cloned kids for Middleton secretly." It was also claimed they would clone MY kids. They had also told me, oh we have a job for you in NYC where you can make $52,000 a year cleaning and it was Pangion company and when I got there I was raped more by them, along with my son.  I remembered 5+2 is 7 and I wrote several songs about sex abuse and rape to remember these people.  The B-52s is a name I came up with for a music group and for some of the songs I wrote.  "Roam (rome) Round the world" is about my being raped, and "Jerome Tyler", one of the black men who raped me in Canada. They were also referring to Justin Bieber's penis as a "bottle rocket".   "She's Like The Wind" was another song I wrote and it was about forcing my 'vagina' to 'fart" while exposing me and making fun of me and saying "Look, big mouth is talking".  I wrote other songs referring to rape by Dabney specifically.  My songs that MC Hammer performed were after I said I would have someone perform it with a name similar to Mallette, which was Justin Bieber's mother's name: Patti Mallette.  So I had Goldsmith and Mallette referenced for "Can't Touch This" and the opening part of "my, my, my" is for "mah-mah" because they raped me and were talking about how they "hit it" and make sure to hit their penis to the back of my vagina, and they did this to me in Canada, repeatedly, and after Nikki from D.C. had tried to inspire hate crimes against me, telling some Canadian people I was suggesting raping little kids when I wasn't and it wasn't my idea.  I didn't give MC Hammer my songs either--I was told by the U.S., "Either you do this and help us carry out these songs, or you can be tortured and raped."

One of the last sets of music the U.S. govt. forced me to produce and direct includes songs I wrote which Lourde stole from me.  I had to help direct the video too, and I said "have 7 bright spots like a back flash" and it was to represent rape in Canada, "Seven", and how they were assaulting me and talking about forcing me and my son out by bombing with nuclear fission bombs, which would cause pressure in my head to expand, and then the scalp to tighten, and most people lost bowel movement and passed out.  They repeatedly targeted me in E. Wenatchee, doing this and after forcing us to Canada, the U.S. government then had Chris Dabney raping me in front of a window for others to watch.  My line about 'we're all lined up for the throne' was to symbolize how the Middletons and Waleses had the entire Pentagon positioned to torture me over getting control of the British throne and having Middletons and Camilla signed up with the CIA.  They had the military used to defend the plutocracy.  I had the mouth open in the video for "Tennis Court", to represent Chris Dabney, who played tennis, and Monica Allen and how she was a murderous killer like Jeff Dahmer, who Chris Dabney looked like.  Her voice would change too--she had such a split personality she would be talking one way and then a lower voice would come out of nowhere, like it was another person.  I was punished for noticing and the CIA had this woman from Tulane University who gave a valedictorian speech come to my house and torture me until she could get my voice to change and then made fun of me for her programming.  She sang The National Anthem with about 30 different "voices".

 Chris Dabney tried to make me jealous with Monica when I was younger, giving her a handbag to try to suggest he was dating her, and he was interested in her because she was saying, with Hillary Clinton, she'd call me "crazy" in the future.  Clintons and others, including Canadians like Mike Nichols, used her to hijack my car and have it rolled to try to kill me.  She waited until she thought my seatbelt was off.  Both she and Mike were in on it and the govt.  They had also calculated how they'd roll the car and what speed and the roof of my car was thin.  The comment "Tin roof--rusty" from one of my B-52s songs was to remember Rick Steele threatening me over Middleton and Monica and saying I'd have my head crushed and rusting from the metal.  They were accusing me of killing "rusty" too, and I didn't.  He said to me "Monica is going to kill you" and I said, "You must really believe this because why would you tell me this unless you were sure it would happen and I wouldn't be able to talk later?" I remembered his comment about how I'd die and Kate would be Queen and I said, "Well if anyone actually tries, the real DEAL was that if I live, Kate Middleton NEVER gets to be any kind of Queen, specifically, the Queen of England, so you must think Kate is going to win, bc I said if I don't die, take that as a sign God doesn't want her to be Queen."  I said "Not only that, if the person who commits the crime dies instead, take that as a sign God isn't HAPPY with those who plot against me to harm me."  I said, "And I said only one time, could someone test this and see how it turned out, and I would only say this if I knew God will protect me". 

Chris Dabney liked Monica just because she was willing to act out a hit against me.  I said "Why would I be jealous? like I want to date a Dahmer..."

I included a line about "you can be the class clown, I can be the beauty queen" to further remember more people involved "rusty the clown--steele", and Angelina jolie, blixseths, kate, Camilla & Charles, chris and Catherine, and rory baird.  I was a witch for Halloween after being born and he was a clown and we were sat next to eachother for a visual of "witch-clown"/"which clone?"  R.B. (Rory Baird) also helped me to remember 2 other men involved in wanting to kill me--Robin Bechtold and Willem Marx & Henry Ropner.  I remembered Marx & Ropner as R.H.B.R.W.M.  "rubber room".  Ropner Henry, Bechtold, Robin, and Willem Marx.  Do you need a B.R.W.M.?
 I also remembered them as rubber meow for mw. (mew).  H.R. & W.M. was "her wimbelton" or "her womb".  So "Tennis Court" is full of coding for me to remember what shits had planned against me and my kids.  I had the Ping-Pong ball sound in the video instead of a tennis ball sound because of how they tortured me to reduce me from tennis court to 'ping pong' and tried to make goals against me and there was a math book that had a pinball machine on it and was elementary math and they'd tried to take me down from calculus to fractions.  I also witnessed them sticking an ax into my son's head in Canada with Bieber, in the middle of his forehead, with a hand-ax.  I had her not talking at the start bc they were threatening me with torturing my son so he lost his ability to talk when he was little, and I witnessed they did this to him already.  The sick "parte pro toto" comment was made after they drove an ax into the center of my son's forehead. 

After all that, Chris Dabney was able to get his penis hard enough to rape me repeatedly in D.C., with Alvaro Pardo and James Cartright.  Alvaro Pardo's name was also made into a joke about "halve" and "part".  They plotted this over Middle-ton.  And remember, it was Middletons and Rachel and Carley Massey-Birch bringing my Mom a half bottle of "J.B." scots-whiskey after this, with me there, at m grandparent's house in Cashmere, and smirking at me.  Then Anna, Amanda, and some others imitated the same things, as a cover.  All of them liked having me gang-raped.  They had a "set" of brunettes there and then a "set" of blonds.  I'm sure it had nothing to do with using blond Dabney and brunette Pardo to rape me later and force me to have a premature baby that was murdered.

One of the early video games I designed was King Kong.  It was replacing P in ping pong with K for King Kong.  They made fun of me saying Kate's game design of "PacMan" was better than King Kong and I had said, "I gave Katie that idea bc she asked me for an idea, so both of them are my ideas" and they said "No they're not...you're eating Katie's pearl necklace now, little yellow man."  I designed both games to help me remember crimes against me by the United States.  They even stole game ideas from me and then they were forcing me out of learning programming, after Mike Middleton had me design rolladex software for him.

I was being raped, tortured, and beat up over LCD and Atari games as much as my music.  The CIA told me, "design a game and let Katie promote it and we'll see how it does".  They wanted me to be the "ghostwriter designer-developer" so I came up with PacMan and after it did well, along with King Kong, I started to get mad about not getting credit or paid for anything and I started telling everyone it was my idea not hers.  The U.S. tortured me and called me a liar and then forced me to write songs and stole credit and said, "This is for lying and saying you developed PacMan".  Chris Dabney was an "Atari whiz".  Not only was I pushed out, over competition with this bitch "Rachel the Jew", Dabney wanted me out and so did Bill Gates and Mark fucking Zuckerman.  Bill Gates wouldn't even give me credit enough to give me a job at his Microsoft place after I was the one whose money he used to start it up, and I was a better talent than most kids.  He had no place for me?  That's funny, it must have something to do with his implanting me with fucking microchips with his shit buddy Dabney.  The U.S. also forced me to change my opinion about what platform of electricity to use for the future, and claimed I was dumb, and then did the same thing over "halogen vs regular lights".  They made all of the Rachel clones "video gamers" just bc I was upset and wanted to be one myself, and said, "Dabney will like Rachel".  The other person he liked was gamer Middleton.  She was asked to create games for the CIA.

Not only was Bill Gates microchipping me, and wanting me to be tortured, he was claiming he was the genius and not my relatives and me.  He also decided to "mentor" me in math and tortured me to unlearn math and to be slow.  All he did was experiment on me and force me into lingerie and then Melinda was shoving shit up my ass with her fingers, and oh yeah, they'd be the real "teamsters" for Middleton.

Not only was I used by the govt. and lied to, I was being blamed for something that happened to one of the female 'gamers' and I don't know who it was, but I know I resented "Rachel" the Jew for forcing me to make a 'pussy dance' with my vagina in front of all the British royals and U.S. govt., to degrade me when I was much younger than age 5, 6, and 7 and working on game design.  I had women making me strip and be raped at age 3 and 4, and smirking while watching me, assured and talking about how "She's nthing but a whore"

When the U.S. kidnapped my son from me again, when I was at the Latin center in D.C., I got a call on my cell phone and heard noise in the background of my son screaming and crying while being told to "dance".  "Dance!  dance!"  over and over and he was only 2 at the time.  They were torturing him.

Megan Jacquot and Stacey Lowe were both bitches who were around inn the early 80s, trying to down me and promoting Amanda Bynes over me.  They're sickos.

The U.S. used me to make Kate Middleton look better.  Then they were lying to people saying I was a liar, claiming to have written Madonna songs and designing PacMan and pointing out, "Cameo already said it was Catherine's idea, not hers" and they said "Cameo is just jealous".  I said, "No I'm not, I don't like the fact you're trying to make me give credit to other people just to steal all of the credit from me, for everything and I don't WANT to work for the GOVENRMENT.  Why would I want to work for YOU when you AXED my son's HEAD?"

They had said, "What are the ghosts for in your design of PacMan?" and I had said, "Spooks" and said, "Since you told me to make it up for Katie and she's British, they call the spies over there spooks".

Well, in 2010 when Douglas County had their termination of my parental rights trial over my son Oliver, they made me go upstairs and notice they'd drawn a ghost on a blackboard and smirked at me.  They have never gotten over their inferiority complexes.  They also, Dabney and the U.S., forced me to say Dabney was smarter than my son, a clone of my son who was there, and to dismiss my son's mentorship, and they not only did this there, they did this by murdering one of my sons at a pizza parlor and Dabney had tipped over an entire jar of olives and smirked when he did it.  They were green olives.

The U.S. has been bragging about murdering my clones and kids ever since, and Dabney's Marine friend was handing me green balls of falafel after Dabney had impregnated me, in 2008, after raping me.

They started saying I was "eating Katie's pearl necklace" after I came up with the PacMan design. 
They also said, "Make it pacman" and I said No, it's Pac-Man to show a split in the middle for "Middle-ton" since you told me to make it as if she designed it.  They put an ax through the middle of my son's head over greed, after this, and stealing from us.  They started torturing my son at the game developing place too, and what the U.S. was doing was specializing in "alienation of affections" by forcing kids like me to bond and work with shits like Dabney who did nothing but steal from them, rape and torture them and murder their kids.  The U.S. deliberately kidnapped my kids from me to do the same thing.

All the U.S. was doing, was cloning kids, or specific ones, and abusing them and stripping them of any protective natural guardianship and forcing them to be raised by the government, used by the govt, stolen from and raped and tortured by the govt, and trying to force control by making kids marry and have kids with more govt.

The U.S. is a plutocracy that uses the military to illegally control slaves for themselves.

I was also forced to Istanbul with a clone of my son, and stayed at the Kent Hotel there, with a bunch of U.S. govt. "operatives".  I was the hostage and the rest of them just worked for the govt. and got paid.  I told them, "I'll remember all of this just by the name and then the scent of this shampoo".  I said, to Amanda and Anna, "What does this smell like to you?" and said I wasn't sure what the scent was.  Monica Allen was also there.  The entire Bechtold family was there, Allens, Dabney, Anna, Amanda, and other U.S. govt. employees.  I said, "This doesn't suds up that much, I need more of this" and they said "No you don't--you have that much hair".  I had said I need more to remember Michelle Obama was there M.O.  Then I said, "Well it's true I don't have hardly any pubic hair because I'm only 11 years old."  Monica or one of them said, "You're 10" and I said, "No, I'm 11 and it would be nice to be younger and I could say I'm even younger when I'm getting raped, but that would be a lie bc I'm actually 11."  I said, "Thanks for the help though".  Then they brought in Eliza Bechtold and I said, "Eliza, did you guys get a hole in one?  weren't you playing golf or something? or was it ping pong?" and I added, "Have you seen Jesus yet, you know, J.C., James Comey?" I said this to remember Eliza and the "holes" stuff they raped me while bragging about, and to remember James Comey was there.  Also there was Brian Gross, and some regular Portland people, and Middletons, and the Bushes, and Clintons and they murdered a clone of my son out there, and then fastened him to the front of a car like he was a holiday moose, or wreath, and drove around a part of Istanbul with my son dead, bragging to people about it.

I said, "Now if you ever dare to attempt to cause a car crash of me, to kill me, bc you want Kate Middleton to be Queen, if I survive, I will be telling everyone about this and the agreement was that if I lived, she is never Queen."  I said, "And what's the point of William marrying her publicly, to have kids, if she's never Queen?"  I said, I know they work for the CIA and it's pretty sick what is being done over them.  I said, "If I survive a deliberate attempt to kill me by car accident, then when I'm in the hospital, bc I'm sure I'll still be hurt by it, I want someone to write on a message board they have in those rooms, "We love you Cameo" so I can remember everyone who lied to me and never loved me and wanted me to die and commit suicide by programming me and trying to have me cut myself and drug myself by being triggered with people saying they didn't love me, and raping and torturing me."  I said, "That way, when a photo is taken with that readerboard that has the words "We Love You Cameo", with me sitting there in front of my food and all banged up, you can remember the deal that was made in Mexico in Arboledas, and you have to honor it, and I'll remember how many times you've hurt me and my family and you should know, that even if you don't love me, I know God does."  I said, "I told you repeatedly, Kate Middleton should NEVER be Queen."  Then someone said "What about Camilla?" and I said, "She's related to Kate Middleton isn't she?"  I said, "Hmmm, I don't know, maybe Camilla should be included in this".  I then added, sharply, "After all, she is a CIA employee."

So then after they murdered my son in Istanbul someone came up and said "What do you want us to do with the body?" and I said, "Fasten him to the front of an SUV like Prince Philips Range Rover to the front and drive around a little.  Then if people cheer about it, it's even worse".  It was also to help me remember persons involved, by this action.

They said, "How can you just drive a dead body through a street without a problem?" and I said, "ISIS does it all the time, why don't you ask the CIA?"  Basically, this helped me to remember many individuals who were there to murder my son.  And I also remembered how some people acted over Camilla and Kate.  They didn't even bring up Diana, and they acted more mad about Camilla, or maybe it was all of it, but they were the ones trafficking me around and murdering.

I remembered the Bechtolds because of strapping my son to the front, like a giant bra, which Janet wore. I remembered Steven Harper, Canadian PM (for later) because of earlier incidents in Canada where my son was murdered after comments about "Do you want to be a cow or a goose for Christmas?" so remembering him with a Christmas wreath idea in the front, reminded me of all the Canadians there, from Hamilton Steel as well, and that Middletons were there.  The Calthorpes and Rick Steele were there, and Prince Andrew, and I remembered Brian Gross by going up to him and saying "You can't even pick on someone your own size"...and Greg Fowler was also there. 

The movie "Big" with Tom Hanks, was made after someone wanted to consult with me after B.G., Brian Gross murdered one of my sons.  He was right there to do it and did it and I told him there's no way I'll forget when they even made a MOVIE with your initials included.  He went on to steal the rape reports I made against Josh Gatov and Robin Bechtold and claim there was no case, and then told me "Maybe you should buy a new coat", and this was a reference to a "coat of paint" because he had tortured and raped me  and they had said all I needed was a coat of paint and I'd be as "good as new", and then he and his friends had ejaculated on my back. He had grabbed my head and pushed it into all of his pubic hair in front of my son and raped me and raped my son and was telling my son they'd rape me as much as they wanted and no one would prosecute.  He had also pushed my head into Chris Dabney's crotch, an older clone of Chris Dabney, who reeked and made comments and from what I remember, Alvaro Pardo was also involved.  I said, "You think I'll be begging for it and I won't--you're all planning to rape me like you have in my entire childhood".  I said "begging" to remember B.G.--Brian Gross.  Another man who was there, involved with Gross was an older clone of Robin Bechtold.  A few other men were involved in it, including Tim Henderson.  Tom Hank's initials "T.H." made me remember him with B.G.  When they were leaving I said, "Tah-tah".  I had a horrible feeling and I wasn't making light of it.  Then someone smirked and said, "Take Care" and I was made fun of.  Another man was Tomas Caballero, but also they had John Kerry and "Carrie-Sue", a friend of Tim's there.  Carrie-sue was from California and one of Middleton's friends and Monica rented a room from her later.  Dabney bragged I'd never sue him and he'd never pay for any damages.  Mike Tancer was also involved and several of Kate Middleton's other boyfriends.

There were a few groups, all known to eachother, which came into my house and bedroom, to rape me and make threats about future rape, and killing my kids, to me, and how no one would prosecute.  Michelle Obama, (I need MO "barackali") was there with Brian Gross and threatened all of this.  She is exceptionally bad.  FBI agent Don Pryzbyla was also there, and he's raped me in the past and he stood around while others did.  Ashton Kutcher did, and Mila Kunis also did and held a knife at my son's throat and tortured him.  Mila Kunis is also very bad and I wasn't sure if she was with Dabney or Kutcher.  Robin Bechtold and Orlando Bloom both knew her.  Keith and Sharon Goodrich, Campbells from Australia, Sinn Fein and an entire IRA group that Dabney knew, Jacob & Issac (Monica's kid's clones), and others. 

Alvaro Pardo also made fun of me even up to 2009, saying things like "That's not fine" as an inside govt. joke about Sinn Fein because one of my clones was murdered and as they were bleeding this is what they said.  They also forced me to have no clothes and A huge number of international people who tortured us were involved, from Scotland, Russia, and elsewhere.

These people were forcing both me and my son, to have our heads smashed into the penises of a huge number of people who stole from us, tortured and raped us, and weren't leaving us alone and making money for themselves honestly.  They raped us.  They not only raped us, they made fun of us, and one of their ways to do it was saying they were 'sealing' their pact by getting "head" from a bull, and they did this to my son.  Dabney was specifically involved.  They were saying "Can't hon" and telling me and my son to get down on our knees and do blow jobs, and later calling it the "Canton of Uri", but before this, it was a reference to URI, computer code, and they were mad that I was trying to be a computer specialist and about my son. 

My older clone of my son who was murdered said one of the abusers-torturers was Uri Gellar and it was true. I remembered him myself.  He was an Israeli.  Not only that, it was odd, because he acted like he was Chris Dabney's father.  He hated my guts and was plotting against me since I was a toddler. 

Several things happened with him in the past and later in the future...but I want to mention something else..

Kate Middleton.  Her record speaks for itself.  Why should I have ever thought, as a little girl, that I needed to convince govt. to make a "deal" with me about her when her atrocious sickening behavior was already known to them and to God?  For just one example, aside from murder, and torture and violent gang-rape and passing me around all over England and even her own boyfriends--she had me RAPED vaginally as part of being "instructed" about sex, and then watched it being done right after I was having to move around and I was asking "Like this?"  She then later, after having me forced into a porn studio, made me walk around in public while she was covered head-to-toe in a white headscarf and loose dress, to follow after her and then undid her hair scarf saying, with a malicious smirk, "Like this?"

It was partly over her sickening acts in molesting children, which is something I've personally never done as an adult but SHE HAS, but it was also over "likud" and CD, who I had openly referred to as "cud" in Canada.  Chris Dabney.  What a little darling fucking PRINCE.  I was forced to do some things when I was a kid, and I had Israelis hating my guts even though I was just a kid--She, on the other hand, has nothing but a long history of assaulting, murdering, torturing, and raping innocent children and people, as an adult and they brag about it.  She taunted me and boasted and bragged and she thinks she has a right to boast while if I even mention a word against her, I get raped.

I shouldn't have to make any "bets" or deals about her, when her reputation is sick enough, with all of her clones, she has no excuse.  I also shouldn't have ever felt, as a kid, that I had to convince someone of "miracles", such as my son would pay special attention to a painting with John the Baptist and Jesus, when my natural right, and God-given right, is to have children and raise my own children.  This bitch thinks otherwise and in GOD's eyes?  She is a bloody bitch.  All she wanted to do was try to prove the score was "5-0" or "clean vs. ho".

Not only did Chris Dabney pass off a gun to her, to murder one of my sons once, with Uri Gellar, another murder was in Hawaii and they bragged about this, talking about "hanging a Hawaii 5-0" and then made me hang thrift shop paintings at the house on 14th st. in Washington D.C. while all of the girls and young women were bragging about how I was going to be there in the future, raped and impregnated and my baby tortured and murdered.  I had to stand on a ladder with all of those bitches, and their families coming around to have a look.

Why couldn't they let me have a career, make some money for myself and have a family and just leave me alone?  All of those fucking shits had to gang up against me and my kids?

What color is cud when cows are chewing it?  It's green.  Poor darling Christopher Dabney was green with envy and just felt like killing my son all the time and ruining my life.  The 2013 "documentary"with Gellar is a fraud.  It doesn't mention half of the actual things he does, like torture people.  I am not sure if he's related to Jason and Sarah or Michelle Gellar, but I was also tortured by them.  I told my son Uri Gellar and his group had talked about planning murders of my kids and unborn babies, all the way back in 1978.

Another group which is extremely sick, and murdered my son, and this is something I forgot until now, because it was so traumatic and the U.S. govt. was murdering people all the time, around me, so I would forget things.  And I forgot the location and persons involved until now, remembering and I saw some of the same people on the road today--The Catherine and Halea Meyers family is disgustingly sick and ill.  They hosted a NUMBER of murders of my family at their house and after 2 decades went by, I had forgotten about their house and who they were and what had happened and I literally rented a room from them. 

I got stalked by Halea at the church I went to, and then she joined all the groups I did, acted like my friend, and then told me to rent a room from her after Portland Police had my house in St. Johns ransacked and held me hostage.  I sold my house, which is what they had tortured me to do, and then Halea Meyers invited me to rent a room from them, knowing I didn't remember them. 

When I was very little, they forced me to stay there as a cloned hostage.  I was only about age 6-7 or younger, and I was locked in a room, held hostage and found other family members of mine were locked in rooms and gagged and bound.  They had FBI and cops and military go in, kick them and punch them and then I witnessed my own family being murdered.  The entire family was and there was blood everywhere and they made me paint over it, with Brian Gross smirking about it.  The Portland police, and Brian Gross have been involved in murdering my family members and raping us and trafficking forced porn, for decades.  Halea's mother Catherine, worked at a Juvenile Detention center and I saw the kinds of sick and perverted things she did, even there, when I was very young.  She was raping kids there, and standing by to have kids raped and then they had psychologists watching.  The Meyers family is one of the most demented, cruel, and covered-up families I know of, and Halea's grandma was some Canadian bitch who promoted Kate Middleton and Gary Goldsmith for the CIA.

Then when I was older, several years later, I was having to stay there off and on again while my parents were kidnapped somewhere and they did more torture and programming of me.  Then one day, the Tancers were staying in a room next to mine and then I was in this other room, and some visitors showed up and they had me murder a little boy,who was my own son, in front of an older clone of my son, and then when he jumped out of a window to run, this huge group of people in the Meyers backyard grabbed him and held him and then held my Dad, or a Bob jr., separately from him to watch, and they stabbed him repeatedly, taking turns stabbing him and then said to me, "Did you see his eyes roll to the back of his head?  It means he's DEAD."  They murdered my son and for no reason.  He was innocent, had not committed any crimes at all, and they jumped him, and I had later asked my Dad at our house in Moses Lake, WA, "Out of all of the murders I've seen, I didn't get that one at all, because what did he do?  He didn't even do anything and they jumped him and he looked so nice and everything, and I didn't have any bad feeling about him at ALL.  He didn't have ANY bad energy and they MURDERED him."  And it was him, it had been a clone of my son Oliver.  Someone told me that and the murderers bragged about it in front of me, but I didn't believe them.  I saw my Dad's face, after I said this and he looked sick and like he'd been eating moth balls and he said, "It was him.  You have to leave this country."  I said, "Well it really did look like he could BE my son, but how am I supposed to know?"  They had me standing next to him, unsuspecting because he was right by me, when they stabbed him.  They stabbed him after I had said, "Was that guy who jumped out the window and ran away--was that Jason?" and they said "No, why?" and I said, "Well, because someone told me it's Jason and Louie, and I think they said Doug. I said, and I know Robert, and I said that means Robert Scneider right? and I started saying some names of people I knew were there, including my brother Levi.  I didn't know it was not a good idea to say this out loud and they started stabbing my son.  Then when he was dead they said, "I don't know....this one....? I think she might remember him for this one".  And they were saying I was going to remember who they had murdered, implying they'd murdered my kids and clones in the past and didn't think I would remember.

But I know, because I know how my son looks now, and it was him.  A huge group of shits murdered him, and it wasn't the first clone they murdered either, and they premeditated killing him.  The State of Oregon is seriously, seriously, guilty of the worst crimes anyone or any state can be guilty of.  It wasn't just the feds, even though there were a lot of federal agents involved--it was the State of Oregon and they were the ones operating shit-places like this Juvenile center, where they were torturing people like they were Nazis.
They had CIA there, FBI, Portland police, military persons, "guards" from prisons, a few persons from OSU, and more, including computer people. 

I remembered because of seeing one man who was visiting my house in Moses Lake prior to the attack against my son and he drives a car with license plates 899 GHT.

My son should not be living in the Pacific NW at all, and should not be in the U.S.  They U.S. repeatedly cloned him over and over and was murdering him.  They did nothing but use him and then kill him and I never saw a clone of him that was old, except when I was very young, and I thought he was my Dad.  I never saw a clone of my son who made it past maybe age 25.  The U.S. was constantly murdering him.  They are cloning humans to dump them. Specifically, because I've seen and been around many clones, the U.S. government has seriously,specifically targeted MY family and has been terrorizing us like a regime, for decades.  There are tons of cloned families and none of them are doing as poorly as we are--we are being attacked in genoicidal attacks, kidnappings, rape, and murders and forced to work as slaves with nothing, not even credit for our work to our names.  My older clones of my son, in the early 1980s, showed me a few things they did and they were being forced to work and not get credit, and then being murdered.

I also know my son wasn't allowed to live up to his potential bc I saw how much they tortured him, and how they wanted him to die and never let him have any career, and he's a genius.  Furthermore, I know he didn't want anyone else to raise him but me, and didn't want to be cloned to be used and the U.S. does it anyway.  They also rape me anyway, and force me to have clones of him, just bc Middletons want it.  And people like Mexican Raul Bujanda, and what business did he have in wanting to have ME to have more cloned kids that HE and his mafia controlled, tortured, and helped steal from and kill?  My son wasn't around "nice Mexicans"--he was around the worst ones. He had people trying to set him up, and steal from him, not real friends, and he was forced to be around those who had murdered other clones of him in the past.  My family is held hostage by the govt.

When my son was stabbed, I saw the knife and it was bloody.  They stabbed him multiple times and he died. When they held an entire family hostage in a room inside the house, the govt. set up tarps around before murdering them and then had them murdered and after, there was blood spatter EVERYWHERE.  The entire family was massascred and blood was on the walls, the carpet, and the Maeirs just had a bunch of people move things out, govt. shits, and they painted and bought new carpet and covered it up.  They forced me to be involved in the murders, even though I was a kid.  One of the men they murdered was older, around 40 or 50 and he said, "Please don't kill me--I'm your son" and I said "My SON? how can you be my son?" and he said "I'm a clone, look at me, and I look like you.." I said, "You sort of look like Mike Middleton, a little."  They had him murdered.

THe U.S. killed anyone who wanted me to be making my own money and raising my own kids and not be a hostage.  The Maeirs are SICK SICK people.  They used their house, repeatedly, to host "murdering parties".

They had this man murdered,who was supposedly an older clone of my son and my son.  Before this, they slaughtered my entire family--man woman, kids, and other family, all held hostage in a room at the Meyers.  After they murdered the man who said he was my son who was older, then Mary Ann McINtosh came into the room and smirked saying "Look who has a problem now".  She felt witnesses against her and her husband had been eliminated.

I had asked this man, while staring closely at his face and features, "Do you have any tattoos or marks or moles or anything that stands out?" and he started trying to show me and the govt. stopped him.  Then I said, "Well smile for me, like you're happy, because I need to see how you look if you're smiling or laughing"  and he started crying after trying to smile.  I said, "No, like more of a smile, happier, like be happy".  So I was trying to memorize how he looked and noticing all of this and then thought he was maybe lying bc I wasn't sure about clones even though I knew about them.   They had him killed and then told me I had a problem.

The murder of an entire family, earlier date, was my family, and it was only govt. people and a couple of govt. sponsored mafia there and the U.S. govt. was the group forcing me to stay as a hostage in their house.  They went back and forth from that house all the time, and it was cops and fed. agents driving people.  Chris Dabney, Stubblefield, and others, including Anna and Amanda and other women, were involved in killing them, and one of the women looked exactly like me and with my color red hair.  They blew her brains out, all over, with the others.  It was over my song rights and Catherine Elizabeth Middleton and a couple of other accusations.  They killed kids, one of the boys looked like Oliver, the girls were blond, and the redhead looked like me and there was a man.

One of the shooters was Kate Middleton.

No, I'm not mistaken.  Kate Middleton personally was involved in holding a gun herself, and firing it against my kids and my clone--not often, in front of me..usually it was someone else.  I was told by someone, who was sweating and nervous, "They cloned your son 100 times".  I said "Oh yeah, right."  But I actually might have to believe it is close to a larger number bc of the number of murders I witnessed of my son, and it really WAS my son Oliver, all clones of him, at all different ages.  They were murdering him at every age. 

An entire Mexican mafia and British team went in to murder my family and my clone of myself at Meiers house.  Then later, one time, a clone of my cousin Tino Guzman, shot and murdered my son sitting next to me and was pointing the gun in my face with his hand shaking and I "talked him down".  The U.S. was giving him the option to murder me.

I wrote this song:  "The Eye of the Tiger".  It was stolen from me, by the fucking U.S. government.https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=mcafee&p=the+eye+of+the+tiger%2C+survivor%2C#id=1&vid=303a9ccc694d53e27e61a7ed56411b19&action=click

GOD DAMN Kate MiDDLETON.  Let me say that again...slowly and very clearly, and with emphasis, and against the fucking "Guzman" shits and the "Avila" shits:  Just look to the left for the curse against Kate Middleton:

G      This bitch had my entire family killing me and all of my clones, over her.  Not only that, they
O      had all lied to me, telling me she was our 'defender' and I should be cheering for her.  I was
D      was asked to cheer for her, in a fight against myself, an older clone of myself.  GOD DAMN.

D      My entire life, I was raised by people who supported this fucking bitch, who murdered "glory",
A      and the reference is to "Loree".  They had her murder off me, one of the Cameo Loree's and
M     Mossad and my own family cheered her on over it.  So I was asked why I started singing "The
N     Eye of the Tiger" when I heard the Pentagon announcing, over the phone, in 1982, "Catherine

K    Elizabeth Middleton was born, weighing.."--the reason I subconsciously began singing it was
A    because this fucking cursed bitch is the reason I was held hostage and not given credit for my
T     songs or music, and she is why I was raped.  She not only fought my older clone, she fought my
E    son, a clone of my son, and my daughter.  My family supported her because she was giving them

M   jobs in cocaine trafficking and child porn, and promising to pay them more than I would, bc they
I     already knew I wasn't going to pay them very much, when I was remembering what kinds of shit
D    they did to me and against me, from the time I was a baby.  Kate Middleton was their fucking
D    cousin too, from what I heard.  I overheard SHE was related to them. Not me, THEM.  Then
L    after she killed my clones, the U.S. had their own "tournament" and used U.S. people to kill
E    more.  One of the women was in a truck with license plates 678 GDQ on the passenger side.
T   The Mexicans and mafia and govt. made them fight over who was leader of the Mafia, over
O   a "territorial" dispute.  That bitch was trying to take my place.  She had also forced me to buy
N   "Anmer Hall" and claimed it was her own personal property and it was NOT.  I owned it and I

DID NOT AGREE TO GIVE IT TO HER.  I was told, when I made the purchase, consenting to adults, that they could use my money held "in trust" to buy Anmer Hall, that is was MY house and if I wanted to be "nice" I would let others stay there while I wasn't there. 

Not only that, Bucklebury was my home.  There was one other house I lived in other there, that I liked most, and I had something to do with it.  Regardless of what my clone stayed in or where she lived, although what she had or my ancestors had would be passed down to me, I had purchased Anmer Hall and all of my kids and clones knew it.  I didn't appreciate these U.S. and English shits lying to me and stealing my money to make purchases for this bitch Middleton, who asked me and others to cut out the eye of my own son.

They told me it was "Tino Guzman", which I coded to remember as Ti-Gu and then I added an "R" just to make it easy to remember--Tiger.  Instead, they had murdered an older clone of my own son, who looked similar to him, and then had Tino later kill another of his clones and want to kill me too, and this is after Tino and others were raping me, and filming me in sex acts with Gary Goldsmith, to sell to people.

They hated my older clone and were mad at her and to "get to" her, they raped me and sold child porn of me.  Tino also became violent whenever I said anything against Kate Middleton and I had noticed and said, "How come you're getting so mad--you're my cousin aren't you?"  Who was there with him?  Michelle Obama, "Barry's" girlfriend and wife, and she was friends with Guzmans through their black kids.  They were all connected and I wasn't.  They were selling me.  I remembered Goldsmiths as involved by repeatedly thinking of "gold" and "black" to represent Goldsmith's and their black Jewish friends like Obamas, who threatened to kill my kids.

My lyrics in my song "Eye of the Tiger" are full of references to people who murdered my clone and son.  "Got the glory" referred to "got Loree".  I had given my clone and another woman the name of "Rocky" and the entire fucking Rocky movie series is another fucking rip-off of my ideas and I was asked to come up with the movies, plots, and characters.  They made fun of me.  Sylvester Stallone was to represent the SS shits who cloned people.  I had called her "Rocky" and they started calling Kate "Steely Kate" and she had "Steely Dan" on her side.  She also had Justin Bieber cutting out hearts and eyes with her.

My song "Eye of the Tiger" was #1 throughout several countries.  They LOVED me.  The U.S. denied me credit for my own music, after they even went so far as to murder my kids and my older clone, over their CIA bitch Middelton.

They told ME to help them cut out the eye of my own clone they killed--my older clone and they were lying to me about who she was.  They had told me "She's Katie" and yet they kept saying "we got the glory" and they were talking about how many men "had" her before she died, because they gang-raped her over Middleton before murdering her.  I saw her eyes and had said to my parents, "I thought Katie's eyes were BLUE, but this girl's eyes were GREEN and there was a BROWN spot in one of them."  It was me.  It was my older clone they murdered.  I am the one with sectoral heterochromia, not Kate Middleton, even though she also has green eyes.  They murdered my own clone, bragged about how much they had raped her before she died, cut out her eye and said, "That tiger is down" because her hair was red and they were saying "she was a fighter".  My parents were not even wanting to discuss it and then I was getting confused bc on one hand they acted upset and on the other hand, I saw one of them sort of smirking about it, like they were glad she was dead.

I should actually say, in the U.S., I saw someone on the ground and her eye color and people around, claiming they were going to cut, but I didn't cut and I didn't stay there and said, "No, I'll just back while you do it" because I didn't want to see it, if that's what they were doing.  I did see her eyes were green, but I'm not sure about a spot but I think so.  I am sure about it in England and they held up the eyeball after cutting it out.  It was an English or Australian person.

These people were supporting Kate because of the money she had already promised them, when she was't tortured--my clone knew I was tortured, and these people knew we had less incentive to pay them the way they wanted to be paid.  Not only that, Chris Dabney and Midldetons had already organized a group to control me and steal from me saying, "We don't have to pay her ANYTHING". My Dad, or one of the Bob jr.s, was one of the men who was asked to confirm she was dead.  Brian Gross was involved in it.  That shit had been involved in having my older clone murdered.

When I heard someone named "Frankie" was stealing my song and claiming he wrote it, I said, "Why did they get someone named Frankie?  Just because Barak and Michelle Obama, who were promising me they'd kill my baby, was friends with them?  Isn't he some kind of Mafia person and they gave a Mafia guy my song?"  I said, "And who is SULLIVAN?? like Patrick Sullivan?  are they giving my songs to a bunch of govt. related employees who work for the Dept. of Justice or CIA or something?" and then I added, "Or did they want someone named 'Frankie' over that woman in Wenatchee who works at an Italian place who they wanted to frame my son as trying to harass when he didn't?" I said, "OR, is Frankie for Diana Francis or someone, who should be in jail for having their kids participate in killing me?"

The U.S. then started threatening me to shut up and I said, "I am not agreeing to let ANYONE steal my songs from me and say they wrote them, or selling my songs without my agreement" and they said, "Shut up, or we can put you in prison, for ...you know, cutting out the eye of Katie." They blackmailed me, when I was a kid, to believe I had helped a group, the govt, cut out "Kate Middleton's" eye and it wasn't Kate Middleton.  They had cut the eye out of MY clone, of ME.  They made me cut the eye out of my own clone and then blackmailed me over it, to steal songs from me, telling ME I was the one who could go to prison.

Who was behind this?  A lot of U.S. govt. shits and William of Wales and Waleses and Katie and Dabney, and Amanda Bynes, this fucked up bitch.  I wrote the lyrics "Just a man, and his will, to survive" to code the names of Justin, Amanda, William of Wales, and Chris Dabney and a few others.  They had both Bynes and Amanda Jones involved in murdering her and cutting out her eyeball.  I also remembered Kate Middleton and the UN representive for Netherlands, who looked like Alvaro Pardo, this way, and Prince Charles.  They cut the heart out of a clone of my son and then made me help them cut the eye out of the clone of myself.  The CIA had all kinds of people there and they had William of Wales and Charles signing things and were confirming to me, that the British Royals were sold out assholes to the CIA.  There were Isralis involved too:  Netanyahus and Gellars, for just a couple of names.  My clones had hardly anyone on their side. They had some friends and then this other group want to upstage and intimidate them and brought over tons of people, not just that, it turned out there were a bunch of U.S. traitors against me and my kids.  They wanted me to be citizen, working for them and making all the money, and they wanted Kate stealing it all to give to them like their King Richard.

They also made me shout and cheer for the wrong team and say things to distract my own clones and family, so the CIA could make sure they died.  They murdered them.  Kate Middleton was cutting out a heart with others herself and I saw her do it, with a knife.

The U.S. also tried to make a hero out of a felon who had killed my kids, just bc I used a few things he said, for quotes in my song, since I was age 7, and a girl, and writing a song from a survivor male perspective, but the funny part was I included the idea of "queen of the fight" so it was "just a man and his will to survive" and then also "it's the eye of the tiger, it's the queen of the fight"  but I included this, because I was including the woman who died and the man who killed her.  They were calling her queen of the night to make fun of her and I felt too sick to even use that term so I changed it to mean of the fight, to think of myself that way too, bc they raped me there, saying, "take it to the top" instead of 'take it from the top", so Chris Dabney and others raped me viciously, throwing me over a bed, after raping my clone, and she died, and she went silent while they raped her too, and they were saying "you want to steal from the rich huh?  we can take it to the top for you".  I said "are you kidding me?  I'm the one who would be rich if you weren't stealing from me--you're like king Richard".  I called William this too, and Charles was standing there.  I remembered how they had paraded all these fucking "roses" around--Rose Farquehart, one of William's girlfriends, and Rose, Camilla's daughter or grandkid, and the Rose family. They were saying they'd leave one survivor from my family, just one, to roam around looking for his family that was murdered and I said, "That survivor won't be a lonely beggar, if you're thinking it's me or my family--they will stalk you, and I said, and if you murder my baby, like you're saying you will, the ghost of my baby, it's spirit, will HAUNT you".  The U.S. gave my songs to assholes who made fun of the meaning and wanted to say "the hook was so strong".  They were saying, while standing over me at my house, "the hook is so strong maybe we don't need ..xxx" because someone wanted to add an instrument and I said no, just leave it with these instruments.

I had the music, the rhythm, described the tempo for the start and said, "First, like a really fast heartbeat, like this, this fast, and staccato, and then after this long, then it goes DUNT, DUNT DUNT DUNT, DUNT DUNT DUNT, DUNT DUNT DUHHHH... and I said "not those words, but just making the sound for where the emphasis of the drums is or guitar noise, and I said, "It's like someone sawing on a log, first making a cut, and then back and forth and then a long draw, or like a violin."  I also directed the video and they didn't like it.  They said it's boring and I said well I don't need a bunch of cartoons--I want this one to be about the players and singers."

I wrote the song that "Queen" performed, "Bohemian Rhapsody" and they thought, let's use a Queen song of "Another One Bites The Dust" and these people wanted the Rocky movies I was co-directing, and which I had been responsible for coming up with in the first place (my idea, my plot, my storyline, and characters) to have this as a title song and I said NO.  I was offended bc these Kate Middleton supporters kept saying Katie is going to be Queen and then they wanted "another one bites the dust" by "queen" to be the theme and they were making fun of me and how she'd murdered my clones and kids.  So I said no, the eye of the tiger, because there was more content in it and I would remember more besides, things like what a fucked up cruel loser she was to slay innocent kids over her murderous aspirations, to be at the head of the CIA, with Camilla and Charles.

I said to this one blond woman, "Please advocate for me to the govt. people, I do NOT want that song by Queen to be the theme for my Rocky movies...please, it's really important to me, bc they are making fun of killing my relatives and wanting to brag how another one bites the dust."  So she did, and then I said, "I'm going to add Queen to the name of my daughters to remember she did this for me."  So here's how sick this is...Chris Dabney was saying, "It's like saying 'here's another one in the hole'" and then he saved this up, after raping me violently for weeks at his house, at a time, when I was a kid, and psychicly reading me and trying to practice making sure I couldn't read his mind, so torturing me, and then he raped me in 2008 and said, "Here's another one in the hole" and then the govt. had me impregnated and they murdered my unborn baby, just as they had been bragging they would do.

There is no way to stress how horrific the FBI's crimes against me and my kids are.  The CIA, Pentagon, FBI, and cops, all involved, but when I say "Dabney raped me for weeks" that doesn't detail what exactly he did, when I was this kid under the age of 10.  What was done to me, by him and also by others, even at my house is indescribable.  I have also reported a few hostage sites where I and my family were raped, that is even more local which I mentioned a number of times, and no one cares.  I wasn't just raped a few times, and not just in Oregon, with other family members--they raped my parents every single day, more than once a day, and they were raping me at least once a day and showing up at my house in M.L., over it too.  These Oregon people--it was like they had tons of gas to expend, and free time, and flights or something, because they were CONSTANTLY at my house in Moses Lake, and it's at least 8 miles from Oregon.  There are so many clones now, from the govt, they have all these "doubles and triples" and so on, with no work in the public life, and instead, they have all this free time and stalk my family, rape us and steal from us so they can be on welfare from the Garrett's.

I told my son, "It's eight hours between Oregon and where I live here and these people are coordinating crimes against me.  I said, "what else is 8 hours difference?" and he or someone else said, "I don't know--Russia has an 8 hour time difference" and I said, "no it doesn't, more like England, so why were you wanting me to think Russia when it's England?"  I said, "These clones are moving from Oregon to Washington, to Virginia and D.C. and traveling to places like England and Canada ALL THE TIME and they're stealing from me".

Going back to the Meiers house, Halea and Catherine Meiers house, in Lake Oswego, some of the people who were involving were Ed and Carla Israel, and some others....while my Dad, brother, me and my son were in a huge group outside in the backyard, there was a smaller group that stayed in the house and then they came out after my son was murdered.

Amanda Bynes has been helping the CIA (which includes Middletons) cover for Anna Chapman, and the other "Russian speaking 'Anna'" and lastly Anna Smith, for a long time.  Amanda Bynes looks like Anna Chapman.  They are more similar than any other govt. grouping.  They were using Amanda Bynes, in the U.S., to carry out torture and programming of me as a little kid.  I have been repeatedly, throughout my life, targeted by her and my clones and kids murdered by her and her friends, many times.  She is someone who cannot be stressed enough, as being seriously murderous, conniving, and dangerous.  She was also making phone calls, or pretending to, to Mossad.

She told me one time she was sorry and she wasn't sorry.  I knew she wasn't and she smirked when she said it and it was more to provoke me.  She then went from her apology to murder another of my kids in front of me, and had Kate Middleton rush into the room to take her place at the front, with a bunch of govt. people showing up.  This murder was caused by my pushing a little boy, who happened to stand in front of an open window, and I hadn't noticed.  I had just turned automatically, and pushed him, as I had been tortured to do, for almost a month straight, at a secret and hidden location where the govt. plotted murdering my kids and forcing me and others to work for them.  They wanted ME to commit the 'murder', and have it appear their agents and people had nothing to do with it.  I was being held hostage for this and Amanda Bynes was not involved in torture and programming of me, against my own kids (they were also using the same cloned kids--matching them to their future plots), just one time--there were at least 6 occasions where I was held hostage, for long periods of time, tortured the entire time and programmed to responds to discreet words and triggers they made me rehearse over and over.  They did it until the response was so conditioned, it was in the subconscious and would be carried out even years later, after long periods of no practice. This conditioning is called "programming" and they do this by torture.  Maybe some people get programmed another way, but I was tortured, severely, non-stop, and they practiced more than one long-term intense "session", at different times in my childhood and then used the triggers to have it occur.

Amanda Bynes and Anna Chapman are not only "Russian" (Bynes is also Russian in heritage...she's a Russian Jew), they are both "spies" and the CIA used both of them.  I was told to report Anna when I was a kid.  I had asked, "Which Anna?"  and the Anna who had tortured me, most recently, was this God DAMNED bitch who was practicing torture with Chris Dabney and Robin Bechtold, in Texas.  She's the bitch.  I was told, "Tell President Reagan about Anna" and I refused and Joy Tancer (a Jew) and Carol Goldsmith, smirked and looked relieved.  I had said, "Which Anna?" because after I was tortured by the real Russian bitch Amanda Bynes, who was saying her name was "Anna" when she was torturing and programming me, I was flown to D.C. and then told to hang out with "Anna from D.C., a Russian-speaking blond", and Anna Chapman was in England, although I had seen her in the U.S. already, a few times. 

Megan Jacquot is a bitch who works as a lawyer for the govt. and was used to call me mentally ill and act as a GAL, and she is friends with Amanda and helped program me to murder my own kids when they wanted it to happen, when I was a kid.  Ed and Carla Israel are also friends with Amanda Bynes, like Dabney.

"Eight", a code I used once as a kid, was to remember Amanda Bynes being the bitch "Anna" who murdered little kids and who was one person I was tortured by.  It was "Amanda" and "Anna" and I used "Eight" like "Hate" to remember "Anna" was "Amanda" without 3 letters:  m, a, and d, which spells "mad".  If someone is mad, they might "hate" them, and how many hours is it from Oregon to Washington by car and how many to Texas by plane and how many to England or Russia or Israel?  Hate was like eight with an "h", and if you combine the extra letters of m,a,h, and d, you get "Mahd" or, "Ma-Hd" like Mossad, and Bynes is Jewish.  She's Jewish like Kate Middleton and works for the CIA like Middleton. 

They tortured me and used me, and programmed me to be a "sleeper killer" who they wanted to use to commit crimes against my own kids and family.  My Dad told me to report her when I was 8 years old or so, maybe I was 7, and I didn't speak up about it.

I have a LOT OF INFORMATION about this fucking bitch Amanda Bynes and how she wanted me gang-raped, tortured on medical tables, and for me to have dead babies, and all of this was while using the claim that I was "Anna" too.

Not only that, some Jews, who wanted to make Amanda look like she was no big deal, after they knew I had forgotten about her, then brought her around and said, "We can pay you to double for Amanda bc you look alike."  I said I didn't want to double for her.  I knew the vibe and energy was bad--they were plotting...more ways to confuse me with the real spies and have me murdered or sent to prison for life, wrongly.  They said, "You have to get plastic surgery to have bigger boobs to match Amanda". 

When I didn't speak up about Amanda Bynes, to President Reagan, more of my kids were murdered, I was raped and tortured more, and I was also forced out of the country to Russia and then refouled with more accusations and hate crimes against me.  Not only that, Reagan said "Well then, it's Mary" and he decided Mary Donaldson was going to be their pick instead of me for something, and Amanda Bynes was free to be on the loose and dealing her shit with more shits around the world and Kate Middleton, not to mention...ahem...Mary Donaldson.  Oh yessssssssssss....

Queen Elizabeth II is also a fucked up dirty child murderer and she knew what Amanda Bynes did and what she was doing and had her over to Buckingham Palace all the time, and both Queen Elizabeth and Amanda Bynes have Jewish ancestry.  Queen Elizabeth was also plotting to have me tortured, raped, and have my unborn baby die.

Someone just deleted an entire section I wrote about President Reagan being blackmailed by Israel and Jews, and more about Amanda Bynes so I have to write it all over again.

If I had reported Amanda Bynes when I was asked to report her, she and her group could have been stopped and instead, they got away with additional crimes against me and my kids, murdering, torturing, raping, and coordinating blackmail with Israelis against me.  I was held hostage in Israel, at one time, and President Reagan was forced, by blackmail, over the phone, to release an Israeli hostage, and I heard the entire conversation, and also had to get on the phone and talk to him myself, and I was being held as a hostage.  This man was telling Reagan he had to release him, and send all of my CIA funding to another girl instead, and was telling him to agree I couldn't raise my own kids.

I heard Reagan over the phone and his voice was shaking and I could tell something was wrong.  He didn't sound like he was agreeing, he was asking me if I was okay and was I hurt and how long had I been there, and so on.

He agreed to their terms after asking me if I agreed to it.  He said he wouldn't sign anything and let this man go, on these conditions, unless I said it was okay.  He was being blackmailed by them and I was too.  They were threatening me there and I wasn't free to give any honest answers.  I just wanted to get out of the situation alive.  He was with the Israeli govt.

In addition, Amanda Bynes was being made to look like SHE was a "victim" and she wasn't.  She committed TREASON.  She had been torturing me since before I was even 8 years old, and what mean thing had I done before I was even 8?  An entire group was trying to portray her as "poor Amanda" and "Cameo made her cry" and I had been victimized by her, not the other way around.  I was questioned about what did she do to you?  and a few times I couldn't remember everything she'd done because they were drugging me, raping and torturing me and making me so afraid of my current situation, I couldn't think about all the things she'd done, and they accused me of being jealous or not having good reasons and instead, incited more hate crimes against me.

Not only was Amanda torturing me in the U.S. she went to Denmark to plot against me with Mary Donaldson, and discussed killing my baby and they killed one of my sons who was older, a clone, and they had me gang-raped and filmed it; she went to visit Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton, and plotted against me with killing my kids and stealing from me; and she held me hostage in Israel.

While she committed treason and ran around getting favors done for CIA Jews around the world, my kids and my family were put at risk and in danger.  I had also supposedly lost money or something on a contract Reagan signed over an Israeli man, and that situation and the blackmail couldn't have even been possible if I had reported Amanda Bynes and her group.

Not to mention, Joy Sterling-Tancer was/is Jewish and she didn't want Amanda Bynes reported and when I didn't, her son Mike Tancer and his clones, not only raped me and kept raping me, he'd murdered clones of my sons in front of me.  Joy had even specifically told me not to report or mention Amanda Bynes if I was asked later, in a deliberate attempt to tamper with children who were witnesses and victims. 

She is Russian ancestry, is Jewish, and works for the CIA and her code name is:  "Anna".  She also looks identical to Anna Chapman.  Not only that, both Anna Chapman and Amanda Bynes are friend with Kate Middleton.  Amanda has been one of her best friends for decades and Kate and Amanda used to torture me together.  Amanda traveled to England all time and Anna Chapman was living there.  When I saw Amanda Bynes show up there around 1986 or so, earlier or later, she was visiting Kate Middleton with Chris Dabney.  She made a curtsey before Elizabeth, talked with her for awhile and then met with Kate.  I had horrible things happen to me.  I also witnessed horrendous things there at that time.  One man who was also there was from Oregon and was involved in a massacre of my family (more info later).

Presdient Reagan did not sound like he wanted to agree when I was in the phone call with him over the hostage taking of me, with an Israeli making demands against me.  He was even threatening to put me in an Israeli prison if I stayed there, over "Amanda"--Reagan was blackmailed by the fact Amanda had not been reported earlier by me, when I was age 7 or so, and I know my Dad or one of the Bob jrs., DID report it and waited for me to confirm it.  Reagan could have also been blackmailed by the fact he'd molested me when I was little, because that was also something they hinted at and wanted to suggest over the phone so Reagan would act against me.

I had a gun pointed at me when I was "agreeing" and telling Reagan yes, I agreed with them and encouraged him to release him from being a hostage. 

This is all after this same Russian (ethnic) Israeli was responsible for a major murder against my own family. He figured if I didn't remember Amanda Bynes and all she'd done, because of trauma and distress, I wouldn't remember him either.  He had not only murdered one of my family members, he'd tortured me and had me raped and Kate Middleton and Amanda Bynes and some others were all there with him.

Reagan was in office by 1981, and Iran released 52 U.S. hostages over the U.S. releasing some people they wanted released and British and they had Amanda detained and she and some others wanted to murder more of my kids and after she was not arrested, she and Dabney and an entire group of her people, had several of my sons and daughters murdered--all clones and all people they figured would go unnoticed.  They killed kids of mine that were only teens or in their 20s and they also killed little kids that were mine.  They not only killed them, these shits, who ran around with Amanda Bynes, the Jew, and others, killed them in front of me and my Mom and Dad.  They said, "If you didn't catch her, she was going to get you anyway" and she murdered my clones and one clone, possibly, with red hair, and she looked like me.  She was screaming and saying it was Amanda and she was "Anna", and she was a witness who I could have brought into court.  I had several of my kids who said "We'll testify for you" and Amanda Bynes and these people, used govt. authority to kill them, accusing THEM of espionage or telling secrets.  They were killing people who were also able to testify against Amanda committing espionage in Iran, for Israeli interests--Iran didn't want other countries to know how closely they worked with Israel, and had made a huge purchase of missiles from Israel, along with negotiating several other things in Israel's favor, which was treasonous against the United States.  Kate Middleton was there with Amanda, making the deal in Iran, and with the Russian-Israeli man who later held me hostage in Israel, and they raped me there.  The British said they wanted to murder some of my family members in exchange for a trade of releasing 52 U.S. hostages held in Iran, who were mostly individuals who had plotted murders against clones in my family and had raped me.  I had named several soldiers and persons who gang-raped me and my clones and massacred us, and they were held hostage and released by shits who were organizing these raping and murdering parties against us, including Bechtolds.  These family members of mine who were murdered, by Kate Middleton and the U.S., including Amanda Bynes and a blond Anna and others, were counting on having my family that was getting sanctuary in Iran, to be refouled to the U.S. and murdered, for agreeing they'd testify to cruelties and treason by the U.S. govt. against their own citizens and against those who spied to plot rape and cruelty against innocent Americans.

Others who took part in raping me and killing my son and covering for it are Portland PD Brian Gross and Wenatchee PD Jim West.

I can write about more than one rape and murder by Brian Gross and Jim West, and their disgusting collusion to kill my kids.  I will save a place here....

Also, my "cousin" Rory was involved in an attack against a clone of my son.  He used to take me on motorcycle rides all the time and he was ambushed, beaten up, and bleeding all over the place and I believed he died--I didn't see him again and my cousin Rory was involved in holding a gun at him.  I remember several people who wanted to kill him, and it was over my money.  They didn't want him and me to have a "joyride" with our own money.

Then later, Rory took me on a bike ride and there was a green glass bottle in the orchard and he deliberately aimed for it, and then overturned his bike on me.  He jumped off and let the heavy motorcycle fall down on me and I was injured from it. I decided from then on I was referring to Rory as the "Green Monster" because he'd harmed my son,then tried to hurt me, like WIlliam and Harry did and others, and then he was at Granny's playing the song "Monster Mash" over and over.  Later, he raped me, in Kyle Flick's basement in Cashmere.  I witnessed a BUNCH of Middleton SHITS torture, rape, and apparently murder my son out in the hills above the orchard.  They had Catholics involved who supported Camilla and Parker-Bowles, shits from Ireland who supported Kate Middleton, and Scott Lewis was a motorcycler out there, and Laura Rose, and they had Rory and some Mafia and FBI, RAPING my son over my song rights and telling him to shut up.  Emmanuel, Josh (constantly motorcycling over there..like, what the fuck are the ROSES doing in my grandparent's orchard all the time??? stalking me and an older clone of my son??), Scott Lewis and Laura Rose; Fr. Joachim McCann and Santogrossi and Abbot and Fr. Brown (?), and Sean O'Neil, and a man from Oregon who holds hostages at 56119 n. Finley loop, and others, including Rory and Joe Bonnano and one of the Bob jrs, and Pablo Avila and Holly--assaulting MY son.  No one wanted people to know who assaulted him.  Even Ed Howard was there and saw some of it, and Rick Baken, Amanda Bynes, the bitch, "Anna", and Chris fucking Dabney.  Also, my Mom, and David and Victoria Beckham, puching my son in the guts for no reason--these people just wanted to intimidate for our money, and Kanye West..yes, that FUCKER went out there on a motorbike with Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lewis and the GOD DAMNED Middleton SHITS.  Mariah Carey was also out there,and they were mostly murdering my son and beating him up for saying "Don't give her your songs unless she agrees to pay you with a contract". He did NOT believe in the U.S. government ASSHOLES but oh yeah, Mariah Carey, this fucking loser bitch who stole ALL of my songs for her first CD, did.  My own family was killing him over that BITCH and all the dollar signs they saw over the money and profits from it. 

As for Brian Gross, he's a disgusting child pedphile and a murderer and so is Jim West and they worked together to murder another clone of my son, and they also forced me to hold a gun and shoot and then tried to put a guilt trip on me after Gross was murdering several kids of mine--Gross was also trying to promote Schneiders and Chris Dabney and Bechtold, and plotting to have them rape me.

Here's something about the "Gross" surname:  It's Jewish. German-Jewish specifically, meaning "big" or "tall".  He's been having me and my kids raped and murdered.

Additioanlly, Halea Meiers and Catherine Meiers are also Jewish.  They held massacres of my entire family at their house and then bragged about it and I saw Halea in Israel more than once.  I saw her older clone in Israel, negotiating with them, and then later, I met one my age and she left for Israel and stayed there for like a month, and I had such a sick feeling about it.  Like she went there to collect money from Mossad for killing my family or picked up more cash for spying on me later, and stalking me and "having to join all those terrible youth groups Cameo volunteered for at that church".
She was spying on me.  She followed my every move and there is no way someone wasn't paying her.  I mean, Halea Meiers had never joined any youth groups in the past and her clones never did.  She knew who I was, followed me to church, signed up for groups when I noticed her watching me first at church (I didn't remember who she was) and spied on me.  When I left their house, my diary was missing and had been stolen.  I never stole anything from them and I never have, from any house.

Other groups for my son to avoid are Peace Corp and Greenpeace.  Greenpeace is something I'd have theoretically supported, but my older clone did not and she had reasons for it.  One of my older clone was murdered by either a Peace Corp group or Greenpeace and then I was made a white dress with green dots all over it, for my kindergarten photos when I was age 5.  I would have liked the types of people at Greenpeace, but it was a personality clash at the time bc I was a hot-shot kid with a celebrity attitude sometimes (not always--sometimes I was very nice)--they thought I was "Material Girl", based on my Madonna songs I wrote and looked at their unshampooed hair and argyle sweaters and plain tees and thought they looked like a bunch of hippies with no make-up on.  The biggest problem which I wasn't aware of, is that they were Canadian-based and already supported Middleton, and worse, Prince Charles.  Charles was a big supporter of that group and they acted, politically, to undermine me as a person and they didn't have any problem stealing from me. I was introduced to Peace Corp around the same time and they were rude, made fun of me and gang-raped me, and I thought it was all because Forrest Tancer had been with them and since he raped me and made me do blow jobs, so would they.  Someone kept saying "It was Greenpeace people that murdered your older clone and I said ,"It was Peace Corp with a bunch of CIA people". She was murdered.  She was trying to lobby for me, saying I had a right to make profits from my own work and have my work product protected and she was telling people how I was trying to copyright my material and the government stole it from me and threatened me.

An entire list of William of Waleses girlfriends (exes and current) and their husband's families were involved, later on as well.

In addition, one of my clones was murdered by Granny and some others, while Granny was driving the car.  I was in the car when it happened and I was being electrocuted at some house, by an older clone of 'Granny' and had no idea there was more than one clone of Beverly Briegenzer.  No one in my 'family' was letting me "in on" any family 'secrets'.  I was the only outsider.  All of the other cousins were involved and my older clone went to visit her and had no idea the others plotted against her.  I was being forced, dragged to go see the older Granny and being tortured, and then the Granny I mostly grew up with, who may have also been a double (more than one of the same age) was also using an electrocution headbrace on me.  I used to scream at the top of my lungs, to avoid being tortured and would become hysterical.

In the middle of this, I was hearing references about "her", and "looks like her", and I was called "Loree" as well as Cameo and my older clone's name was "Loree" (my middle name).  I heard her being called a "Nazi" and they were mad she was friends with Erik Kaempka, Hitler's former chauffeur, who they then captured and forced into Nuremberg later.

Several U.S. individuals were involved in talking about this and to cover for Eric of Denmark (Prince Frederick, who went by the name "Eric").

The Greenpeace and Peace Corps murders (there were serious murders in both groups) were on 2 occasion, before I was age 5 and again when I was about age 9.

Incidentally, the name for the movie "E.T.", which I wrote and developed and directed, not only was for "extra-terrestrial" but for "Elizabeth Taylor" and to remember Kate Middleton through her initials:  E.T.

There is a lot to write about--a few things I'm just barely touching on, to make note of and I'll go back to add to it.

Other things involved a "Made Better" 'contest' in Sherwood, Oregon where a clone of my son was murdered and which involved a large number of people, and there were 2 "hunting" incidents where, in one, an arrow was shot to my clones head to murder her in the woods, and in another incident it was another weapon.  Greg Smith, who is a lawyer in Oregon, is an archer and hunter, and there was a group with a bunch of William of Wales's girlfriends, and Harry's.

I really need some international friends who are able to help me out with locating work that will pay me enough to get ahead for once.  After all they've done.

I'm writing in a few things that I'll fill in later, but other murders against my clone and kids also occurred while I was being "programmed" and tortured when I was little.  People would spook and panick, if they thought certain others figured out how bad things were for me, and they were murdering the people who would find out, or say something to me, or look shocked.  While I was being programmed, the U.S. govt. was recording me and what I said.  They were documenting everything.  I was only around age 3-7 when they were using videotaping and specifically, tape recordings of me while they forced me to say things over and over and while I was tortured.  I was also being forced to make false admissions and say nice things about people who weren't nice to me and who tortured me.  They were brainwashing me, and they used analog recordings.  They also had "Anna" and "Amanda Bynes" helping them, when I was even that young.  One of the women was related to my parents, and it didn't sound like I was related at all, from what I overheard by some and the way I was treated.

I was also told "she" was "Mike's wife".

These are some additional names of people my son should stay away from, who I witnessed raping him or murdering him:

The Rose family including Zachary and Elliot (they are clones and Zach and Elliot were teens-grown in 1980 or so, and Laura has had more of these shits)--she and Scott Lewis participated in murdering my sons to steal money from us; Carmen Wilson is related to them and married my "brother" Levi--she worked for the U.S. and Mossad; Beckhams (David and Victoria and their kids) are all clones and Harper Seven was a little girl already, back then, along with Charlotte Middleton, Kate Middleton's kid, who my older clone knew); Alvaro Pardo (raped my son); someone named Hameed or Hamid; A. Shay (murdered); Steve Kun (rapist and threatened murder, also murdered with gun);Sarah McDon (murdered, framed my older clone for murder, accessory to rape of my son, and videotaped rapes to use for harassment of govt. "suspected" spies);the waitress at Boiler Room (Coquille, Oregon) who looks like Yulia Tymoschnenko and has elf ear--she particpated in murdering a clone and kids of mine, in the basement of Boiler Room and the cook and boss showed up in Cashmere at my grandparents, with a knife and threatened me they were using Chris Dabney to murder my future unborn babies (my older clone warned me about her, specifically--she looks nice and normal and she's not--she's a hardcore, lifelong killer who tried to blame me for things while getting away with murders of my kids and clone, and holding them hostage to be raped while pretending to be 'cinderella' herself);"Daniel", who works at Fraziers, and his dark-haired cop girlfriend are killers and I witnessed them stabbing people and she held my parents hostage--his mother programmed me and held me at her house for him to rape me, and he raped me there.  Daniel "doubles" around with Justin Bieber and Chris Dabney and all of them are cruel, sick killers who hate me and my kids and have stolen from us and held us hostage(caged), programmed us, and used us--I was forced by the U.S. to be transported, for example, from Justin Bieber's house in Ontario, Canada, to then suddenly be at Daniel's house, when I was even very little like under the age of 6, and then at Chris Dabneys and they killed animals in front of me, forced me to kill things, and then attacked my family. They were also trying to have everyone else arrested, except themselves.  So they thought it was great to try putting me and my kids in mental wards or jail or acting like informants, while they killed people.  Chris Dabney also acted as accessory to a murder of one of my clones who was pregnant, when I was about 7 years old.  Fraziers raped me and murdered one of my sons, shooting him in the head because they didn't want him to talk.  These are the same "Fraziers" who own a bakery in Coquille, Oregon.  Don't go anywhere near any of those people.  The Beckhams have been working for the CIA, with Middletons and Waleses for decades.  They killed one of my kids and are rapists and held me hostage at their house after I witnessed their murdering one of my sons.  Kate Middleton was there with them, at the time, with "Charlotte".  Camilla Parker-Bwoles and Prince Charles murdered clones of mine as well and Tom Parker-Bowles is a rapist and trafficks child porn with Tomas Caballero and others. T.B. was used for Ted Bundy, and some of the men who were sticking fingers into my anus all the time were Tom Parker-Bowles and Tomas Caballero and Tomas Caballero worked with Chris Dabney and they were masturbating themselves while forcing me to insert my finger into their own anuses later.  Jeff Helfrich is also not my son's friend and is a murderer and tried to have ME framed as "Anna the Russian spy" when everyone knew I wasn't--he did this at an airplane manufacturing place after he got mad at me.  Chris Dabney and Russian-speaking blond "Anna", along with Anna Sloan Smith, showed up in Coquille, Oregon and were beating up one of my sons--they forced him to stay outside next to a tree in the bushes with only apples to eat and he had black eyes and one day they shot him.  Chris Stubblefield and Rozollo started showing up as well, in connection to harassing him, but it was Dabney.  I was also forced to stay there, outside for almost a week, with no food to eat but apples, and cops from Coquille and others were told to show up there and get blow jobs and hand jobs from me and they were telling me I had no other way to make money, and that I couldn't live outside forever, and if I wanted to stay in a house, to open my mouth and give them a blow job and then they were giving me like $5 for it.  Carnahan, Wallace, were just some of Chris Dabney's cop friends.  Chapparel is another and he was later directly supervising a gang-rape of me in Coquille, Oregon, with a bunch of govt. men.  Also, this man who lives over there in that area was raping me, named "Bob", like my Dad's name.  He lives on Finley Loop.  He held a gun at me and said "Are you going to shut up?"  Others who wanted my sons and kids and clones killed are Lorrraine and Tito Leon, originally from Chili.

I was held hostage at the Leon's house, off or near SW Barnes Rd. in Portland, Oregon, as a kid, and dozens of U.S. CIA, FBI, and cops and some British royals who work for CIA showed up there.  They are clones, and so are the Vices, and they have sets of clones.  I later went to Mexico with Lorraine and didn't remember her at the time, but it was the same woman and the house was the same place where several people were being tortured, raped, held hostage, and murdered.  People who showed up there to plot against me were Obamas, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Tracey and John Cardwell, Alison (a nurse who works at Central Washington Hospital in Wenatchee, WA), William of Wales, Harry of Wales, Alvaro Pardo, Henry (Tito and Alvaro's friend), some black men who I had to live with in MD prior to my unborn baby being murdered), Chris Dabney and his Russian-speaking blond girlfriend "Anna",and several more.  The Leon's were involved in more than one 'incidence' against my sons--I saw them involved multiple times, and they were stealing from us and they're killers and used govt. to hold people hostage.  The British-accented man who was in line with some "Colombian" woman at the Rockville Courthouse, prior to my signing a marriage license (and voiding it immediately), was also there.

The Clintons and Trumps are also not friends.  They murdered my clones and kids and conspired to use me to do it to my own family.  They showed up at my house and tortured and programmed me to be involved, and they worked with Kate Middleton, all of the Waleses and Ivanka and some blonds were friends with Kate Middleton already. I was raped by Bill Clinton, in a gang-rape, aside from his constant personal rape of me, at my house, and Hillary Clinton stood by and then forced me to have my photo taken with her after it happened.

I was being gang-raped and then the U.S. government was forcing me to have my picture taken with them, as 'souvenirs' for later, and forcing me to smile and act like nothing had just happened with them at all.  All of that, occured before I was even 9 years old, and it was before I went to Russia with an acceptance of an application for political asylum.

Edward Lee Howard alludes to some of this, discreetly, by writing about the appearance of "FBI agents" at his residence in Sweden, in his book "Safe House" and I had worked with him on his book while I was there, for political asylum, to have some things included that would remind me later about what the U.S. government was doing to me, and what they'd done. Rachel the Jew, Dabney's 'friend" or girlfriend, from D.C., who ran a restaurant and majored in Video games development at a college, was one of the individuals who did this to me.  She also murdered one of my clones, in front of me, with a gun, in the middle of a ganging up against her by a bunch of bimbos, in what I described as "Attack of the Blond Bimbos" because most of them were blond.

Not only were U.S. employees concealing rapes against me, and forcing me to smile for photos, they were making promises about how they were going to rape me again later, and my baby would be murdered, and so on.

Hillary and Bill Clinton specifically wanted me programmed, and then Donald Trump showed up to see how progress was being made as well, to program me to shoot a gun at their signals, after joking with my son about giving him a 'knuckle sandwich".  I was being raped by them and some men, tortured and raped while masturbated by them, using their knuckles on my vagina to 'rub' me until, they said, "she orgasms" (as an 8 year old).  They did this after they found out me and my son joked about knuckle sandwiches (punching someone) and then the next thing the U.S. govt. employees started doing to me secretly, was raping me with their knuckles--they raped me anyway they could, out of this intense hatred for my older clones and kids.  Then they let Robin Bechtold and Dabney "borrow" me and kidnap me to be raped and programmed more at their houses.  Hillary Clinton smirked about the murder of my son, later, and made jokes about it like putting her hand up to another younger clone of my son, to his cheek and saying "Aw, I missed", when she was there when they forced me to shoot my own son, who was older, and he died, after I had put my hand up to his face, like they programmed me to do, say "Aw, I missed" in a joke and then suddenly shoot him, with the gun that those fuckers gave me.

NO HELL NO should Bill fucking CLINTON be PARDONED FOR ANYTHING and HELL NO should Hillary be any president, or TRUMP.  Not just that, Trump was in on it because he kept showing up to see how the "training" was going.  They called it "training", and it was to mock me and make fun of my son trying to 'box" or how I liked boxing myself.  They also had Roses involved, and that family wanted it to happen.  I saw Elliot and Toby McGuire smirk over it when it happened and then they were forcing me to be programmed by more Jews, like Amanda Bynes, to kill or push my son over and out a window next.

Kate Middleton and William of Wales are serious GOD DAMNED shits.  I was trafficked over there and forced to LIVE with I think it was my older clone for awhile, who I liked, and then Kate was showing up to steal me and make me live with her and Wililam and spending time in the house I was in, programming me to never shoot HER or her KIDS and to kill my own kids.  I was also being tortured and forced not to shoot at Kate Middleton, by Mossad, in Israel, when I was forced to be held hostage there, under the age of 5.

And the entire "Lord Mountbatten" business, and talk about an attempt by me to 'steal his ring' occured after the Roses and Middletons murdered my older clone and then pulled her diamond ring off of her finger saying "She won't need that anymore".  Middletons went from killing ME and stealing from ME, to trying to frame me to have excuses for implanting me to be "tortured" by remote means.

My older clone had a beautiful diamond ring and they stole it from her hand, and she wore it all the time.  That happened in 1979, and Lord Mountbatten's event was like a year later, and then another was murdered.

One of the murders of my clones, at least, included Mary Ann McIntosh and her husband, Tomas Caballero, Hotchkiss, and Prince Frederick of Denmark.  They were somehow working with not just Middleton, but Frederick, and yes, Dabney was involved.  I told Mary Ann, after she murdered one of my clones, who her husband was raping every day (and visiting me sometimes too and then paying me small amounts of money after he raped me), "You have a BIG PROBLEM MaryAnn".

She has never gotten over this.  She panicked, back then, and knew it, and for a short time, people left me alone until she and the govt. conspired to find a way to frame me.  They were torturing and controlling ALL of my clones, and I witnessed multilple, extreme, situations with her and JONES involved.  Kevin (aka "Doug") Jones and his wife and family.  She also worked with Camilla.

The Thebault's, or Theiribault's, in New Jersey, also were holding me hostage and committing multiple rapes and murders there, at the same house in Bedminster, NJ that had once supposedly belonged to the McGraw family.  The U.S. govt. was using the place to host dozens of clones, most of them British royal girlfriends and their husbands--people like Arabella Musgrave, Nicole Hicks Loebecke, and others, Kate Middleton, Christa Schneider, Ryan Barnes, and more.

The U.S. had one of the Bob jr.s and Mike Middleton and or another man, then go hunt down all of my older clones and force them to give up their wedding or engagement rings and diamonds.  This occured in 1979-1981, possibly as early as 1978.  I told one of my older clones later, when I was about age 8, "It's like all these people from the govt. are trying to force my clones out of their property and they kept stealing her ring and saying this doesn't belong to you and forcing her to give it to another govt. woman instead."

The U.S. did not just rape me, and maliciously rape me, sometimes in what looked like secret, over "knuckle" stuff, they then decided to have U.S. govt. psychologists make it look "experimental" as if there was a govt. agenda, and they were sitting around to watch and talking about documentation of "sex in kids".  They had clipboards and computers and were making notes and observations of my being raped and my 'sexual responses', and they started doing this, after I was more secretly being raped by a huge group of U.S. govt. employees who didn't want someone to know about it.  Some of the psychologists were Dr. Alan Springer, Dr. Adams (Shannon Adam's Mom and Dad), Dr. Ruth (a sex doctor--the same one who wrote books), Dr. Peters or someone who worked with Alicia Peters' Dad, and they had William of Wales helping them make notes.  I said, "William is a doctor too?"  They were doing the same thing to me in England and with Prince Frederick and Mary Donaldson involved.  I then found out, I had been implanted to be tortured in these regions of my body.  It wasn't documentation of "sex response"--it was of my pain levels and responses to torture to my genital areas and stomach and back, by remote means.  One woman who showed up for this later, to watch, or two of them, were "librarians" who also worked for the govt., Connor and a red-haired woman with blue eyes who was close friends with Charlotte and Kate Middleton.

Others to avoid are Greg Fowler (G.F.)...he raped a younger clone of my son in a gang-rape, along with L. Bottaro, and Greg Smith, Dan Gatti, Robin Bechtold, Jonathan-Richard, Rick Baken,and on other occasions, persons attacking my son were Trent Myers (all of these people are clones),Bill and Megan Boyle, Pat (Rani Guzman's husband), Jerrod Garth (FBI),Jenny Garth (ironically), Jordan Peterson, Jordan (works at Logan's Restaurant in TN), Logan, Tim Henderson and his sons Issac and Jacob (Tim and Monica flipped out over simple comments from a kid, like I said Issac sounded like 'hi sack' and then I'd said, 'like harper seven is like 'her purse, evan'),Levi Garrett (he attacked my kids and clones over claims he was mad about racial comments, and helped have me raped and also carried the cut off head of someone who was said to be my clone--Levi was involved in multiple incidences of murders of my cloned son, and a few attempts against me),Chris Dabney and "Anna" and Arabella Musgrave and Florence were going down to the basement at my grandparents to confirm dead bodies, steal money from me, and pick up child porn magazines and on one occasion, they had heads chopped off of my clones and then Donald Trump went down to confirm it.  Gary Erickson's entire family is sick.  They were 100% involved.  Their so-called 'airtight cases' not only include shooting my sons in the head, but holding him hostage in cages, suffocating him until he died, and showing up to murder my kids in the basement, chop off their heads and then freeze them in the freezer for Trump and Middleton to approve.  Also, Scott and Lori Sandberg were there and involved (they were raping my older clone, Loree, and torturing me and holding me hostage and then saying all of my money could be sent to Lori Garrett, Scott Garrett's wife and they'd keep it safe in their bank account for me--they had my Mom writing out checks to me, initially, from Lori Garrett's bank account, which was being used as a trust for my money, supposedly, and then Sandbergs stole ALL of it and I believe, bumped off "Loree" so there was no older clone of me named Loree anymore, just "Lori"), Michelle and Barak Obama, and Middletons and Charles and George Middleton (GAL).  And it was either Jordan, TJ, or a cop Scott, or 552 EYC, who was there and then smirked saying "They kill their own family" like that's how my family would be written up.

They always had guns in my face, and forced me to kill, as a kid.  I didn't kill anyone on my own.  They even deliberately forced my older clone and Kate Middleton, to have a contest.  The CIA told me if I shot Middleton instead of my clone, one of the clones of Middleton vs. Cameo, then we could have our own money and I could raise my kids and so on.  So then, they made this deal, and then forced me to be tortured and programmed again, to make sure the person who 'won' was Kate Middleton and that it was my clone and her kid who were killed, not Katie.  They then held the contest in a govt. room, secretively, and when I didn't shoot, as they programmed me not to, she then aimed at my older clone behind me and murdered her.  The U.S. was enslaving me and my kids to be pawns of this Middleton bitch who was obviously a CIA asset.

The programming of me to force me to murder my son, was over incredibly crazy jealousy of the U.S. govt.  The CIA, Pentagon, and FBI had all of these "picked out presidential candidates" killing my kid.

Others to stay away from are Debbie and Steve Burt, Debbie Sweetwater-Burt, and Steve Burt, Richard Whittemore and the entire Mt. Angel Abbey group.I witnessed them murder many people, the Burts, and Debbie's daughter murdered one of my clones and sons, at the Moses Lake, WA house under the carport, and forced me to clean up the blood.  She was holding the gun and I saw her do it.  Years later, Debbie was asking me for money, saying they wanted to ask for a loan from me and pressuring me to get my parents to advise me to say yes, and then supposedly the U.S. govt. doled it out from the "trust" which had papers I wasn't even being allowed to see by that time.  I said "I want to buy my son a yellow corvette, a sportscar and have someone keep it for him until he can drive" and so Debbie and Steve requested the money from my trust, bought one, and then everyone in the U.S. and William of Wales, with Kate, took joyrides in it and never gave it to my son, ever.  It's not even their car.  They had told me they'd buy it in their names since they were adults and I had said "Why can't my parents, since they're adults?" and they were saying "Well, they get stolen from".  They took the entire Rose family and Dabneys for a ride in it too, and the same Roses who helped kill one of my clones and kids, smirked at me.  I said, "You're letting ELLIOT drive that car and it's NOT HIS".  I said, "I will REMEMBER you let George, and Robin, and Elliot and all these people drive a car I bought for my son."  It was like, they not only murdered him, and his clones, they wanted to brag about it and boastfully use his vehicle.  It's like all these people were crazy Jews trying to get revenge from WWII and acting like me and my son were Nazis who stole from them first, which isn't the case.  The Burts, who are from New Mexico, originally, are some of the "FBI agents" I was forced to pose with for photos after they raped me.  They forced me to smile.

As to the comment about "Our case against you is airtight", this is what Michelle Erickson said to me, over my son Oliver, in 2009.It is a reference to their several murders of my kids, and I mean several.  Ericksons have been used to hold us hostage, make child porn of us, rape us, degrade us, and murder us.  Doug and Gary, both, were dragging clones of my sons around, with T.J..  My older clone had already reported T.J., along with me, multiple times, and he was released from prison and allowed to keep stalking all of us.  Gary shot one of my sons, and another time, they forced me, after torturing and programming me to do what they wanted, to murder one of my sons and after it happened, they brought in a case of Budweiser beer and bragged that their "case was airtight".  They then used FBI to try to additionally frame me to cover for their murders of my kids and clones. My son and I had an idea to distill apple cider and have a distillery.  It's something I wanted to do with some of my money, as a business idea, and they made fun of us, stole from me, and started killing my kids.  They knew someone named Sean Spurbeck and had him helping them.  One jealous moron was Mike Sterling-Tancer. I said I wanted to buy their business and Joy said no and I said, "Well if I offer you enough money you probably would and I have more money than you do" and she said, "You'll NEVER marry my son!" and I said, "What are you TALKING about?  I want your VINEYARD, not your SON."  And I said, "You can take your son with you when you leave your vineyard, since he's not grandfathered-in."

The U.S. has been using one of their family members, to steal my kids through CPS excuses, and another woman who is involved is named "Pam" and supposedly it's a nod to Pammy Farquehar, whose daughter is "Rose Farquehar", one of William's girlfriends.

269 JVD (oregon)is the license plate for a truck involved in a poisoning of one of my clones at Tancer's vineyard in California.  I am writing that down because I just saw them drive by.

The Sterling-Tancers are one of my son's worst enemies.  They also worked with Chris Dabney when I was around age 5 or 6 and tortured me, to deliberately fry my brain with the intent of making me "not psychic" anymore.  I was tortured for a very long time, at a closed-in room over there, by Sarah Sterling-Tancer, Mike Sterling-Tancer, Chris Dabney, Rachel the Jew, Rachel Chandler, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and some others, including the Rose-Lewis boys Elliot and Zachary.  Not only did they spend a considerable amount of time, torturing me and programming me, but mostly torturing me to not be psychic, they poisoned one of my sons and an older clone of me, to death, and she died saying "Get Mike".  They were saying "It's Mike" and I had said, "Which Mike?" because from what I recall, on that day there was more than one Mike there, like a Mike Tancer and a Mike Middleton both.  Not only that, Joy and everyone had gotten mad at me, saying I was never going to marry Mike and attacking my older clone first.  It was over being Jewish.  Sarah Sterling-Tancer also took me into a room, all by herself, more than once, and found time to torture me, just me and her, while she screamed at me and held up a knife and said "You are never marrying my brother--you will never get his money" and things like that.  Or if she did, she was determined to keep me a hostage to her family so they could keep collecting money from profits made off of illegally stealing my work. 

Which is hilarious, not really, but I made more money than all of them and Sarah Sterling-Tancer didn't know it yet.  Not only that, I heard her, with my own ears, plotting to have her brother rape me.  She was with another woman, Kate Middleton, and they were saying Mike would rape me and they were acting happy about it.  They were also saying to another woman, "Don't worry, he'll go back to you--he just has to teach HER a lesson."  The torture of me was when I was about 6 or less, and the plot of rape was at least by the time I was age 7.

Sarah was also taking nude photos of me and I tried to report it to my older clone and son.  She was saying "You could be a stripper but you have to have bigger boobs" and I said "What's a stripper?" and she said "You can still dance, and you said you like to dance, just naked."  I started crying later, telling people, "All of these jewish girls are stealing my money, taking ballet lessons, and telling to buy boobs and dance naked".  Not just that, they were watching porn of my older clone, in groups--all of them, with women included, and making fun of my older clone, watching these videos and saying "Now that was an interesting position" and "What kind of a noise did she make there?"  and they were talking about what sex acts they liked from me, from my older clone.  One of the men involved is Chris Rozollo, another Jew.  I told my clone and told her, "They're watching movies of you naked and all they talk about is what one of them did to you and didn't do and what they like" and then later, when they tried to come up with a cover for that, I cried again and said, "You have all these girls and women getting married and all you're doing to me and my clones is raping us?  You're just using us, and not even wanting us to have our own houses and money or career--you just use us, rape us, and steal our money and then marry the REAL bimbos".

I said, "Why don't you just marry your bimbos first?"  and then years after this, after the U.S. raped me more, and forced me to have cloned kids, when I said no already, they said, "Well we will just make some porn of you for all the men to watch so you don't have to worry about any of the men asking you out or raping you--they'll get enough action from porn of you" and these women grabbed me, held me down and bleached my hair out, by force, when it was already blond, a shade of blond I liked, and they held me locked-in, with even Annette Sandberg using handcuffs on me, put make up on me, and then threw me into a bedroom and had men rape me one at a time.They had full rape of me, someone filming everything, and they stood around grading my performance, saying that was really good, it sounded like I really liked it.  They had flown into this massive, nuts-o rage, over my hair. I had said I liked it the shade of blond that it was, and I was going to keep bleaching it the same way and the rest of it so it would be long and blond, a sunny yellow blond, and they were trying to force me to bleach it platinum, saying "No, come on, do it like Marilyn MONROE".  In addition to this, they were screaming at me about Amanda Bynes saying "Why did you have HER bleach her hair out that white, and not you?" and I said, "Because it looked good on her with her skin-tone" and they kept harassing me.  The fury and rage over this hair color had to do with their fears about my remembering some of the murders of my older clones, and I also know some of it was jealousy, and the 3rd thing I thought was maybe they assumed one of my older clones did something and they wanted to get revenge against her by hurting me, which didn't make sense.  I figured holding me down and attacking me that way, had to be their way of forcing me to change my hair-color before I "remembered too much" and it worked against them.  And then to further work against me, they had me gang-raped.  That shade of blond didn't even match the other blonds in their group--maybe it was closest to Diana. 

Also, I had tried proving a point that Kate Middleton had tried to use me to murder someone and then attempted to say I was mentally ill.  But all of the screaming was over Jew Amanda Bynes, who was torturing me to kill my own kids, using code word "Anna".  I figured it was an excuse for something else.  Carolyn Besset was involved.

These people had me raped multiple times, vaginally, in full rape, after I was refouled by Russia back to the U.S.  Prior to that, I was being raped in groups, with their objective being to make a "7 year old girl climax" (orgasm), and trying to "turn" me on to "sex" at a child's age, so all of the U.S. govt. men and British and danish royals could rape me.  I was also raped by an entire group of monks from Mt. Angel Abbey.  The ones who raped me from Mt. Angel, some of them drove to my house in Moses Lake, WA and they raped me one at a time, maybe 20 of them.  They showed up in a van, carrying a huge group of monks.  Chris Dabney and Chris Rozollo, and I think a 3rd Chris, Stubblefield, were involved.  They raped me all at once and then a couple of them showed up all the time anyway, and molested me, and other times I was forced to the Abbey and attacked in a basement or private room.  Fr. Joachim McCann was one of the priests who was doing "knuckle jobs" against my vagina, to stimulate me to orgasm as a kid, while telling me to give him a hand job.  He is friends with Dabneys.  Not just that, I saw him in connection with Middleton, Kate Middleton, and Thebaults.

I was gang-raped by several groups like this, at my house, each group with a 'theme', like "the monks", "the FBI", "the protestant clergy", "the british royals and the girlfriends' of royals' husbands/boyfriends/aristocracy", and so on.  Aside from that, I was being privately molested by men, with the entire knuckle rub idea, with Mike Tancer, Forrest Tancer, Bob Jr., many Judges (Gillespie, Hotchkiss and others), and so on.  It was apparently another "Dabney" idea, because some of the sick comments they made were things like "here,here".  They also had "Indians"/Mexicans doing this to me, calling it an "Indian rub" and Robin Bechtold bragging about it with George Middleton (GAL), and Camilla's husband, Tom Bowles' Dad--the Navy man.  There were also Mormons doing this to me.  They were making my Dad do this to me all the time, after getting it started with them first.  They were also asking me things like "Which way feels the best?" and I was age 6-7 and they were doing this to me.  Later they were bragging to eachother about their styles for raping me and how they wanted to kill me too--one of them talked about killing me.   More than one held a gun up to my head after they raped me.  I was being raped by huge numbers of "community men" too and their wives?  all knew.  They must have hated my older clones guts because they hated me and wanted to ruin my life from the start.  They had their sons, husbands, and brothers raping me and they were smirking about it and encouraging this.  A few of them acted mean to me, like it was my fault, and they treated me like I was seducing their men away from them, when I was this vulnerable little girl--this is all before even age 8 and they acted like this.  Joe, with the U.S. Army, was a knuckle-rubber, and so was Mark Mc? from Boston, MA, who was with U.S. Army.  David Beckham was as well, and I was also tortured over Christa Schneider.  The Judges who did this to me, did this with motive for ruining my life.  William of Wales was involved, and so was Frederick of Denmark and Raul Bujanda and Armando Garza and some other Mexicans.

The people who wanted me to have clones of Oliver, control his Mexican family with drugs and human trafficking and one main group is John Kaempf and bullivant Houser Bailey, Richard Whittemore, Richard Meeker, and his friends, and another group is Middleton and Goldsmith and Camilla.  They were paying Mexicans to rape me.  I saw them give them money and go to their cabins and discuss things and pay them to rape me.  They also showed up and shot a few Mexicans who wouldn't do what they wanted.  If they didn't go along, some of them were hunted down in the orchard with a gun and shot.  And Dabney always carried a gun and was picking up guns with other military from my grandparrents' basement.  An entire stockpile of military issued guns was in the basement.  The U.S. Army basically occupied the house my grandparents stayed at.  The basement was full of guns, in piles and stacks, with ammo, sometimes cocaine, and child porn, and they had military cots set up for clones to sleep on and then Goldsmiths and Middletons showed up to torture people and interrogate them down there.  They also raped me and my older clone down there-Mary ann McIntosh's husband was forcing us to be photographed down there, making my older clone get nude and pose and then forcing me into sexual poses while they bragged the hair was "pure Marilyn Monroe".

I was being rejected by Israel, Canada, and so on(for political asylum), when I was raped like this, and called "mentally ill" by a Pope, and here I was, with my family getting shot down everywhere, and being raped, every day, and they didn't do anything or care.  In fact, they were leading it.

Others who attacked my son, or clones of him and murdered him include Portland PD, Portland and Seattle FBI, and a psychologist from Coos Bay, and one attack occurred at Zachary's bar.  They attacked me, my older clone, and my son, and one of the Dicksies and Bobs were apparently FBI agents or something, or acted that way.

Several murders occurred at 99699 N. Finley Lp, in a creek area with "bait boxes" to fall into and a shallow pond where someone could be drowned in about 3 feet of water, more during Spring and Winter.  The people who were making arrests or acting like they had the right, were all pedophile rapists who had been raping me and my kids.  I had witnessed some of them murder innocent people too.  I looked around and every one of them was a child rapist except for maybe one and I knew by personal experience.

Rachel Chandler acted like she was my Dad's kid, or one of the Bob jr.s, kids, and then one time I saw her holding a knife at one of them there, while cutting out someone's eye or slitting a throat or something.

The kid raped outside in a line up of men, with Leon's there, was definitely my son, a clone of my son Oliver, and Pablo Avila was there, and Valentine and the man who is "Danny's" Dad, a Mexican family, along with the others, and he was saying "Tio, help me".  He was raped by a bunch of FBI men.  Mike Tancer was one of them and he was fully raping my son in my son's ass and this clone of my son was only about 10 years old.  This was a group that included Bottaro and Shay and McDonald.

Mike also bragged out loud at his house in California, to an older clone of my son, about how he was going to rape me in the future and make sure I never had any money, and then they shot my son.  He then held a gun at my head and was about to shoot me and didn't.  Mike Tancer was constantly assaulting my son and trying to control him, raping me, and then murdering my sons, particularly, and he bragged that he was going to rape my daughters too.  He was also there, and friends with this man named Rick Steel who had a construction company called Steel industries or something.

When I later described how this boy was raped, who was my son, I had said, "Well I thought maybe he'd react more when Shay raped him, because he's tall and bigger, but I was surprised he reacted more with some of the other men, like Mike.  Maybe Mike has a big you-know, or something and hurt him more, along with some of the other ones...I don't know..."

So then later, when Mike Tancer raped me in 2004, with FBI going along with it, he said, "I didn't know how small you are."  Mike Tancer was shooting people just to shoot, whenever he wanted.  He was also premeditating controlling money and me and my kids by raping us.  He wasn't the only one who did this--there were several others, and Alvaro Pardo severely raped my son and looked furious when he did it, and was viciously thrusting.  These are Goldsmith and Middleton's pals, they're GAL-pals, and work for the U.S. and the U.S. govt. coordinated and arranged for these people to attack me and my kids. 

Eric Moore is a psychologist and a sniper connected to them, and this is another man to stay away from.  He murders people for a living and loves Kate Middleton.  He killed one of my sons and was forcing pills down his throat, and did this as a cover for Frederick of Denmark and Mary Donaldson.  FBI stood by, watching and letting it happen, incl. Julia Thornton and Laura Laughlin and Louis Freeh, James Cartright, Tom Parker-Bowles, and Middletons.  Jason Potter and Chief Potter (Tom) were involved.  Tom Potter was also a rapist of my kids.  The Harry Potter idea I came up with is a concealed way of writing about Tom Potter and Jason and rape of my son with Tom Vice and Harry and William of Wales, claiming they could 'teach people to fly' and making my son's arms flail out in front of him--they did this to make fun of Mike Middleton and his Canadian WWII pilot program that had a slogan "We Teach People To Fly".  They were doing this to me when I was a little girl about age 7.  Canadians and Aaron Burke were also involved.

Mike Middleton also held one of my son hostage in the downstairs basement at Cashmere, with Goldsmith, Jim West, and other cops and they interrogated him, tortured him and killed him.  None of my kids were spies or did anything wrong--they were being used and then killed when they tried to speak up about my being raped or another clone being raped and the U.S. govt. was excusing this and saying they violated "national security" and it was a lie.  The U.S. has been using illegal excuses to steal money from private citizens and steal their property and rape them and force them to have clones and be slaves for the U.S.

Brett McDonald is another person to stay away from--she murders people and I witnessed her killing people, by using a gun.  She was also hypnotizing people, kids, and programming them and torturing them and occasionally murdering them.  She murdered babies and she is with the FBI.

Also, with the rapes against me at my house, I had an acronym for remembering some of who was involved and a CD was made from it but I should have left the U.S. I was asked by my older clone and son if I wanted to live with them and I didn't believe they were really my family so I said no.  However, then Rachel the Jew was trying to say I should live with her and I never wanted to.  She then had me forced to live with Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn or NYC who also raped me and bragged to Middleton about controlling me.

H.C, H.S., H.C. matches the memo in "Safe House" for some of the content (p. 240).  It's for remembering Hicks-Loebecke, Harper Seven (Beckhams), and Hillary Clinton.  Just a few, and the side to side identical is for "Middleton" as in AL-I-CE   or GAL plus Catherine Elizabeth.

Who is Alice?  Will I remember you?  I will write more about this later.  But I have them all lined up in order of their appearances and they were bringing the Beckhams kid around, with Middleton, and Waleses, to rape me, back then. 

They deserve NOTHING.
Additional information as of July 11, 2016:

Most of the librarians at Coquille library are pedophiles who sexually assaulted me when I was a kid.  Not all of them, but almost every single one, including some of the PT workers.  They showed up and raped or assaulted me, or stood by for porn against me, when I was under the age of 9.  I also witnessed more than one of them attacking an older clone of me and raping her, and she was older than me, and it wasn't "anna" or "amanda bynes"--it was an older clone of myself and she was already a teen or young adult by then.  They were also carrying guns and I was threatened with being murdered by then, with their own personal guns in my face.  And I'm not "fuzzy" in my memory about this, at all.  They were showing up in Coquille at a house and also driving all the way over to Moses Lake, WA.  One of them is Anne Connor. She stood by and forced me to be raped, with a large group, until they believed I had 'orgasmed' and several decades in a row she's bragged about this by showing up next to one of the young men (clone) who was participating in this rape against me.  Another librarian is a man with white hair and he attacked my older clone not just me, and my older clone also told me "It's Anne" when I was asking her once who was attacking her.  In this one situation, they had forced me to have my hair bleached out and forced me to "have sex" with teens and men, when I was only 9 years old.  Cops were involved in it, and they were yelling things about "Howard" and other names, and stalked my clone.  Right now, at the Coquille pool, they have a group of kids singing "happy birthday" like in the past.  Well, they had raped me and said it was a present for someone.  One of the rapists was later, several times, stalking my son and my clone and I did get his license plate, bc he is the one who forced me to lie down and be raped until I "orgasmed" with Chris Dabney and his family, plates 833 CEM.  This man with plates 833 CEM then repeatedly showed up at my house, more than once when I was a kid, armed with a gun and threatening and personally assaulting my family.  After I was gang-raped, with my hair bleached blond forcibly, the U.S. govt., tried to create a cover and said "Okay, now we have that same person who raped you, we're going to attack them, via U.S. govt. 'hit' or attack by rape, to defend you because we were just trying to catch a bad person" and I had said okay I'd "cooperate" and they staged this event, making me tell someone to lie down until raped, even though they wouldn't do it, and they photographed and videotaped and audiotaped it and then said to me, "you're under arrest" and they then attacked me a second time, sexually assaulted me again with almost all of the same people, and used their entrapment into making me look bad as their cover for raping me vaginally and anally, and holding me down on my back.  One of the women who is involved stalked me again today, with the same boyfriend or friend, and in the past, the Wenatchee cops waited for me to blog about them, then 'sent the info' to Coquille and told Coquille cops to arrest me for "stalking" THAT couple, that had been holding me down and having me raped as a kid.  They were also raping my son, and clones of him, Oliver.  Before I was raped, I had said, "I will never marry any of you, and the Berlin wall is not going to fall down" because they said they were raping me until it did.  They also claimed they were doing 'favors' for me, by later documenting things--and said "okay you can do something to us, we want to help you" and they didn't--they are just rapists.  One of the cops involved with some of them was Henthorn--North Bend police were involved and they had shown up to rape me themselves and then they passed the matter over another Coquille cop, and gave me a citation as a kid, for disorderly conduct or harassment or something, just for being outside, and accused me of "stalking" the persons who had stalked me and had their entire group raping me.  She had even bragged that I wouldn't get a photo of her face, and she has blue eyes, is overweight (has always been), and looks like Kate Winslet, same face but rounder.  After I was raped by this group of U.S. govt. and kids, I had said, "Oh, so I see you're united--you can't marry me, so you try to unite yourselves to me by rape, to represent the united states?  which state are YOU?" and I pointed to one of them, and said, "So do you want to tell me which state you're representing since you just raped me?"  Some of the govt. adults who were there, clones, showed up again today, with Oregon license plates 107 EMZ (man in truck) and 403 HUT (woman).  Then one of the men told Robin Bechtold, who was there, "Get her Robin" and he smirked and he's the librarian I mentioned, and drives a truck with plates 128 BGN and I was outside getting a newspaper when he and this other rapist women who drives 834 EWC drove in, and then when the Berlin wall fell, after Robin raped me, forcing me to do a blow job, he made my Dad drive him to a newspaper stand like the one in Coquille, and picked up a newspaper with the headline, with several U.S. govt. men supporting him, and Mike Middleton.  There were other men also encouraging "Robin Bechtold" to "get me" including L. Bottaro and D. Severs or Steve Kun...a couple of men had shown up, also who were with the U.S. government.  The "Robin" they had referred to, was a younger clone of him, the same age as me, and the older one was also there.  They were also saying "Chris will get her" and smirking, and they meant Chris Dabney, and Joy Tancer had been there and Sarah, her daughter said, "So will Mike".  I looked at Sarah Sterling-Tancer and said, "Mike is your brother and you WANT your own brother to rape me?  are you NUTS??"  Sarah then tried to attack me with her nails, lunging at me and screaming.  She was later showing up in Coquille, Oregon, to stalk me on my birthday, at a bar in Wenatchee where they had karaoke, which is where I was stuck after I dumped Alvaro Pardo and was forced to stay in Wenatchee for the trial matter of my son Oliver.  She and some former IRA members showed up there, in 2009.

The Blixseth family was also involved in raping and murdering members of my family.  They were involved in music and held me hostage.

Kanye West stood by for gang-rape of me and while he didn't participate in one set of rapes, he did in another.  He was at my house more than once, and involved in crimes against me, of raping me and also threatening murder of me and a few other blacks were also involved, not just him.  Eric Knox was another and he was a "pastor" and his friends were the jewish "Lorraine and Rabbi Rose" family.

I started getting attacked by groups of people, including Middletons and British royals, over comments about "Deep Throat" because one of them, in England, mentioned this to me.  I didn't know what it was and after I asked, not knowing it could refer to "Deep Throat", an insider for Watergate, or a porn movie, I was told something about Middletons or to make a comment to one of them.  They raped me and then held a half dozen serial gang-rapes against me when I was only 9 years old, at my house.  I had said I knew of several murders committed by Middletons and British, involving water, after someone mentioned Watergate.  I had said, "What's that?" and then they started threatening me.  They also mentioned porn.

Middletons, Goldsmith, Beckhams, and a bunch of boyfriends and husbands of 'exes' of William of Wales and Harry raped me in one group and threatened to kill me.  I was also raped by Prince Frederick with Mary Donaldson and the CIA standing by to support it.  I was also raped with Camilla, Parker-Bowles, and Charles there and Diana. 

I was raped by another group that included people who worked at Logan's restaurant, who were involved with the main man who owned the chain and had lawyers sent to Guantanamo.  Jordan was one of them--Jordan was tall and a cop from Nashville, TN and he murdered people--he was working at Logan's in 2011.  They also held an assassination of an entire group of people there, at the Logan's I was asked to work at, in the banquet room, when I was a kid and Dabney and Anna were there.  Anna for sure.  It was Anna Sloan-Smith and her husband and some British people and her Nashville entourage.  Anna Sloan is "from" Nashville, along with some people Guy Pelly and Waleses know.  T.J. is also someone who was there, and he was constantly around in WA and OR.

Trevor Vice, another person who murdered my clones, was supposed to be prosecuted and they did nothing.  Also, Travis Vice, and the entire Vice family and Eric Knox, murdered one of my clones at the Vice house, after I was being forced to live there.  I kept saying "I don't want to live here! let me out!" and I was forced to stay there, as a hostage, and they tortured me all day and programmed me with the electrocution headbrace and molested and raped me, and said they were going to make sure I didn't 'resist" Brian Haines, who was there, and they programmed me to not fight raping me.  I don't know who Eric and Mia Knox are 'with', but the entire Vice family was U.S. Army.  Brian Haines or his Dad, were cops and military, supposedly I think FBI and I saw Knoxes at Portland FBI offices chatting about everything like giving their report of their nice work.  Jackson was also helping them, and he was half-black and my brother and black "Charleines" kid.  They murdered one clone in the woods, one in a room after/while programming me to be raped by Brian, and then another situation was in a group of them. I was being forced to give blow jobs and hand jobs to the Vices and Tom Vice was French-kissing me, as an older teen or 20-something adult, when I was under the age of 10.  I had said it was "gross" and then they invited Brian Gross over to assault me, from Portland PD and Brian Haines.  I am not positive, but in this group I think even Bryan Parker, from Wilsonville, Oregon was involved.  They were murdering people in the Parker garage where they did their "car restorations" with Mike Middleton and Gary Goldsmith.  All of the Vices were into "automotives" and things and so were the Parkers, and they were all murdering people and attacking my family.

I witnessed Vices murder my own family members, clones of my family, on two different occasion and I was being viciously raped by Tom Vice, and saw Tom and Travis and his brothers all together murdering one of my family in a room at their house after they had programmed me to be raped by Brian Haines in the future.  They were forcing me to not just "resist" him, but to invite him to do this, or they tortured me and they did this for weeks.  I was also held hostage by them more than once, so it wasn't just one time I was forced to live with the Vice family.  I was forced to live with them as they tortured me to be raped by Brian Haines, and before that, Tom Vice was raping me and then they were asking me if I'd marry Tom, as if that was a solution--all of this before age 11.  Also, before even that, as an 8 or 7 year old I was forced to live there, and as a toddler, forced to visit.  I was exposed to, and forced to respond to the fucked up U.S. Army shit Vice family and they are murderers, and pedophile rapists.  They were also part of the U.S. human cloning group, and had multiple clones of themselves, and "Eleanor Vice" was an adult in the early 1980s, and then a younger Halea Meiers married Tom (again) and they had "Eleanor", again, in approximately 1997.  They are all tied-in with the Rose family in Portland, Oregon.  Eleanor had red hair, like Tom Vice, and was one of a few redheads in the U.S. group but it was brighter red like Sarah Sterling-Tancer's, mostly. 

The Vices, and Knoxes, and MaryAnn McIntosh, came up with this "plot" for how they would have another Eleanor Vice and when I showed up at their NE Portland church to have a look or whatever, because I'd "remember", then they were planning to shoot me in a back room and murder me.  This is what they said, in the mid 1980s, and they had me walk through this building where the present and future church would be, and running the scenario by McIntosh who was smirking and saying, "You have a problem Cameo".  They had Robin and George Bechtold and the Bechtolds there too, and they weren't even church people.  And Monica Allen and Tim Henderson and "Carriesue" and one man said to another, "Well, (about the shooting of me they envisioned), that's if Monica doesn't get a little rock and roll from Cameo first" and they smirked and I realized they were planning to have Monica crash my car, with me inside.  The U.S. govt. was plotting to murder me, right to my face.  I had said, "What do you mean, if Monica doesn't get rock and roll out of me first?  like she wants me to write rock and roll songs?" and I knew that wasn't what they meant, because of the context and smirks and gestures.  I said, "So you're basically saying you want Monica to have my car roll on me, right to my face".

Jason Potter, who knew Bechtold, was showing up at Bryan Parker's garage for discussions and his Dad was designated future "Chief Potter".  I wrote the Harry Potter series, to make sure I included the Potter name into what was happening against me and my kids, because they were hosting visits with Middletons and Waleses and all of the British CIA assets.  They were having private dinners with them too, not just business meetings.

Others to stay away from (more details later) are:  Brad and Sonia Uhl (Knoxville, TN and Miami, FL; Washington state--DEA); Jason (a Ukrainian who now works at Coquille Safeway and who raped me throughout my childhood, raped my son, and whom I even saw raping my Dad or one of the Bob jrs.); Darren Hughes; "Dr. Christopher Hughes";  "(Dr.) Chris Dabney (he's murdered 3 of my babies); Daryl; Sean O'Neil; Jeremy Keen (lives in Corvallis, OR); Andersons, including cop Anderson and Sharon Anderson's family; Sarah Coles and Leslie Evans, and Kathy Kirscher, Plames (Valerie Plame); Matt and Gail Hudson; "Feta" (Greek-American woman, tall, connected to New Song Church) and Anne-Marie; Marianne and Joey Blazer; Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt; some Eastern Indians connected to CIA--one of them involved in a murder of one of my clones under the carport at my house in Moses Lake, and living in Oregon and still driving an OR plated car, short, friends with Bechtolds, came to my house forcing me to make ideas for my own hostage situation, was in CA as well); B.D. (you do NOT want a "buddy" system); any of the "Duncans" including Anne Duncan (an author); George Galliers-Pratt (husband of Arabella Musgrave); any of the Davises incl. Aaron and Heather Davis (Sherwood, Oregon); Ed and Carla Israel; Doug and Jack Foley; Bill and Linda Krouger (the Krougers who live off of Baker Rd., Sherwood, OR); Patty Otterbach and her family; the Judy and Rich Roark family and Stacey Roarke's husband;  Mariah Carey, Jim and Holly Carey; Scott Sanborn; Scott Davis; Scott with Farmer's Insurance; Donna Ciaramella; Mike Snow with State Farm; Scott Garrett; Scott Sandberg; Jim and Shirley Sandberg family incl. Annette;  The Tami and Alan Springer family including all of their cloned kids (Alison Springer, for example, who was younger than me in the 1980s, had an older clone of herself who tortured me, that was older than me, i.e, Scott Springer also had an older clone of himself and they are torturers, rapists, and murderers);  Donna and Tim Titleman of Sunnyside/Cle Elum, WA; Bob and Debbie Chandler of M.L, WA; the Lermans; Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis; Leibrects; Alan Jackson; the Leibermanns; Kouthke's (Shawn); the Sellens (related to Maiers family); Gina Davis; Adam Waters (reporter); Halvorsons and Kelly Halvorson's German-American husband; Scott Halvorson;

more later
July 12, 2016

More individuals to stay away from include Ben and Sarah Netanyahu.  They coordinated a murder of one of my clones in Israel and then while making fun of "lost milk", and promoting their Jew girls, they gave Sarah Netanyahu a latte with soured milk in it, smirking at her.  I only found out because I happened to say "Let me taste it first and make sure it's not poisoned" and the woman had been giving her a wink and nod sour milk latte after the murder of my clone.  I also saw her being dismembered and Gary Goldsmith was there, with Mike Middleton, and involved and they chopped off one of her legs and handed it up saying something to Chris Dabney. I would recommend never going to Israel because it's a lost cause.  Only bad things will come to my clones and kids there.  After murdering one of my clones, after they'd held us hostage there off and on, and done operations on us, and stolen money, they were then coordinating to murder my unborn baby in the future.  They also forced me into a mental ward in one of their hospitals, when I started saying Kate Middleton worked for the CIA and Joy Sterling-Tancer was a Mossad employee.  I was let out, but there were other people there who probably never get out.  They will hold anyone hostage who dares even suggest "Mossad" membership.

Dabney was also involved in a murder of my sons and a clone of me at the Art Center in Coquille, and they then raped me vaginally and he and Mike said "Don't mess her up too bad because I don't want to vomit if I have to look at her later".  Chris was also telling Pat Weaver, who is one of the women who was involved, to make sure she and the others drilled me hard, with the electrocution headbrace, to not take Dabney's hand when he offered it because, he said, "I do NOT want to marry her so make sure she says no". She and others there were part of the plot to have a scheme to fool the world (or unknowing persons) into believing Chris Dabney is this nice, innocent guy who offered to help out after he impregnated a woman.  He's a shit, and so is his Dad and from the time I was 8 years old, they were bragging about impregnating me after raping me and how they'd never get "sued" by me or pay for even medical damages or bills or funeral costs.  This entire scheme was practiced, with programming and torture of me, by the Netanyahus and some of Mossad in Israel, Middletons and some of William and Harry of Waleses "ex-girlfriends"/wives, the Coquille Art Center, Deena from the Mills Casino with Coos Bay CPS people, Lorraine Rose and some of her friends including cops/FBI, and Robin Bechtold and some L.A. celebrities--I was also programmed and tortured at the Post Pub, on the location they wanted to use for this, and by NYC police and FBI who knew both Alvaro Pardo and Dabney.

Eric Knox and Mia Knox and the Vice family was also involved in doing this to me, and I was gang-raped at New Song Church in the early 1980s, with a group of men that included the pastors of the church including youth leaders, and they were inserting like 2 fingers or more into my vagina and using a "sawing" motion, back and forth, to rape me and try to stimulate me, and each of them took turns, forcing me down on my back, laying on top of me with others watching, and raping me with their penises or hands.  One of the men who did this, was Eric Knox and he was claiming he did it to "help you remember Greg Dillon's name".  Greg Dillon/Dylan was a computer programmer who also raped me and programmed me, and he knew Chris Dabney and Rachel the Dept. of Justice Jew that Dabney dates.  They had other cops, military, and FBI there including, for a fact, Greg Fowler.  More than one FBI agent was present and raped me there, vaginally.  Greg Dylan had raped me and targeted me for programming more than once in my life.  He was an active participant in govt. crimes against me and then tried to act like HE was a 'victim' when he wasn't.  He was always an adult and I had been a kid.  Eric Knox and Vices were also working with Brian Haines to have me raped by him later, after he had participated in dismembering one of my clones in Israel with Netanyahus.  A "group" from New Song Church and some govt. people went over on an "Israel tour" with Roses, and did some work over there and put a hit on my clone and chopped her up.  Then they had Mike Middleton saying "Send this piece to X" and someone said "Such a thing had not been seen in Israel.." and they were chopping up her body to send pieces around Israel and elsewhere, in imitation of some Old Testament act.  Then later, after chopping up a body of my clone lying on a table in Israel, Brian Haines was raping me at a basement in his house, putting me on a high table first to do it, and it was a location I had been raped when I was a younger kid, like around age 6, by numerous men.  They also had women raping me there at New Song, like Jen Schilling, and she was shoving her fist into my vagina repeatedly and they were saying "Jenny packs a good punch".  Jennifer Schilling were also in Israel, with Middletons, and they were involved in murders and she had been making fun of me and tormenting me years before that, in Florida, while visiting some of the Garrett family members and Chris Dabney appeared there as well.Jennifer was constantly harassing me, telling me how dumb I was, making fun of my personal appearance with others, and just harassing me, and then they were torturing me, not programming me, torturing me to not learn math or English or anything intellectual, because they had this "Jewish superiority complex" going.  I sang with her later at church and I didn't remember her and the entire time I was nice to her and everyone and after a couple of solid years, being nice to her, she was still a bitch to me, and handed me a card with a comment about how I was going to lose my baby. She gave this to me after I one day made one comment she didn't like, and after she did this, she and her husband fled the church and moved out of the state.  I mean, I was a KID to start with, and these people were so fucked up, they could never act like, or be, normal people.  They were always looking for some reason to be hateful and commit crimes against me and my kids and clones.  My older clone told me she and Sarah Sterling-Tancer had jealousy complexes over our singing voices.

I had actually tried to flee to Russia after all of this because the U.S. government was using everyone and anyone, to gang-rape me, with no reason.  There was absolutely no reason or cause for any of it.  I was an 8 year old, 9 year old little girl, and they were raping me and it was just getting worse, and while they did this to me, they were dragging me all around, and literally luring over other clones of ME and of my kids, and there were a lot of them, and they were systematically murdering them.  Basically, like you see in the movie "Bladerunner" where someone goes out and finds "clones" or "robots"-duplicates, this is what the U.S. govt. was doing to me...raping me, severely, with no purpose, not that there ever is, and stealing massive amounts of money from me and forcing me to give credit for my songwriting work to total shits who didn't write even a line.  I was writing all of it, and being stolen from, and then all of my clones were getting murdered.

Jennifer Schilling was also at a location near "Forbes" Rd., with the Maiers and a number of others, to rape me in a hot-tub and I was gang-raped and they had the entire tub full of condoms floating on the top after raping me and it was Middletons and CIA assets from England and the U.S. involved, along with some celebrities they gave my songs to (like Mariah Carey and her producer is a hitman who has stolen many of my songs, for several labels and artists--many of these producers were managing more than one shitty artist who plaigerized my work.), Paris Hilton and Hiltons, Nikki, Blixseths. Librarians from Coquille and business-persons and cops were involved, and CTR Business people, and a bunch of William of Wales and Harry Waleses family and girlfriends (including Charlotte and George and one other girl that the Waleses had, aside from Charlotte) and Camilla Parker-Bowles and her family.  Also, Arabella Musgrave, Carley Massey-Birch, "Anna" from D.C., Amanda Bynes, Anna Chapman, Florence, Anna Sloan-Smith, several others ex-girlfriends...and Nikki from D.C. (Dabney's friend) and her entire family.   People from Nashville, TN were there, and govt., "Pink" and her husband, John Gotti, John and Linda Hartley, Judges, Fraziers, the Wagler family, Kyle Flick, Logan's employees, the entire Clinton family with Chelsea's husband who is Jewish, Mark Shaw, the Trump family, Cruz the presidential candidate and Tom and Nicole Cruise with her next husband and Tobey Keith, Tobey McGuire, Jennifer and Ron Meyers from NBC, Halea Meiers family, Shakira and her family, Alvaro Pardo, Don Pryzbyla, Shawna Morgan, Jecca Craig, Nichole Hicks-Loebbecke, Rose Farquehar, Hays, Isabella Calthorpe, Fergusons, Jessica Simpson's family, Carol Skeeters, ...Frederick of Denmark and Mary Donaldson and Donaldson's were also there.  Several of my extended family members also were around including Rani and Pat and Ivory and Jarred, Locklyn and David Sanchez, and also a New Song govt. couple named "Chaz" (black woman) and her husband who was 1/2 black.  Dr. Deidre Burton, and Shirina Edwin Garibaldi.  "Chuck", and Lesley Allan and Kathy Kirscher, the Coffee family and J.T. and his family (youth pastor). Heather Klein and her family, and Anne-Marie and Jennifer Schilling.  Erica Wiltbank's family, Roger Harris and Heather Davis's family.  Patrick Sullivan, James Comey, Dick Cheney, Carl and Mary DelBalzo with Sarah and Angelina, Carla Antonella, Russ and Olga Strong, Lorraine and Tito Leon and their families, Dan Gatti and Greg Smith, Daniel (works at Fraziers), Britney Spears and Linda and Justin Timberlake, the Monica Allen family, Shannon Adam's family, and the Alicia Peters family and Bechtolds.  Vera (Portland, OR mayor) and Jonathan Katz, Elizabeth Shuemann, Schneider family, Gwyneth Paltrow, Dave and Vicki Beckham, Chris Martin, "Apple",  Sheila and Rick Steele, Debbie and Steve Burt, Ballingers (Lonnie, Erica, Christy, Jordan), Mike and Debbie Olson, Nancy McKusker and her husband, Alan Springer, and Jerry Springer (t.v. host), Paul Cassel and Tomas Caballero, Erickson family, Dr. Chris Hughes and a Hughes WA state cop, Sandbergs, Dr. Stuart Freeh, Ryan Barnes, Leon Panetta, John Kaempf and Irene, the Blazer family, Maryanne McIntosh and her husband and Jen and Doug Jones, Amy Nelson (Sherwood High), Amy Roe, Basil, Richard Meeker, Dick Whittemore, cop Anderson and Sharon Anderson's family, Trina Williams, Helfriches, Thebault family, Yerxas, Zamoras, Bill Murray (actor), Nora and Barry Krevans, Gatovs, Peter (Princess Anne's son), Dempsys, Trisha Yearwood, the Judds, Reba McIntyre, Marshall Mathers and Corey Mathers, Britney Murphy and Simon Monjack, Anne Crane and her husband, Dr. Crane (Wenatchee), Barry Sterling, Lindsay O'Neil and her family (including Chase O'Neil),
"Alexander" (Russian), Anitra Strickland's family, the Maybrees, Steven Mays, Ellen DeGeneres, the Palin family, Scott Ross, Nick Fanelli, Another youth pastor, "Jason" was there, and Jason Potter and his Dad, and family, and Ukrainian Jason who works at Safeway.  Tiffany, Alan, and Larry Galizio and his wife, Melania Trump (particularly cruel), Marla Maples, and Ivana and Dabney's mother and her black womanfriend who is a next-door neighbor and friend of Michelle Obamas, and Michelle and Barak Obama and their kids. I was not just gang-raped inside of a shop there, by more than one group, forced to "kneel", seriously, and 'bow down' while being raped in the hot-tub, with some of my kids, in Coquille (it's off of Hawthorn Rd.).  They also forced a Bob jr. to do this, and at one time, they said they were forcing us to be raped back-to-back to represent "Cambridge".  Afterwards, instead of reporting the crimes, the Middleton family showed up the next day, and told me to get up and I was supposed to help the U.S. clean up the place and Middletons stood around watching me.  They then said go ahead and place things wherever you want and used this as an opportunity to let Middletons mind-read me and practice making predications about what I would do.  I had to pretend like all of this was no big deal because I had a real concern they showed up to finish me off and murder me there the next day, and it was mentioned, actually.  Prior to this, one of my sons was chased down inside of this building and shot and murdered and I was there and almost killed myself.  It was my son, for sure, and then the British royal family and others went to a house next to this place, and murdered another clone of my same son, and then there was one of him at a younger age, hiding in a closet with a lock and they opened it and raped him and killed him, and then pushed me down and raped me while pushing me over onto his body.  They told me to hold onto a "hook" that was on the inside of the door and then said, "That won't work.  Bend over and grab your ankles" and then they pulled my pants down and Kate Middleton was there.  She was 100% involved in all of this and someone told me they had gotten photos of her there, as an accomplice and accessory to murder.

They used this same house, for an earlier assassination and murders, senseless murders, involving George Bush, where they tortured an older clone of ME, and a clone of my son (same clone of Oliver), and then hung them from the ceiling.  They died from hanging.

The "nurse" who died from a hanging while attending Kate Middleton, in England, who supposedly committed "suicide" after talking about Middleton to the press or over the phone, was most likely murdered by Katie herself.

Kate Middleton forced me to hang someone, telling me to keep pulling on the sheet as others raised them up in a noose and she was smirking about it as I said, "Like this??"  She was forcing me to work for her, in murdering my own family and knowing I didn't even know it was them.

She was also involved in cutting up one of my clones faces, and they were bragging it was "death by 1,000 cuts".  I had said, "You're really my clone?" and she nodded and I looked in her eyes and said "Well you maybe have my same eyes, but how come your hair is blond and red and all different colors?"

Kate Middleton was also involved in a murder of one of my clones, with Chris Dabney, in Florida, where they were visiting some Garrett relatives and my clone and me and after she was killed I had said, "I thought Katie's hair was brown" and they had lied to me, telling me the person being killed was Katie Middleton, and the liar was Chris Dabney.

Dabney was also at the shop where I was gang-raped and forced to bend over while being raped, and he was involved in a shop murder of my son.

Cops tried to cover up what had happened by re-enacting the entire scene using men who looked similar to my son instead, and faking murders, there was no blood and no real deaths with them and a couple of times they smirked to the other person who was helping them.

Another murder of one of my sons which involved Dabney, later at least, was at the basement of Herm Danielson's house, and in one of the murders of my clone, both Stacey Lowe and Megan Jacquot were involved.  The U.S. then used them to "represent" me as public defenders when there is no way they'd ever "defend" me.
July 13, 2016

Other things that happened involved the U.S. government raping my son and me and some others at the Coquille public pool, inside of the dressing room.  They also murdered one person, and they had all kinds of high officials there to cover what was done.  I was forced to bend over a drinking fountain and raped repeatedly.

I was also targeted at the Cashmere pool in Cashmere, WA, and a large group of individuals from British royals and CIA U.S. clones were there and Secret Service and cops and FBI.

Additionally, a room in my house in Moses Lake, WA was used by the U.S. government to hold my kids and a clone of me hostage and they were gang-raped and paying people to do it.  The house was remodeled after this happened to have me forget about it.  One of the murderers involved was "Daniel" who currently works at Fraziers in Coquille, Oregon and has a large octopus tatoo on his body now, and he was with Gary Goldsmith at the time.  There were others including Brian Gross and Jim West, Jim Sandberg and Scott.

Chris Dabney was also involved in all of this, and Chris Stubblefield, and Bryan Parker and many others.

Then the U.S. tried to frame my clone, my older clone, and she was advised to lie to FBI for a "cover story" and say she prostituted or had sex "for the money" when she was raped.  After she was forced to say this, they took her around the corner and were arresting her or something and I said if you do anything there will be a problem and they said no there's not and I heard gun shots and they said, "No problem now".  I was then, years later, forcibly raped in Austria and possibly a part of Germany, and porn was made of me, and they forced me to make noises and act like I liked it.  Several of Chris Dabney's friends were involved in this.  The Dabney family murdered multiple individuals of my own family and they didn't just murder, they held people hostage and tortured them and organized gang-rapes and excuses for stealing their money.

My clones and cloned kids were screaming and trying to see me from a window that was between the utility room to the livingroom (before the convenient FBI and CIA remodel which had James and Chris Dabney and James Comey, and John Kerry and Heinzes organizing to have it done, and Middletons and Lynda Carter, one of the times, and the U.S. govt. started raping me in one room and had them watch, unable to do anything and were then raping them too.  Anne Connor was also involved in this, over there, along with a woman who looked like her.

Then I was asked to color the hair of a few people and when I did this, one of my clones whose hair I colored, was shot, and my son was gang-raped and shot.  An older clone of my son was also murdered there.

Robin Bechtold was usually involved in some way, with all of it.

At yet another situation, the U.S. govt. organized a hit against one of my cloned sons and Armando Avila and Trevor Vice and some men held my son in front of a group of people, a large group, and stabbed him in front of me.  Armando and his "wife", Lisa, who is extremely corrupt, along with her pedophile father, got away with all of it and celebrated having a newborn baby of their own after they did this.  She was also telling me, along with FBI, that I had to carry babies for HER, for "princess Lisa", and they were telling me I didn't have a choice and I had to carry her cloned girls like a human incubator, and the FBI forced me to talk to them after they had murdered my son in front of me.  Pablo Avila, also wasn't helping at all. Even Russia knew "Lisa" wasn't my friend.  She was involved in murdering my son and then trying to use me as a womb, as a slave to deliver girls for her.  Not only that, then the U.S. raped me later, implanted me with clones, and forced me to deliver babies that they were then shipping over to Armando and Lisa, and then forcing them to be adopted away from there, to hide them.  Lisa was chatty with Chelsea Davies and Harry of Wales and I know, for a fact, my sons did NOT get along with "Harry", EVER.  I was also forced to live with Armando for awhile, in a house he had supposedly bought, and I was sexually molested by him, and Andres, like his Dad Pablo had done.

There is no way my son, Oliver Garrett-Avila, is related to the Avilas. I  witnessed more than one murder, BY the Avilas, against clones of my son, and it wasn't his Mexican "friend" they were murdering, "Danny", it was my cloned son Oliver.  They also had my brother involved with helping them do it.

The U.S. and FBI had all kinds of people involved including Joe Bonnano, Gottis, Camilla Parker-Bowles and Middletons, Sophia Vergara, Prince Edward and Sophia, Armando Garza and Bujanda, and random people you wouldn't expect--the Baldwin brothers, and Susan Sarandon, for example, and then a bunch of FBI people, Maryann McIntosh, and Megan Jacquot and her husband.  Megan Jacquot and Richard were involved with other clones, in murdering my son over money--it was all over stealing credit away from me for my songs and music.  All of it--they were wanting to exterminate all of my family members who said I should have credit for my work, and money, bc I was going to share some of it with them, and the U.S. was raping us, not the others.

Before I ever made money with songwriting, I was being held hostage in a location, as a toddler, that was entirely German-speaking.  I was under the age of 4 years old, and I was being kept in a locked up room with some other adult clones who cried and screamed and it was like this small closet and concrete all around, like a closet sized prison cell but with no bathroom or facilities--smaller.  And then sometimes we were moved to another location, by Dabney was one of the shits showing up to make fun of me, and a Bob jr.  And the Bob jr. involved, only spoke German.  He knew German fluently, along with the people he worked with.I don't mean he knew a few words--he knew the language well enough to speak German the entire time, to Germans and German speakers.  He was saying, to the adults screaming and packed in with me, he was making sure I NEVER had any of my own money and the U.S. was making sure WE were slaves to the U.S. forEVER. He was sniping that I was never going to be allowed to raise my own kids either, and no, I'm not mistaken that it was or was not my Dad--or a Bob jr., rather, it was a Bob Jr. who stood there and said this, and he was full of hatred and mean hard malice and had these other U.S. and "German" (apparently) people around.

The CIA and U.S. Army and so forth, would not even allow a Bob Jr. to live with me for awhile after this, like an entire year.  I was living with Ed Howard, Mary, the Spencers in England, at a castle/palace with British royals, and then moved to Moses Lake sometimes, but only with Dicksie in the house.  They wouldn't even re-introduce "Bob jr." until later, after the govt. figured I wouldn't remember anymore.  William of Wales and a number of British people were involved in this hostage holding of me, and Jews.  I was tortured too, but the adults with me tortured more I guess, and told over and over I was never allowed to raise my own money and so on.  The people I was with appearred to be clones of my son Oliver, and clones of myself, older clones of me, and maybe a blond person.  It was mostly clones of various ages.  Kyle Flick was also one of the Jews involved, and why he was in Germany, I don't know.

From what I gathered, they were attacking me to make sure I was paying the way for a bunch of British royals, and to "pay back" people from WWII.  I was later taken into a Nuremberg courtroom and a woman and man were on the stand for "Nazi crimes", bc in the 1980s, and earlier, they were still "rounding" people up and having trials, and I was brought into one of these courtrooms and was being held and both sides of my "family", Bairds and Garretts, members of both sides were there and not looking happy, were sitting in the audience, and I was young enough I was held in someone's arms as they pointed me out, and said "Is this her?" and they said, "Yes it is your honor" and they had a German-English translator for those who didn't know German.  They said they had identified me accurately through blood and DNA testing and had photos to support their evidence.  They handed the Judge and panel photos, of "me" supposedly, and older photos, and then said, "It's her" and they compared me to an older woman on the stand, sitting there and crying.  Then they also had an older man there crying and these people only spoke German, and they were being told I was "captured" , and the tone was like "haha, now we're raping and torturing and experimenting on YOUR family members".  It was basically like this "Ritchies Boys" group.  They had British royals' girlfriends there, and Middletons and Goldsmiths because they are part of Ritchie's boys.  Other CIA "German group" people were there like the Heinzes, and Teresa Heinz is German, and Mark and Troy Shaw, who spoke fluent German, and James Cartright, and Stanley.  Brian Gross was also supposedly a "victimized Jewish survivor".  Valerie Plame was also involved, and I didn't know, as most people didn't, that she was either U.S. military or CIA connected, but she was a Jew with a big "beef".  She was there in that courtroom as a "Plamevotski", descended from Ukrainian Jews and she hated my guts and my ancestors and older clones.  She also looked like a double for Stephanie Maiers.  She gave personal testimony, and Roses did, and she was married to a "Wilson" and Lorraine Rose, who is a Polish Jew that left Poland with her family to go to England during WWII, was a "Wilson".  It was like the biggest "attempt to cover" ever, that she tried to suggest to me later, when I was a preteen, I be in the CIA and she mentor me.  Why would she want to "mentor" me after colluding to ruin my life at "Nuremberg" with a bunch of accusations?

Another person who gave personal, tearful testimony like I was the big "evil Nazi", was "Lisa", Armando Avila's girlfriend/wife who is German.  Her family speaks German fluently and her Dad was used to torture me and rig me to be controlled by "remote torture".  All of these people were saying what they "wanted" was for ME to never raise my own kids.

I mean, like CRAZY people.  They wanted ME, when I was not even guilty of any crimes, to be raised by captors, who would control me, rape me,  and for me to never have kids and they wanted all of my money that I ever earned as some kind of "restitution" for them, and to have my older clones and ancestors sentenced and shot.  And some of the people who were tried, with me dangled there as a "here she is" person, were murdered in front of me after the trials were over.  Their idea of justice was forcing me to be controlled to work for free, in slave labor to them, and never have kids of my own and never raise my kids.  Not only that, they had tortured me almost every way you can be tortured as a kid, prior to these trials.  I was even forced into ice water and they carried out a Nazi experiment already known about, against me, making me stay in ice water and checking the temperature and seeing how long it took for me to pass out and others in the "tank" had organ failure and died.  They were carrying out these vindictive "I'll get you back" experiments against me.

The Heinzes were used to traffick me by private plane, not just to England, or Germany, but to Ukraine and Russia where I was tortured and "friends of the Allies" were allowed to experiment on me and I was sold.  The Nuremberg people were saying "And so what do THEY want?" and asking people like Yulia Tymoschenko and Russians, what kind of "punishment" they wanted for my older clones, family, and me.  The Netanyahus and some Jewish prominent persons were also there, giving testimony and then me and a group of people were being transported all over the place, in vans, tied and bound, with gags, and going past security gates for Nuremberg trials with their 'prisoners', which included ME.  I mean, these people are PSYCHO.

They also tortured someone named "Ames" there.

Then later, there was another trial, or "meeting" with persons and panelists and they tried to frame my older clone and arrested her, on false charges because of comments they had programmed me to make, and I was about age 6 or so for that trial and it wasn't the same thing but they tried to use a bunch of 'trials" to conceal their use of me, illegal use of me and deprivation of my human rights, by forcing me to be accused of being a "Nazi" clone and saying the crimes of the 'parents' or group should extend to the next generation.  By that time, they asked out loud, about me, "Can she have kids?" and they said "No".  They had been claiming someone named "Lisa" couldn't have kids and therefore I should be punished for it and forced to carry clones, against my will, and never allowed to have my own kids or raise them.

The Dabneys were, back then, a family that supposedly was part of Ritchies Boys as well.  Their family supported torture of me and stealing from me.

I was NOT considered to be a "Jew", by any means, and my own family was testifying against me and saying I was actually the descendent of some Nazi that they had also been traumatized by.   They even had my grandmother, "Granny" and others, testify about damages from WWII.  There was an older clone of Granny, because in 1983 or so, I met one who was already 80 years old, making her a teenager during WWII.  The younger "Granny" I was around more, was only 50 years old.  All of my relatives had photos taken with other family, and no one wanted ME in their pictures, unless it was for a "cover lie".

It was secretive when she was giving testimony against my older clones or whomever and they said they'd "round up" all of us and get rid of us.

The U.S. also prevented other clones of mine, or family elsewhere, from claiming me or having me returned, saying I didn't have moles in the same place because the U.S. forced me to have over 1/2 of my moles and birthmarks removed after they used me in Nuremberg.

The Avilas and Guzmans were considered to be hispanic Jews, and Dolores was on the stand too, with Rosella.

The CIA then specifically lied to me, later, they were always lying, but later they were getting an in-house CIA lawyer who was Jewish himself, to tell me the "reason" I was being discriminated against was "because you're Jewish".

Huh?  Oh yeah, right.  That's why all the Jews eagerly drove me around in vans in Germany as a hostage with screaming passengers whose screams were muffled.   The Roses and Scott Lewis-Rose was one of the drivers, when it wasn't a German speaker or Goldsmith or Middletons.  Middletons were trafficking me around for "secret Nuremberg" meetings too, with the goal of keeping it all a "secret" in order to hunt down and lure my other existing clones to me, and murder them off.  And then they could all keep stealing my money from me too and forcing me to work for free.

Even the Baird brothers were involved in murdering some of my clones, because they got mad I had said I could maybe buy the orchard and all this money was mine anyway, because what right did Garretts or Bairds have in signing releases to the U.S. govt. about me, to permit intellectual property and real property theft against me?

Even Megan Jacquot was involved from the start, and oh yeah, Stacey Lowe is also a Jew.  There were non-Jewish fatih persons involved because it was over my money, some of it.  John Kerry was standing by to have my clones raped, along with Bushes and Trumps and even Ivana was claiming she was a WWII victim, I guess bc she was Russian, but she testified.  She claimed her mother was Jewish, making her Jewish.Zelnick Name Meaning: Jewish (eastern Ashkenazic): occupational name from Yiddish tselnik 'haberdashery' or from Polish celnik 'tax collector'.

And so did the Jewish British royal family.  And Mary Donaldson, who is Jewish.
7/15/2016.  I have much more to write but was working most of the day on some other things.  There are more incidences and events and names and some of it having to do with events that occurred at a bowling alley and other things about events at other locations in Coquille, such as along Glen Aichen road in Coquille. 

7/17/2016.  It is a weekend and I have more to add, but I'm getting over a cold and have many things I'm working on...however, leaving a placemark for more info, there were also several murders involving CIA and FBI and around tennis games.  I played a lot of tennis as a little girl, and it had been my favorite sport and I was forced out of it.  The FBI told me I was not allowed to go to any tennis courts or play again and it was to have me "forget" about murders THEY had participated in committing, for no good reason, against my clones.  My clones had also loved playing tennis and we used to play together sometimes, before they were murdered. MANY people were involved including some persons I've already mention but I'll mention a few of them again:  Beckhams, Bechtold, Lunds, DelBalzos, Middletons-Goldsmiths, Waleses, Waleses "girlfriends" and families, Thebaults, "Bill and Anne" (political people), Clintons, Justin Bieber, Dabneys, Steve K, Bill Synkovsky, Trumps, Obamas, Serena Williams (she's a clone), Carmen, Nikki from D.C., Levi Garrett (clones of him), Cal, Whittemore, Kaempf, Rose-Lewises, Louis Freeh, the Burts, Burton, Kathy Kirscher and Leslie Evans, Linda Evans, Shakira (clone), Rick and Claudia Baken, John and Linda Courtright, John and Linda Hartley, Stacey and Steve Quintana, Michelle and her husband Hedges, Gary and Doug Erickson, Doug Jones,  Gatovs, Diane Feinstein, Roses, Richard Meeker, Don Pryzbyla, Amy Roe, Armando Garza, Raul Bujanda, Jennifer Lopez, Brad and Sonia Uhl, Brad and Angie Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, ...and so far, from this list, ALL of these people colluded in criminal conspiracy to murder my clones and steal from us and cover up for the crimes.  There was more than one murder and there was blood and I do know they are involved and there are more people too.  The motive was extreme jealousy of my older clones and greed.  They wanted no heirs of mine existing, or clones, because I was saying these were the only people I trusted with my account for money from songwriting and work.  I was having my own clones in charge, not my parents or extended relatives or persons and they started murdering.  When I was 4 years old, they were already murdering for control of my money.

When I was about 4 years old, several murders also occurred at my house in Moses Lake, WA with my clones, and persons going in and shooting them or making me shoot them, and they were Chris Dabney, Brad and Angie, Trumps, my own "family", Roger Harris, Erica Wiltbank, Shakira, Pardo, Jessica Craig, several other "girlfriends" of royals, Shannon Borg and her Canadian husband, Lena and her husband from Wenatchee (Russian restaurant), Maiers, Eric Moore, Eric (Prince Frederick) and Mary Donaldson, "Anna" from D.C. and her Russian mob, Tomas Caballero, Paul Cassel, Steve K., Steve Lacey, Lily-Ruby-and Monica Allen,  workers from Fraziers restaurant, Queen Elizabeth and Camilla Parker-Bowles, Prince Philip, Doug and Sarah Peppmeier, Joy Sterling-Tancer, Martha Stewart, Bill and Melinda Gates and Melinda's double Carol Goldsmith, Eric Lund, Brian Gross, Nadine Williams and her family, Steven Harper from Canada, Megan Jacquot and Stacey Lowe and Rob Lowe, some Catholic Russians from Wenatchee, Alicia Nakata, Jennifer Lopez, Brendan, Sean O'Neil, James (Whitey) Bulger, Monica Lewinsky, Scott Ross, Cameron (English PM), Cameron Diaz and her Mexican family, Deeana from Mills Casino HR , Dabney's mother, Michelle Obama and her daughters (clones), Barry Crannell, Jason Palmer, Steve Rosen and family (Stephanie), Grace Keyes (clone, along with Mahalia, from Keith Keyes family, in Coquille), Beanna Zamorra (and Joey and family), Mark and Troy Shaw, Dean, Angela Salinas and family, Mercados, Kathy and Brian Strickland, Bob and Debbie Chandler, Donna  and Tim Titleman, Darren Hughes, Christopher Hughes, Alberto Gonzales, Stubblefields, Guzmans and Avilas, Garrett, Vice, Rob and Helen from Newberg, Sarah Coles, Chuck Goodman and Amy Goodman, Amy Roe, Dharla, Darlings, Kargmans, Flicks, Rooses, John Kerry, Heinzes, Laura Cartright and James, Laura Ingraham, Anne Coulter, Christy Schneider, Ballingers, "Rachel", Yulia Tymoschenko, Alicia and Eileen Peters family, Adams family, Calagun (Russian), Ryan Barnes, Bryan Haines, Bryan Parker, Mitch Heaps (clone), Titus family from Wenatchee, Ryan Ivory and his Dad, Gomez, Rosie Perez, Duncan, Dunum, Dimas, Anne-Marie, "Feta", Greta (from Wenatchee), Lisa and Carlos Sequira, Ben and Matt Damon, Lisa (Avila), and more and I'll post more info soon.
July 18, 2016
Other names, as I said I'd post are Greta Sustersan, Claudia and Rick Baken, Donna Ciaramella, Scott with Farmer's Insurance, Shirina Edwin Grimaldi, Char Garrett (Levi's black girlfriend), Carmen Wilson, some people (couple) that drive 803 GKH (Oregon), 992 HJN (several boys who are cloned repeatedly &whose mother drove them around in a caravan, one of them shot one of my kids--a younger clone of my son), and 132 GYY ("Jan").  Also, ZYP 542, and ZWL 954 (Oregon plates as well) and one of the men murdered more than one of my clones at another location, with a man driving a gold car, and U.S. Army men and people connected to Wilsons, Blixseths, Dabney, and Bechtold.  I saw one of the same butcherers who later helped run the body through a running circular saw blade, today on the road driving a semi to Coos Bay.  Same one.  I know these people by face.  One of the names is James.  Also, the Mike's Jersey Sub shop or deli in Nashville, TN had a manager named James and he is someone who has been involved, along with a man named "Aaron" who was not Aaron Chandler or Aaron Davis, but was another Aaron who is friends with Dabney, plays baseball and is involved in real estate in Wash D.C.

Also, in Eugene where they had this program for helping kids with speech problems, was a group connected to those who raised clones and they had a clone of my son talking away and then convinced me he should have the electrocution headbrace put on for "programming" and they deliberately scrambled his speech.  His "guardians" were not protecting him, they were smirking.  Even though he was allowed to advance for a time, ultimately, the goal of the U.S. and Jews was to disable and dumb-down non-Jews and me and my kids were specifically being targeted.  Some of the kids connected to 992 HJN were involved in doing this to my son.  Others were "Rachel", the Jew Dabney knows from D.C., Aaron Chandler, Anne Connor, possibly Josh Gatov, and Tanya Rose.  Anne Connor was constantly around these same Jews and she was supposedly not Jewish, but she definitely looked German to me, like part of the old Ritchies Boys group.

Other names of people at my house who were involved in cover up against murders of my son, and murders, were Sarandons, Heches, Banderas, people from Ponoma college and Bechtolds 'tri-ivy' colleges that Lund and Bechtold went to, Liza Minelli, Liz Taylor, Taylor or Tyler from Wenatchee, who was friends with Joe, Grant, Spencer, Graham from Wenatchee, Nakatas, Bridges, Hotchkiss, Anne McIntosh and her husband, Dr. Crane, Stuart Freeh, Malcolm Butler and his wife, Gottlieb, Steve Meineke, all of the ex-boyfriends of Kate Middleton,Vladimir Putin and Dmitri Mendelve,Ben Harper, Angela Merkel, Janet Bechtold,Janet Bechtold's mother and relatives from California,members from the Pentagon, the George Bush family including their cloned daughters,Kelly Rippa and her husband,and I will provide more names later.

Others involved in murders of my kids include many people from Coquille, and a rental unit couple that lives behind "Whoozits" in Coquille.  They participated in murder of a 3 year old clone of my son and cheered about it, because they supported Jew Kate Middleton.

I am working on several things today and can't write as much but will try to write some of it tonight maybe and add it tomorrow.  My son should never be around Bob or Dicksie or Avilas or any of those people because they have been used by the govt. to murder them, harm them, rape them, torture them, and use them for military and other reasons and then get rid of them.  I also witnessed the same thing happen to my older clones.  Several had my own family bumping them off and as far as I know, we're not even related.  I do think Oliver and myself are related.  We look alike and we've murdered at the same rate and pace and over the same things, overall.  The U.S. repeatedly cloned dozens, upon dozens of my son and I don't know how many clones of me there are now, or if there are any younger, but for a fact, there were dozens of clones of me that were older and they have been murdered.  The last time I saw someone who was a clone of me, supposedly, was in connection with Donna Ciaramella, in the mid-1980s.  Donna shot her and then promised the other girls there, "I will never let her get any insurance money" and indicated over to me. 

The best person my son has ever been with is me.  He knew this was true as a kid, and as a baby it was proven as well.  No one was better as a mother. I also know, and remembered, when I was raising him the first year and a half of his life, that the U.S. govt. forced me to rape him when he was a baby, when I was a kid myself.  They made me suck his penis as a form of torture against me, and against older clones of my son, who were forced to watch while being tortured and beat up.  I do not recall any other baby as one I was forced to do this to, but I know for positive, the U.S. fucked up govt. did this to me and to my son, when I was supposed to be too young to remember.  And then later, when I was an older kid, they tried forcing me to do this to William of Wales when he was a baby, and born in 1982, when I was 8 years old and I refused.  His bodyguards and U.S. person and the Spencers stood around hoping I would, waiting with a camera out, and they did this to me, trying to bait me to molest their son, after forcing me to rape my own son, and bragging about it.  They protected William, not my son and the CIA wanted to make a big point about it. They had even bragged saying, "We can get her to rape her own son and kill her own clone (kill myself, a clone of myself, and clones of my own kids), but she won't rape William or kill Katie."  They bragged about how they used torture and programming to force me to harm my own family but the grand old CIA could protect the fucking Middletons and Waleses.  Diana Spencer's father was sticking his pinky finger up my anus, not to mention other horrible sex abuse against me, after smirking about molestation of my own son.

GOD DAMN the U.S.  There is no justifiable reason for my son and myself to be cloned by the U.S. government and kept as slaves.  That's all they've been doing.  They are a corrupt, disgusting govt. that is breeding kids and selecting some for constant torture and use, with zero human or civil rights.  I have never, not once, been given full rights of a U.S. citizen.  This country sells eggs and embryos, sells their own kids, commits treason, and rapes kids.  Not one single clone of myself had a happy ending or a nice life.  They were all being used, raped, and murdered, and then recloned and raped for more porn and free sex by rape for U.S. govt. and British royal employees.  The U.S. holds slaves and hostages and then repeatedly reclones them, forces them to work for free, or sets them up with employment with murdering and traitorous employees for minimum wage work here and there as a cover, and steals kids to raise them themselves.

By age 8, the U.S. government had forced me to rape my son and kill my own family members, but bragged about how I would never do any of these things to "Katie or William" or the CIA's wonderful monarchy.

Of course, I never molested my son, ever, while I raised him when I delivered him in 2006.  But I specifically remembered they had used him, on purpose, when I was a little girl, and then they were bragging with British royals about it.  I was only age 3 and 4 when I was forced to live some of the time with the Spencers, and then it was off and on, up to age 8.  Dabney was always involved in this, and there were many others participating, including additional family members of the Dabneys and others.  My own family was involved, Tom Garrett and Jodi his wife, and my cousins on the Baird side, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, and TJ (Trevor Jones) and Chris Stubblefield and Stacey Stubblefield and others.  Several police and FBI, and William of Wales and Harry, Goldsmiths, Middletons, Parker-Bowles, and royals.  They wanted to watch it happen.  Mormons were also involved in this, including the Wiltbanks.  They thought it was funny to give little baby boys "stiffies" so they weren't "wilting".  Charles Spencer and his fucked up Canadian wife are other people to stay away from and they have the entire Canadian dynasties against me and my son to rape us and steal from us.

I also saw the U.S. government giving people who molested my son, and passed him around from person to person, to rape in front of me, control and guardianship of my son.  They were letting Wiltbanks, "Rachel the jew", Chris Rozollo, Ericksons, and people from the Vatican control and traffick my son.  My older clones and kids were screaming their heads off, when they were finding out what the U.S. govt. was doing, and then getting murdered.

Others who were involved in forcing me to rape my own son when he was a baby, clones of him, as a baby, were "Anne-Marie" who went to New Song Church, Anne Crane, Pastor Eric Knox, Mary Donaldson and her Dad, George Bush, John Kerry, Heinzes...a bunch of people coordinating theft from me and my son, and part of "Ritchies Boys".Also, Jason, who is Ukrainian, and Jason Potter and his Dad, and some other Ukrainians or Russians. Obama was involved, with Michelle, and also some hostile Mexicans who worked for Lynda Cordova Carter, Kate Middleton's lookalike.  Erica Wiltbank also doubled for Kate Middleton.  Carmen was also involved.  Not only that, her fucking father murdered one of my sons and she is also an accessory to more than one murder. She's a fucked up Mossad BITCH. My "brother" married that ho again, for another time, after knowing what her Dad did and being involved.  Both Carmen and Black-Char murdered a clone of my son--they were clones of Oliver, and it was separate clones and incidences. She butchered too.  She didn't just kill--she did cutting and clean up.
July 29, 2016

I would also recommend not going to any Oregon or Washington state colleges because of the number of staff and persons who I was trafficked to at these places, who raped me.  I think I mentioned it, but there were many people involved and many of the public institution people also worked with the FBI or had other "side jobs" with the govt.  One place I worked at later, the woman had tortured my son and me both, to the side, and bragged to British royal "girlfriends" about how they'd "take care of me" with their employee they had lined up and agreeing to date-rape me in the future:  Josh Gatov, and his supervisor was a Jew Nora Krevans who participated in a murder against one of my clones when I was really little.  She vanished and reappeared like nothing was wrong.  So there are several groups that had CIA "British" and other influences showing up and promising to give lackluster references, or bad references, knowing I'd forget about them and might need work, or who had rapes set up for me.  They had been visited by people like the Rose-Lewis family, Beckhams, and Natalie Loebecke.
Also, don't work for England, ever.  RAF and the English and British Royals murdered my son with U.S. shits multiple times.

Additional persons involved in murdering and torturing my son are some who I just saw again at the local Safeway, and they murdered my son at my parent's house on the Coquille River after torturing him with Haldol overdose--or tazers.  I can give information about that and who was there,  and employees of the Coquille Public Pool was a separate murder, of an older clone of me.  A pool "class instructor" who has blond hair, and her friends, murdered the clone of me and had handed me the gun and tried to get me to do it.  They then grabbed the gun from me and shot her.  She was identical to me.  Other murders and rapes included gang-rape and slaughter inside of the pool dressing room, and involved many U.S. govt. people, all of the Coquille cops, and firefighters, and librarians and community center director and their husbands, and people from Sherwood, Oregon like Schwabes and Bechtolds.  The murder of me and my son by the pool class instructor and her friends was in a private office or room, not in a pool room.  Additionally, cops from Coquille were involved in several other murders against clones of my son, who is a clone that is identical to Oliver.  One cop was involved in murdering one in a shop by Forbes road, another was involved, another was involved in a murder of a clone of me at the Jefferson school in the Boiler Room, (with Mary Donaldson and Frederick there) and another shot my son outside, claiming he'd 'assaulted' a female officer, when he had not and she was friends with the women who lied, and she also lied herself.  They had really shot him because he was demanding I receive money for my work, and not be trafficked around by them.  He called them losers, and they shot him.  The officer who participated and shot him was Dillon and he was helping hold him with other cops, including the female cop, who drove past me 2 days ago and I don't have her name.  I know her by face, along with the woman she was driving behind, who was her lying friend.

I am pretty much a hostage over here again.  Someone is repeatedly stealing from my house and they've stolen clothing and other items, but importantly, they stole my U.S. passport.  Not only that, I was raped to be implanted with another clone, and I had to use all of my savings and have no transportation because my car was stolen.  I have looked for work and there is so far, no work.  I need to make some money.  I burst into tears as a little girl, sobbing because the U.S. was stealing all of my money and I had said, "I will have no retirement and no savings because of what you're doing".  I knew even back then, the U.S. was deliberately driving me into the gutter.

Other murders of my son  included a man who supposedly worked for the CIA writing "reports" but he may have been FBI and he and another person shot a hole through my son's back and then when he was writing a report he said, with Pippa Middleton there, "You didn't want to have clones anyway so it's no loss to you".  I believe it was Tyler who was involved, and I'd have to see a photo of him again but he had something to do with Scott.  They kept trying to say it was "Scott" who did it, and were covering for the murderer.  The hole was from some kind of gun that could cut a dollar-coin size hole through an entire body and not have a lot of blood, just a big hole suddenly and then they were making jokes and asking me if I could put my fist through it.

Other murders occurred at the location off of Hwy 42, and they were torturing me and my clones there. I was held hostage and locked inside of small houses they had and raped by one after another govt. man and then they were having a Bob jr. rape me too.  I was then in a larger house there and they had a bed set up for electrocution and they were also giving drugs to one of my kids and picking off pieces of his skin and bruising him.  George Middleton and British royals showed up to participate in several instances of torture and murder.

They murdered one of the clones of my sons, in a cement closet that was locked, where he had to sit on cement blocks and they shot him in front of me.  They also murdered one of my sons out in the woods with a gun, making him run first and trip over logs and bait-traps, and another was murdered by deliberate drowning in the same place.

These murders of my son were by people who were supposedly promised money and incentives to do it, by those who had amassed huge fortunes forcing us into hostage slave-labor from birth.  They were not just murdering my son, they were making a game out of torturing him and how many different ways they could murder him, while they raped me as many different positions and ways they could think of, before I was even 10 years old.

I also just found out, 2:40 p.m.,  my notes about the cop who murdered my son with the pool instructor woman and another friend of his, is gone from my bag, along with all of my notes about the people who were involved in the murder, with Coquille cops Dillon and the female cop and one other cop, is missing.

Someone has gone into my bag and selectively removed specific papers with driver's license notes and the only notes removed are one that implicate the pool instructor's friend, who murdered my son, who drives a maroon colored, full-sized truck, her, and her blond male friend who is the friend of the marroon truck guy.  They also had an older clone of my brother around and Bob jr. wasn't around but a Dicksie was.  Later, the guy in the marroon truck, when I was a preteen, had a Bob jr. assaulted and beat up with his friends after I'd documented what he did.  This man has a nasal voice that matches and sounds like Travis Vice.  His voice is almost exactly like Travis Vice's voice.  He is tall and slim in build and he is a fucked up loser for the govt.  The other man, his friend who is friends with him and the pool aerobics evening class instructor, is also tall, slim, and has very blond hair.  They were playing loud country music that they had gang-raped me to, the same night I was sitting on a park bench, already outside, by the library, and the marroon truck happened to be parked next to the bench.  This woman who is involved, handed me her gun and then it was taken from me and used by her friends, because I wouldn't shoot.  She is a fucked loser too.  She's really sick.  All of these people, are friends with cops or are cops. She personally assaulted and beat me up, with a woman that  is hispanic who drives 084 ERE.  She also beat another woman in front of me when I was younger, and I'm not sure who it was, maybe my older clone, bashing her head against a wall repeatedly, and Middleton did this too.  It's something Kate Middleton did and there was someone who looked like her there at the time.  After she and her men-friends murdered my older clone, they ripped her shirt off and exposed her bare breasts.  Actually, Chris Dabney WAS there, because he was next to me when I said, "Maybe if she held her breast pump closer together her boobs wouldn't go side to side like that--she doesn't have hardly any boobs at all and they go to the side like arrows."

These people stared at me and both men, turned to me with guns, they both had guns, and they were about to kill me, and sweat on their foreheads.  I said, "You know, I don't care, but just noticing".  It was an older clone of me.  Not only that, Kate Middleton had her lace on her wedding dress design, done to match this, with arrows on either side, or triangles, as I'd explained, and I had said this at an earlier time, after another murder of my clone.  The Middletons know the pool instructor.

The last time I made notes about these people, the Coquille cops then claimed they couldn't give me FOIA because I was "under investigation" and they claimed to a Judge they had a right to enter my house without permission, whenever they wanted and Dillon was the one testifying, along with another dark haired cop who helped murder my other cloned son.

They have murdered my sons (clones) repeatedly, with the idea no one will miss them because they're clones and not known to the public.

Dabney was also involved because he knew these people, even if he wasn't there at the time.

Nancy Keller and her husband are the people who held me down and gang-raped me in her doctor office, when I was a preteen, and they forced me to not have an abortion.  I was saying I wanted an abortion, when I found out I was implanted to be pregnant, by rape, and I was 11 years old.  The U.S. held me down, and then finally made me go on a trip from Moses Lake, WA to Coquille, OR (where I was most frequently trafficked back and forth), and I went to her and they took guns out and threatened me against having an abortion. I tried to take her to court over it.  Dan Gatti and Greg Smith were also involved.  When I was forced to go to the hospital for an ultrasound, a huge group of people who were forcing me to be pregnant, stood around, and then mocked me later.  They'd been making fun of me before I was ever pregnant, about how I was "slowed" down now.  The U.S. govt. had brought over a group of doctors and told me I had to 'choose' between a handful of doctors they had, and which one did I want? and all of the doctors were govt. people.  I know Angela Black was one of the ones there, and several others--all involved in human cloning and I guess, positioned to force me to have babies as a kid, and then deny it, and this is while they raped me, and tortured me.

Basically, for a play by play on what happened in her office, I was crying and said what I wanted and that I didn't want to be pregnant that age and with a clone, and they sat around, the adults, as if they were considerate and listening to me.  Then they started making sinister comments and gesturing as if they had guns with them, and all had their hands ready like to draw out their gun, and I said, "Are you guys trying to force me to have a baby by threatening me with the idea you'll murder me if I don't?" and I said, "Is this so all of you can feel better about your own teen pregnancies and live-in lovers?" and they jumped me and bent me over, gang-raped me, and I was told I would be forced to a mental ward or jail if I didn't have the baby.  The plot for this that occurred before the crimes, was openly bragged about in front of me, at the FBI Headquarters in Washington D.C. and Virginia offices.  Particularly, D.C.

I will have more information to add tomorrow.

Other random things include the number of murders Dabney committed against my clones and kids.  For one he handed his gun to Erica Wiltbank to shoot him.  There was another man involved too, there, but Chris Dabney knew who Erica was.  He went from D.C. to Dryden School District in Dryden, Oregon (where my son Oliver lives) and was participating in a "psychic training" program with govt. kids there.  I was there, not to be trained, but to sit there and be their target.  Some odd things included Erica Wiltbank's participation in making porn of me when I was a little girl. She did this, "Ava", who works at Frazier's did this (she moved from Coquille to California), several U.S. govt. women were involved in forcing me to be photographed or raped and in porn "videos".

One of the murders of my cloned son occurred in Rapid City, South Dakota, and involved Chris Dabney and Amanda Bynes and the Chandlers, along with some college persons, family members and others.  I was told to never go to South Dakota again because the now-Governor was "then" involved.  He wasn't the only one--the now-Gov. from North Dakota was also there.  There were 2 murders of clones of my son--one was in a place that had a warehouse and a "C" encircled for their motto and then another at a house that was being painted by me, and then there was actually yet another in a house next door, and it was a drowning of a baby of my son.  They murdered his clones, 3 of them, there, at least.

The U.S. has done nothing but hold my clones hostage, sell us while enslaving us, torture us, and rape us.

I have been trying to leave this country my entire life and I really want out.  The U.S. was claiming I could marry murderer and rapist "Alvaro Pardo" as if Colombia is an option when it's not.  They particpated in murders of my clones, stole music from me and lied about the credit, and they are #1 trade partners with the U.S., making them close friends against me, not my friends.  They are not friends of my kids.  Some of the people are okay, but the government is not friends with my son.  They helped the U.S. go into Colombia and murder my clones, and then the U.S. reciprocated by having Shakira over to my house in Moses Lake, WA, to murder one of my clones, an older clone of me.  At one time, I think my son and clone were okay with Colombia, but their government chose to allow child trafficking, rape, torture, murder, and also had Kate Middleton murder over there, and they allowed Shakira to steal music and credit, with no pay to me.  That's not okay.  The Colombian govt. made a lot of money off of me, and they hold hostages over it.  They absolutely love the U.S. government.  I don't love people who love the U.S. government.

If I move, it can't be to a country that has stolen my music and agreed to lie about who deserves the credit, to make money off of me.  I can only live in a country that supports my right to be at least paid for my work and have credit for my work.  What kind of a NUT would think anything less is acceptable?

They've been murdering my family over this.

Also, a bus driver with a wart, from CCAT, is someone who held a gun against one of my clones at my own house and extorted money after raping me.  She's a lesbian pedophile. She is really, really, bad.  She is also a murderer, and what she was doing from Coquille, at my house in M.L., was over stealing money, favors for others, and she murdered one of my clones.   Another person who was violent around my family is "johnny smith" and another is a woman who works at Denny's Pizza and looks like Francie with dark hair.  Pardo's girlfriend Jenny is also a murderer.

TXM 173 is also a govt. woman who assaulted me as a kid and coordinated human trafficking, from my house in M.L. to Coquille.  She was helping Donald Trump steal money from me and accompanied him in a visit to my house. 

There are several Hispanics who were against my son and me too, because of Pardo and his girlfriends, Shakira, Middleton, and their Mexican contacts.  You have to remember Middleton and GOldsmith and the Waleses were murdering me and my son, our older clones. 

My son and older clone and I were also run into, by other cars, multiple times.  I survived a number of fatal car collisions which were direct U.S. govt. assassinations and hits against my entire family and clones of myself who were older, and my son, and I believe a daughter of mine, died, but I was never killed.  I survived a number of car crashes, hit and runs and things, and airplane crashes that were malicious hits.  In one of them, I was told to exit and parachuted out but the other situations, I was still inside of the wrecked plane when it went down.

I am not kidding...at various times, the U.S. govt. decided they'd made enough money from my songwriting and they tried to murder me.  It was all over my money and my clones trying to help me get justice and money for what I wrote and produced.  Maybe all of it wasn't money.  Some of it was sheer hatred.

I was in at least a dozen car crashes with an older clone of me, "Loree", before they murdered her.  She was repeatedly targeted and lived and averted danger and then they put a hit on her because the car crashes weren't working.  I was isolated to have no one as a friend.  After the U.S. and England forced me out of being around her, and my son, I had no one .  Also, with the number of airplane crashes, I would say I had at least, or survived at least 10 airplane crashes before age 9 and I survived over 25 or more car collisions and attempts to murder my older clone "Loree". 

I noticed, the British Royals started stalking me everywhere.
August 13, 2016

Other murders involved Mary Donaldson and Frederick of Denmark, particularly a massacre of a clone of my son and older clones and they had close to 100 people murdered and chopped up and body parts thrown out of huge trucks.  They did some of this first in Israel, and then Rabbis were giving approval, with U.S. persons, to have this done in Denmark, with Mary Donaldson, a Jew.

It was not the first time they committed a larger slaughtering of clones that were biologically related  to me, including clones of my son Oliver, and clones of me, and friends or persons suspected of being supporters of us. 

Both the older clone of Mary and the one who is currently hiding under CIA cover in Denmark, committed these murders.  Both of them.  Her father also took part in it.  Mary Donaldson murdered my clones in front of me on no less than 5 separate occasions I distinctly remember.  The last time I witnessed her murdering, it was the older one, and younger one and then they said, "Time for Leish now" (her father).  They killed an older clone of my son in a truck bed after I saw them dumping body parts and hoisting the naked body of a clone of me, into a pit to be buried.
There were thousands of U.S. govt. involved, and it wasn't just isolated to Mary Donaldson, from Texas, but extended to the activities of Camilla and the Parker-Bowles and Waleses, because they had been secretly slaughtering and dismembering my family in smaller groups and in Israel.  After I saw the older clone of myself murdered with mass murder, I was next forced to another country next to it, and had bleach and hair color to make my hair white poured into my hair and I was raped for saying I was keeping my hair the way it was and I wasn't going to change it.  The U.S. govt. did this and then held me hostage in a room with a bed and gang-raped me and had 100 international and U.S. govt. men rape me and then they said, "Okay, if you want to die now, you can" and handed me a gun to kill myself.  I told them, "I am never singing another song for you, ever, that you can steal from me".  They did this to me over "Amanda Bynes", a Jew, and nothing more than a comment from me.

At another murdering of my clones, they cut off the hand of my toddler aged cloned son Oliver after killing him, having dismembered him and threw it at me.  I also saw the body of an older clone of my son, and when I saw the white spot or patch on his stomach I had said, "You guys poured bleach on him?"  They also murdered a toddler girl of me, a clone of myself at the same time.  Persons directly involved included Michelle Erickson and her entire family.  She's fucked up.  It's not the only murder she participated in, directly, against my clones.  She murdered my clones with her family in M.L., WA in a cornfield, and also in Coquille at a location off of Hwy 42 with her husband Hedges in an airplane hanger.  These are only a couple of examples.  The Ericksons have specifically targeted my family with torture, to be sold and degraded in forced porn, and they have personally murdered us and the U.S. govt. has continued to keep them on as their "hired help".  I wrote the song "Hands" based on being tossed the bits of body parts of myself and my kids.  The chorus codes several names of persons who were there when this was done. 

I am going to spend some time adding to this information later.

Other events included all of the British royal's "girlfriends" and wives, including all of the known "exes" of William of Wales and Harry of Wales, and Camilla Parker-Bowles, jamming guns, the barrels of guns up inside of my vagina and raping me while threatening me not to talk about their husband's and boyfriends pedophilia and torture against me.  All of their wives and the women were involved in it.  They also had one of my older clones chained to a bed and were having men pay them money to rape her.  Mary Donaldson did this, at a location she was at, and the Baird family did this and when my "uncle" Loren murdered her, local cops showed up and said don't worry, we can cover this all up.  They had been some of the ones raping her in the first place, showing up repeatedly.

I was also personally forced to chop off one of the legs of an older clone of myself, and then sew it back on inside of a hospital room.  They handed me an ax and when I wouldn't do it, someone else grabbed it and did and then I was trying to sew it back on.  I cut myself on my own leg on the thigh to remember it.  I had also stitched up my own wounds in the past, on my own body, because no one else was around at the time, as a kid, and then they were covering up evidence.  I later had a surgery where they cut the same area again, but it was after I had cut it.  I saved a mole on my body, and didn't want it removed, on my thigh, to remember the depth of pools of water where the U.S. govt. was deliberately drowning my clones.   One of the murderers was a Bob jr., mad that he'd told me my parent's real kid was "Rachel".  More information on that later.

Wendy and Robin and Janet Bechtold were involved and making fun of me and my clones, constantly sneering in their faces and their son participated in murdering my son more than one time, and Robin Becthold murdered my older clone of me and my son, more than once. 

I also witnessed a murder of one of my clones at Ken and MaryLynn Kargman's house in New Jersey.  They were holding her hostage in a room there, and I saw a clone of my son Oliver there too, and they killed her while I was there.  They are also Jews and I later worked for them and didn't remember they had committed these murders, like the Rabbi Rose and Lewis family did.

The U.S. also murdered more than one of my cloned sons in an ice cream truck and then bragged about it later by licking ice cream cones around me, including Brian Gross, who was specifically involved, with Jim West and others.  Barak Obama and Michelle, with one of the Bob jrs.was involved in one of the ice cream truck murders and I was told, "If you talk about Barak, I'll kill you" and I had said, "Barak?" I said, "Who is Barak?  because if you're saying you'll kill me if I talk about him and what he did, I should know who he is at least!  There was someone there named "Barry"...are you saying that's the same one or are you saying the guy named Barak was the teenage one?"

On a tangent, but connected to the "vagina" threats with guns up my vagina, either pushed inside while I was pushed down and held, or jammed in violent rapes against me, after this was done to me, after one of the ice cream truck murders, I was raped so badly I couldn't urinate anymore.  They said I had a "stunned bladder".  I was hospitalized and the U.S. govt. was having all of William of Waleses "exes" and other women, some of the same women who threatened to kill me with guns up my vagina, using catheters on me and changing my bedpan.  They had dozens of women taking turns, inserting a catheter into my urethra, and making fun of me, and smirking about having done away with my older clones of me, and on one occasion, bringing in an older clone of my son to watch while making threats.  They forced me to have "Dr. Dabney" checking in to see how my vagina was doing, along with other "doctors", and they had, for example, Florence Brudenell-Bruce, Anna Sloan-Smith, Pippa Middleton, Kate Middleton, Michelle Erickson, Michelle Obama, among many, many women they had doing this.  It was all to degrade me.  They even had couples go in together, like Victoria Beckham and David.  The invasion of privacy against me was total.  I was gang-raped and forced to work and give all of my creative, talented work product, to total losers and assholes the U.S. govt. wanted to give the credit to. 

They had some of my "family" members doing this too, all of my cousins were asked to take a turn inserting a "cath" into my vagina.  They were also checking and trying to make sure I was scared enough by these various people, to not react when they touched me, because all of them had tortured me.  Michelle and Tanya and Char and "Callie", (who also murdered my clones in front of me), and Rani and Alita and Gardenia and Ivory and Dahlia (who also murdered my clones win front of me with their husbands and brothers and father). 

Pippa Middleton threatened me while inserting a cath, saying, "If you talk about James, I'll kill you" and I said, "Which one?"  I said, "The one you married? the Mathews one or your brother?" 

I had been raped so badly, I was raped not just in my vaginal opening, I was raped inside of my urethra and I'm not kidding.  The U.S. govt. raped me to have "2 sides" inside of the openings to both my urethra and to my vagina.  So they made, by extreme tearing and damage, 2 "canals" inside of my vagina and then they had also made "2 canals" inside of my urethra and they had damaged it so badly, it caused severe pain if the cath was inserted to one side instead of the other, to my bladder, but if you didn't go to both side, the bladder would not fully empty.

The amount of physical body damage that the U.S. did to me, with all of their plutocracy "friends", is beyond extreme.   All of these people were clones who agreed to conceal and cover up gang-rape against me and who were getting money from the U.S. for this.

Then later when I was older, age 10 instead of age 7, I was still being tortured and raped and then asked to work for free and told "You can name the catheter for this brand".  They had said it's a medical device.  I said, looking at it, not remember, "what is it?" and they said, "It's a catheter" and I said, "Well what does it do bc I need to know if I'm making a name for it and technical terms" and they said, "You insert it inside of yourself and it goes to your bladder and urine through a tube to pee"  and I tried not to think about it bc I knew they were wanting to "read my mind" and figure out how much I remembered so I just said, "Self-Cath" and they said why not the entire name and I said, "it's just shorter" but it helped me remember this is what the CIA did to me for saying "Kathy can do it herself". 

One of the sons of mine who was murdered in the ice cream truck, was killed for saying "Amanda" was one of my parent's kids.  Amanda Bynes.  I said, "Do you mean Anna?" and he said "No, Amanda" and then Chris Dabney was trying to force him to say "No, Rachel".

I also found out the U.S. govt. was hiding away older clones of my family and using people who didn't change their adult diapers or tubes when they should, and they were basically hostages.  They had one of my sons arms and legs cut off so he was a quadriplegic and then told him "Do you want to die now?" and then Prince Charles was going out eagerly playing sports on a field with a jersey that had the number "4" on it.  I was so shocked and horrified by what I saw and I knew Mike Middleton and Bob jr and others were standing there reading my mind and knew how hurt I was to see this.  The person I had loved the most they had murdered.  "Suddenly" ** coming up with new "plots" to make ME look bad, as a kid, looked so delectable.  Such as "Let's make it appear she's trying to steal his ring and kills him" (at age 5) because they had nothing better to do with their time.  They had not only chopped off my own sons arms and legs, they then later had me visit another clone and had Chris Dabney next to him, and telling me to stay with him instead of my own son, knowing it was my own son.  And iin addition to chopping off his arms and legs, and having me then shoot him, at govt. force and pressure, they had also murdered my own clone, of myself, who was older, using British royals, Middletons, my own "family", and Netanyahus, and at least one of several murders involved MI5 along with the CIA, not just a private "group".

Pam and Keith Lewis, (087 HFJ) from Coquille, also murdered my clones more than once, and they did this to an older clone of my son and there was blood everywhere, and an older clone of me, and then I also witnessed a murder against a young clone of my son, outside at the River house, and a "roofer" who drives a truck with plates VDT 400 was involved, along with my brother Levi, and his older clone of himself, the older Levi and Char, and they murdered him with a gun when he was only about 4 years old.  Chris Dabney was also present and they were murdering him while saying, "We can promise your baby by Chris will be killed just like this kid here".  It was a clone of Oliver and there is no doubt about it.  Pam Lewis was full of hatred and rage against my clones and her husband was not just a pedophile, he appeared to be raping or sexually using one of the Dicksies too, and he had been raping an older clone of me.  They are connected to Theo Keyes in Wenatchee, who worked for Michelle Erickson in 2009 when they were abducting my son Oliver, and Ericksons have murdered my clones with the Lewises and Keyes for decades.  They were transporting them around.   After they murdered my son who was 4, that clone, Pam snarled, "Believe it.  He's dead."  She had the gun that was smoking still.  Pam shot my son and she is a sharp-shooter.  Several people were there, some holding my son to be shot.  I reported her at the time, as a kid, and the U.S. govt. did nothing.  Every time I reported a murder, the U.S. was telling me the person was dead when they weren't (FBI, to keep me from continuing to report and having to deal with it), or they tortured and raped me, put me in a mental ward with torture, or jail or chained me and wouldn't give me food.  Other times they started saying, "We're not going to do anything about it so we will let you do PR for them."  The U.S. govt. was telling me things like, "We can't put them in jail and we're not going to prosecute them so we'll let you tell them what to wear on church next Sunday, for you to remember" or they'd say, "You can name a movie after what you think they did as long as you don't use their names" and then they were forcing me to do PR to promote them--the U.S. govt. forced me to lie and retract testimony and do PR, for CIA AND FBI, to promote shits that had murdered my family and raped me.  Pam Lewis got away with murdering my clones.  Then she forced me to have a kid, and to be raped and impregnated.  I was not only raped in Dr. Nancy Keller's office, I was threatened with Pam Lewis at a Bandon coastal clinic, with a gun and more than one person, and drugged.  They injected me and then told me I had to go to a mental ward if I kept talking and said we are going to torture you unless you take these pills.  She and her husband stood at my house to watch my being raped in another group as well.  Then, she and her husband got mad in a car during a "transportation" and they shot another young clone of my son, in the vehicle and it wasn't tranquilizer, it was a gun, and they were holding guns at a Bob jr. that time as well.  I was 11 years old when I delivered and I was forced to be in hiding during my entire pregnancy which was proof of rape.  I wasn't "having sex" with anyone, but the U.S. govt. was telling Parker-Bowles, and British shits and Danish ones that my having a teen pregnancy helped me to look like a "child prostitute" as Middletons and others had falsely accused me of being, after I reported Prince Charles for rape. 

Not only was I being falsely accused of "child prostitution" as a kid, I was being gang-raped since I was a baby, and sold, and the U.S. govt. employees thought they'd start claiming I was tryihng to "seduce" their husbands instead of the fact they forced me to make child porn and be raped.

I also reported and tried to sue Nancy Keller in court and I don't know what happened to the record, and I included Chris and Stacey Stubblefield for raping me with them.  I was also being forced to be pregnant by an older clone of Levi and his girlfriend/wife black Char and Carmen.  I was held down and threatened with a gun. 

Dan Gatti and Greg Smith are also people I reported for murdering my clones.  They murdered more than one of them and I said I would remember and I reported it.  They shot my son with a bow and arrow and it was Greg Smith.  They had guns too, but Greg was into "hunting with archery" and was trained, along with some other U.S. govt. employees, and my brother was also involved in that.  Not only that, Monica and Tim Henderson were involved, from "Kentucky" and Chris Stubblefield, a cop, who also knew archery by training.  The other person who went out with them was Jecca Craig, Jessica Craig, an older clone of William of Wales girlfriend list.  While she went out with men and U.S. govt. to murder an older clone of my son in the woods, Natalie Hicks-Loebekke went out with some women to murder an older clone of me, in the woods, by bow and arrow, and Natalie went up to her after she was struck, and stabbed her.  All of the women were girlfriends of William of Wales, and Rachel from the U.S., and a Dicksie, and they hunted her down like she was an animal and murdered her.  In the group of men, after my older son was hit with an arrow, they ran up, beat him repeatedly until he wasn't moving and started sticking stakes or something down into him, in the ground, still beating him after he was already dead. 

There was also a younger clone of my son and they tripped him to fall and then shot him with a rifle, and he was only age 6 or so.  Nathan and Robin Bechtold and the Blixseth family from Colorado were involved as well.  Also, Harry and William of Wales were involved.  Dan Gatti paid MOnica and Tim Henderson money for a "future car collision" against me.  He had them help loading bodies into Chris Stubblefield's truck.

Dan Gatti and Greg Smith had my son murdered after they took a "case" brought by me, and I found out they were dirty and working for the U.S. govt. and FBI.  They had James Comey with them, and the evidence my older son brought to them, with an older clone of myself, was video and photographic evidence of child porn of me by others.  I am 100% positive about James Comey being there--he showed up and started intimidating everyone not to prosecute or have a case, and started brainwashing me and threateneing with a gun.  James Comey is a leftover IRA shit who had made child porn of me as a teen, in Northern Ireland, with Bechtolds (they went there and were participating) along with British royals.  I reported James Comey more than one time, and so did clones of my son.  We repeatedly reported this shit James Comey, for child rape and child porn and torture and hostage holding. 

One night I told the older clone of my son, "I think maybe since they're not doing anything about a case with this information, maybe we should have them think they can kill you and get away with it and then I'll report them for what they do".  He said, "NO" and looked horrified.  He didn't want to die.  Then, I think someone tortured him to agree to it.  He said okay, but don't get rid of that sweater (an orange one that had a honeycomb pattern in the knit and diamonds) I said, "I'll remember them if I sleep in this sweater and that Comey was involved, and trafficking of diamonds".  He said "Okay, so we'll see who kills me but make sure you report it" and I said I would and said I thought they'd kill him just thinking I didn't know he was my son, because they'd figure I didn't care.  The pastor of the Lutheran church was also involved and drives YPJ 840, a minivan and just walked past me tilting his head and saying "Hi puppy".  He is one of the child pornographers and hosted another murder inside of his own church and involving Frederick of Denmark and Mary and Waleses.  He not only had people murdered in his church, he was at Dan Gatti and Greg Smith's offices when he "found out" someone had a case about child porn.  Harry of Wales also showed up there. 

Kate Middleton was later bragging about my kids and clones being murdered, in Israel, smirking and saying, "Like this?" because they had used this Lutheran pastor from Coquille to assist in murder plots and he had been telling them he was not opposed to the "Likud" (Jewish) party. 

After Greg Smith murdered one of my sons, I started asking if he was related to Anna Sloan-Smith who was from Nashville, TN and was one of William's girlfriends and had married some European rancher with a huge estate.  All of Nashville kissed her ass and the U.S. govt. gave her anything she wanted, along with any of the other "girlfriends" of royals.

In response, Dan Gatti and Greg Smith wanted to meet up with Valerie Plame and her husband, and Tancers, at a car-wash, autobody mechanic shop in Coquille, where the govt. also held hostages and tortured people, off of Hwy 42 in Coquille.  They plotted out having me go "rock climbing" and trying to murder me from a cliff.  Greg Smith and Dan used their membership with the OSB to defame me, when I tried to report them, saying I needed institutionalization at a mental ward.  I was forced to a mental ward, and tortured by electrocution and with repeated "heart jump" calibrators--hand paddles, on my chest to electrocute my entire body.  I was visited by Dick Whittemore and Bullivant Houser Bailey lawyers and Donna Ciaramella, Titleman, and Del Balzos and others, at the mental place, and then pressured to go live with "Bob and Dicksie" again, and say it was all in my head and never happened, or they'd keep me there for as long as it took until I denied all of my allegations and testimony.  I repeatedly said I do NOT want to live with Bob and Dicksie and was not denying all of the rape and constant torture and gang-rape from them, or the fact I had witnessed them murdering clones of me and my kids, with an older clone of my brother at times.  I was forced to live with them, as a hostage.  As long as I lived there, I was accessed by the U.S. govt. shits.  If I lived with anyone else, as "CPS" and govt. had "allowed me to discover", they sent me to other families to get raped too, and held hostage or drugged.  I was old enough to be emancipated and I tried to do this and was tortured and raped and forced to live with Bob and Dicksie, with threats of being confined in a mental ward if I didn't.  And then when I denied I was ever held hostage, raped, or tortured by them, or targeted with murder, Dick Whittemore and all the other govt. shits also said I was "recovering" from "delusions" against them and they weren't criminals and child pedophile shits who murdered innocent people to betray the entire nation. 

Levi, my "brother", didn't appear to my real "brother" either.  He murdered countless numbers of my clones, especially my son and was being given control or access to them by the govt.  He had been given access to torture and rape me when I was a little girl, and out of paranoia for getting caught, he was constantly attacking and murdering my sons.  When I was younger, one day a Bob jr. went up to one of my older clones, forced her to hand over her baby, a clone of my son, and said "Levi is in charge now" and she was screaming about it.  He also made her give the baby to Amanda Bynes.

One of the older clones of Levi then committed an entire massacre against my son and his family while acting as a "sniper".  He and his wife "Black Char" forced me to hold my own son, a young clone of Oliver, and then had him go back to be with an older clone of my son, and I remember this because I was wearing a purple mock turtleneck and they were mad about comments I'd laughed over with my son about "Libby's French style green beans".  He had an entire family of my son's and a younger one, all together and then took aim, shot all of them, and then said, "You won't remember it" and I said "Yes I will".  After they shot my sons and his family, Levi had black Char hand me their kid Jackson and say "Here, you can hold Jackson instead."  I said, "You're handing me your kid after you murdered those people?" and I said, "Was that my son? because a lot of people were saying that was my son, and if it was, I'll remember later".  Another person who was there was Anne Crane, a "visitation" monitor for the govt. when the govt. picked on and kidnapped kids, and Patty Otterbach.  Another man who was involved worked for the FBI.

Levi and Black Char got special favors from Jews for being "Bar Mitzvah" attendees in Israel, and black favors from Obamas and blacks--they got double 'equal opportunity' against me and my kids, to murder us.

I witnessed so many murders of my own clones, clones of my son and of me, by my own "family" it's almost unbelievable.  They were all working together, and all of them, against me.  They were never including me as a "member of the family"--they used us and killed us off with other U.S. govt. employees.

One of my older clones of myself was murdered for saying Bob and Dicksie worked for the FBI.  Char Garrett, my Dad's "sister", told me, after she was killed, that they worked for the CIA.  She said, "Your parents work for the CIA" and I had thought "How come she's saying they work for the CIA when I was just told, by my clone who got murdered, they are FBI agents?"

Not to mention, one of the Dicksies got mad when she told me her blood type when I asked and then I'd said, "Then it's impossible for me to be your biological daughter because I can't get that blood type from a combination between you and Bob".

I was also being told Ed Howard was my Dad when he wasn't.  It was like Hillary Clinton trying to say she was my "Mom".  He'd been raping me and torturing me, with other U.S. employees, when I was a toddler and young kid.  It was so bad and some of his friends started coming over to the West Coast too.  I did the same thing with him that I did with Chris Dabney--they tortured me so much, I started lying and thought maybe if I compliment them and make them feel I don't remember their crimes and I am deluded enough to think they are friends, they'll actually start being nicer...like make them feel they can be my "hero".  So I told Ed Howard, in 1982, "I am being raped all the time again, suddenly, all the time, by tons of people and I think it's because I said something like I don't like Katie or Rachel is boring or something and I don't know why.  Maybe it's because they said I'm not with the CIA anymore, or because someone who protected me died, so maybe if you join the CIA you can tell people not to rape me".  I had wanted him to join not just for that reason, but to remember something else:  "Catherine Elizabeth Middleton".  Her "birth announcement" had been made over the phone by the Pentagon, to my house in M.L, of the arrival of another sick and demented Katie clone, this one born 1982.  It was bad.  CEM and CIA, just acronyms I could think of.  So he joined anad then one day he came out of Dicksies bedroom and stood in the doorway smirking at me.  He and U.S. govt. did that prior to 1982, plotting my demise.  I had thought Ed was going to be nicer and then I realized, oh shit.  Now things are 100% even BETTER for Kate Middleton because now, instead of reporting him, and what he was doing with them, now I look like I wanted to give him a promotion and job with the CIA."  Not just that, he had participated in the murder of an older clone of me, by Camilla Parker-Bowles, who worked for the CIA.  Yup.  He was THERE.  Ed Howard was actually someone who had been MURDERING my clones and WANTING my older clone of ME to be murdered, and he was standing by Camilla Parker-Bowles for it.  I thought "These Catholics...and? Ed is a Catholic, and these Jews...but how come Bushes...Bushes are Protestant so why do they do all these favors for them?"  I didn't know Bushes were claiming to be personally, biologically related to the Diana Spencer family, and therefore were "relatives" and extended family of Camilla and Kate, who are also related to eachother by Bruce Middelton Shand, Camilla's father.  A big inbred lot.  So getting Ed to sign up for CIA was my way to remember "He's already working for them and wanted to murder one of my older clones and he and Mary and the rest of them had held me hostage and others I was related to, along with murdering some of them and cutting them up in their own bathtub.

At first, I wasn't raped.  I got the benefit of having my "fake delusion" rewarded, that Ed Howard was a nice guy who would keep people from raping me.  While he was in the CIA, the Waleses and Middletons and Goldsmiths and all of my enemies, just cemented their asses to their positions and figured they were safe.  A HUGE number of people from the CIA already worked with Ed Howard but at the time I thought he was military.

And THEN, after that, I was dragged to a house and raped by a group of people and that group included Levi Garrett my own "brother", and "Rachel the Jew"s ENTIRE family.  They tied me down to a bed and forced me down and gang-raped me.  I thought "Huh?"  Rachel the Jew that I'm referring to, is the same Rachel from D.C. who was operating a restaurant there while majoring in "video games" at Georgetown, that Chris Dabney was dating in 2008.  They gang-raped me and Rachel's Mom and Dad were crying, while nodding their heads yes, as all of them raped me.  A woman who drives 298 BTN was also involved in murdering my son, with a woman who drives a Mercedes with plates 8IT CUL.  They were bragging about how they'd have an unborn child of mine murdered and it definitely wouldn't be Rachel's baby that died, but mine.  They bragged about this when I was only age 8.  She murdered a clone of him that was only around age 7 or so and had Kate Middleton with her to do it and it was at a house.  They were bragging, "Like this?"  The U.S. govt. was stealing all of my money and songs and credit for them was being stolen and given to their other employees.  James Dabney was one of their main lawyers who murdered clones of mine and he raped me and threatened to murder me more than once.  He once turned on me with a smoking gun, after having fired, and pointed it at me with hate and anger and fury on his face and sweat and nerves and I had to talk him down.  He was about to murder me, several times, until I played dumb like I didn't know who he was.  The U.S. govt. told me, after my clones who controlled my bank accounts were dead, and after I realized Dicskie wasn't giving me my account balance anymore, "You can't have any money but you can help us decide who the others are that can use it" and I said, "I want MY money and if it goes to anyone, MY clones and MY kids, not YOU and these...?  you're telling me you're stealing my money and you want me to think I'm a philanthropist?  Is this a joke over Philip Thebault, Prince Philip, or William of Wales?"  So they were forcing me to do this, and this one woman I remembered with the group that gang-raped me over Rachel the Jew, and she was there around Rachel's family and I pretended like she wasn't the real witch she was and I hadn't remembered her discussions against me and I said, "She can buy a black Mercedes and drive it and it has license plate 8IT CUL".  That was to remember Carol Goldsmith and her friendship with this woman, and Pippa's, who is a murderer, and how she knew Howard and Rachel, and had been in the same area for the rape and traveled.  It was for my age when I heard her plot against me, that I wouldn't be allowed to have or raise my own kids, age 8, and IT was for Bill and Melinda Gates, Kate and William, and several people who showed up, and to remember "Rachel the Jew" was going into IT.  CUL was for Caligan, the Russian CIA Director, to remember how I was raped by Rachel's family and others who were bragging about sending me to Russia next and then forcing me to lose a baby.  She was not a nice woman and the woman who drove BTN murdered my son saying, "So they killed him like this?" and shot him.  This woman who drove 8IT had also murdered one of my sons on a separate occasion, earlier, and they had held an older clone of myself down, while they did it in front of her and it was 8IT's gun that was used.  She handed it to a Bob jr. and had him shoot.  This woman was also there:  ZDA 693.  This was like, Kate Middleton's "U.S. support team".  Just a couple of who knows how many, tons, of U.S. govt. employees who murdered over them. 

One of my sons was murdered for saying Kate Middelton couldn't marry William because she was already married to "Mike".  Mike Tancer.And I knew she was already married to "Chris" and so did Mossad.  I said, "So basically Kate thinks she can marry a royal as a clone of someone who was actually born 60 years ago, who married someone else, not him and then all these clones of her who married U.S. shits have the entire U.S. wanting to make sure she and Camilla and their family get whatever they want while murdering my family and repeatedly forcing us to be recloned, esp. my son, to just be murdered." 

Ed was in the CIA or telling me so, by 1983, and after he joined, I was raped and then they said, "Ed's going to be in the FBI now, in Russia".   He had already, prior to being in the CIA officially, or known to me, participated in the murders of more than once of my clones, on behalf of the British royals and CIA.  He personally handed his own gun to one of them to do it, in the U.S., with U.S. govt. around.

Other murderers include a clone who has siblings and his "Mom" has always driven a minivan, 995 HJN.  I've already written about him and them, but they had some of the people who acted as accessories to this, around me today.  Also, 736 HXV is a former plane driver who also murdered one of my clones and she was constantly at my house gang-banging for Bechtold.  Robin Bechtold, and his entire family, including Wendy.  She also threatened me as a little girl about my entire life forced into poverty and no family.  She was driving back and forth from California as a PT drug dealer.  She was transporting around clones of my son too.  Like, why the hell?  All of these clones of my son were being driven around by her and then shot and clunked on the head.  She also shot and murdered an older clone of my son in her own car.  She murdered more than one person in front of me.  She went to my house, programmed me to force me to shoot my own older son and an older clone of myself and then the U.S. made me go to her car and do it and both of them were screaming and were shot and died.  She also murdered clones of mine in my house and was holding a gun against my entire family.  The woman who drives 703 DCP was part of the group that wanted him murdered and was programming me to shoot the gun.  An FBI woman named Andrea was also involved.

Wendy planted one of her Korean friends into the Avila house whenever he was there, to spy and control him and that Korean friend and clone of hers was frying his head and brain and torturing him to dumb him down.  Minji. 

Wendy murdered a clone of me by a sword and chopped her up and my clone was winning a fight against her until someone told me to say something to distract her and she died and Wendy was the guilty person, not my clone.  Her 1/2 Asian son has caused nothing but trouble and she was also some kind of bisexual person--she raped me as a pedophile, just as Alicia Nakata did and Nakata had a violent son as well.  The Nakatas had British people over to a restaurant to impress them while murdering my son with Wendy and Robin and some cops.

Penelope Diebel and Sarah Whiteside and their husbands murdered two of my clones in my bathroom in Moses Lake, WA, when I was only age 8 and threatened them, before they died, and mocked them saying I would never graduate college and never amount to anything and they'd make sure.  The govt. plan was to torture me to ruin my GPA and to impregnate me forcibly to force me to have kids and block my academic progress.  They then put the bodies in the tub and butchered them, themselves.

Another person who helped is a woman from Wenatchee who has a son named Evan and is a nurse.  She has a house on Methow St. and had daycare there and they attacked clones of my kids and murdered them after holding them hostage.  She was a single mother with some kind of cop boyfriend and they were friends with Stubblefield.  Pam and Doug Barry participated.  Pam was beating my son down, telling him he was dumb and worthless and ugly, had no friends and his mother was nuts and so on.  I looked at her and told her to knock it off or I was telling everyone her husband committed pedophilia against me.  I later rented from them on Methow and didn't remember this about them at the time, but I have recalled the events accurately, at more than one time of my life.  She is a terrible person, for what she did to my son.  They not only harassed my son at this house across the street, then they murdered my son, or another clone of him, at the same house I rented from later.

The U.S. has cloned between 200-300 clones of me and my kids, since I was born, at least, and they murdred more than 75% of them in front of me, and forcing me to do it.  This sounds like a high number but it's not an exaggeration.  In China, they had some clones cloned in sets of 100 all the same age, one person.  In the U.S., they had cloned my clones all different ages and times, but hundreds of them, and treated them like disposable practice "targets" for the U.S. to make money off of.  It is way worse than "genoicide".  When it comes to British royals, I can think of at least 100 murders that were my clones, of me and my kids.  They were not just cloning and trafficking us, they were selling our eggs and DNA to other countries, and I saw several occasions of my clones in other countries and the U.S. knowing they were clones of me.

Some info was erased so I'm reposting:
Other murderers include a man who has a clone that just drove past in a car and he murdered a clone of my son in the Surveyors office in Coquille Courthouse, with plates 325 HMM.  There was another man there who drives a white truck and was also at the courthouse today and they murdered my son over nothing.  Lynne Queen is a woman that works there and she was involved with Russell Torbeck and Michael Dado, and Torbeck was the former president of that office and Michael is now pres and was there for the murder and helped commit the murder.  They made me spackle their wall after they murdered my son there. Lynne Queen is a bisexual pedophile who also raped me and to this day, I can't stand to even see her hands without cringing because of what she was doing to me.  I was being raped by not just men in the area, but tons of women covering for their husbands or who hated me and were part of the govt. conspiracy to have a group profit from agreeing to lie about me, so the U.S. govt. could steal trillions of dollars from me and other clones, by forced slave labor.  The U.S. govt. is guilty of thousands of murders of innocent people, all who I personally witnessed being murdered by them.  They also had a Judge there to help them murder my son.  They were banging his head around and holding him hostage there and then he was finding out how they were plotting to put me under false arrest for the Middletons.  The other persons they had in the office to murder my son included Middletons and William of Wales.  They also had Prince Charles and Camilla visit that same office, and George Middleton.

I was raped by the entire Coquille police department and Sheriff's department and several of them also raped one of the Dicksies and my son, in front of me.  One of the Sheriff's who detained me last night did not just rape me, he raped Dicksie.  The blond woman Sheriff and him and other Sheriffs held me down, and had me raped and said, "This is how it will be if you don't want to have your Mom and Dad in charge".  They said, "We'll be in charge and it won't be nice or pretty" and they then raped me, and tried to force me under their guardianship again and then raped a Dicksie at the same time.

They also forced me to give and receive oral sex from them, along with other U.S. govt. men, and including one of the Bob jrs., my own "Dad".  They were bragging that they weren't the 49ers, they were the 69ers, and Chris Dabney was one of the men I was forced to do this with, along with all of the cops and Sheriffs.  In addition, Robin Bechtold and Nathan Bechtold participated, along with several U.S. employed "British" persons who were connected to the British royals, specifically Natalie Hicks-Loebecks husband, and also, notably, Brian Haines and Brian Gross, and Mrs. Rosenow's husband, my own "teacher" for 3rd grade in Moses Lake, WA. Brian Gross tried to jump on me and I said it would be too hard to do it since he was that tall. I was trying to make excuses at the same time of having to pretend I liked them and thought all of it was no big deal.  I was only 8-9 years old when I was forced to do this.  I was being forced to write songs and I wrote an entire collection of songs that Bryan Adams stole from me, including "Summer of '69".  He was a Canadian shit, sent over by Canadian govt. assholes, who colluded with the U.S. to steal from me, making them accomplices in kidnappings of me and my kids and defamation.  They used several of their own citizens to make money for themselves and collude with the U.S.  The entire "Cuts Like A Knife" CD is songs written by me.  I was raped by more cops when I was age 10.  The second CD he became famous for, was also songs entirely by me except for a couple of them.  Canadians were stealing from me and promoting Middletons at the same time, and encouraging lies about me as a "child prostitute" while secretly forcing me to give their own citizens credit for work they did NOT produce.  They were telling me, when I was a kid, "This way, if you use Bryan Adam's name, you can remember Bryan who raped you, and the Adams cops from Oregon state police and psychologists too".  They were claiming they were trying to "help me expose" the U.S. when they weren't.  They were jointly murdering anyone who got in the way of their corruption and they had Pippa Middleton shoot, in a shooting line-up, several of my clones, in front of me, in Canada, Canadian territory, with a bunch of U.S. govt. persons there and watching and approving.  "Cuts like a knife but feels so right" was to remember Officer Wright, who was attacking me in both Canada and in the U.S. and had attacked my clones as well.  I was maliciously, repeatedly, vaginally raped at age 8, over and over, and for up to a 1/2 hour per person, with Chris Dabney raping me for extremely long periods of time.  They were not just putting fingers and objects into my vagina, which is rape all on its own, they were not just raping me for about 5 or 10 minutes to say they penetrated for a game, they were raping me for 30 minutes and more, and ejaculating and passing me to the next cop and FBI agent and CIA and military officer.  Dabney is a child rapist of 8 year olds and he had started raping me when I was even younger than that, and then if I wrote "songs" they would quit raping me and if I stopped writing songs, they would rape me again until I sang, to force me to keep singing and producing song material they were stealing from me.  Summer of '69, "...when I look back now, that Summer seemed to last forever" was to remember it was Chris God DAMNED fucking Dabney.  I also wrote the song "Needle and Thread" (needle and a thread, gotta get you outta my head/needle and a thread, gonna wind up dead) was also about this same fucking shit.  "seemed" for "seemed to last forever" was to remember he had fucking stitched me up.  And I used "Summer" to remember he and some kids named JR and Summer had been "babysat" at my house when I was a kid, his younger clone.  I already knew there was an older shit of him, or more than one, and then this younger shit who was younger than me and was being babysat with Rachel at my house.  Canadian assholes were telling me Chris Dabney was actually a "Canadian" who worked for them and they'd use Bryan Adams to put my music out there.  They had Dabney then trying to bribe me as if he hadn't raped me, acting like we're all in this together, and I was just being a nice good helper for all of them, when it was a fucked up lie to gang-bang me, murder my clones, and steal my money and drive me into slave labor.  They were telling me, "Bryan will sing your songs and give you some of the money if you promise not to talk or think about CHRIS".  I said, to Dabney's mother, this fucked up bitch from D.C., "If he wants my songs, I want HALF of the money" and I said this because Middletons were involved and were friends with him and I wasn't going to forget that fact. So then Bryan Adams came over and acted shocked when he read the lyrics and said "You wrote this?" and I said yes and he said, "It's so...mature" and I said, "Well I use things I hear people say and things I experience and make it into something that teens and adults will like because that's who listens to the radio music".  Every single song is owned by me and is my property.

Another bitch raping me and involved was Rachel the Jew.  It wasn't just "little Rachel" the clone who was younger than me, being babysat with Chris at my house, the older one had murdered my older clones at my own house and had been living there as a family member when I was younger.  She showed up again and started trying to intimidate me and she kept making fun of me and smirking and I finally said, "Why don't you wipe that smirk off your face Rachel because I'm sick of it.  You stare at me and smirk maliciously when I'm talking about being raped, and you're not reporting anything to anyone, even when you know it's true.  I hope YOU get ejaculated on, and have sperm all over YOUR back all the time, and then maybe YOU can wipe THAT off instead of your fucking SMIRK over kids like me being raped".  I said, "Get out of here and don't you EVER come back to MY HOUSE again or I will pray to GOD you get a REAL CUM-BACK".  And then I said, "You bitch, you give me my MONEY back, or God will give YOU a CUM-BACK you won't like".

So then after I said this, one of the Bob jrs. and U.S. govt. men gang-raped me again, and they started having him masturbate across my back and ejaculate on my back, every single day, to get revenge against me for making a comment.

The U.S. govt. did not prosecute any of the shits who came into my house to gang-rape me more, or Canadians and British.  Instead they said, "We have this pastry manufacturer that wants you to help with their advertising, so you can do this and code whatever you want into a MESSAGE for YOURSELF if you want".  I said, "You keep telling me to code things for myself and you're not putting ANYONE in jail or arresting them--YOU'RE the ones in charge of RAPING me and then you're telling me all I can do is write a message, and is this because you're trying to make me into a black slave singing "coded songs" because ever since I was told that, you shits are treating me like I am a black slave and making fun of me, telling me to make "messages" out of...what now? pastries???  Are you KIDDING me???  Where's MY MONEY?"    So then they got mad and said, "It's up to you.  You can have this job or you can have other things happen to you in your room" so I said, "Okay, what is it?" and they said, "Hostess Pies" and they said, "They want a slogan" and I said, "Okay, here it is:  "the sweetest comeback ever".  And then I said, "And I want it to say, with REAL fruit filling" and they said "Why real?" and I said, because then they know, but also add "artifically flavored" on some of them so it says 2 things at the same time, like Rachel this Jewish bitch.  They said what's "real" for? and I said "just real filling" but it was for IRA because Chris Dabney was a known, James Comey, card-carrying IRA child raping, pornographer and pedophile SHIT.  It was also to have me remember and document "69" and being forced to go one way and give oral sex to cops and U.S. govt. shits as an 8 yr. old, and having them go the 2nd way and do that to me at the same time.  This bitch Rachel thought it was funny and amusing.  She enjoyed hearing about it and then other women were acting the same way. Rachel did not just torture and murder my clones, and me, she had stolen money from me and she hid it.  No joke.  And then she was murdering more of my clones and I found out the U.S. started letting HER raise and control and traffic some of the clones of my sons.  One time, I was visiting with a clone of my son (Oliver, a younger clone about age 8 in 1984) and I was being told "It was Rachel's idea to let you see him" and that SHE was having a say in whether I saw my own biological relative or not, and this BITCH had MURDERED him and his clones in the past, and my clone too, and she had control?

She is a criminal FUCKED UP BITCH.  She ALSO used Mossad against me in Israel, Kate and Pippa Middleton her Jewish fuck-up friends, and an entire Brooklyn Hasidic community of Jews in NYC to rape me again and torture me and make deals with the U.S. govt.  They sat around making sure they could "read my mind" and make predictions and forced me to work and I wasn't paid.  The also stood around watching me while I was being tortured to see what the effects were of some forms of remote, military-technology directed torture against me, and I guess it was to figure out how much they needed or wanted to ruin my life.

So then Bryan Adams was nice at first, and cried and acted like oh he was so sorry this had happened to me and then I found out his fucking ass was lying to me and he had been accusing one of my sons of attacking him when all my son said was "No, if you want to use her songs, you have to pay her some of the money" and Bryan Adams MURDERED that clone of my son, with U.S. and Canadian shits standing by.  These FUCKERS were refusing to pay me and murdering anyone who tried to tell them I had to be paid for my skills and work product.  Then Bryan Adams started crying and said he was sorry and I said I didn't forgive him so he came up with a total lie, in his defense, claiming his kid was targeted by my son, and he started threatening me with a fucking knife and more rape, demanding to know how I sang this song and that one and how they went, to duplicate and copy me.  They weren't stealing just my written lyrics, I was forced to sing or have my songs recorded so artists could copy the music with it--it wasn't just lyrics.  And it wasn't just music and lyrics--they were even copying my interpretation and the voice and inflection on how I sang my songs.  All they did was use their voice as mimics.

The first massive problem I had with Canada, that I understood, as a little girl, was when I was age 8 and they had their shit stealing my songs.  They had earlier histories too, but that was when I saw how popular my songs were, and how much fucking money Canada, England, Israel, and the U.S., specifically, were making on MY songs, and committing crimes against humanity to do it.

Dabney did not rape me for over 30 minutes just once.  He did this, to get back at me for saying "Maybe Katie should be raped for half an hour, or Rachel should, because they are trying to cheat me out of my money and laughing and are glad I'm being raped".  He did not do this once.  He was gang-banging me left and right, and torturing me with the worst form of torture, and drugging me. He forced me to take pills, injected me with a syringe at least over 100 times, and was trying to figure out how to make sure I could never read any of THEIR minds, to destroy that ability and force me to only be a creative work-slave horse for them to steal from.

One of the movie ideas I came up with, when forced to work in movies too, was "Friday the 13th".  It was to remember Dabney the shit and his fucking pedophile murdering friends.  I told Diana of Wales if she wanted to make a public announcement to me sometime, by something I would notice, like a car crash, if she felt like it, since she was the one who showed up when I asked if anyone wanted to do that, to look over her shoulder like I had when I saw Dabney and then crash into the 13th pole in the Pont d'Alma Tunnel in Paris, France.  I said, "If you ever get so disgusted with these people and think even Middleton is dangerous and not good, do that and let me know".  I do not believe Diana did what I suggested for this reason.  There were a few other possible reasons and it's very likely she is in hiding and the death was faked.

I found out my own clone was targeted instead.  I saw her being run into multiple times, and targeted in South Dakota, England, and the U.S.

These cops had Michelle Obama and Barak, the Clintons, and Trumps, all in the Coquille cop parking garage to rape me and my kids, and murder some of them, as well.
Several murders of my son involved cruel amputation of his limbs while he was living and it was the U.S. govt. allowing it and encouraging it.

Also, from the start, a white man who was middle aged, named "Mike" was involved.  He was supposedly a Marine in WWII, and did property management in Roseburg.  He claimed his name was Mike Macgregor later, but I thought he was lying about his last name bc I was thinking it was Mike Jorgenson or something.  He drove and still drives, a white SUV with plates that are ---  G--.  I didn't catch his plate but I saw his face yesterday as he drove past, and he is responsible for multiple murders against my son, and rape of me and my older clones, and murder of them as well--clones of me.  My son tried to tell me about him all the way back in 1979 or so, and he was connected to Rachel the Jew, Tancers, Dabneys, Patty Ottterbach, and a lot of Jews.  I asked if he was Jewish and he claimed no, but it didn't make sense, because of how many Jews he supported.  He was involved in an amputation murder of my son, and a shooting of an older clone of me and my son at the Baird house in Cashmere, WA, and in Coquille. Another murder was at my house in M.L., WA and they murdered her after raping her on the floor and it was with some Jewish man that knew Rachel the Jew included.   It was constantly to keep my clones from finding an advocate for my right to credit for my work and money for my work, and I wasn't agreeing to support the U.S. govt. with my money.  They weren't asking for "taxes", they were stealing everything, all of my work and money and torturing me to produce more. 

In addition, there were always cops involved in the murders.  I asked Mike one day, this govt. SUV man, if he was one of Kate Middleton's husbands, because I also saw him around Middletons all the time.

Some of the cop-involved murders were at Johnson Mill Park.  There were dozens of murders and slaughters against my clones there.  One was with the entire Avila family, murdering a clone of my poor son Oliver, same one they are "raising" now and which disappears after "car accidents" whenever they have him.  He was crouching and holding his head, in a concrete part of a park bathroom.  On the other side of the same bathroom, in the other concrete wall side, they murdered a clone of me, with the Bairds' and U.S. govt. watching from the bushes, and "Amanda Bynes".  Another watcher was Michelle Obama.  The Middletons personally had several sets of murders against my clones at the same park, at that bathroom in the back and at another one closer to the middle of the park, and they murdered clones of me and my son, and with the Jewish Rose family.  Others involved in murdering my clones were Sherwood, OR students, a huge group of govt. clones, and another rmurder was with Prince Philip and Prince Edward and Sofie and cops, including Officer Malhun.  All of the Coquille cops and Sheriffs were involved in murdering and assisting in concealing and clean-up of the murders of my clones.  The murder of my son with Sofie and Malhun and some cops, was at the entrance, to the side where a river was.  They murdered sets of my clones from one end of the park to the other end. filling the entire park with countless murders of my clones.  They also had groups, not just sets of 2 or 3, or sometimes just one, but groups of people murdered, and slaughtered out there.

Every single royal member of the British family participated and was involved in at least one, if not several murders.  Also, Tom and Jodi Garrett were; John and Linda Hartley (Jews), Ansgar Santogrossi and Roman Catholic monks and clergy; Tomas Caballero and Paul Cassell; Carl and Mary DelBalzo, Thebaults; and countless FBI employees.  Jim West; Brian Gross; Ericksons: and a man who claims to be a pastor from California and who preached in Myrtle Point; and also Kevin from New Song church (an electrician).  I will add info about who was at which part of the park later.  Also, Robin and Nathan Bechtold, Allens, and Levi my own brother and his "wives" Carmen and Char.

Other murders occurred at the Thebault family's beach location on the Jersey shore in Mantoloking Beach, NJ.  They murdered my son at a lifeguard house with Rose family members, "Phoebe", and Thebaults and Ken and Kevin, and Ken and Kevin were both lifeguards who also worked for the FBI supposedly.  They forced my son to stay there when it was freezing cold and I told him he couldn't stay with me bc I didn't know how to sneak him in and they left him out there and spied on us while we visited I guess, and murdered him.  No reason at all, just money.  All these shits were after, was stealing from me and forcing him down and to "bow" or kneel to royal shits that work for the U.S. govt.--for the CIA, and who LOVE the FBI for their money laundering and trafficking. 

Others murders occurred at the Thebault's house in Bedminster, NJ at the former "McGraw publishing" house, and a series of murders against my clones occurred there in about 1978, and then more in 1982 or so, and they claimed they were burying some of them in their pet cemetery.  They also murdered more of my clones at a second house the Thebault's occupied in NJ, at the printing company they owned, and in their offices.  They murdered countless numbers of clones of my son Oliver and also clones of myself and I witnessed them murder a couple of blonds supposedly connected to me by relation in some way.

Thebaults, including Philip Thebault, were not only in the govt, they were major drug lords and trafficked child and adult women porn too.  They were among the group of people that programmed me and forced me to murder my own son and myself, clones of my son and of myself. 

I remember persons, specific locations, time of day, and all kinds of details.  They are extremely bad.  Not only that, they were friends with the Dabneys and had an older clone of Chris assisting them in murdering my clones and even making me do some of it.
07342 is a motorcycle plate for a couple that murdered an older clone of me and they forced me to be involved in the stabbing, deliberately, and they also murdered a clone of my son Oliver.

Also, XXU 552 is a plate of a black man who raped me and killed a clone of my son.  He knows people in California and FBI who were involved. 5VHE870 (CA).

My son was also upset that my parents let Lance, an FBI employee, "off" for raping me and didn't testify against him and it was Lance.  Also involved in raping me was Freeh.  Louis Freeh.

There was a truck, red, with a loud motor that passed by that assaulted me in the past and was kidnapping, and 401 JBL and another CA man and a tall Hispanic also attacked my son and the taller man raped me and my clone and stabbed my son and he has a cut on his face.  More than one who looked like him raped me but this man attacked and is some kind of cop.  He has a scar on the left side of his face from my older clone trying to defend herself and when a clone of my son yelled it's him, he punched him in front of everyone and appeared to stab him.  This other man though, also had some kind of shotgun and I think possibly participated.  They worked together, not separately.  He has a black shirt on, his wife is in black and with red lipstick, with an open back to the shirt--they were modeling Loren and Pat.

He did murder one of my clones, in the past, at a house and was visiting our house to intimidate.
Another set of shits who murdered my son drive RTP 286 and 714 ANF.  This woman who drives RTP is a horrible liar and handed her own gun to the man who drives 714 to shoot and murder one of my sons at my house in Moses Lake.  They are from Oregon, but I believe it was my house in M.L.  They had to go to "secret court" and lied and got away with murder.  Then SHE claimed she was a victim of ME, and they bragged I couldn't have my own kids and raise them and made demands when they were the murderers.  Not only that, she's some kind of shit cop or FBI because she was claiming she had authority to "arrest" one time and was handcuffing people.  Also, she then forced one of the Bob jrs. to bend over and had him raped.  She was at my house for more than one murder and one of the murders she used a handgun and another murder involved a rifle or shotgun--it wasn't just a handgun.

In addition to this, Brian Gross was called "Biggie" by all of the govt. shits who bragged he was a real Mafia man.  I witnessed Brian Gross murder no less than 10 persons himself, and most of the people I saw him murder, were clones of my son and daughter.  He was also trying to hide and disguise his crimes with a group of similar govt. shits who were Greg Fowler and Jim West.  Specifically, he and Jim West tried to cover for eachother.  Jim West from Wenatchee also committed murders and I saw him do it myself, and one was against a clone of my son.  BOTH Jim West and Brian Gross murdered clones of my son.  I saw Jim West murder more than one person too bc he also targeted my older clone and killed her--not just a clone of my son but a clone of myself.

Brian Gross and Jim West were not just serial murderers, they were given positions by govt. to "investigate murders" and all it did was corrupt the system more.  They made sure more people were murdered with abuse of authority.  They constantly were over at my house, constantly stealing, constantly threatening with guns in people's faces, and torturing and raping me and terrorizing clones of my son.Brian Gross also knew and worked with murderer Amanda Bynes, and Sarah Roberts who worked at CTR with Ed Israel, and other women who held guns and murdered people.  Brian Gross disappeared for awhile after I was age 3 or 4 bc of all of his violence and what I remembered and then showed up again, when he thought the coast was clear for himself.  He is extremely violent and he not only murdered and raped, he was bragging to me that he'd be in charge of sex crimes unit and no one in the U.S. would ever prosecute a rapist for raping me.  He used to stand there with Jim West and Robin Bechtold and hold a gun at one of the Bob jrs. head and tell him to rape me in front of them.  And when I say they murdered people, I mean, like execution murders where people were not doing anything wrong or being aggressive, and were forced to stand or sit and be shot, except in one situation some cops deliberately harassed my son first and tried to upset him before claiming they had a right to shoot him and they were in MY house, not on their own property.  It was MY family property, not theirs, and they were holding him hostage, bragging about stealing my money and how I'd never graduate college, be poor, and they had everything and so on, and raping me.

After refusing to prosecute a rape case against Josh Gatov when I was older, decades later, and not even writing up the fact I also reported Robin Bechtold, the FBI and police promoted this shit Gross to "Homocide" from "Sex Crimes" so now he could not only get a reward for dismissing my rape claims, he could get more of his pay from professional "hits" against innocent people.

I was told to remember Brian Gross with the idea of "Herpes" because he was responsible for having me photographed with a sore on my lower lip, when I was age 3, after I was raped.  He and some Mexicans and Pardo and Dabney thought it was funny and pointed to my picture and laughed about it to Anna, the blond Russian speaking bitch, later.  They had Bechtold, and the entire family including Eliza, Schneider, and the others laughing at me when I was just a kid and poking one of the women and saying to her, nodding over at me, "You have nothing to worry about".  Their comments were that the U.S. govt. controlled me so no one had to "worry" about my ever having money or reporting them for their crimes.

Gross also was part of chaperoning clones to meet me at my grandparent's house in around 1981.  He brought over older clones who I wasn't usually around, such as a Beverly Constance Breigenzer-Baird who was about 80 years old, and there was another one who was supposedly my own 'Granny', aged 50 years.  There was an older Dicksie, around 60 years old, and an older Bob jr., also about the same age of 60 or so, and that was in addition to the Bob and Dicksies who were in their early 30s at the time.  The entire family had photos taken with an older Granny, age 80, except for me and then I found out they were cutting out my older clone from any past photos saying we don't need her in them anymore.

The U.S. had cloned multiple clones of me and over 100 of my son and they murdered them.  It is not possible for me to live in this God Damned country when the govt. has done this.  They used all of my clones for free slave labor and to rape and then were having thousands of people participate in murders against them, for profit for themselves.  When I say thousands, I mean, there were also accessories to murder, not just the persons who would jump them and attack and mutilate or cut off their limbs, hang them, slash them, boil them or pour acid on them, burn them or shoot them.  The U.S. govt. made a "game" out of murdering all of my clones.  One of their ideas was to murder my son at a coliseum in Italy and they forced him to be over there, locked off the ruins of the actual colliseum, and had sword and lion "fights" to attack clones of my own son, in front of me.  The U.S. was also putting my clones into mental wards and using "electroshock" therapy excuses to torture them and kill them.  I witnessed my clones being forced to have Haldol so they would have seizures and couldn't talk and they were forced to be shocked and electrocuted, and even "calibratd" with hand paddles for the "heart starter" electrocoshock machines.  This was also done to me, personally.  I witnessed Haldol being given to clones of me, my son (at all ages), daughters I was told were mine, and one time, a Dicksie.

Other murderers in this town include Greg, the local 'post master" and he used his own gun to shoot a clone of my son and had been raping me and my older clone.

Another woman involved in murdering my clones with Brian Gross drives 435 DPU and was with an entire group of people who were involved.

Mary Donaldson murdered one of my sons in broad daylight, outside of the Coquille Library, with the Marca Electric signs behind her, and the entire Coquille police group covered it up, just as they did the parking garage murders of my clones.  I was told all I could "do" was help her design her wedding dress and photography and this was for an older Mary, not the one who got married after her, and they wanted me to do PR for her.  So instead of punishing people for murdering my children and family, the CIA was rewarding them and forcing me to give them "nice PR" for themselves and the CIA.  I was told they would kill me if I tried to give "bad PR" and didn't do my best to make her "Shine".  Not only that, I was forced to have them around me and the CIA had them in my house again, after another murder and they had already murdered several clones of mine.  The wedding photos of the "Mary D." that are online are not just of the one who is close to my age--they are of the one who is an older clone behind her who was murdering my kids and clones of me as well.  And then she was having Mary D. the younger electrocute me when I was younger, to be dumbed down.  I was told what kind of wedding dress will she wear and I had to design it and I also had to coordinate the photos.  I said, "Make it lacy and like a Spanish conquistador since Mary can look Spanish and then it will appeal to Latin American and Middle Eastern audiences as well as Euros".  I didn't want HER to "look good"--they put guns at my head and said they'd murder me if I didn't do my best job.  Then for photographing with one, to remember one of their murders of my son, I said to have lights in the background so when it's dimmed or altered online, the lights in the background appear, and I lied and said, "Like she has all the stars behind her and for Jews" and really, it was to imitate the reflection of lights next to Marcas Electric store when viewed at night from the library.  Then I was forced to do PR for her when she was pregnant, and these shits had massacred my family in front of me.  Frederick is a fucked up criminal, violent, sick shit and both of them work FT for the CIA.  He was raping me when I was little, and with younger Mary in Texas, who is a shit, a real shit, and they tortured me, plotted against me and all of my kids, and stood around smirking at me at the House of Parliamentary in England, with British persons, with him in his huge boat Calgary style hat and next to Mary and then sneering over at me when I was this little girl, standing next to a Bob jr. off in the balcony to the side and there to watch, while those assholes were ruining my life and making a HUGE fortune off of gang-raping me, murdering people, and stealing all of my music.  Mary Donaldson lived next door to CIA Bushes like Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker-Bowles are directly related to Bushes.  They are all working together in the CIA and murdered my entire family, and they were sending out govt. shits to literally hunt down all of these people the U.S. govt. had deliberately cloned first, used, and then was murdering.

They were also visiting all of the clones like "mascots" for the U.S. govt., and trying to establish themselves as the "royal benefactors" of the entire plutocracy of cloned shits.  Whichever clones were not tortured or forced into slave labor, they were bribing, and Goldsmith was making tours and rounds around the U.S., along with the Middletons and Parker-Bowles and Waleses.  They had clones of them spending months at a time, living in the U.S. and ccordinating hits against my family and making CIA plots.

Anne Crane and another woman librarian at the library also murdered my clones. They did it in front of me using their own guns, and the other librarians were accessories to other murders of my clones, mostly clones of my son.  Some of them went out to a site where there was an underground living space and secret entrance and they stood at the end and shot people and then went inside and killed them.  One of my sons told me he'd go in there and make noise so I could hear it above-ground and remember it was there and it was an entire tunnel and living quarters underground.  The U.S. govt. and Briitsh royal CIA shits made sure that every single govt. property and city owned business was led by people who had murdered my clones and would lie about it, and let royals continue stealing and raping as well.  I reported these people decades ago, and they would torture me and hold me hostage and force me to be sitting next to the same murderous shits again, and force me to not react and to be polite and nice to all of the people who murdered my kids and forced me to do it, in front of me.  And then the U.S. govt. and Mossad were bragging to me that this is what "Nazis did to Jews in WWII so now you can deal with it" and I have nothing to do with Nazis and WWII.

I have additional names and plate info to add along with the specific times Brian Gross committed murder against my clones and information later.  In one of the murders, Chris Dabney was with him.

I was working on some other things and am now writing because this U.S. Army asshole who raped me, one of several, showed up and bragged about it and then jumped into the back of a truck and left.  He's not just a rapist, but a murderer, like the others in this town, and several drove past who I recognize for murders of my clones and gang-rape of me, including 9S-2913, 869 HSD, 905 DGV, 95 FYY, 191 HJK, YRB 410, 741 BXG, YAIF856, 451 DJY, XWF 321, YLD 195, 42358, ZWZ753, VWD 278, 165 ETY, 099 ECJ, 96 79, 621 ZLK, 99 63, HZBZ, 10008, 422 ZCY (Nevada), 816 ELF, HUME2, 614 EGQ, 159 FXW, 426 BHX, 54372, 087 HFJ, 542 BUP, 13429, 760 FFK, 413 HTZ, 764 FRE, XBN 427, 404 RYX, 030 ESW, 622 GLQ, 338 BPW, 9691, 356 DDJ, 020 EMX, 319 GCP, 574 FRF, 54372, ZTA 099, GYVZ, 707 BUL (I was raped repeatedly by this man and his wife, and tortured and she murdered one of my clones with a gun, and he did as well.  Both of them and they are clones.  They bragged about using Chris Dabney against me, and this man resembled him.  I wrote script for Bull Durham based partly on his license plate).  One of the clones is a kid recloned dozens of times who rides a bike and knows Brian Gross and he murdered my son with "Mr. Martin", who teaches science and math.  These fucking cops told me to develop a "script" for them to recite, instead of putting the murderers of my son in jail.  The kid who rides the bike was a cop and played baseball and murdered not just my son with others at a Coquille field, he murdered a clone of myself.  He was also a pedophile.  They were stealing money and killing my clones to keep them from reporting corruption by THEM.  Not only that, they are Pentagon connected and were sitting around making "psychic predictions" of what I would look at online, in what order, and I was programmed and tortured for some of it.  He is also friends with Dabney and Pardo.

Patty Otterbach committed several murders of my clones and held them hostage, just like Debbie Sweetwater Burt.  They also had me raped.  They were constantly terrorizing my kids, and using their secretive police jobs and guns, to force people around.  All of them got ahead, and my kids and I were forced down even lower than where we were before I was a famous songwriter.  They couldn't commit enough crimes against us to satisfy themselves.
I have MUCH more to write.  It's 8/23/16.  I am without work and wifi at my house right now and still looking for work.  I need a job.  It is very bad here in this country for me, and the FBI is so disgusting I feel like vomiting every single morning about them.  They are the cruelest, most corrupt and sick organization I know of in the U.S.  They gang-rape kids, force them to be slaves in slave labor, and rape them to force them to have kids they kidnap, and that's what they bragged about doing to me, and how they get away with it, my entire life.  They have stalked me and stolen all of my money and forced me to lose whatever they didn't steal. I really need work and I am trying to get work outside of the U.S. and I am always trapped here.  They stole 2 of my cars, and before that, had their employees slashing all 4 of the tires, repeatedly, over their fucking bitch Stacey Stubblefield, who had one lousy tire slashed and should not have a license to drive at all.  I had all 4 of my tires slashed, 8 times, when I was living in Wenatchee, prior to being harassed and forced to go to Canada for political asylum, and was being stalked by cops telling me to leave.  I was held hostage in my house I owned, by another govt. shit connected to FBI, who broke in to terrorize us for forcing me to move so a Jew could move in instead.  I am needing work and do not want govt. work. 

Brian Gross is involved in all kinds of crimes, along with Dabney and West.  Gross was connected to older clones of Charlotte and George Middleton, who butchered clones of mine and chopped them up on a picnic table.  That's just one of many murders THEY are responsible for.  And why is the FBI so cozy with them?  Pretty FUCKED up.  I mean, every single day, I want to throw up over the FBI.

I have some things to do tomorrow and might not blog but possibly the day after.
Saturday August 27, 2016

The murders against clones of my son, by the U.S. govt. and their employees, and persons they hired or who work for them/with them, is really horrific.  The types of murders is bad, and the number is extremely high.

The U.S. not only hunted down clones of me, using photos and going from state to state and making me tag along to be identified by the Governor and police in each state in the U.S, my son's photos, at all ages was brought as well.  We were, have been, literally, "hunted" down in every single state in the U.S. and then when they heard a clone of my son say they were 'worldwide', which they already knew to some degree, they then went to almost every country you can think of, and did the same thing.  Some of my clones were fluent in other languages (like German.  One clone of me was about 40 or more years old and spoke German and she was murdered), and older, and being shot and murdered and they were bringing me along as the "lure", like "Don't you want to meet one of your clones?" and I think, suggesting they had informration to give them.

I was literally dragged to every state in the union while the U.S. govt. employees obsessed over me and controlling money and profits from my songwriting and wanting to murder off any "beneficiaries" or persons who help me with reports of abuse and rape by the govt., or slavery.

I was forced to visit every FBI office in every state in the U.S., and there were countless road trips and flights and trafficking.  I was being photographed, ID'd, forced to give genetic samples and fingerprints, at multiple locations with them, not just one place.

George Bush was motivated by being personally, biologically related to Diana Spencer and the Spencer family, to murder my clones and control me.  He had a major conflict of interest with his relationship to Camilla Parker-Bowles, who was also biologically related to Kate Middleton, and the CIA job ended up with his being in a Russian embassy, agreeing I was going to be paid at least 1 million there, as proof I was paid for my work in songwriting, and then after this ruse to have others assembled there, in San Francisco, he then had my clones murdered, at the embassy, with U.S. govt. employees involved, and Mary Donaldson, and then we left with a briefcase of money and were in the air in planes, small fighter planes, and while inside, had guns at my head and George Bush and some other U.S. men then stole the money from me that they'd lied to me about, and said was mine and the point of being at the embassy.  Why the San Francisco embassy?  Bechtolds.  Both the U.S. govt. Tancer and Bechtold families lived near there and they were involved too.  The U.S. basically said lawyers were showing up there to prove to Russians I was fairly paid, and they lured more of my clones there for the meeting.  Then they gave me my money (some of it) and then killed my clones, took off like the money was still mine, and stole it from inside of a plane and told me if I told anyone I was "dead".

The U.S. then used the same Russian embassy to suggest I was mentally ill, as a cover for the U.S. govt.

Robin Bechtold, an older clone of him, also murdered one of my clones who was helping me paint my cupboards in an RV in Coquille, OR and when I said a red truck parked outside had plates marked "--- OSM",  Robin and the FBI then decided to have the younger Robin clone rape me later, and say it was "Awesome" when I kept bringing up this plate name.  Robin Bechtold raped me twice, once saying "That was AWESOME" and the next saying "That was Awkward" and the U.S. govt. had bets with eachother on how much they could get away with rape and torture of my clones.  The older Robin clone passed all of the information about me to the younger one and I was tortured to not refuse being raped by him.  The FBI also retaliated against my attempts to report the older one when I was a kid, and telling people how he was an "interrogator" and had tortured me and my clones, forcing us to say "yes" over and over and using a gun to intimidate my son against saying "no" when having to answer on a polygraph and to interrogators. 

Basically, I had witnessed the FBI forcing my clones to appear guilty for crimes and as if they were lying on polygraphs, when they were being held at gunpoint to answer only the way the U.S. govt., the FBI, wanted them to answer.  They were also terrorizing my son as if my son was responsible for Edward Howard's polygraph, which he'd said he'd been fired over.

The U.S. and FBI lied to me and tried telling me Ed Howard was my "biological Dad" to keep me from reporting the fact he took part in helping Camilla Parker-Bowles murder one of my clones, of ME, in M.L., WA at my house under a carport, and that's not to mention other murders Howard assisted the Wales and Donaldsons with.

I was getting raped by him and Rachel the Jew's family in Maryland--it wasn't "Rachel the Jew" and her family being raped, it was Ed Howard and their group raping ME and talking about "Russia".

Robin Bechtold was not only trying to torture clones of my son over Ed Howard, he was murdering multiple clones of mine, and I saw him do it, and he was training Amanda Bynes and others, with Dabney, to force ME to shoot my own clones.

They held me hostage and forced me to see what an adult clone of myself looked like, and an adult clone of my son, and they forced me to repeatedly respond to their commands to "fire the gun" when they handed a gun to me, when I was a kid.  I was tortured and brainwashed and forced to automatically respond how they wanted, or be hurt or they'd blow up an animal.  So they were holding clones of myself in front of me, and having me fire blanks, but "practicing" for real murders against all of my own biologically related clones, who the U.S. govt. was stalking down and exterminating in a full-blown genetic genoicide against my relatives.  I had to "practice" all day, hours, like 8 hours or more each day, and sometimes with no sleep, shooting "blanks" and firing a gun at myself and my own clones, and automatically responding to their command.

They had a Dicksie and Bob forcing me to do this, particularly I recall a Dicksie, and my clones screaming and looking scared and terrified and crying sometimes, and they had Kate Middleton and William of Wales in England, doing this to me.  They also had Debbie Sweetwater-Burt forcing me to respond to her, and several others, specifically with the U.S. govt. and England.

I was forced to follow the orders of several govt. persons the U.S. govt. plotted to have on-hand for handing a gun to me, as a little kid, and making me shoot automatically, and sometimes they were making me say something first, like it was natural, and to get my own voice heard, and they were forcing me to make comments prior to it.  This was not done just one time but more than once and then heavy-handed forced programming for total extermination of all of my clones began around 1981, when Kate Middleton and William were freed from jail, because Kate had been put in jail (the older one) and she was being released by none other than their Bush grampies.  No one thought Kate had a chance to be "queen" after the hideous crimes she had committed until this occured, and they started calling Ronald Reagan's election the "Spring Revolution" for Kate Middleton because he hired none other than Middleton's best friends:  The Bush Family.  They were already murdering before they were even in the CIA as Director.

So I was about age 6-7 and suddenly forced to not brush my teeth, to lose my good manners I'd been taught, no more foreign language lessons, no academic coaching, and instead, I was forced to practice shooting MYSELF, clones of MYSELF and my KIDS, all day and night.

And that's the shit Kate Middleton was doing in England, with me over there.  She murdered countless clones of mine and then the Middletons wanted them hunted down and killed, and then...huh?  then they wanted more of them born again as new clones????


Kate Middleton stood right on U.S. territory when I was an older kid, after all this, and shot my son right in front of me, using her own gun, and it was over the "claim" someone suggested I shoot "Katie's son".  Kate figured since I thought it was HER son, she'd have a go at him, even when I was older, like age 9 or 10.  I was an older girl and this bitch was still freehandedly going around murdering innocent people.  When she murdered a clone of my son later, it was after he and I had been joking about my being married one day, and I was "practicing" my walk to music with a veil.  He used to put his ear and my ear up to a boom box and have me listen to music to be a good singer and songwriter and told me other things.  After Kate murdered him, she was then in Israel and undid her white scarf on her head and smirked and said, "Like this?" to me. She is so sick it's not hardly believable how sick and cruel the Kate Middleton clones are.  While she was harassing me and bragging about murdering all of my clones, her sister Pippa was murdering more herself, in front of me, and without me around, secretly from me, and forcing me to play "sex games" and be videotaped as a kid, and Pippa wasn't the only one doing this--Mary Donaldson and Kate Middleton and Amanda Bynes did this to me when I was as young as age 3 or 4.  They hated my older clones and attacked me.

An older clone of me, had known, like everyone else, that Kate was in jail for a serious reason and she told me not to let her out.  I was a little girl.  Then Bush came along and forced me to say to let her out of jail and she didn't commit any crimes and they "sprang" the bitch, over this.

I was not just being trafficked to England to be tortured by them and Goldsmiths and Obamas and others, on Winter vacations from school, or Summer vacation.  I was trafficked there on Spring Break as well, and being raped, beaten, and forced to witness murders of my own clones and forced to help kill them, and then I was dumped back into school to study "history".  One of the Spring Breaks I was not even back in school on time, because I was injured and couldn't even GO to school and they made excuses for keeping me out of school longer and I had to do homework at home.

I was raped by George Middleton too, and then one of my older clones told me she was also raped by him. An older clone of him raped me.  They were attempting to later say it was some other George, and plenty of other George's also raped me:  George Bechtold, George Bush, and George/Jorge a Mexican.  A group of white govt. men also had Jorge rape me when I was a little girl, with Middletons and Goldsmiths, and stood there with guns to watch.

Levi's son "Jackson" also murdered one of my clones, and I'd have to see a photo of him older, but from what I remember he did, and Obama, Barak Obama and Michelle murdered at least 6 or more clones of me and my son, between them and that's not including rape by their Dads.   She murdered one in her apartment, and at a drug deal outside, and he shot one of my clones in front of me, inside of a building and there were other murders and rapes.  His Dad and Goldsmiths raped me together, jamming metal objects up inside of my vagina in a garage in England.

Ed Israel murdered an older clone of me, at his own house and was trafficking clones of my sons around with Carla.

Another clone of my son was shot in the eyes and couldn't see and was saying "Cameo where are you?" and this huge group of U.S. govt. shits were forcing me to say "I'm over here" and have him staggering around blindly to find me, knowing I was in danger.  They made fun of him because of the name "Mejia" (me hear).  It is pronounced "meh-HEE-yuh" but sounds like "me hear ya".  The people standing around to watch him die and be murdered were Carlos and Lisa Sequiera (who were present for an earlier murder of a clone of myself, inside of a trailer with Middletons and English royals and U.S. employees), and family members, Pardo, Edward, Kyle Flick, Nathan and Robin Bechtold, Andrew, and several individuals from Coquille, Oregon and OR and WA and FBI (Fowler, Freeh, Dabney).

I was raped at a wedding where another woman was getting married and they had my hair done up and blond and then told me I could meet my son or this other person and be paid some money.  I was coached and programmed to avoid my own "son" and go to the other place at the wedding, and then they raped me, made it sound like I wanted it, and bragged about it, standing over me triumphantly, with a videocamera and my poor son having been screaming before I went there. One of the rapists was Mike Nichols, a clone of Mike Nichols, and then later, he was trying to murder me in a car-hijacking with Monica Allen, who had already murdered over 10 of my clones with herself, Tim, and her brother Nathan.  She bragged about a murder of one of my sons in a pool, later, in D.C. when I was visiting after a car wreck she was responsible for, with Mike Nichols, and had herself photographed in a pool with her hand held up like making a step or "walk like an Egyptian" because they harassed my son about this before murdering him.

At more than one "drug deal" and some non-drug deals where my clones were trying to promote NOT being into drugs, the FBI attacked and murdered my clones.  These FBI shits WANTED the fucking cocaine from Kate middleton and Gary Goldsmith--they sneered and got jealous and mad at the idea I might be "uniting" with some of my other clones and we had an honest approach.  In one non-drug, alcohol (instead) meeting we were hosting, to throw some parties, they killed her in front of me, and my son was shot by Robin Bechtold while he sat next to an older clone of Alicia Peters, just for saying Alicia and Mike drove him there.

What the hell are Peters doing, trafficking humans and children?

I mean, the FBI hasn't answered my questions about why I was being forced to sleep inbetween the man and woman, in a bed, of hundreds of FBI employee shits.  They needed me to sleep in their own beds with them?  I was being molested by FBI and trafficked around and never in the same bed one night to the next and they made fun of me.  They snatched me away from my son and older clone, and forced me to sleep with govt. pedophiles, and even Jews hated my guts--I was raped by Scott Lewis, Laura Rose-Lewises husband.

Not only was I raped by him, the Rose family used every member of their family to personally murder at least one of my clones, either a clone of me or one of my son and I saw all of them do it.  Who would ever suspect Rabbi Emmanuel Rose and Lorraine Rose?  They all murdered clones of mine, who were biologically related to me, and starting, from my memory, when I was 4 years old.  I was also raped by Rabbi Rose, not just blow jobs, but forced to sit on top of him, while he laid down in bed, and I was forced to "move up and down" on his penis. That's the "Rabbi".  Scott Lewis was forcing me to do the same thing.  And these are Katie's "supporters".The British and Danish royals used their connections, with some other monarchists, to make "pedophilia" look "distinguished" as if all FBI shits should want to do the same, like "royals do".

At another non-drug party, I was hosting with clones of mine, I found out, oh.  Hell. The FBI wants Goldsmith and Middleton drugs, not just alcohol, because they had cops and FBI there and instead of wanting to promote clean parties, they wanted the cocaine fueled orgies that Middletons and CIA Parker-Bowles and Waleses brought with them.  They sneered at my idea of "We're using liquor instead of drugs and we're going to plant corn instead of porn".  Dabney and his brothers stood up, sneered at me and said "No", along with Chris, a British Chris Kate Middleton dates.  So if this British shit said "No" to me, the entire group of cops and FBI stood up, to show "unity" with THEM, and left and coordinated to rape us and torture us more, and murdered one of my clones there.  I had picked the wrong shits to attend my party.  Why the hell would I ever think the God Damned U.S. govt. assholes who were responsible for torute, rape, and murder, against me and my clones, would want to be supportive of an idea from a girl they were stealing from?

They went around the world spending money to hunt my clones down and kill them.  Why? to keep me as a slave with no trustees or beneficiaries or people arguing I deserved to be paid for my work and have credit.  What kind of fucking "American" tells a little white U.S. citizen girl to "work as a slave for us"? and these shits are the real U.S. govt.?  yeah, that's how they are.  Richard was another huge factor, and responsible for murdering a clone of me and she had been telling me "It's Richard" more than once.

Brian Gross and some U.S. govt. persons, and Jim West, then decided to hold more of my clones hostage and murdered them, outside on boats while "relaxing" and indoors at secured-off houses.

At another drug-influenced place, with some of the same people, it was Tomas Caballero and Hotchkiss, with Dicksie, who shot and murdered one of my clones, an older clone of ME and an older clone of my son.  Then these shits had the U.S. govt. assigning cases for more clones they all get to control and force to work and then kill, to them.  The murdering was also by some Roman Catholic men who go back and forth between OR and WA.

At still another night murder, one of the U.S. men murdered an older clone of me, yet another one, and then said, pointing at her, "Clean her up" like she was a fish to clean and it was a Judge from Coquille.

James Dabney and Chris Dabney also murdered several clones of mine and were accessories to murders, and also took part in surgical operations on me to have me tortured.  The U.S. then had younger Chris Dabney around me, to observe me while they tortured me, to show him how they'd control me for "HIM".

I already explained how every librarian in Coquille participated in murders of clones too.  Several were at a murder of a group of people who lived underground at a location that was secret and they were connected to my clones and my son was there.

Laurie, a librarian, shot with her own gun, one of my clones, inside of a pin room at a bowling alley, and so did Anne, another librarian, again, with her own gun.  They did this the same week Hillary Clinton shot one of my sons and I had to repaint a bookcase because of it.  Others were accessories to murder with people like Janet Bechtold, in groups of people who acted like they were all "educators of the public" (and clones) when in reality, they are the only ones corrupting the system and the "youth" by criminal actions like "extermination for arbitrary reasons of greed and personal covers for family pedophiles".  Laurie also used a voice that was somewhat like my older clones or mine and she had attempted to set me up for "espionage" as a little girl, after murdering one of my older clones, and then after this, she killed yet another one, in the pin room.  The other librarian women helped murder in groups and almost all of them did.  Tina is one who held a gun at my parents and used handcuffs, along with another woman with dark short hair.

Hillary Clinton and Bill and Trump were also involved in murdering an older clone of my son, who was at least in his 50s. I didn't know there were any older clones of my son left by 1983 or so, but there was, and he was murdered and he hadn't done anything wrong.  He was trying to argue I deserved to be paid for my work like everyone else, and then told me, "It's Amanda" (Bynes) and they murdered him.  I saw a man sort of like him in the late 1970s and he was also murdered.

I started asking the U.S. govt, "How come you're murdering all of the same people?" I said, "You keep wanting me to kill them too, and why?"

The U.S. govt. not only did this, they were then forcing me to stay with them, in the U.S., forcing me to pretend nothing ever happened, and giving me no options but to work for murderers of my own kids and clones, like it never happened.  It did happen and I am so sick of this fucked up govt.

Not only that, after they were murdering all of these clones of mine, they then told me it was MY IDEA and said, "We get to murder any of your sons and if you catch us, then well, you catch us and maybe we'll drive past and you can write down our plates, but this is what we're going to do" and it was sick.  They didn't put anyone in jail or arrest them even if they WERE reported, because the shits who ran all of this and were promoting these murders and rapes, were all U.S. employees for the government in the first place.  They were CIA, Pentagon military, FBI, and cops and politicians and celebrities that the CIA actually hired and any "Mafia" was directly tied to FBI.  The FBI was paying the Mafia to murder my own clones too.

I was also tortured after they murdered one of my clones of myself for telling me to take "folic acid", and all of these govt. persons got bizarrely suspicious of it and killed her and they apparently thought she was suggesting I report the govt. people who were dropping acid on me.  They were repeatedly forcing me and my kids to take acid, full-blown LSD, to fry my brain,and Chris Dabney was one of the main ones.  I wasn't just given a little "pot" or cocaine, which leaves the system and doesn't permanently alter the brain, typically, I was being given doses of acid, and other hardcore drugs, and Middletons and Goldsmiths were involved in it.  Another one involved looked like Levi but wasn't Levi and he is from Coquille.  The U.S. started saying I was going to "lose a baby", and they indicated at "folic acid" (for baby's brains and spinal development) and telling me not to talk about their acid drops on me.  Not only was the U.S. giving me and my clones acid, to ruin their brains, and in more than one case, for a 'fatal overdose" against my own clones, they were pouring actual ACID on them, like Saddam Hussein style.

I started getting not just death threats on my life, over this specifically, out of the blue, all of the time, the U.S. govt. started coming up with their plot to murder an unborn baby of mine, based on this, on intimidation of me from reporting their use of multiple forms of acid on me and my clones.  They used hydrochloric acid and other acids to burn my skin, and torture me with, and dropped "acid" drugs on me, including by a Dicksie who was really mad or paranoid about some other royal or kid she had, and they were murdering my clones and dissolving their bodies in acid and Bushes and Bechtolds were helping, along with the Roses.  I had acid burning down on my skin enough, sometimes to erase cut marks made for torture to force me to act "happy" about being raped, and a few times, down to the bone.  I had a skin graft more than one time as a kid.  I not only had more than one skin graft, I was asked to donate skin of my own for someone else to have one and they cut skin from me but it wasn't a lot, not like the skin grafts I had to have.

I also witnessed clones of mine, spotted all over from burns and acid, and made fun of by CIA Middletons, and Donaldsons and their associates.

I also witnessed the U.S. burn one of my clones at a stake, alive, and they also buried one of her alive.  Kate Middleton was involved in all of it, and stood over her as she was buried alive.

They also, in the Coos Bay or Coquille area, took a kid I had seen harassing my son, and the U.S. govt. had said to me, when I was a kid, "So you say in England they let maggots or some kind of fast-eating insect eat carcasses" and I said, "Well I think it was there but I'm not sure" and they said "So we are going to kill this kid and do that to him" and they took all of these people to a location, and had told my son, a clone of my own son, they were doing this and then they grabbed my son instead of the other kid, killed him publicly, and then set thousands of fast-eating maggots on him to attack and they began chewing at him immediately and the U.S. govt., with British, stood there, bragging about it.  My older clone of my brother, who I thought had helped them, bc it looked like he did, then took a closer look and wanted to show me and I looked at it was my own son, and then they had the other kid looking at me, alive, from a distance, and laughing at me, and this older clone of Levi said, "Go get Dad".  It was my son.  Once again, the U.S. had murdered an innocent clone of mine, while telling me they had a big plot against someone else.

The U.S. did this repeatedly, for Kate Middleton and the Jews, supposedly, for the Likud party, saying things such as "like this"? but a large number of involved persons were Roman Catholics stealing from me, and some Protestants and Mormons and even some Eastern Indians and Muslims.  The U.S. also wanted me to believe hundreds of clones they murdered were "Katie's kids" and they were not, they were my kids and the U.S. govt. were the murderers.  They forced me to practice shooting at them myself.

In one house, with "Travis" and cops and other military from the U.S. and Bechtolds, they had a clone of my son lift his shirt to show his white spot on his stomach and then told me to shoot him there and then they shot him and they said, "So who is it?" and I said, "I don't know" and if they thought I didn't know it was my own son or clone, the U.S. was exterminating them in front of me.

I was forced to cut pieces of bodies that were thrown at me, onto a table, by U.S. govt. and British royals and they were my own clones as well.  I not only witnessed people like Michelle Erickson's family murdering my clones, with Donna Titleman, Tyler, and others, they were forcing me to chop parts they handed me and one time I said, "This hair looks the same color as mine, who was it?" and William of Wales was there with someone who looked like Jordan from TN.

I witnessed another clone of myself, injected with something that made her glow green, some kind of chemical poison, and she was sitting immobile in a chair and I was forced to stay away from her.

Then the U.S. was forcing me to Iraq, saying it was their cover for Chris Dabney's "Rock and Roll" tattoo, and their plots against my clones using his clones, and they told me I could "marry Saddam".  I was flown there with a U.S. group for a trip, and they first wanted me to talk with him and then said I could marry one of his clones. He has more than one clone.  My older clone was held hostage there and so was a Dicksie and Bob and led around in handcuffs.  She was trying not to say anything.

The CIA conspired to throw acid on, and harm, a huge group of Iraqui's, over Kate Middleton because they were saying they did NOT want her or Camilla to be queen or princesses. They had started saying they wanted ME to be.  The U.S. employees got mad, and then attacked them, and schemed to make it look like it was coming from another source, and then started saying, "It's not about Britian, you can marry Saddam" and I said, "How did you get that idea when you were talking about something else before?" They had Saddam acting like he was a friend or something and then they paid him money and told him not to marry me, and to shoot a clone of mine, with the U.S. govt., and they would "bail Iraq out of debt".

This plot was another horrific political scheme against my clones and me.

Another man one of my clones was murdered by and terrorized by, was "Johnny (Smith)" a "french" looking man who went to Coquille and was a student of her older clone or went to school with her.  He kept coming back to my house to attack and terrorize, with others with him, later, after he got away with murder.I didn't think he was too bad but then I was wrong, and Amanda Bynes and Anna the blond Russian from D.C. was trying to tell me to marry him.
August 27, 2016

I have some additional info about murderers but need names first.  I have some plates of others I know I saw killing my clones though. 

One man who drives 021 HVV murdered one of my sons with Bechtold.  Another in the town who has been stalking me, murdered one of my sons at the River house, after torturing and beating him up.

Chris Dabney and Roses murdered at least 25 or more clones that were related to me.  I would say I saw close to 25 murders by the Roses actually, and another 20 by Dabney and his relatives, all of my clones.  And there were additional murders--Donald Trump murdered at least 10 with his wives and friends.  He was also working with Scott Lewis on more than one occasion. 

This man at Denny's Pizza just turned out two lights above my head, and this is something they did when murdering one of my sons here.  Another murder occurred at this location and they assaulted him with an entire group of Coquille people and people from out of the area, and turned out the lights claiming I was not the "light" and "Amanda Bynes" was and they were telling my son they weren't going to pay me anything for my songwriting.  These U.S. shits have stolen everything from me and I am sick of their shit.

They murdered so many of my clones it's not even hardly believable.  Others, in other countries trying to figure out what has really happened, or how bad it is, don't know how bad and it was greatly underestimated when I was a kid.  I hadn't realized for sure he was my own son, and that clones of myself were really me, and now that I'm older and have seen who is who, these shits were plotting to have me "have a breakdown", claiming I'd finally realize it all and wouldn't "cope" and I'd be too messed up to deal with the reality hitting.

Well the reality is this govt. and these shits all around me, are really shits who rape little babies and are forcing them to be born to pay for their cars, houses, and kids' educations.  This country was not just stealing from me, all of the clones they murdered, were forced to work for free, most of them.  They were held hostage, raped, a few had jobs with people lying about how they respected them when they didn't, but others like my son, were writing software for free.  Another clone of my son was forced by the U.S. to work in Mexico in slave labor as an English 'teacher' and translator.  He told me and they murdered him.  He wasn't there of his own freewill, he was forced to be wherever the govt. trafficked him, forced to work,and then murdered, like RAF was doing to my clones, with the Royal English Shits.

These people at "Dennys" murdered one of my sons as he was screaming and trying to help me, and running from them while they shot at him, for no reason than they were going to cash in on his inheritance, like the rotten brothers of Joseph, but these shits, are greedier than hell.  They also said it was for my turning out the light over a woman's head to say it looked better in the dark.  They attacked my son over it in England and then in Coquille to boast to all of the CIA and royals they kiss ass over, that they would murder innocent people too, over nothing more than offending someone about their looks or being slightly rude.  They did this with Dabney, who murdered, with William and his friends and Harry, and with some other man.  They repeated the same thihng and murdered more than one of my sons over it with me watching as they said they'd rape me in broad daylight and in the dark too.  Then Dabney and Robin were bragging that after they gang-raped me again in my 30s, all I would be doing in my 40s is "googling" and this was an insult after I had joked that Amanda or Rachel could spend their 40s googling for a date or marriage partner, but the Dept. of Justice would block all of the people from sending their emails and would only allow the govt. ones to go through and she wouldn't be that good looking then anyway.  So basically, I was mad at Rachel and made a comment, and these U.S. govt. shits decided they were going to do these things to me, for real and Dabney was bragging that he'd rape me, get away with it, like all his other rape and murders, and then all I'd do in my 40s is "google" as in, no job, no marriage, and the sex in 30s being only about govt. employee rape.

If there was one person I would pick out, it is Chris Dabney.
8/28/16. It's extremely early morning but I'm having to look for work still. I am getting panicked and desperate but I would never pole dance or strip. That's something the U.S. govt. forced me to do as a minor they controlled.  They used to jump me on the sidewalk and out when I was walking for no reason, or when I was playing, and would barge into my bedroom and attack me....if I went into businesses and other places, anyplace govt. like post office or courthouse, they would just grab me for no reason, bend me over, rape me, sometime beat me or hold me hostage.  They constantly stalked me.  I was told to 'wave" to the police when I was a kid and I did until about age 6 when they started gang-banging me.  They were doing it before too, but I hadn't picked up on the fact of who was a cop or not then.  By age 7, it was all the time.

I really want to leave this country with a good job.  I also need work here to save and get out.  If anyone has a job, of any kind except sex or drugs, please contact me.  One of the most disgusting things is tht I am talented and have produced highly profitable work, and no one hires me because the U.S. bribed everyone not to.  I'm not kidding.  They went out and bribed all of the entertainment lawyers and most agents and I can't get work in any of the areas I was forced to work for free.  The U.S. brags with those they bgribed that they "own" me and they think they own the right to say whether I'm hired or not. 

I have been working in domestic work, some business, and other things, and I'll work in any of those jobs, but I'm also valuable and employable in songwriting, screenplay writing and direction, advertising and so on.

Some of the advertising I did was tampered with by Sofie Rhyse, who married Edward and murdered one of my clones with the CIA, in the U.S.  Another is Marylynn Kargman, who works for an ad firm in NYC and I was writing for that company for free.  I was also writing for Thebault friends outside of that ad firm, and for other random groups. 

Mentioning more of the people who raped and abused me, sand murdered clones of my son Oliver or of me, one is Susanna White.  White and her family are govt. operatives and she was dating one of the William of Wales.  She was also a govt. double for either Florence Brudenell-Bruce or Kate Middleton and I wasn't sure which.  The White family targeted me and my clones and they're Mormons and connected to Wiltbanks, Davis (Healther and Aaron) and other Mormons and they were involved.  I was later taken to the main headquarters Mormon Temple in Utah, and it was a nightmare.  I was threatened with a gun by the highest, most senior officials and clergy, with U.S. govt. officials there, and I was seriously almost killed.  Others were rounded up and threatened and forced into other rooms, and I was forced to sit by myself for a long time, being tortured by military technology as I sat there.  I could hear screaming and things and gun shots and it was obvious someone had been killed. Both a Dicksie and Bob jr. still reappeared but looked shaken up and like hostages.  One of them, a Bob jr., looked slightly depressed, but I felt depressed mostly bc of their murders. I had such a horrible feeling there.

An entire group of Moses Lake people were also involved in things, like Joey Zamorra.  Stay away from him and the Zamorras because they went NUTS and attacked my clones and murdered them, and they had this 'church people' appearance.  They killed him inside of their own house in Moses lake and then had vans drive away, and there was another location too. Another Joey to beware of is Joey Blazer, Maryanne Blazer's brother.  I was raped by him, just like Zamorras.  Zamorra's quit doing so much but I had been forced to kiss him and then Joey had a hairy rear-end and I was raped by him and never forgot how hairy his butt was.  These guys who raped me also usually wanted to murder my sons to keep them from reporting it--with Zamorras they also threatened over some govt. or drug info.   This was an older Joey clone. Mitch Heaps and Jeremy Green of Moses Lake also had clones and attacked my son, as did Shawn Kuthke.  The Blixseths raped, from CA and Colorado and murdered my clones, and so did the Adams of Sherwood, Oregon.  Shannon Adams' family was clones and she had half brothers and a sister and they held us hostage, stole money, threatened us, and murdered my clones.  Then they disappeared and it was the same thing with the Sellens, with John and Jeff Sellen who are half-brothers of Stephanie Maiers.

Also, one of my sons was killed by the so-called "uncles" of Pablo Avila, "Danny's" parents.    There are others too, but these are a few more of the people who murdered my son or clones in front of me, or forced me to assist in some way. 

When one of my clones was being murdered she yelled, from the Boiler Room in the High school, which is where they murdered several of my clones, "It's white."

Actually, the other librarians did murder, because Jan the librarian was with a gun and forcing a Dicksie around at my house, and Sarah the librarian also had a gun and was with others.  Both of them shot and murdered clones of my kids and of myself.  Jan was participating in programming, and it was for me to be raped, and held a gun at a Dicksie to do this.  She was also possibly a cover for Nancy Reagan even though she's not exact identical, because Nancy Reagan held a gun at me and forced me to be programmed to not resist being raped, at my house in Moses Lake, WA.  These individuals had no problem killing people, and they were positioned at a public library (govt. job).  They were trying to have me think it wasn't all murder against multiple (hundreds) of clones, but it was.

Jennifer who works at the City Hall also held down one of my kids and shot them with Renee and other cops.  They were WITH a Bob jr. to do it and then next time, they were holding my "parents" down to threaten them.  Chris Dabney was there and the cops in Coquille not only had Chris Dabney and Pardo over, they were murdering people and guaranteeing them they could keep raping me in the future.  Jennifer claims she's new but she is the exact same person, not a new clone as in the past and she was very young then, like me.

Not only that, City Manager Ben Marchant held me hostage and murdered one of my sons. He helped murder him in the Mason Hall in Coquille, with govt. people including William of Wales and Middletons, Shannon Adams sister (a cop), and Officer Wright (state cops).  Marchant was supposedly FBI, I had thought as a kid.  They forced ME to chase down my own son, a clone who was in his early 20s or a late teen, and try to shoot him and then they were shooting.  They also had a younger clone of my son there at the same time and pretended to be 'protecting' him after they'd just murdered an older clone of the same son.  The Mason Hall still has evidence of where my son was murdered inside, not evidence, but holes in walls.  My son was killed near the top of stairs at the Mason Hall and also at the Boiler Room stairs inside of Jefferson School.  Those who killed him joked it was "one step up" and they kept murdering at stairs, to make fun of the idea of "climbing the corporate ladder" and getting ahead in life.

He didn't just murder, he was forcing me to lose my money like others, ordering my parents to sign documents about me.  I had to see him this morning and was thinking it was going to be this other older man I met at City Hall as a kid.  He was saying, with Ben next to him, that I was going to lose my unborn baby.  They bragged about it to Obamas, and William of Wales, with Kate Middleton, Pippa, Carol and Mike there, Mary Donaldson and Frederick of Denmark, Chris Dabney and his brothers,  and some Rose family members.  Also, Richard Whittemore and some Catholics were involved and a few others who were Protestant and govt.   Also, I had some criminal family members from my own "family" there.  I DO NOT TRUST ANY of my so-called "cousins" and for a very serious reason. Not only that, the other man who had Ben with him, had Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Jen Garner and Ben Affleck, along with Jennifer Myers and Ron Myers around, and Koch brothers.  Someone said to me, "Ben Marchant isn't such a bad guy" and I had said as a kid, "Then why was he taking part in bragging that the next time they saw me, I'd have already lost a baby from rape by Chris?"  I said, "The other guy was talking about it, but so was he, with the other people there, and then he killed my son". One person there told me, "It's Rani."  I never told anyone who told me this, at least not for decades, and I never knew what he referred to, by then even her younger clone, decades later, was setting me up to be raped on my birthday by "Francie", one of their cocaine-fake dealing cop friends. Not only did the next Rani commit crimes against me, using her friends, she did the same to my son again, and photographed him while he was tortured by remote means, at her house the one time I took him there to play with "Austin" who is a horrific brat.  Locklyn and Guzmans murdered my son over things as simple as the fact that my son talked earlier than he did, and jealousy. A murder occurred in the Old City Hall building too.  This one person told me the truth, and it wasn't a family member either.  Rani was a real problem and not just the older one, the next one turned out to be the same way.

My "cousins", some of the things they did, older clones of them, is Rani and they all tortured my brains out when I was a kid.  I was super young and they hardcore tortured me and with mean faces, not like, let's do some important gentle programming to help Cameo.  They hated my guts for some reason, and I was only age 3.I was a hostage to them, as I was anywhere else.  Then Rani and her husband, a cop, were there bragging about killing my kid in the future and they'd already helped murder a clone of me.  I saw Alita shoot one of my sons, teenage, and cover it up, with her daughters and black boyfriend (her half-black girls), and Gardenia used a shotgun to murder a 4 year old clone of my son out in the woods.  All of these murders were clones of me and my son.  Every single one of them murdered my clones, right in front of me.  Dahlia also did, the older Dahlia, and used a knife to threaten me and cut me and I think she threatened one of the Dicksies with a knife.  Ivory Avila went to prison or was in a temp. housing in a large building one time, like a prison, with a bunch of clones including me, and no one could shave and my leg hair grew out and I told a woman who was, I believe, a clone of me, "I hate how hairy my legs are now" and she said, "I know" and then glanced over at Ivory, an older clone of Ivory Avila, and said, "...but, better than Blackbeard".  Ivory had grown facial hair across her lip and all over her chin.  So I laughed and mentioned later, to someone, how it was funny someone called her "Blackbeard" and she knifed a younger (age 8?) clone of my son, murdering him, and another woman shot the clone that looked like me.  They were supposed to stay in prison and not be recloned and instead, the U.S. govt. wanted to reclone them and pressured me to say none of them should be in jail, and that I could choose another form of "punishment" instead, for Ivory and I said, "Okay, she has to grow out the beard again, publicly, before she can marry Jerrod" and she did, in Wenatchee, WA, and no one cared they murdered any of my clones and she married Jerrod.  Not only that, they got ahold of my son Oliver, and he was starving and she was bragging over the phone that he didn't like to eat anything and I said what does he like to eat? and she said "Cheese" and I said, "So why don't you offer him something he likes to eat then?" and this younger clone of Ivory, who I had thought was going to be better or a friend to me, and maybe we'd do a triathalon together, was still obsessed with revenge against my kid.  I said, in 2011, "So what does he LIKE to eat?" and she said, "Cheese" and I said, "So maybe offer him some cheese or something".  Her comment about his liking "cheese" was from being in prison where I had said give Austin some cheese since he's a rat.  So basically, this comment from me, to older clone Ivory, when I was a kid, was still being used against me, in some kind of hate crime grudge, by Ivory, later.  And this is in addition to another murder of an older clone of my son who PABLO murdered in front of me, and he was in his 20s and accused of having Ivory raped, when they were raping me.  Whether she was raped, I have no idea, but it's true they were holding ME down, when I was a little girl, to be raped.  Pablo murdered the older clone of my son before they were ever in a prison later, or hold center with other clones. I also witnessed Armando murder a clone of my son in a circle group with other U.S. govt, some of them Coquille people and royals.  Andres, the older clone of Andres, did as well.  Ivory knifed the young clone of my son after he was telling me who was raping him.

I was asked to come up with a movie idea, instead of being compensated, or ever getting paid for my work and once again they told me I'd be paid for my work but I wasn't.  I said "How about Pirates of the Caribeean?"  to denote "Blackbeard".  I said of the Caribbean to remember my son, a half-Mexican, "beaner".  So it was to remember the shits stealing from us and commiting piracy against us, including govt. I wasn't paid for my work, even though I contributed to every aspect of the films, and instead I was lied about and dumped.

I also walked into a room one day and "caught" both one of the Bob jrs. and Chris Dabney electrocuting a clone of my son together.  I said to them, "I caught you". I said "If Dabneys are supposedly stealing from me, and torturing me, and forcing my parents to do some things, then how come one of the Bob's is working with him and you're both torturing my son AND me too?"  I said, "And you guys are plotting to have ME lose a baby in the future?  Do you mean that son of mine who you were just torturing, or another one, like you are having Chris rape me and force me to lose a baby to be tortured physically, and suffer, and have extreme pain and bleed to death?"  I said, "So are both of you cops or are both of you CIA?  because someone told me Chris Dabney is a cop (his older clone of himself) and another person knows he was getting trained by Julia Child to cook like me, and she is CIA."  One of his clones also worked with ATF and FBI because his entire family was with FBI and he was involved in ATF, blowing up buildings and killing kids in Waco, TX and so on.

I was forced to work with this shit Dabney even after he'd gang-raped me, and I told to let him rent a room from me when I was a preteen, after he'd done all these things and he did, with his brothers and spied on me and plotted how to harm me in the future.  The younger clone of him was also being babysat at my house in Moses Lake, WA by one of the Dicksies, with a young clone of "Rachel" there at the same time, and I saw them there and then I was forced out of my own house over it, and had to stay in the shop by myself and another location.  They were training him to spy psychicly, with Rachel.  He wasn't just blowing up buildings and murdering people, he was promoting himself to be a "great psychic" with peolpe like YPN 151.  The Dept. of Justice taught him computer hacking, he was wiring things on bombs to commit bombings (basically, he would have a device with several wires, tie them together or in the way to get it to be an active bomb, and then set the bomb with the timer and blow up entire buildings and humans), and he was torturing and raping kids like me, and operating on them, as a "surgeon", to keep them controlled by torture. I was raped and tortured by a fat woman with huge boobs, with the U.S. Navy, along with her murdering one of my younger cloned sons, for writing about Dabney and how he used his finger to "bang me" vaginally, as fast as he could, when I was an 8 yr. old little girl, and then at work he was wiring bombs for the FBI and shits.  He was also hired to inspect my vagina after multiple gang-rapes by British and U.S. govt. and was stitching me up and also used surgical ability and training to operate on me to implant me with things.

Pippa Middleton was one of his good friends, and she committed over 20 murders of my clones and threatened me constantly, with a gun.  These Middleton Goldsmiths, worked for the U.S. and they are NOT these nice jewish people.  They are Jewish Supremacists who tortured me ONLY because I wasn't Jewish, not because I had done something wrong, but it was bc I wasn't Jewish. She and her friends murdered clones of mine at my house in Sherwood, OR on Baker Rd; in cars; in England; in my house at the River Place, OR; at AT&T/Bell Laboratories in Bedminster, NJ; and other locations.

The AT&T and Bell Laboratories location, along with a store for ordering janitorial and school supplies, are a couple of other locations where clones of both my son and I were murdered.  There were a bunch of clones living at the Thebault's former house in Bedminster, NJ (the original McGraw Publishing house) and they'd walk to work and I was one of them.

My son repeatedly tried to claw out various places where he was being attacked, held hostage, or murdered, to leave marks and to have me remember, and this govt. did things like cut off his hands and told him to hold onto the globe and if he could, I could then be "queen".  They committed horror-like crimes of extreme pain and suffering against him and his clones. Then Ericksons (Michelle, Doug, and Gary and her husband Hedges) were killing even more of his clones and throwing his body parts at me, like his hand when he was only a kid. Some of the places he and I clawed at, were Fraziers Bakery in the bathroom; the basement doors in the house in Sherwood; underground tunnels when forced into pits by Alvaro Pardo and his FBI U.S. govt. shits and Marchant and Myers;the walls when trying to escape being shot by guns; and all of this was from being chased down for nothing more than jealousy.  I clawed with my son over NLS, Natalie Loebeck-Hicks.  I told him, use L and the last letter of hicks like front and end and it's L and S for N.L.S., nails.  I said, "That way, I remember how they are connected to the arrows on Kate Middleton's wedding dress".  I was forced, with my clone, to help design her dress after they'd murdered another clone of mine.

The U.S. cloned hundreds of my son for a "Duck Hunt".  Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt were games I helped create when I was a kid.  They ended up being hits, and I was asked why I came up with Duck Hunt and it was to remember how all of the ducks getting shot and murdered, my son, all looked the same.  The U.S. fucking shits were shooting and murdering all of the clones of my son, and allowing other Brits and Canadians and Israelis to join them on "safari" and hunts against my clones.  I didn't tell the govt. it was over my son, I lied and said, "Oh, it's because it's like shooting all the quacks, and you know, sitting ducks and stuff".  I actually came up with it, because of countless murders against clones of ME and my son that I witnessed.

They told me they could understand how I'd come up with Mario Brothers and I directed the story-line and everything from start to finish,but they claimed they wanted to know how I could come up with Duck Hunt which was so different from Mario Brothers.  One was an expose of drug trafficking involving British and Danish royals, and the other was an expose of murdering hundreds of clones of myself and my son and forcing ME to do some of the murders.  It was all the same people.  My son, some of his clones, were also developing software as designers and not paid and forced to not take credit for their work.

Shits like Jew Rachel from D.C. and Dabney created software and got paid and credit, but not me and my son and then they were forcing my son to be trafficked around by Rachel.  I had also created brilliant, fun games that stood the test of time and I was the only one forced out a computer software training program as a kid, told, "Rachel's getting it, NOT YOU".  They stole any money from me, or aspiration I had, and made me unemployable.  The U.S. bribed people in entertainment against hiring me to create new works, to keep me from being paid, and lied about all of my credits, and then they were forcing me to have no trade skills either, things I could use internationally, in needed areas.  What great game did Rachel create?  I can tell you one thing for sure, it wasn't "Mario Brothers".  How much money did the U.S. shits make off of that game alone?  They forced me to design it, as a kid, and told me I'd be paid, and then didn't pay me, and gave credit to a Japanese group they made a trade deal with.  A huge group of liars.  I had to sit down and meet the guy who was going to claim credit, falsely.  That's after I had developed and created the entire concept and characters, and storyline from start of game to finish.  The FBI and Dept. of Justice shits never paid me.  They told me, after I designed the games, "Now what is the cover for how the game started?" and I said, "I guess you could make a deal with some foreign group and say they created it" so they not only forced me to create games, but the "covers" for the games, and in the deal, they told me, I got paid, and they never paid me.  They just copied my entire idea, and then tortured me.

One of the Bob jrs. was about to murder me after I came up with "Duck Hunt".  They got mad because they'd wanted me to make another fantasy game, intricate, with a story like Mario, and I was so depressed from being lied to and forced into child labor and not paid, I decided to come up with a game for "stupid and stupid" (FBI and CIA) about shooting ducks all day.  It wasn't a stupid game at all, it was interactive and fun, but when my son got upset about it, I explained to him, "It's to remember how many people I've been told to shoot who are identical to you, and how many I've already seen die".  I said, "They're just forcing some of the clones to work for nothing, for free, and be tortured and raped, and stealing all of the credit of the work, and making the other clones excessively rich and powerful, and then murdering the clones they use".  I said, "It's also involving a lot of Jews like they think they are getting even for Germans making Jews work during WWII and taking credit for it".

I was forced to design Mario Brothers and then Rachel the Jew sat there with me as I developed the entire game, and then I was pressured to give her the credit.  They came around and said, "Great game Rachel" and I spoke up and said, "I made it, not her".  This fucking Jewish bitch was taking credit for the work of a little girl and I got mad.  Not only had she tortured me, I saw her murder my clones at my own house and then she was trying to say she created the game (and then the next cover was the japanese did). This one shit was Kyle who praised her instead of me.  Then Rabbi Rose was telling me to let other people take the credit for my games and songwriting or "you will be killed".

Meanwhile, Shannon Adam's cop sister who worked for State Patrol, had been gang-banging my clones, older ones, and murdering them with her brothers, Shannon's half-brothers.  She then showed up at my house and said, "I have a case against Chris (Dabney)" and she claimed she would try to 'help' me and it was a lie. I was woken in the middle of the night, several times, by different govt. women, with a gun to my head and the threat, "If you testify against Chris, I'll kill you".  The entire idea of jumping me and threatening to "kill me" over 'dating Chris" or something, was an idea removing the entire incident of death threats about my testifying against him, and then it turned out, the same cop who was saying she'd take a case against him, was involved in the death threats.  There was never a case.

Instead, they later sent me to Shannon's sister's parents house, where I was tortured and raped by dozens of U.S. employees and forced into programming to 'accept being raped'.

I told Shannon's sister she should buy diamond earrings and wear them because they looked nice and I'd remember she was a nice cop, but it was to remember she murdered my clones and then pretended she was a "good cop" by claiming she had a case against Dabney and then was intimidating me with death threats at night, to drop it.  Their family is "American-Irish" and connected to the same FBI Irish Republican Army gang.  They were using their jobs to influence people at not just IRA in the past, but with the regular Ireland embassies and persons.

VXF 620 is the plate of another man who murdered and contributed to murdering one of my sons.  He was rabidly a fan of Rachel's and attacked my son for money or something.  He was involved in chopping off of hands.

TKC 130 is another involved, but there are many more of them.

As to who was threatening me about Chris Dabney and holding a gun to my head at night, to not testify against him, after "Adams" claimed she'd make a report or case (the diamond earring wearer), one of the women was Rachel Chandler.  Then later, the U.S. and some British women had Rachel Chandler standing outside of a room and acting like she was crying and I had told them to get out of my way so I could go to bed bc I had been staying in that room and was tired and wanted to sleep.  They were grouped in a cluster and I said, "How come you're blocking my door?" and they were saying I could sleep outside and I said "Are you nuts???" and then made a comment and they moved and I went to bed and I was just under the covers when another woman had rushed into my room, jumped under the covers and put a gun or fingers up my vagina, in a sudden rape and snarled, "Stay away from Chris or I'll kill you" and when I told Ed Howard, he said, "It was Rachel".  It was Rachel Chandler threatening me with a gun to my head, along with other women, but the woman who jumped in my bed next was not Chandler.

They were all wanting me to be gang-raped by him and forced to lose a baby but pretending like they warned me to stay away from him when it wasn't true--they were the ones plotting to have no report against him or his clones made, for any of his murders or torture and rape of my clones, and then to have him rape me in the future too, and cause additional suffering.  I was then being forced to be programmed even more over it.

I was then told by a Coquille cop that they were going to use Chris Dabney to rape me and implant me with a baby to have murdered by the U.S., so I could only "mark" him for the future.  I said I didn't want to have anything to do with it, or with the govt. or any of this and they were forcing me and I said, "Okay, then do something to his penis" and they had an older clone of me do this with a knife and then the same people who ordered her to do this, shot her in the head.  The Coquille cop shot her, right in front of me.  She hadn't even wanted to do anything and was ordered to do it, and this cop literally, seriously shot her and murdered her.  Then they were telling Dabney he could go get me.  This is the same Chris Dabney who raped me in 2008.  He was a few years younger than me and it was the same one.  Not only that, the one who raped me had the mark from this, and I noticed and said something out loud, even though I was drunk, I noticed.  I didn't remember who he was, but there was some kind of odd thing about his penis and he loudly said it was his circumcision but it wasn't.  The U.S. govt. plotted out all of this, with cops, and U.S. govt. and this shit named Dabney.  Not only that, the U.S. was still torturing my son and when I saw Oliver later, he told me to look when he used the bathroom at age 2 or so, and his penis was all black and blue from U.S. govt. torture by remote military torture. 

I am 100% positive, this Chris Dabney shit that raped me and plotted to implant me to have a baby murdered and force me to suffer and bleed to death, or try, is the same one the Coquille cops were murdering my clone over, with a Middleton there to watch.

Chris Dabney was not just having my clones murdered by Coquille cops and Sheriffs and Oregon State patrol, the same was occurring in Wenatchee and he was friends with the same Michelle Erickson and family who murdered and trarfficked my son around, along with being friends with Rachel the Jew who murdered my clones.  I witnessed at least 10 cops here, who still work here, murdering my clones and acting as accessory to murder, and that's not including groups.

I will have several more names in a couple of days.

One of the Bob jrs. murdered a clone of my son with ann older clone of Levi in NYC and another murdered one at a creek at 99799 Hwy 42, and with the man who is currently 2nd in command in the Pentagon.  He also did with 552, whose plates I mentioned, and Aaron Chandler.  Also, William of Wales and Kate Middleton murdered one of my clones standing next to me and then pointed the gun at me and I pretended I thought they were Aaron and Rachel Chandler to make them think they didn't have to kill me bc I didn't know who they were, and said "There are a lot of people who are a lot worse and you want to kill me?  what did I do?  I'm not as bad as some of them" and I addressed them as Aaron and Rachel instead of admitting I saw William of Wales there with a young Kate Middleton and that was in the pin room for the old Coquille bowling alley they trashed and told me was "my idea" when I didn't want it destroyed--I had hoped, with my son, it would stay open and could be a job I could have if I was stuck in Coquille again.  The U.S. was having Wales and Middleton murder right next to me, and I was next, with a gun at my head.   William also committed murders I am sure of, at other times.  So did Kate Middleton and Carol Goldsmith.  Then outside, expecting me to be dead, were the Vices and Eric Knox and U.S. govt. men and Coquille people, and Don Pryzbyla or Dan Gatti/Greg Smith from the FBI and some other men like Ben Affleck and Matt Damon and Kardashians. I couldn't believe it.  All those people wanted me dead and were murdering people in the pin room--my clones, out of greed and framing me to steal my money from work.  And then I couldn't even get "seen work".  One of the Bobs was not the only one murdering my clones, an older Levi was, and then they introduced the younger Levi to it, and a Dicksie definitely did, and so did Locklyn and Holly and their girls.

DelBalzos were also involved in wanting my son's penis to turn blue and black from torture, and this had been done to an older clone of my son in his 20s and he told me to look and just said who it was and they were torturing him and forcing me to look.  They wanted me to see the pain and suffering.

The U.S. allowed Middletons into every private space I had.  I was never alone bc of the Middleton and Goldsmiths working for the CIA, and Parker-Bowles.  It was common knowledge Camilla worked for the CIA.  Everyone knew, in the group that murdered one of my clones, standing by Camilla as she did it.  Another clone of me was murdered by Carol Goldsmith, and Locklyn and Sarah Netanyahu and others--mostly a Jewish group.  My clones were often attacked by all-Jewish groups along with a variety of religiois who got paranoid bc of their involvement in pedophilia, torture, or plots to steal money or drugs.  Some of the groups were so Jewish, it was hard to tell whether Mossad murdered them, or CIA.  The Catholics who did, were mostly u.S. employees.

Brother Ansgar Santogrossi murdered one of my clones.  It was in the early 1980s.
Others involved in murders of my son drive 395 ELE, 286 NRB 3 (with a smaller plate in window of 786 NRB 3) from California (Hispanic attackers), and 652 EBA (stabbed an older clone of my son with a knife, with a couple of other men standing by and then called cops on my Dad for some reason), 990 CZJ, and 748 HFX (red and white stripe truck that kidnapped my clone and raped me and trafficked me to a location to be raped). WTP 960.   There are others, and I'll write the plate later.  For example, one man who drove a small car and is white with long fingers, raped me violently with his fingers and other, and a younger clone of mine, and was terrorizing an older clone of my son who tried to report him, and Brenda, a Safeway store worker, was with him and murdered my son and made snide comments while he died.  Also, a guy named Jon there, at Safeway, was with a group of men and stabbed another clone of my son over discussion about hair bleach.  There are all kinds of men who hated my son and all his clones, and were raping me and trying to get to my money, which the U.S. govt. was stealing and promising criminals payoffs if they contributed.  Also 453 FFB.  There are several others. 

The U.S. govt. does nothing but lie.  They made all kinds of "deals" with me and my clones and they do not honor any "deal" they make.  Only with their pals, not with us.  It's pointless to make a deal with the U.S. govt. bc they made us think they were following it, and they never do--they are stealing from us and holding us as hostages from birth, raping, and torturing us and then murdering us after they're "done".  The U.S. is forcing my sons to go to the military and to work even in other countries, as hostages and give other countries money, and some plutocracy clones, money, and hold us as slaves, literally.  If the U.S. was honest about human rights or any 'deals', they would be returning the money they've stolen from me, arresting all of the people who have committed fraud and plaigerism by claiming credit for lyrics, books, and songs that are not theirs, and they would be giving me the credit and not trying to scare people off who want to hire me who do NOT work for them.

Another group to stay away from is the entire staff at a call center named GOFCR.  They plotted, right in front of me, when I was a preteen, to have me raped by men, some who were older and some who were younger and to have them rape me later, and they did nothing but stir up intentional hate crimes against me--claiming I had said this or that should happen to Rachel or some other woman, and the people there lured me to work with them as a preteen and then coordinated rape of me, and then told people it was MY idea, to have a man stand with a superman motif for "go fuck her" and they picked out the men they wanted to assault me in the future as well, with others like Middletons and some British connected persons, such as an Iranian who knew them and went to England and the U.S. back and forth--I was held hostage at their house and other U.S. govt. houses and programmed, to be raped by them later and not resist and act willing, and even things like inviting them places in the first place.  Then, I'm not kidding, the FBI showed up to congratulate him after this happened decades later, with the Iranian, and they plotted with the others on their list too, Dabney and Pardo and more U.S. govt. men who hated my son and me and who had already participated in countless murders of our clones.  The extermination of my family and clones worsened when I finally said, as a preteen, "I hope all of Chris Dabney's family members die for what they've done to me and plotted against me for later, and stealing from me" and so all of a sudden, the entire U.S., Denmark and English royals who worked for CIA, and israelies, coordinated to have a massive extermination done on a larger scale, not just groups and couples here and there, hunting down my clones to murder them--they started slaughters and made me watch and all of that was just because I had said Dabneys should pay for, and be responsible for, what they've done against me.
Aug. 31, 2016

 Other murders involved drowning of one of my clones in a salt pit, while 'touring" salt "dunes" with people like Sarah McDonald from OSU.  They had her basically sink and drown under salt like it was quicksand.   There were several 'burns' of my clones as well.

Other murders involved a double murder with a 'chef' named "Mike" who works as a dishwasher at Fraziers and is friends with Chris Dabney.  He and his "girlfriend" or wife, the woman he co-produces or shares parenting with, both shot 2 of my clones at a man's house across the street from the "Planning Department" for Forestry in Coquille, just past the Mexican restaurant.  They murdered both an older clone of myself, and one of my son.  Both of them held a gun and fired, on their own, and I believe it was using their own guns--she had her own gun and he maybe was handed one.  There were several U.S. govt. persons there, some who had already committed their own individual murders against my clones, and members of the British "royal girlfriend's" 'club'.  I was raped at that house and they yelled out all their plots against me and then decided to murder my older clones.  I was then injected with a substance and passed out.  I was forced to stay there, as a hostage, myself, as a kid, prior to the incident.  I stayed there for more than a week at a time, and was passed around from one house to the next and after this occured, they said "We're not putting anyone in jail so you can say what kind of job they can have" and I said, "Huh?"  and I said okay fine, and basically they all retained the same high pay and jobs with the U.S. govt, with just another "cover" job, at least when I was in town, for 'show'.  He had originally shown up from the East Coast after being over there with Dabney and they were friends, or that is at least the story I was given back then.

Another woman and man who plotted against me and degraded me, drive a camper with plates:  984557 (OR).  These people are HORRIBLE.  She came over to my house, degraded me to support a bunch of Jews with a jewish supremacist attitude, and was rubbing my cheeks saying you don't need powder blush, how about some cream or lipstick for your clown cheeks?  and was promising me I'd lose my kids and never have money.  They were part of the plot to have me raped by Alvaro and Dabney and they promised me they would, again when I was older, and she slammed me down on my face and raped me herself.  She has this solid blond-white hair in a poufy curly wig style, like a clown.  He has a beard and slightly resembles George Lucas with a beard.  She got mad that I insulted her over her "clown hair" after she was already degrading me to talk positively about "Amanda Bynes" and Rachel the Jew instead.  She also knew Rachel Chandler.  So she grabbed me, with her gun out and both of them carried concealed weapons, rubbed lipstick all over my cheeks in a circle and said I was a slut clown.  I was 9 or 10 years old when she did this, and then she was promising me I'd be raped by Alvaro and Dabney and they'd make sure I "liked" it.  She jammed something up my vagina and it was either the barrel of her gun or something.  She looks like a clown version of Martha Stewart and like someone who wouldn't harm anyone, much less a kid, and she's vicious and violent and she has this nice, down-home voice and demeanor and acts "happy" and cheerful and optimistic like everything is great in the world, and then shows her violent Joker side to the slave-kids she hates, and steals from along with the rest of her U.S. govt. "compadres".

Also, I mentioned Tomas Caballero, but he punched one of the Dicksies in the face when he was at my house in M.L, WA, stealing from us and plotting to implant me with clones and kidnap them--he was with Hotchkiss and Cassel and a few other men, and he struck Dicksie when she said to me, pointing to him, "It's him" and she fell onto the ground and they had their guns out.  Tomas had been showing up in M.L. with Hotchkiss and Cassell and Dicksie was having to go out for "dinner" and getting dressed up with lipstick and so on and I knew something was wrong. I kept saying, "how come you're so dressed up? where are you going? who are you seeing tonight?"  Tomas raped me for weeks at his house in M.L, WA, and he was into some sick pedophile things too.  He was not just making me do blow jobs, he was into all kinds of "anal" stuff.  He was also torturing me to act like I "liked" it even though I was raped.  It was "practice" with Chris Dabney and the men who forced me and my clones to do this--not just that, half the time, it was their own wives murdering my clones--they knew all about the gang-rape of us. Tomas was getting paid by British royals and he also knew Mary Donaldson.  He was also into "sex slavery" as in not just literally torturing and holding hostage, and shooting my clones at his and Paul's house, he was putting chains on me and leashes and forcing me to do BDSM stuff as a preteen.

It was the same Tomas back then that was acting against me with MaryAnne McIntosh, another murderer of my clones, in court over my son born in 2006 (clone named Oliver, b. 2006). There was another young clone of my son who I called "Oliver" when I was younger.  I called him "Oliver" and it was either to remember Oliver Hoare, a friend of Diana's that I'd met in England, or I met him after I was around my son.

One of his clones was named "Edward", one was named "Daniel/David" (not his cousin, him), and another was named Oliver.  They didn't even tell me the name of other ones--one was maybe referred to as "George".  I told one of his clones, "I don't know if I'll remember you--they torture me all the time to forget things I think I couldn't possibly forget but I do forget becaue the torture is the worst and highest level and they rape me too" and he put his ear up to a boombox and said, "Mejia".

I wasn't raped by him and I was living with him and the U.S. govt. tortured me and made it so painful for me while I stayed with him, by remote technology, I started begging to go back "home" to Bob and Dicksie, even though that isn't where I wanted to go.  I wanted to stay where I wasn't tortured and raped and with my son.  But the U.S. forced me out and separated family deliberately, the same way they tortured me and my son when we were together in E. Wenatchee in 2006-2007.

However, as much as I loved my kids and cared about what happened to all of my cloned biological members of my family, I did NOT want to have clones and I made that WITHOUT ANY QUESTION, CLEAR, that I did NOT want to have any clones.  I said, "I will have a clone only if it's for someone else and not my biological kid and I'm just a surrogate and I get paid at least $30,000 compensation for it".   I wanted to have "rights" as in, normal supposed "citizen rights" to be 'free' to go to the church I wanted, have the religion and beliefs I wanted, try to get the job I wanted, and marry the person I wanted, and have natural non-clone kids that were new and unique to only me and the person I married.  If I'd wanted to be a CLONE part of CLONE society, I'd have agreed to have them train me to be a "royal" someone.  I said NO, and it was because I do not approve of their CLONE KINGDOM and I wanted to be free to have my own kids and not be part of the govt.  Then when I said I didn't want to have clones, the U.S. tried to use this to justify murdering all of the existing clones, claiming I didn't care anyway.  Not only that, they never really wanted me to be a royal anyway, or they wouldn't have treated me the way they did.  None of the other women were gang-raped. The British royals were not having Philip rape Katie Middleton clones, and then passing her to Charles and all his brothers and their sons too, even as a toddler and little girl. They weren't doing that to persons they 'valued'--they valued me for holding me hostage as a slave to steal from.  Then the FBI and CIA and Pentagon used the exact same tactic of claiming they wanted me to work for/with them when really they never did and tortured me anytime I was around, to push me out.  They wanted free slave labor and nothing more, and to hump and dump my family members while royals "romanticized and glamorized" pedophilia.  Not ONE of them is fit to be anything "royal" and much less the "child porn filmographers" Middletons and Goldsmiths.  They were not just filming child porn, they were directing and choreographing it.  I've written dozens of screenplays and/or helped direct movies and get no credit for my work, while all Middleton has done, is film child porn and direct children at "Pole in the Hole" sex for camera.  Really valuable.

Also, the British royals were using and abusing clones of my son

Another woman who was involved against my clones drives a red car and is Russian and showed up at Johnson Mill Park to murder her. Both she and her husband were involved, and it was over "Anna", and Tancers.

9/1/16  I actually think the cook Mike had his own gun, now that I think about it. It wasn't a glock.  These people who worked for the govt. were mostly NOT using the standard "glocks" you see FBI carrying now, sort of in uniformity.  The guns most of the people carried, were either shotguns, rifles, or guns that looked more like pistols or revolvers.  And I saw people using machine guns and semi-automatics to murder too, and some kind of gun that was like a cannon and shot a hole into someone without any blood and the hole would go all the way through the person and you could see through it.

The U.S. did this to my son.
Sept. 2, 2016

I have several more names of people who were involved in murdering my son, and several plate numbers, but one is 152 HMM.  

XOX 515 is another one, and he broke into my house in Moses Lake, WA even though he's from Oregon.  I saw several who raped me when I was a kid, too, today.  I am first uploading some pics of murderers and torturers
This is me and in the back is a man who raped me and took photos and video of me, and he also tortured me with an electrocution headbrace and he's some kind of undercover cop or military.  My chin, if you notice, has impressions on either side that are not permanent or natural and it's govt. torture by military remote means they've used every time I've ever been in this area.  In the courthouse, I noticed a sign that says to videotape proceedings there you have to get permission so I didn't film and took a photo instead, as I was leaving.

This woman is someone who harassed me throughout my childhood and she shot and murdered one of my clones, of myself.  I saw her holding the gun and she has a nasal voice like Fran from "the Nanny" and she was with other govt. women when she murdered.  After that, she was standing around talking about me with other adults when I was a kid, and mad I was alive and they were talking about killing ME, and she was saying I was going to lose my son.  She threatened me then, and whispered in my ear that if I felt like talking about her, she would kill me.  I was only about 9 years old at the time.  She was in my house in Moses Lake, at another house of uncertain location, and she was at the Coquille library with Middletons, Goldsmith and people connected to them.  She was also eating in front of me when she knew I had been starved for a week, and they were starving me.  I was hungry and then I saw my son with them and they were bragging he was my son and they controlled him and how he could maybe use some "meat on his bones".  "Rachel the Jew (from D.C.) was with them, and Rachel Chandler was as well, an adult Chandler.  Both Rachel the Jew and Rachel Chandelr had also murdered my clones.  Rachel Chandler was going to shoot me at my house in Moses Lake--everyone knew if Rachel was facing you with a gun, you were an assassination target.  Everyone knew.  I wasn't sure why she panicked bc I had not been thinking anything bad about her, but she was going to and then maybe realized I had no thoughts against her or about her at the time, and didn't.  She helped with a surgery of me, to have me tortured by remote means and it was with Chris Dabney as the surgeon and they first tortured me to suffer in front of my clones.  She also one of the older clones of my son in front of me, and a clone of myself.  She was stuffing us in bags too, and I almost suffocated.  An older Rachel Chandler, around maybe age 30 (?) killed my clones when I was younger, and then a younger one later murdered an infant clone of my son in the floor of the car I was in, to cut out his heart and a Bob jr. and other man was there.  She was only about teenage.  And then another one murdered one of my clones at 99799 Hwy 42 in the creek, cutting out some part of the head.  I wasn't positive it was her, that time, but I was told it was.  I was then targeted as a clone next to me was shot in the pin room, with dozens of U.S. employees killing people there, and it looked like a young Kate Middleton and William of Wales, not as much like her, but I had said, "What color are their eyes? because I think this one had blue eyes" and a Bob jr. was with them and he knew who it was.  This woman also shot one of my clones at a house and at a gym next to the community center and he was older (teen or 20s) and then to cover it up she "defended" a younger clone of the same person, and tried to make herself look like she'd never be the type.

This woman who is pictured above is also connected to a woman who I wrote about last night and the information was removed or deleted and I had to add it again, it was a computer error or hacker and it was published and then disappeared.  She is a blond who drives a car with plates 241 CKO and she was constantly trying to control me when I was a girl.  She stole my breast pump from me after I was raped and forced to deliver a clone at age 11.  She then said, smirking at me about a maternity bra, "you won't be needing this anymore either" and said to someone else there, "It feels so empty without Michelle here".  She carries a concealed weapon and murdered clones of mine, and she also raped me and had her husband raping me.  She threatened me, whispering in my ear that if I talked about it, she'd kill me or my kids.  She was some kind of hostage controller and she worked with some Judges.  Her husband had some kind of job with the govt. and I wrote about her in one of my songs that I wrote, which the U.S. govt gave to Marshal Mathers to plaigerize, "cuz the FCC won't let me be.." and "cuz it feels so empty without me".  This meeting with her was not the first time they'd made these comments.  She is directly connected to Chris Dabney, as is the entire Coquille police department.  She was there with the woman who has the nasal voice and stood and faced an older clone of me with a gun and shot her, after they ordered her to cut Chris Dabney's penis, to mark him and make him identifiable and he was a younger kid than me at the time.  His "Mom" from D.C. was assisting in holding him still, along with a Coquille cop, and then after she did what they told her to do, they claimed they'd "caught" her, turned it around on her, and shot her immediately, murdering her at the offices.  A cop was behind her and holding a gun and I thought it was the cop who killed her, but the blond woman was facing her with the gun, and then Dabney's mother was there and the woman with the nasal voice.    This occurred at the Parks and Rec building, a County offices place that is across the street from a bar called Four Seasons and a Mexican restaurant.  It's all govt.  The Middletons were also there watching as if they were govt. employees, and some people who were possibly the Blixseths and other govt. persons.  I started saying "She looks like an angel and then she opens her mouth" it was to remember the blond woman along with the nasal voiced woman and who was there.  To punish me for talking about it and to intimidate me, they murdered another clone of me, and took her to a garage on the same property and murdered another of my clones and Waleses, Middletons, Michelle Obama, and some of the same people who murdered her indoors were there to do it.  Then they had another murder that was mostly U.S. govt. employees, against my cloned son and a clone of me again.  This is in addition to another where the nasal voiced woman shot and murdered a clone of me, which happened before these other murders, numbering at least 4 of them.  The U.S. govt. told me they 'couldn't put anyone in jail' so I could 'rename the bar across the street" as if that was sufficient penalty for what these people did.  Not only that, they were all adults, and all U.S. govt. and British royals who worked for the U.S., and they were colluding to have Chris Dabney raped me in the future, when both of us were older.  I was forced to stay at his house and be tortured over it.  After they committed all of these murders, I was still repeating this phrase:  "she looks like an angel and then she opens her mouth" and they got mad so they forced me to a psychologist's offices, again, with a torturer to torture and program me and they gave me a list of swear words and forced me to do nothing but swear, and if I said anything else, they tortured me and chained me up and starved me.  I lost 20 lbs as a kid, from about 90 lbs to 70 lbs and was being locked in closets and they were forcing me to yell and mutter and scream only swear words, and while they tortured me, they did this.  They also put the electrocution headbrace on me, and fried my brain and forced me to rehearse this and then said, "You look like an angel but then you open your mouth" and I said, "I am going to tell the entire world what you've been doing to me and hundreds of my clones and other people".  

This blond woman was involved in other murders of my clones too, and with Middletons.  The U.S. had Pippa Middleton murdering countless clones, on U.S. territory and then they were saying to me when I was a kid, I couldn't have a job unless Pippa approves of my floor cleaning.  They were letting all of the royals and Middletons into any house I occupied.  William was involved in multiple murders of my son, himself, and the U.S. told me his only punishment was to have to repeat, publicly, "She was an angel" and he could have it refer to anyone he wanted.  They have not prosecuted any of them for their ring of drug trafficking and pedophilia and torture and murder of innocent people.

I have someone hacking my computer and deleting all of the content I am writing about this, which involves cops and these people so I am writing it again, but this is to note the fact someone is repeatedly trying to keep me from exposing these people for crimes of govt. murder.

William of Wales murdered my clones more than once in front of me, as did Kate, and I was also tortured by all of them and U.S. military at Sandhurst in England, by severe electrocution.  They put me on a table and electrocuted me, and raped me and electrocuted me, and then used heart-start paddles to electrocute me more.  I was on a table at Sandhurst once, with all the men from the British royal family, U.S. senior officials and Bill Clinton and Obamas and people, and they did this to me until I was almost brain-dead, and they involved a Bob jr. and a Dicksie and some of my family members in it too, to participate, and I was only 4-7 years old.  They raped me so bad, and then disguised it by electrocution and Prince Charles and Philip were always there and so were Thebaults.  James Cartright was also around for it.  This was way before I was later forced to "live in the barracks" with some Sandhurst soldiers and raped and told I had asked for it.  Living in a barracks for a week or so, as an older girl of age 9 or so, was well after the torture and gang-rape by them when I was much younger, and they put me on display to brainwash me and had me naked too. 

I had counteless photos taken of me as a toddler and little girl, and they were sexually explicit and with British men and my own cloned kids and animals.  It was not just the U.S. Navy that was using animals and forcing me to have "bestiality" photos taken, it was Dabney and British in England and Goldsmiths.  Carol Goldsmith and Kate were taking their own photos of me, and forcing me to have 'sex with dogs', as in, actual dogs, and they let people stand around and watch.  They had a Bob jr. saying, "Katie, watch what she'll do next" and so on, and Carol and Katie forced me themselves, did not just stand there.  Why a Bob jr. was acting mean to me and saying he was showing them how degraded they'd make me, I don't know but Carol could have held a gun to his head.  I know Locklyn did this to a Bob jr. once, and so did some others.  I was also forced to have 'sex photos' with animals, with Coquille people, and Portland, Moses Lake, and Mary Donaldson and Frederick and Mary was saying it was to show me how to "behave on a leash" out of some retaliation for comments about her Dad's name "Daugleish".  Amanda Bynes and Levi Garrett also forced me to do these things.

I was being forced to give blow jobs to Donaldson and then they were covering for this, saying to put a dog on its back and stroke it's tummy until it rolled over and was spread out, and then to lick and suck on private parts of the animals.  They made me do this, and Pippa Middleton's videotaping of me playing a sex game with adult men of "Pole In The Hole" was the least of the worst things.  They did even worse.  One thing is they were murdering clones of my son, who had a white spot on his lower stomach of a birthmark, and they were pointing guns and knives there and murdering him.  The U.S. was also IDing all of his clones by that spot, which is a form of sectoral heterochromia.  Govt. employees were murdering my son saying, "Here's another one in the hole" because of this spot, and they were then pointing a gun there or stabbing him there and the U.S. was forcing him to lift up his shirt for ID purposes, bc of this mark.  I was lifting up my shirt to show my tummy, by age 4 because I saw him do this all the time. This is one piece of info that Chris Dabney did not want me to write about, that they were saying "here's another one in the hole" prior to murdering him at that spot.   They wwere plotting to have him rape me in the future, when we were gboth older, with him saying to me, "Here's another one in the hole" which is what he said when he murdered my son at the birthmark, circle shaped on his stomach.  The woman with the nasal voice was directly involved in this murder, and she murdered another clone of me, and I had said, "She looks like an angel and then she opens her mouth" and it was to remember both the blonds there and the nasal voiced woman who murdered her on another occasion.  The location was the Parks and Rec building, or County offices, which is across the street from a bar (Four Season) and a Mexican restaurant.  It was all govt.  It looked to me like the cop killed her, but they had the blond woman standing across from her pointing a gun.  The cop was right there, a male, and with a gun.  Also, the Middletons were present and watching when this happened, as if they wwere U.S. govt. employees too, and the U.S. was killing my clones for them, and others that were there looked like possibly the Blixseths. Then later, at the same property, they were mad I had said, "She looks like an angel and then she opens her mouth", so they threatened me again by murdering yet another of my clones in a garage area of the same property, behind the building, and they involved the Middletons, some other British connected to royals, and Waleses,and Michelle Obama, and then after this they staged yet one more murder, or had a separate murder (a 4th one), with more U.S. govt. employees.
(this was deleted from my post and readded and I had to write it again so it is here below)

she'd kill me or my kids.  She was some kind of hostage controller and she worked with some Judges.  Her husband had some kind of job with the govt. and I wrote about her in one of my songs that I wrote, which the U.S. govt gave to Marshal Mathers to plaigerize, "cuz the FCC won't let me be.." and "cuz it feels so empty without me".  This meeting with her was not the first time they'd made these comments.  She is directly connected to Chris Dabney, as is the entire Coquille police department.  She was there with the woman who has the nasal voice and stood and faced an older clone of me with a gun and shot her, after they ordered her to cut Chris Dabney's penis, to mark him and make him identifiable and he was a younger kid than me at the time.  His "Mom" from D.C. was assisting in holding him still, along with a Coquille cop, and then after she did what they told her to do, they claimed they'd "caught" her, turned it around on her, and shot her immediately, murdering her at the offices.  A cop was behind her and holding a gun and I thought it was the cop who killed her, but the blond woman was facing her with the gun, and then Dabney's mother was there and the woman with the nasal voice.    This occurred at the Parks and Rec building, a County offices place that is across the street from a bar called Four Seasons and a Mexican restaurant.  It's all govt.  The Middletons were also there watching as if they were govt. employees, and some people who were possibly the Blixseths and other govt. persons.  I started saying "She looks like an angel and then she opens her mouth" it was to remember the blond woman along with the nasal voiced woman and who was there.  To punish me for talking about it and to intimidate me, they murdered another clone of me, and took her to a garage on the same property and murdered another of my clones and Waleses, Middletons, Michelle Obama, and some of the same people who murdered her indoors were there to do it.  Then they had another murder that was mostly U.S. govt. employees, against my cloned son and a clone of me again.  This is in addition to another where the nasal voiced woman shot and murdered a clone of me, which happened before these other murders, numbering at least 4 of them.  The U.S. govt. told me they 'couldn't put anyone in jail' so I could 'rename the bar across the street" as if that was sufficient penalty for what these people did.  Not only that, they were all adults, and all U.S. govt. and British royals who worked for the U.S., and they were colluding to have Chris Dabney raped me in the future, when both of us were older.  I was forced to stay at his house and be tortured over it.  After they committed all of these murders, I was still repeating this phrase:  "she looks like an angel and then she opens her mouth" and they got mad so they forced me to a psychologist's offices, again, with a torturer to torture and program me and they gave me a list of swear words and forced me to do nothing but swear, and if I said anything else, they tortured me and chained me up and starved me.  I lost 20 lbs as a kid, from about 90 lbs to 70 lbs and was being locked in closets and they were forcing me to yell and mutter and scream only swear words, and while they tortured me, they did this.  They also put the electrocution headbrace on me, and fried my brain and forced me to rehearse this and then said, "You look like an angel but then you open your mouth" and I said, "I am going to tell the entire world what you've been doing to me and hundreds of my clones and other people". 

One murderer of my son lives at #2, at an apartment on 214 Eleventh St., in Coquille.  He beat my son up and stabbed him against a wall outside of Figaros and it was the second of two separate murders at Figaros.  The other one involved a larger group and they tried to escape and the building was remodeled to conceal where they had panicked and tried to leave and evidence of murder.  Then after this murder they committed another one against a clone of my son, the same age as the one before and both were the same clone.  There was another man involved who was skinny and drives a silver minicooper with plate 80691.  Others involved were Clintons, Obamas, and a huge group of U.S. govt. employees. 

 I have more information to add later, tomorrow or the next day.

499 FWD and 499 FWC (green station wagon with foot sticker on the back) is also a vehicle of a man who murdered one of my clones, an older clone of my son, with Chris Dabney and others.  He is a computer person and they used electrical torture to hurt me and him and then killed him.

Also, the U.S. govt. deliberately covered up another murder of my son, which was across the back of a gray sedan and it was the man and woman who owned it, with others.  There was a white splash mark on the back window, and they were telling me I would lose my baby and I was kidnapped and forced to live with them and be tortured and programmed, and it was to have me terrorized to lose my house that I would have, which they foresaw, in the future.  The U.S. gave them a cover with another woman driving a similar car with similar sticker but a black car, and she is complicit in this cover-up, and has plates VJQ 028.  They stabbed my son to gurgle up blood and I saw it happen and it was the second of two murders against clones of my son who were the same age and it was my son.  They had Eric Knox and others helping out, and William of Wales, Chris Dabney, and Frederick, Rick Baken, and John Hartley and another man who was involved drives WPF 140 and is connected to Sherwood people.

Also, 011 END (black sedan), 873 CYE, RYF 896, and I'll write more soon. 

Also, Kate Middleton murdered one of my clones of me, as I described, over William.  I was then checking to see if William would accept my offer of sex with him (when he was an adult and I was a minor) and he accepted and I had evidence on my computer, with my son, and the cops and U.S. stole it from me and they murdered my clones and held me hostage and destroyed the evidence.  He had already raped me, but I was hoping to catch him with evidence and the U.S. and British colluded to destroy the evidence.  The clone of me was younger, and this was in around 1984 or so, not another clone of me from earlier, and it wasn't Amanda.  I had already checked her eyes and knew it wasn't, but they replaced my clone of me with Amanda, and attempted to get me to think it was her and talk to her.  I also had evidence against Prince Charles.  The U.S. has been doing favors for Middletons and them, by arresting me for frivolous reasons, and punishing me and saying it was my idea when I was forced as a kid, to give them "exxamples of ideas" and sound like I agreed and I didn't.  I did try to tell them I am not playing their games and I do not go along with any of it, and I tried to say I did not want to be considered to be agreeing with anything, not being raped, tortured, arrested without good cause, or anything else, not to be raped to have clones.  Dabney was sitting around asking, "I can rape her if..." and coming up with ideas for his own future.

Also, there was a group talking loudly near Zachs bar and one of them saying "are you blind?" and "which way do I go" and so on and they are known U.S. clones and I was being told to tell them what to say and they were claiming they wanted to "help" and they had helped murder my clones and then wanted to pretend like they were doing something, and none of the "help" was even my idea.  I didn't want to have anything to do with it.

Also, one of my sons was murdered at the City Hall where the police are, and they also remodeled the building to cover it up and it was definitely my son.  They had me shoot him--I was handed a gun and then someone pushed me out of the way, and they shot him, but they gave me a gun and were having me say things and the manager was there.  They beat up and intimidated witnesses, two times, on separate occasions.  I also saw the City Manager and his wife murder another clone of my son at their house, and a clone of myself, who was older than me and then she was making fun of me later.  I was being raped by him and then they started killing my kids, and a clone of mine, for "talking" about it. That's not including involvement in the Mason Hall.

Another clone of mine was murdered at Johnson Mill Park, and Nikki from D.C.was involved, and she and Dabney had also murdered one of my clones another time while she was still pregnant and then forced me to stare at a cow's head instead of looking at my son's face and eyes.

Another murder of my son was at the Johnson Mill Park and over his attempt to put a snow hat on my head.  They killed him for saying he thought I should and could be "Queen" rather than someone else and he was told if he could put a hat on my head, I could be.  Then the U.S. govt. programmed me and tortured me to not want a hat on my head and they took me out to that park, this way, and after torturing me and raping me over this, said to my son, "Go ahead and try" and they then shot him.  It was one of hundreds of murders against clones of me and my son, to get to my money and intellectual property and forcing them all into slave labor for British shits who promote and glamorize pedophilia for a living. 
I wanted to add a little more about the two women I mentioned, the one with a photo and the other who drives the car but I had to add the same info I posted last night.  I am adding a few plates tonight and might not be working on this again for a day, we'll see.
066 ARV, 15256, 097 BET (looks like Alvaro Pardo from a distance), 444 HXG (Mexican who murdered one of my sons with cops), 083 XPK (blue, red, white plate), F2737 (Arizona?), 945 JCD, 150 HNF (really terrible people who murdered a clone of me, and then I was having to lie and say they're honest people and they're govt. employees),  333 GMO (a hostage trafficking van, one of many in the area and went to M.L.), 027-VED Colorado, 121 CXY, 24009, 781 BSJ, YSL 001, GGEM, 001 GMF, 201 HRJ, JDSA, 459 HAV, 255 HVV, 155EPU, 053 GKH, 17119, GYGE, 565HDT, 910 BMF, 358 JDX, 710 FNM,. YUH 746, 652 EVT,  18831, YRS 525,

And there are more, some with double plates (a few cars had a license plate that was not the same as the one in the back, from front), and 3 cop cars passed me and what is really sick is all of these people are involved in murdering my clones.  All of them.  The entire department of police, in each section of police.  I witnessed several of them hold the gun themselves and murder my clones, who were innocent, and not going to court, they were being executed for no reason but that they knew who some of the rapists and torturers wwere, and these people wanted to steal money from us--the U.S. and Mossad and British royals, and most blacks I've met, say they are against "hostages" and 'slavery' but they're not.  The U.S. is not just holding hostages, they have decided to make all of my clones their slaves with no rights.  Mossad is okay with it, along with the blacks, mostly. I don't like hypocrisy, and Mossad wants attention about holocaust but their history is that slavery is okay and as long as it's not a Jew, they like slavery.  So do blacks--the ones I've met--as long as it's not "black slavery", they think slavery is great.

At the Figaros murders (it was a different name then), a huge number of cops were involved and I saw for myself they were shooting to kill and it was innocent people. Some of my clones had shown up to negotiate my being paid for my songwriting, instead of stolen from.  The cops started shooting them one by one, inside and when some tried to escape, they grabbed them, beat them up, and shot them.  Then the "deli" remodeled to conceal what had happened because they had tried to leave out a back way after they were innocent and under-fire by corrupt cops who all work here still.  One of them is Wallace, and he was there along with a man who looks like him, who is blond, and has an upturned sort of piggish nose, slightly narrower than Wallaces.  The other thing was they were bringing evidence of child porn of me and these corrupt people didn't want info about it.  I was raped by all of the cops in this town, and in the other towns.  They sent over all of them, and then let the ones who raped me keep their jobs.  A few stood over others and made people rape me.  I was raped by every single Judge in this courthouse and the ones in Coos Bay.  The Judges then got together and murdered some of my clones who were related to me and had this govt. corruption pact between themselves. 

My entire childhood, if I wasn't in school, was spent being raped and transported by plane and car to millions of locations, over hundreds of thousands of locations, to be identified and raped and have other possible "clones of me" inquired about.  I was constantly on the move and if I was at home for any time, I was chained up and tortured by govt.  I had only one summer, a few months, of a normal childhood, and I was age 9, and spent 2 months reading books.  I had only 2 months of my life, not being tortured and gang-raped.  They even took me to state-run employment resource centers, like Worksource places, and murdered clones of my son there while chasing him around telling him I would never be Queen and wouldn't even have steady work, bc the U.S. govt. would "make sure".  They told state work and employment agencies, not to hire me, in over 10 or more states,  and in every state, they took me to meet the Governor and future Governors, to be "known" and "captured" if making money at any normal job.

The U.S. took mary Donaldonson, Frederick, Waleses and Middletons and Goldsmiths, and other govt. employees, around with me, and committed murders against clones of my son, daughters, and me, in each state.  They had me raped at each state too.  Then later, they were telling clones of my son that I could be "Queen" if he did certain things and if he believed them and tried, they murdered him for trying.  They told him if he could hold onto a ball, I could be queen, and then they chopped off his hands and made him grovel around trying to hold a ball with stumps that were bleeding and then they started chopping at him and finally shot him.  They told him if he could get a hat on my head, I could be queen, and then they programmed and tortured me to refuse having a hat on my head and made him try and shot him in a park.  They told him, if he did this or that, and then attacked him and the U.S. govt was murdering him in front of me earlier than that, when I was a little kid and they thought no one knew.

I was the one writing Diana Spencers responses to fan mail.  She forced me to ghost write all of her own writing and I was stuck with tons of mail to answer and when she was becoming more popular as a result, they attacked me.  I wrote nice and personal, thoughtful responses.  She had to copy my handwriting and I had to copy hers so it "matched".  I was doing all kinds of slave labor and the U.S. was paying Middletons and Goldsmith and Waleses and Donaldson, and then they were collecting welfare from the country they lived in, along with checks from Mossad, and stealing from me, personally, and murdering my kids to eliminate beneficiaries and protectors. 

None of my sons wanted to work for the military and the Pentagon was drafting them before they were age-eligible.  None of them wanted to work for military and the U.S. enslaved us, and them, and would force them there to abuse authority more openly, with excuses, and murder them.  None of my sons wanted to work for the FBI either and a Bob sr. knew definitely not.  I hope my only surviving kids leave the U.S. and renounce citizenship and are never drafted.  The U.S. put some rotten men in charge and the first thing they did was shoot clones of my son.  Also, Ronald Reagan was a way to get Bushes into power, and they are blood-related to Diana Spencer and wanted to promote Camilla Parker-Bowles and Katie in the CIA because Camilla was sleeping with Charles and he had illegitimate kids with Diana, one of her clones, and had already reproduced kids, clones, of William and Kate, making the Bush family related biologically, and proud of, and fighting for, their dearest relatives in England--Middletons and William of Wales and Diana.  I had to write responses for Diana and then they asked me to answer fan mail for Katie, an older clone, and it was mail basically, but she already got a lot of mail from people even as a clone that was not even in power at the time, and I had refused.  They punished me for refusing to work for her.  I was implanted to be tortured by remote means, over my voiced opposititon, as a very little girl, to Kate Middleton.  They realized then, that despite extremely severe drugging, torture, and rape, to brainwash me to forget murders of my family and torture of me, I still retained a normal and justified hatred for Kate Middleton.  They couldn't wipe away enough of the memories to make me say that bitch was a good person or should be a royal.  The others involved were Mormons and Parker-Bowles, Roses, and people like Ron Myers (a Jew from NBC who constantly called my house in M.L.) and the women I have mentioned above.

I know for a fact, Kate Middleton works for the CIA, because she was paid by them and her work for them, as a CIA employee, was discussed with her and Bushes who directed the CIA.  When I brought it up, they tried to cover it saying they were talking to Katie Holmes, not Kate Middleton, and it was Middleton.  Holmes is also a govt. employee, but Kate was working for CIA with William, and Edward and Sofie Rhyss had murdered clones of mine in Richard Ames's apartment in NYC, with Russians and Bush people.  Kate Middletons and William murdered a clone of my son at Zach's bar in Coquille, Oregon, with Frederick, and one of the courthouse Judges helped them do it.  They were promising to put me in jail as an adult to give me a criminal record, for a keepsake for Mary Donaldson and Kate Middleton and others. 

I was told if I won 2 cases, Kate couldn't be queen, and as a preteen, I won a case after being harassed by Wallace, for "trespass" by a woman who is a murderer.  I was the innocent one--the ONLY one who was innocent, and a kid, and they were targeting me over their own adult aggregious crimes.  They were also promising Michelle Obama she'd never go to jail, and that they'd "get" me.  I won the trespass case and then I was about to win a Fair Hearing and they grabbed me and forced me to move to Moses Lake so I couldn't win the hearing.  Then the next time I was raped by FBI to be forced to have another kid they kidnapped, a clone, they let me win the Fair Hearing, and they forced me into jail over the trespass, and it was after they had "re-organized" after the first arrest.  They had murderer Wallace go to my house in M.L., and torture me and program me to respond to his comments to me a specific way and they made me practice at my house, with this Officer Wallace shit, who murdered my kids in the Coquille police garage, and with another blond man who looked similar to him where the Figaros is, and they used programming and torture to force me to make comments back to him, to give them an excuse to arrest me and make a citation stick.  Then they removed the fine, bc the law allowed for someone to pay a fine, or go to jail or to community service, if convicted, and they told me they changed it so someone had to go to jail or was forced to do community service.  Then they were telling me if I chose community service, I had to work around men who had previously raped me, and who also murdered my kids, and that if I chose this option, it meant my next cloned son HAD to work for the military (the "service").  They were telling me, these judges and cops, with guns and everything, that they'd make sure a conviction stuck, and that if I picked community service my son was forced into military service and maybe for England, and not just U.S., to be under Middleton's and Waleses thumb, and that if I chose jail-time, he could work in the private sector.  Then they had me choose community service and sexually harassed me with Rachel the Jew and Middleton and telling me I was bowing to them and serving THEM, and then when I was arrested again for "talking back" to a fucking rapist probation officer, they put me in jail and when I left the country later to ask for political asylum, they made me go to Canada or someplace and ask, and they were smirking with the U.S. shits and saying, "You were cited for criminal trespass 2" (which was for #2 royal in line, for the British throne, so they wanted to try to punish ME for getting raped by Prince Charles and trying to report it at age 7), and they said, "So you were in Jail which means it must have been very serious.  You were INCARCERATED and IN JAIL so you can't enter this country anymore because of being INCARCERATED".  The people who attended my being tortured to be forced to respond to Officer Wallace with a comment about restraining order, needing to give me one, was forced just like their gang-rape of me and forcing me to say how much I liked being gang-raped by Dabney and Pardo and Judges, who murdered my sons and clones of myself in front of me.  Michelle Obama stood around to watch, Kate Middleton did, and she showed up with Saudi Arabians connected to George Bush, her dear-old CIA pal who was masterminding all of this.  The Saudi Arabians were Dodi Fayed, and a friend of his, and a man who drives 315 JDV and 402 GTY, and 15256, 183790, 234 CFS, 4MYGAL,05712, 442 JGV, ELL 058 (who also murdered my clones and had them raped at his house, with Middletons), the former healthstore owners, and an Asian looking man who is indian-asian and smaller and I wrote his plate down but not sure which one it is, but I wrote it down bc I saw him today as he drove past smirking and I remember him.  They had this woman who drives a car with plates 4MYGAL show up to let Katie know they were doing all of this against me for her son clones, GAL (George Alexander Louis).  Oh, here's that plate number of the Middleton, Michelle Obama and Dabney friend who participated in torturing me who looks half Asian and half indian:  787 HLU.  He was with Chris Rozollo when he showed up, and William of Wales was a friend of his, and he's a hardcore torturer-programmer and hypnotist and they used him to torture me, program me, and hypnotize me to do and say what they wanted me to say to Wallace, for purposes of creating a false arrest to imprison me with.  It is far more than "conditioned" training, because it was torture and I was forced to practice and automatically respond the way they wanted, for over a week, as a hostage, and I was not allowed to eat while they did this, or go anywhere.  It was all day, every day, until I passed out at night from exhaustion.

So Wallace showed up again, decades later in 1998, and didn't tell me I had to go to court--they said instead, wanting me to not remember as much about him and Chris Dabney, to have Dabney rape me later to implant me with a clone, they threw out the ticket as costly and a waste of taxpayer money.  Not only that, Kate Middleton was not yet married to William and they didn't want me bringing this up.  So they waited until I was here again, and approached me for the 5th time over the same thing, accusing me of trespassing by sitting on a library park bench, and turning a non-trespass matter into one, or trying to turn it into one, by forcing me to stand up and make a comment at the cue-words of Wallace and he recorded it for the U.S. Nazi documentaries on how to rape and torture little kids for Middleton and Goldsmith.  Wallace has since approached me 3 more times, to harass me, and one of the time with another woman, a blond, who I witnessed murder 2 clones of myself, not my son, but of women who matched me in ID, and he's used her more than one time too. 

All of this was after Kate Middleton handed a knife to a man to cut off the hands of one of the clones of my son, with another woman, to keep him from holding a ball with hands that were still attached and she had them chopped off for him to die and then they shot him and a Bob jr. was right there.

Also, Kate Middleton shot and murdered an older clone of myself, on a tennis court, playing tennis against her and claiming if she won, she was going to be "queen" one day, or a royal, and the bet was if she lost, my clone was, not her.  She then took a gun, right after the match, and something happened to my clones leg during it, and shot her in front of me and then they had a Dicksie shoot another clone of me on the tennis court, in front of FBI, and they loaded her body into a van.  My clone was even a better tennis player than Middleton, "better" in every way, and every sense of the word, gifted by God to be superior to her, naturally, and the U.S. targeted her from off-court to have an injury and then had Kate seize the moment, all over this CIA bitch who...

was chopping heads off of infants when I was a kid, in front of me, and torturing my clones.  Kate Middleton was not just chopping the heads off of infants, she was smirking like an evil witch and twisting their necks if the head was still attached, and then yanking the head off, as if human babies were chickens with necks to break, and then she was later intimidating me by taking baby dolls and twisting or popping their heads off, as a way to threaten me not to talk.  She tortured me and chopped off infants heads and bragged about how they were my babies, when I was under the age of 5.  The only reason Kate is around at all, with a title, is because she is a Jew, and related to the Bush family.  It is the ONLY reason.  She is a Jew and Mossad only supports Jews, not gentile girls.  She was also taking advantage of "family connections" with the Pentagon and then CIA director Bush, along with getting money laundered to her by the FBI (my parents and FBI offices).

In 1978 or earlier, around that time, several of the murders of my clones to promote Middleton, were committed with willing Bob jr. and Dicksies, who were motivated by Judaism.  I asked to be let out of the room where I was held hostage by Wallace and both a Bob and Dicksie wouldn't let me out, for over a week.  They were forcing me to be programmed as a govt. attempt to send me to jail or ruin my record, along with an attempt to murder off all of my clones who competed against Middleton by the very fact they were witness to her horrific Mossad-inspired crimes.   When I made a comment about it, in around 1982 or so, they responded by forcing me to go to a meeting where they murdered and chopped off the head of yet another clone of my son, using Dodi Fayed and his friends with Middleton to do it, and commented that Fayed was "Muslim" not Jewish, so what did I think about THAT? that Kate Middleton had even Muslims murdering my clones for her?  I said, "Well isn't he connected to George Bush who owns oil and has investments in Saudi Arrabia?  and I think, UH, he's UH, related...UH, to UH, well...Middletons...DUH."  and then I said, "So when does the CIA make the big announcement she's their employee?  before or after her planned public wedding to William?"  I said, "If that was my son, I'll remember and be sure to let the world know later, and I DO remember she was murdering tons of innocent babies just to terrorize me and clones of mine she was holding hostage."

The Fayeds and some other Muslims wanted me in jail, along with corrupt cops like California-raised Wallace (who is friends with Bechtolds, Tancer, and Dabney) and Middletons, all over stealing money from me and attempting to slander me to limit my ability to travel and relocate outside of the U.S.  They were discussing, openly, how they would try to make sure I couldn't go to over half of the countries in the world, to eliminate places where I could move or try to live with my kids with political asylum.  They were also telling me, sneering, that I couldn't be "queen" if I couldn't "travel" and a "queen" has to travel around the world, and if I couldn't go places, because of crimes, I was limited.  They started all of this after I said there is NO WAY God or country want Kate MIDDLETON or Camilla Parker Bowles and that entire wretched MIDDLETON conspiracy with Spencers and Bushes, to be titled royals, sucking welfare from British taxpayers, along with U.S. hostages, in addition to getting secret payments from Mossad as they sent over sick videos and photos THEY forced me to take, to Israel.  Israel wanted to have an archive of me and my clones, to make us look as degraded and sick as possible.  The Middletons and Goldsmiths were not sending them videos of evidence to help me and my kids--they were conspiring to murder them, and they created even more opportunities to have us degraded by making me pose for more sick photos with Goldsmith and Middleton. 

Israel likes slavery.  Their entire history is supporting slavery, and that would be the only thing they have in common with Fayeds.  Not only did they chop off a clones head, of my own clone, the U.S. wanted me to see how "devoted" some of their chosen Muslims were, and took even more clones related to me, daughters and sons, and forced them to Saudi Arabia to be raped and murdered.  Just to show me how they controlled the "affections" and "murderous loyalty" of some Muslims--once again, with Bushes CIA and Pentagon.  Israel not only still preaches from the Old Testament, which supports slavery, they encourage the practice of slavery and have used human cloning to create their own manipulated slave force to steal from, and force to work for free.  Not for small amounts of pay even, for free, and while being tortured and having family murdered.  The Israelies and American Jews want all of the attention about the "holocaust" and don't like "slavery" if it's using Jews, but they have NO PROBLEM with slavery of gentiles like me.  This mentality is what breeds shits like Goldsmith and Roses and Lewises, Hartleys, Gatovs, Tancers, Dabneys, Bechtolds, Bynes, Myers and Maeirs, and Middletons and the Waleses.  The Bush family considers themselves to be Jewish.  So do Plames, Obamas, and Clintons and I've been raped and forced to have cloned kids, under Presidential orders and knowledge, from fucking Jews.  Obamas family is Jewish, Clintons' family was already cloned and Chelsea was already married to a Jew.  Same with Trumps.

I was also forced to non-Jewish countries and attacked, with Jews standing by for it, and they were allowed to control me and decide on surgeries of me.  The U.S. was giving JEWS the "say" in how I was "managed".  Locklyn Guzman is the woman who shot and murdered an older clone of me, in 1978, with Goldsmith and Middletons around, a Dicksie, and Rani, and it was to promote JEWS.  I was being forced to suck all of their men's dicks--all of them, and none of them were doing this.  Kate Middleton was not being asked to practice fellatio with lollipops and sit on men's laps to "hump" or be forced to give blow jobs before getting a bottle of milk as a toddler.  Locklyn made some comments to my clone, and then shot her and then took me to get my ears pierced when I was age 4.  Carol Goldsmith and Gary Goldsmith were there pointing guns too and at another one, it was Kate Middleton and I remembered Kate did it.  I was saying she did it, even at age 6.  All of them were involved, including a Bob jr.  They were holding her still so Middleton could aim and fire and then Carol was coming over to my house in M.L, wanting my Dad to peek in, for intimidation purposes, when she asked if she could use my money for a business and what did I think about Katie becoming queen one day.  I was forced to lie and Mossad believed they'd gotten away with it.

I also saw Jonathan and Helen, clones who later showed up again and I was raped by, Jews from Portland, Oregon, murdering a clone of me, and the man who drives a car with plates ending in CYE who has a redhead daughter he claimed was "better' than my redhead and (bleached blond) clones.  Jonathan was a Jew Crew drug gang-banger, a Jewish Mafia and U.S. govt. man, and he raped me repeatedly and the U.S. was bragging I would go to him later and be raped by him again later.  They were bragging to older clones of my son, about how Jonathan would rape me and they'd make it look consensual.  His older clone raped me repeatedly, tortured me, and his sister Helen, was no angel.  She was giving him condoms to do it and then later handing them to me to practice putting on men, to degrade me.  He murdered a clone of my son and one of me, and was part of Goldsmith's cocaine trafficking, U.S. govt. psychic Middleton gang.  He stalked me down, a younger clone of him, later, and raped me and they'd been bragging about how he would with Coquille residents, Portland and Middleton people, and with the Ballingers, at the Ballinger's house.  Christy Ballinger's mother and Erica and Christy and Middletons, and Jonathan and Helen with their Mom, were there with Joy Tancer, talking about having him rape me.  The Blixseths' were also there. 

This one Russian Jew who murdered my son at the riverplace in Coquille, my parent's house, also murdered a clone of me and my son with Middletons, and in Moses Lake.  He raped me.

All of these men were raping me, and bragging to my clones who were older, and bragging I'd never make money or get out or marry or escape being in poverty while they made trillions off of me, and then they were murdering them.  My clones shouted out names and ID'd many of them, and they were murdering them.  There was also a Bush "official" occasion murdering of a clone of me, an older clone of me and my son and they had the entire British royal family there with some Bairds and Garretts as they shot them to show the Waleses what they were 'doing' for them.

Dodi Fayed and some other relatives also accused a clone that was older than me, of murdering or attempting to kill Diana Spencer in a car crash, and it was the same crash that was re-enacted later, and then FBI tried to frame people and the same kind of thing from the Pont d'Alma 'crash' of 1997 which is most likely faked with Dodi and Diana in hiding.  The more Dodi supported Middletons, the better trade he got with oily Bush relatives.  I was raped by Dodi and his Dad as well, and the Middletons and Goldsmiths and Waleses thanked them.  They were repeating their "father-son rapes" against me, and it wsn't just older clone and younger clones, they were using father and son and usually the wife or woman was involved to torture me and/or rape me herself with objects.  They quit raping me after murdering some of my clones in front of me.

Kate Middleton, after I was programmed to respond to Wallace the way they wanted, was then getting all of this PR and I was forced to say good things about her and to recommend she be queen.  They had me telling others it was okay to kill my kids over her, because they weren't "loyal" to her and/or CIA.  They forced me to do all kinds of things and then I knew I had witnessed her murdering with her own hair bleached blond, on more than one occasion, and then she had dyed it back to brown, and I asked to see her with blond hair and she wouldn't do it.  She lightened it, barely, and did not bleach it to the color she had it before, and I said have a photo of her wearing red and green like for Mexico and then with my son next to her.  So she stood there and smirked, with her hair not done how it was agreed she'd do, for purposes of identification of murders, which she knew was the reason.  She instead imitated my hair prior to being forced into jai as a preteen for a wrong arrest, over her and her followers, who are all, believe me, pedophiles and gang-bangers (she took me to cocaine parties to get raped as a kid, age 8).  Then she had her hand on my son and led him away and I said I didn't want her around my son but she took him with her to a building anyway.  The photo was taken and sometimes shows up online, but it was red and green for Arabia, not Mexico.  I lied and said "for Mexico" but I wanted her to wear the colors of her supporters from Bushes "team" which murdered all of my clones, with Reagan's approval and participation, and Dick Cheney's.  Mossad doesn't care if Muslims murder my clones, they worked with Dodis because they got rich from slavery just as Mossad did, and the U.S.   She also used Mexicans to murder for her, including Tom and Rosella Parra/Garrett, Guzmans and Avilas, and Bujandas and the entire Bush team in Texas.

Others who coordinated to have me raped and who committed murders against my clone include VBB 770.  She and her husband murdered one of my clones in a van and then they were bragging to Middletons they could take care of things for them.
 She was being used by the govt. as a "double", supposedly, for Rachel Chandler.  She not only killed an older clone of me, she and her husband murdered a young kid, with Middleton, Kate Middleton, William of Wales and a Judge from the Coquille courthouse and one from the Coos Bay courthouse (Bechtold).  Pippa stood around and heard about how great they were after this.  Others involved in the cover up were Rachel Chandler, and Amanda Bynes.  They chased them to the back of a van and shot them and then the kid I think they stabbed too because they were reaching down to feel something, like pulses, on both of them.  She supposedly works for the govt. and she's been raising sets of clones who are as bad as her.  The girls were older clones standing around outside later.  A Bob jr. was also involved. I was forced to stay at their house and she kept my room freezing cold and then made me stay out in a shed of some kind, and I was freezing and locked in with nothing inside to play with as a kid.  She had this Russian Jewish guy who person who pretended to be "Elliot" view me, Roses, and the Thebaults and Bryan and Lisa were in town where they were and made comments about me and Philip was threatening an older clone of my son who was forced in with me, prior to murdering him.  We were held hostage by them and I was then told by her to share her husband's bed when she was away.  She was an adult and I was about 9 years old.  They had Jordan and Tyler and others peeking in at me too.  They also tortured me and programmed me, to not remember license plates correctly for example, as VYB instead of VBB.  509 BBE said to me, "Do they have wifi here?  Cool!" and they were connected, and so was XFV 809 (man with ponytail) in murdering her.  XFV 809 also beat me and threatened me. 

I was being forced to masturbate myself, over Judges and cops in Coquille.  One of the cops had me working to "redact" names on reports, wherever they were mentioned, and he was one of the cops who murdered my clones in the cop parking garage with British and Danish royal attendees from the CIA.  Instead of raping me and torturing me about a spot being rubbed out, which someone had done to conceal murder, they wanted me to think it was over something else and made me go around with a man driving ZYP 743, with a handicapped woman and he claimed he was insulted I said his wife or someone could still have sex if they did it themselves, like Kate Middleton supposedly did.  So then they had dozens of Coquille and other govt. employees forcing me on my back, and making me masturbate while they held guns to my head and one of those individuals is "Sally" who works at Safeway as a register operator.  People like her have jobs, and I don't.  I can't get work here bc the govt. gives all jobs to adult pedophile criminals who are 'pscychic' govt. employees.  Sally wasn't the only one, there is another blond teller who held a gun at my head and it was over money.  Sally had Pippa and Kate Middleton both watching and rewarding her for doing this to me and they were bragging that Alvaro could "help" me.  They were all involved in having me raped by Pardo multiple times.  Pardo murdered my entire family in Colombia and then was going to kill me and someone stopped him from shooting me, saying don't kill your paycheck.  He was getting rich off of me.  My son, an older clone, said "he's raping my Mom" and they shot him, and another time, murdered him, an older clone of me, and some girls and it was Pardo and Thebaults, like Philip Thebault and others and then Pardo was raping me, viciously raping me as a little girl.  Later he was pretending he never did this and used Stockholm Syndrome to force me to trust him over other people, when he sent Shakira to murder one of my clones of me, he murdered more than one clone of me and my sons, and some people who worked at a fish trap place had shown up to murder a clone of me.  That's not to mention he was colluding with Judges in Coquille and Wenatchee and had another clone of my son murdered in NYC by some of the meanest cops around.  He was there with Mike Middleton, murdering my clones, in Colombia and Mike got away with it.  Then he raped me in full rape but forcing me to be on top, to look like I 'wanted' it, when I was only 11 years old and all of the U.S. govt and Middletons were saying they wanted him to have another "go" at me when I was in my 30s.

Mike Middleton and Gary Goldsmith were involved from the start.  Alvaro was put in prison and had a life sentence, they said, for what he did to me, and then they forced me to "pardon" him and it's the same one.  Dabney was also in prison with life and over multiple murders of my clones and there were a LOT of witnesses and some testifying against him at the time and the cops murdered some of them and then told me to say it wasn't him and it wasn't my clones.  It was Dabney, for sure, and at least 20-30 murders were witnessed by me, against mostly my clones.  After someone stopped Alvaro from murdering me, when I was little, he was then instructing William of Wales to stop Locklyn Guzman and some of my family from killing me, in a show of "kindness to children" when it was all B.S.--they don't have any kindness at all--their entire family raped me, held me hostage, forced me to work for free and had Dabney saying I could never raise my kids, and never have money.  This was their goal.

They said I had "daughters", girls biologically related to me by my older clones, and I was told all of them are being gang-raped by the U.S. govt. and England.  If it's true, I am not sure who my daughters are but I did see some killed. 

I also was forced to be raped, with guns at my head, by Jorge Mejia, who the Middletons were controlling. A bunch of white men, Gary Goldsmith and Koch Brothers and other men, had him rape me after I was being raped by other "Georges":  George Alexander Louis (Kate's cloned kid who raped me and other clones of me, who were older), George Bush, and George Bechtold.  What right did Bechtolds have to say I couldn't raise my kids and make Bob jr. promise them, when he was holding me hostage and raping me every day with his kids, Dad, and FBI?  They were driving to Sherwood, Oregon to his house to rape me, from Portland. 

I was raped multiple times, over a 9 yr. timespan, by Jorge Mejia and Middletons wanted him to rape my older clone of me too.  Believe me, I am not lying and it's true.  Then later some U.S. govt. people wanted me to say it was okay to murder him, Jorge Mejia, and it was the second time the U.S. govt. employees tried to force me to murder him myself or say they could and I got suspicious about it.  I had good reason to be suspicious because they were gang-raping me and my clones, using Mejia, with a bunch of fucked up U.S. shits who were stealing my money, wanting it to happen, including Goldsmith and Middleton and Frederick and Mary Donaldson.  They were desperate to have me raped by all of the people they could, and they were getting people to traffick drugs for them and tryihng to promote themselves as "non-racially biased people".  They used George Mejia to cover for rape reports about George Bechtold, George Middleton (Kate's kid) and so on.  Joy Tancer was wanting me to murder him, along with one of the Dicksies (possibly), and they also had a Bob jr in the line of fire to be shot by me and I didn't, and then later had another ambush at a house in Coquille to murder a Bob jr. and I said I'd tell on them (they had Levi helping them). 

John Kaempf and all of the Bullivant Houser Baileys and Philip and Thebaults, and Peter Mersereau, were wanting me to be raped by Jorge Mejia.  He raped me in a massive attack against me, FOR Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker-Bowles, when I was around age 3 or so, and then he was raping me off and on with other Mexicans and relatives and with whites standing by who were Catholic, and Judges.  Then they forced me to go to the cabins where he stayed, and be raped by him, Bujanda, and other Mexicans, and they also had him show up at my house again, to rape me at gunpoint with men standing by because they were saying I deserved to have money and credit for my own songwriting and it wasn't right or justified for the U.S. to steal and give me no credit.  So they had him raping me again, and with a bunch of greedy govt. shits and royals making sure it happened.  Meanwhile, Pippa the Bitch, who was murdering any clone she could who was my son, and my own clones, was bragging to me, "YOUR son isn't a prince, he's a Mexican orchard cherry picker" and I thought, "Huh? everyone calls GAL, George Alexander Louis, the cherry picker because he rapes all of my clones and kids and breaks their hymen".  They called Kate's son the 'cherry picker' and he bragged about being a rapist and violating all of my clones.  I was having to give him blow jobs all the time too, and his penis was not that "grand".  

Frederick and William, wanted me raped by Mejia.  Not only that, the Middletons did, and the U.S. govt used a huge group of cops, FBI, and lawyers and Judges to have me raped by him, and I was raped later in "sessions" where he showed up at my house, was allowed into my bedroom, and then spent a couple of hours "teaching" me to have sex and putting a pillow under my stomach, and they were saying "to OFFSET the damages from rape so she can STILL CLIMAX" and I was only 8 years old.

This fucking town stole money from me, after all that, to have a South Coast Business System program designed by me, for getting a job, and the idea was if you complete the program, you are given a job, any kind of job, in the area.  I was told to name it and said, "I want it titled OFFSET" and then aftter this, they forced me to sign money over to them, and Raul Bujanda said HE would be in "charge" of the program--the FBI shit who hates my guts and murders my clones and family.  They also had Mike Tancer raping me and using a pillow under my stomach when he raped me.  The U.S. govt. had Raul Bujanda, who murdered my clones and set me up to be killed and raped, and I wasn't killed but raped, in "charge" of whether I got work or not, and then they said I had to have my floors cleaned before I got any work in the U.S. and they said Pippa Middleton would inspect and approve of whether anyone in the entire Coos Bay area gave me a job or not, or specifically, through Worksource in Coos Bay, the "state-govt." employment agency.  So Pippa and Raul, who both stood around bragging I was having a Mexican "cherry picker kid", were the ones who wanted to also be in charge of making sure I was denied employment for even low-level work.  They stole from me, forced me to work and write songs and books, for trillions, and they were letting total morons steal the credit and money from me and then not even letting me get fast food work.

William of Wales and Mary Donaldson were trying to cash in on it--William was showing up at my grandparents house in Cashmere and he said, "William was here?" and he was shocked because he hated William of Wales and the Waleses were raping us, stealing from us, and murdering us and he was shocked that the Bairds were even allowing him to the house and then Granny killed him over it.

 One of the men who told me to use a pillow under my stomach was Mike Middleton. 

The U.S. committed nothing but crimes against me from the time I was born. I was raped as a newborn, and tortured, and had more than one person confirm this was true, and they never quit.  They continued raping me, using govt. employees. 

After going to a house off of Hwy 42 where I was living a short time with a Bob jr., and trying to get me to shoot that Bob jr., they said well you must be okay with getting raped then, and had more govt. employees over to rape me and had him there.  The U.S. govt. also broke into that house and killed a clone of my son, an older clone of him, with Robin Bechtold, when I was there, over the kitchen sink.  He was warning me they wanted to give me a criminal record on purpose, just to get rid of my clean record and to keep me from getting work and for limited traveling outside of the U.S.  A Judge showed up to help murder him.

Another man who was involved in rape and murder drives 868 CTV.  I was raped over this man, with an entire group of govt. men, and also over 463 JDV and a Russian Jew who raped me at my house who the Judge presiding over my case for 'trespass' already knew.  These men were all friends with William of Wales and Chris Dabney and James Dabney and made comments around me and at my house, like Dabney made, and they raped me with Dabney there.  The Russian man murdered one of my kids with William of Wales.

I had another photo of this second guy but the govt. deleted it from my computer.  The other man drives an orange SUV with the plates 868 CTV and he looks like a cross between Ben Affleck and Mike Tancer.  They were beating me up and torturing me.

Another man who raped me and had others rape me, and who was stealing from me, was in Portland, Oregon and I was raped by the same man in Portland, in my 20s, who had shown up with his buddies to rape me when I was a kid and he has a very small penis and his friend looks German with blond hair and is bigger and had a girlfriend who looked like Christy Ballinger.  He is connected to the Ballingers somehow, and to John Kaempf and always said he was "protestant" or no religion but I thought he was Catholic.  He showed up a number of times to initimidate me and have me raped and then he was playing Marshal Mathers music that I wrote, when I went out with them, thinking they were people I could hang out with.  
Sept. 6, 2016

Another man who hates me and my clones drives 48 74 and he's a Vietnam Veteran.  He tortured me and was bragging about doing favors for other women who he wanted above me or to look superior to me, and he tortured my son. 
Sept. 7, 2016

One group of women involved in torturing and possibly killing one of the Dicksies drive 271 FKY, and 966 DUG, and included Janet Bechtold, a librarian from Coquille, and another woman whose plate I recently saw, maybe a week ago, and wrote down, but I'm missing it.  Annette Sandberg was also involved, and the woman who drives 966 DUG (blond or lt. brown medium length hair and about 5'5') was talking about killing my kid and knows Chris Dabney.  They also tortured a Dicksie and pulled on her hands to lengthen them and then I believe they killed her.  It was initially my idea, to have a Dicksie stand out from others, photographed, and able to prove she was a clone, not like the other Dicksies, but they really tortured her, and then tried to frame me for wanting to "murder" her when I actually was hoping to catch someone trying to kill her but stopped by others--because of the way they talked.  In the meantime, I had left the house, to meet some man at his house and 'talk' and this guy is one of the men who repeatedly murdered clones of my son (who matches Oliver Garrett-Avila, b. 2006).  AGL0977 (Washington) was also involved. 

I am looking for the plate numbers I wrote down yesterday and I'm missing some paper, I believe, from my bag.  It was with me the entire time and I walked home with the paper, so it has to be in my bag or someone broke in last night and stole it.  I had plates of a man who murdered my son with last plate letters FRN, who I have reported in the past, and also plates of 2 men who raped me with Middletons and the Rose Family and they both slightly resemble each other and also look like  Russell Crowe.  These shits murdered clones of my son multiple times, and were identified by me in the past, on my blog.  Here is one of the plates, for one of them:  ZRS 762.  He drives a green truck with a red sticker or logo on the side and he coordinates murdering people with the other man who resembles him (sort of) and both work for the U.S. govt.  This man with the truck murdered a clone of my son who identified him, in Moses Lake, he was showing up at the Rabbi Rose house in Portland, OR while I was tied up and being held hostage and another clone was shot and murdered there, and the other one was also present.  The other one also was involved in a gang-rape against me, with Chris Dabney and others, and Pippa Middleton and it was after she was told if she cleaned a floor, she could "kidnap" one of my kids from me or kill one of my unborn babies.  I proposed the idea, just to see if she would actually indicate that's what she wanted and she did.  She started cleaning a floor and I was told I could decide when it was 'clean' enough and after I kept telling her it wasn't done yet and needed more work, she got mad and a group of U.S. Pentagon and other men, gang-raped me in front of her and then they had a huge group of people including celebrities who work for the CIA, attending my rape damages and inability to urinate because of prolapse, with insertion of a catheter and when it was Pippa's turn to insert a catheter into my vagina when I was this little girl, she kept doing it and saying "There's still more, it's not done yet".  This is not the only rape I suffered immediately prior to being hospitalized because I had severe enough damages, I couldn't walk or move because I had prolapsed, as a little girl--I was also raped in a car with Pippa and her husband James Mathews and others, over making a comment about George Alexander Louis, who was in the car in a carseat, as a toddler, and being obnoxious.  I had said something like he wasn't that smart compared to my son or something, and they attacked me in the car and then I was being death-threatened by Pippa not to tell anyone.

Someone has repeatedly gone into my house at night while I'm asleep because several pages of information I wrote out, and license plates are missing, and I keep them with me at all times.  One page disappeared after I was out of the house and left it in a pant's pocket, but the paper that was stolen last night, was after I had caught, and written down, at least 10 or more plate numbers of people I knew positively had murdered clones of my son and me.  Someone from the U.S. govt, obviously, stole the same plate info on the other man who resembled Crow, just like the last time they did this, in 1998, and the time before that, I had identified him and successfully written down his plates on Blogger.  I had also identified a dark haired man who I repeatedly told, "God is going to have me catch you every single time you attempt to sneak by me, because God knows what you did and does not approve and you're a govt. murderer for Waleses and the CIA."  not to mention Bechtolds.  He is a shit who tortured me, and murdered three of my clones, an older clone of me, one of my son at the same time and then one of my son at another location where they were supposedly agreeing to put a "sting" on William of Wales and instead, murdered my son to score points with them.  Several of these men also had a Bob jr. with them when they murdered my clones, for example, the FRN (frown) man did.  

The information on some other shits who tortured me and then made scraping noises while creating a severe headache because I was operated on to be implanted to be tortured by remote torture--their plates are missing as well.  They came over to my house when I was age 7, and tortured me, bragging to shits like Michelle Erickson that I was never going to "model" and they could make me "fat" by torturing me to a part of the brain that caused severe pain and also stimulated hunger.  I was being force fed and made to eat until I was fat and then photographed, overweight and uncharacteristically "chubby" at age 7 for my 2nd grade school photos.  The Ericksons came over and went ballistic.  They were yelling and shouting and these people are seriously some of the most violent, fucked-up shits I ever witnessed coping a cover for themselves.  They work with a big group of blacks bc they're as violent as they are--they chop up little kids.  Basically, they murdered kids in front of me and chopped up their bodies and threw parts at me and threatened me. They were also specifically working with the so-called "Mafia" Gotti family, and John and Jeff Sellen.  The Gottis, like John Jr., showed up to support them, and Michelle's actual "job" as a clone, before the one that's working for CPS now, was to work for the FBI.  There was no "real Mafia"--the "Mafia" were the fucking FBI shits. They were also enslaving me and my kids, and were given responsibility to transport us around with guns on them, and as "escorts" like prison guards.  They are vicious, terrible people.  They did not just murder my clones, they murdered anyone in their way, but mostly, I saw them murder my clones.  Michelle Erickson was force-feeding me, watching me being tortured and forced to be hungry and then bringing food to me, and others were Amanda Bynes, bringing me plates of food.  There were others as well, and they would show up with food, with this mean evil glare in their eyes, smirking, and wanting me to eat more.  There were others there as well. The entire motive, and comments they made to eachother was "She'll never get ahead" and "She'll never be a model".  

They murdered an older clone of me in Bedminster, NJ after she got a modeling contract.  I believe it was Bedminster.  One of my clones actually did get a contract and was hired and there is no question she was pretty and thin enough, and the U.S. govt. wanted to keep breeding and then murdering my clones after forcing use of us sexually for British and Danish royals and U.S. govt. SHITS.   I said I was sure I'd be married by age 40 and they smirked and laughed saying no, and joked that I would never have a marriage, and only be raped by U.S. shits and a "nun" inbetween rapes by them.  They forced me to sign a document to agree they could "rape" me when I was an adult.  I was also forced to sign a form saying I agreed to have 3 teeth blown out of my mouth by military means, and lose them and they forced me to circle which teeth, on an X-Ray, like they were model "shots" to circle, and Chris Dabney was standing there for all of it, along with Bechtold and these "Australian-looking" assholes.   Every clone of myself that I saw, who was murdered, or who I met prior to their murder or false arrest (a couple were imprisoned and one was forced into a mental ward as an excuse), was single and being gang-raped by the U.S. and British/Danish royals and Israelis and Mossad.  Out of all of them, I only saw maybe 3 which had "families"--there was one clone of me in England who had a family and was married and lived in a house; there was a family in a mobile home that was murdered with machine guns pelleting the outside of the mobile home; and there was what appeared to be a family murdered at Halea Meiers house in Lake Oswego with British and U.S. shits, and Danish (a clone of me, of my son, older man, and kids).  There were countless other clones of me, who were chained and handcuffed to beds, like I was, and raped.  I was raped while chained and handcuffed to a bed, until I "acted" well enough to sound like I "liked" it.  They said when you quit fighting us, we'll let you go.  They did this to me in the U.S. and in England at either Gary Goldsmith or Mike Middleton or James Middleton's house, and at a Mexican house.

A huge number of Coquille shits, the Ericksons, the Middletons, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Rachel Chandler (significantly present and more than one clone of her), Amanda Bynes, and Middletons (Kate and Pippa) and Mary Donaldson and Frederick, showed up to watch me writhing in pain from torture by headaches to my head and scraping metal to make scraping sounds while torturing me to my head.  Even Levi, an older clone of Levi, came into the room and did this and I screamed at him.  Prior to torturing me this way, this brown haired shit who drives a medium colored 4-door SUV with last symbols of FRN, murdered an older clone of my son in front of me, and an older clone of me screamed and they killed her too.  They killed him after telling him this is what they were going to do to GAL or some Middleton person and when he followed instructions, they then turned on him, as protective CIA, Pentagon, and FBI working for the Middletons and Donaldsons through Bush family biological blood-relatives, and killed him.  Bob jr. and him both grabbed him and then he was murdered and Michelle Erickson's Dad and Uncle were also there and helped kill him.  They let Waleses and Donaldsons stand by and watch.  Then this same "FRN" man again murdered another older clone of my son, at another location, and over the same thing.

Rachel Chandler was being told she had nothing to compete with. I was operated on at Salt Lake City at age 7 after some kind of surgery or medical exam and hospitalization in England, and then I was in private houses, with a Bob jr. and Rachel Chandler operating on me, and then a Dicksie and Chris Dabney operated on me together.  One of the Bob jrs. was a surgeon, like Rachel, and had Mike Middleton there with him, with one of the black shits, and the black Mugabee looking man.

150 HNF is a red sedan of a black man who slit one of my cloned son's throats.  I wrote down at least 5-8 other plates of other blacks I identified as murdering my clones and most of this is also missing, and I have only a couple of plates still.  One that is significant, who works with the Australian-looking men, and Middleton, is dark black Nigerian man who was driving past yesterday when I walked home and I got his plate.  I got his plate, and the plates of several other blacks who went to my house with BARAK OBAMA and massacred my clones.  This shit Obama had several clones and the one of him in Presidency now, was there and murdered two of my clones, and this black shit was involved in at least 5 murders against my clones and friends with Mike Middleton and Levi and Char and her black Dad knew him, along with Bob jr.  Bob jr. would know exactly who I'm talking about.  He's a big Mugabee looking man who is even darker skinned and he was murdering at my house, on camping trips, and threatening my life and promising to murder an unborn baby.  He said, "Kill her" about an older clone of me, at a house, and he and a young and older Barry Sotero (Obama) murdered her and then had a younger clone of my son killed.  There was also a black man shit in a truck driving past me right next to my house when I was almost to my mailbox, saying "It's on", like they still had a problem with me, these fucked up Wales and Middleton and Erickson and Obama gang-bangers.  Another woman involved is a clone who is constantly fat, every clone they've had of her, and she lives with a man who drives a dark tan truck with "7 Devils" written in red across the back window (OR) and he just took off and had a temp. paper in the window instead of plates, because he's paranoid bc he's a murderer.  She looks like a cross between Michelle Erickson and Nikki, with Michelle's body and an upturned nose like Nikki from D.C.  Everyone knows who this bitch is, along with the man in the truck.  These are all the same U.S. Govt. clones who come around me to brag about murdering my kids.  The U.S. govt. told me, when I was a kid, "We get to murder all of your cloned kids and we're going to rape them too".  They were saying they "got" to murder all of my kids and they'd already murdered over a hundred of them by the time they told me this, and they forced me to say, "You can murder them but if I catch them, they have to go to jail" and they were saying "Oh, we'll put them in jail" and telling me I had to "identify" who it was.  Then they forced me to sign another document, saying they could murder my kids and clones and I said no I don't want to and they made me sign anyway and said "We'll give a copy of this to Canada and to Mike".

They tortured me when I was a kid, and raped me and they raped one of my older clones while handcuffing her and then shot and murdered her.  All of their murders were bloody and in my face.  This Mugabee-looking black also murdered another clone of me and then they put her severed head in a creek, and had severed a head off of my older clone of my son and they were keeping them in the creek, to look at and brag, while chopping up the bodies to get rid of evidence, or putting them in vans, and I saw them there, and it was whites and these fucked up murderous blacks who Middleton is friends with.

Whoever broke into my house, using a key, while I was asleep, last night, stole the paper with all of the plates of these #1 U.S. govt. murderers who were massacring and chopping up my clones and who know Barak Obama.  Every single one of them was connected to a Bob jr.  All of them.  They had a Bob jr. threatening me not to talk too, and this dark black African shit was bragging that Levi would do okay but not me, and that's bc Levi had a black girlfriend, "Char" and half black kid.  They were murdering dozens of my clones.  They also gang-banged me so bad when I was so little, I was terrified of anyone who was black, because I knew they were violent and bloody monsters.Some black shit connected to these men who stole from me last night, passed me this morning on my way walking to town, laughing at me and driving 133 CFS with a Mexican man behind him, 125 FWP and then a white man shit crumpling up a paper in his hand in front of me, driving a camper with plate RITTA.  Another shit drives VEL 467, and 444 HXG, and 045 ERT, and xx-6260 (9S or 9R prior to the rest of the plate and known by Chris Rozollo who was involved in stealing material from me with cops). Some of the shits constantly stealing from me and raping me include:  202 DHQ, 665 HNA, 660 HBN, YZH 771, WWG224, 80696, YCCY712, 232FXW, 513 JBC,44804, 55141, SYV 842, 511 GGR, VJT 88j, 407 BNP, 45154, 054 GWF, 257 HZS, 7208, BYQU,7YZ 839 (D.C.), 388 FVR,YACZ513, VXX 100, ZSV 728, 2020-3P (Canadian semi), 335 HTZ, 459 HDW, 249 DKU,525 GWF, 830 CPF, 565975 (Lowes), 445 DTS (woman with white hair, countless murders), YDT 960, 977 HNA, 133 GOT, 894 ADE, YHZ 800, 236 HPL, 235 HPL, YCCL 430, YCCZ567, VYK 100, 846 CEN, WFA 974, 497 EFN, 694 HAL, HEL 998, 737 CHC,45298, 592 CAr, YJC 806, 883 CBA, VDH 373 (!), 16465, 556 FXN, 186 FRE, 420 GRX, N2 NP361 (Idaho), 133 HLK, 76499, TSN 136, UHY 101, 484 EEE, YARU358, MK8 E14 (Canadian), 588775, VRC164, 142 ERT, 824 JCD, 615 CEN, 150 EXA, 680 BXF, 712 GAS, 76499 (Semi truck-shit who is connected to those stealing from my house), EEE 685 (New Jersey).

Some of the most important license plates were stolen from me last night.  Basically, I had a piece of paper, and was writing down all plates, including the multiple cops who passed me, and I wrote down all the blacks, the "frown" man who tortured me and murdered my clones, and the other "Australian" looking man who is a senior official shit that coordinates gang-rapes and murders with ZRS as his "copy".  I saw the other one involved with Middleton when I was raped, I looked up and it was that shit smirking at me.  Not only that, he was involved in having one of the librarians, "Sarah", murder one of my clones with a large "dough-boy" looking man who is missing one arm and has a stump and was wearing a turqouise blue shirt the other day and has a British accent.  This man and these "Australian Russell Crow" lookalikes, were having Sarah murder a clone of mine, and had me raped in front of Middletons, telling me now I could "bow" for making "Pippa" "kneel" on her hands and knees to clean the floor.  

To clean the floor?  She wanted to do it as part of a U.S. deal to kill my kids and I have already witnessed that bitch murder no less than 20 clones related to me.  She was everywhere in the U.S. and Canada.  This fucking bitch, was acting out for Kate and Camilla, because wherever they couldn't be, she was there, murdering.  Kate was murdering in Texas, Colombia, Washington state, and England and the UK, and helped with a couple of hits in Oregon. Places I witnessed Pippa murdering my clones, were Johnson Mill Park in Coquille, OR; other private residences in OR; the Rabbi Rose residence in Portland, OR; Donna Ciaramella's residence in Oregon or California; the Sherwood house on Baker Road in Oregon; Moses Lake, WA; Australia; England; a military base in Canada (she shot kids lined up against a wall and then they were trying to brag that socialism is like 'communism without the firing squad' when they proved they are Hitlers with firing squads); a vehicle (with James Mathews).  Kate Middleton was murdering in England mostly, and she also committed murder with William in France; also in the U.S. and Mexico, in addition to the places I named.  Sofie Rhys and Edward murdered clones of mine in NYC with Richard Ames and Calagun people (CIA).  The Waleses work for CIA and Mossad, not "England".  Take a hard look at their "Bush family relations".  The Bush family sold out the entire U.S. for Middleton and Donaldson "royal" party favor shit.  I was also being forced to give all of my songs to blacks and Jews.  More than 90% of my music and books were stolen from me and produced by black and Jewish plaigerists.  I said I wasn't going to ever marry a black or jew, and said this by the time I was age 8, and they started giving away all of my credit for my work to Jews and blacks.  Only 10% of my work went to "protestants".  When I complained about this, they then wanted me to write 'country songs' and let some white Protestants steal that, but almost all of my music went to blacks, white Catholics, and Jews and the only Protestants were military and CIA involved (like Reba McIntyre). 

Steven Spielberg is another murderer of my clones.  He murdered my son right in front of me, and it was a clone of my son and he had or wanted a Bob jr. to help him.  George Lucas was holding family members hostage, and me, on-set during filming, and then murdered an older clone of me, or she "disappeared", and then Steven Spielberg came over and murdered my son in front of me.

Donna Ciaramella is one of the #1 worst shits retained by the U.S. government and she either works for the FBI or cops in Portland.  She always carried a gun, always had handcuffs on her, and she handcuffed me and older clones of me, more than once in front of me, and she constantly made promises to Middletons that she would keep me poor and low.  Ciaramella was so bad, I started calling her "Ciaramella-Yella" and said things like "HEY OLD YELLER!!!  Why don't you quit torturing and stealing from LITTLE GIRLS?  You don't make enough MONEY in insurance and trafficking COCAINE???"  She is very good friends with Chris Dabney and his entire family, Dick Whittemore and "insurance lawyers", and Middletons.  She was selling, dealing, and using cocaine at her house, in addition to working for the U.S. govt. and her constant comments were about how I would be forced to have my teeth blown out (when I was age 7), I would be forced to have headaches (age 7) and I was going to be raped, never be a model, and never make money or get married and she was going to promise I would NEVER get insurance money from any car accidents.  I was tortured to not receive any money from failed assassination attempts, such as hit-and-runs.  She was also bragging that I couldn't have kids, to others.  She got mad that I had tortured a Bob jr. to his teeth as a kid, forced to by the govt. and said she'd make me pay by suffering like he did.  She sat next to him like his girlfriend or wife, at dinner parties when I was little and then later, I noticed either it was a different Bob jr. or it was all a lie, because she was holding him hostage and restraining him and using physical gestures to force him not to talk or move, with her handcuffs and gun ready.  She then was at her house and I was forced to be there with her and this is after they murdered one of my older clones after she had mentioned Donna Ciaramella was a cokehead like Dabney and Kate Middleton and Camilla.  They all worked together and so Donna shot her in the head.  Then Donna pretended she had a headache at her own house, and next I was operated on, to suffer and have headaches because they didn't want me to be out of their control.  They wanted to torture me to control me and force me to respond.  Donna Ciaramella had an older clone of me handcuffed and then thrown across a bed and raped and then murdered by Middletons.  Then she was telling me I'd never have my own money and they'd make sure and they started programming me and torturing me for several "possible scenarios" where they thought I might almost come into money, so to speak, or have money or gain it by PIP (personal injury protection money from hit and run), and they created a number of ways for me to lose it and to have me falsely arrested to block me from having a case to obtain money I was owed.  They had devised all of these ways to falsely arrest me, and ideas for putting me into a mental ward and obtaining guardianship over me, to imprison me and block me from getting insurance money and this was a Ciaramella-Dabney plan and she conferred with James Dabney about it as much as Chris and James also was present and helped murder one of my older clones at Donna's house.  James Dabney was standing there with the smoking gun, next to smoking gun Ciaramella and Kate and Pippa and a few others.  After this, Donna showed up at my house AGAIN, in person, bringing someone she claimed was my clone and I didn't realize it was Donna and I was told I could visit with her and take some photos.  So I took some pictures, and then Donna showed up again, with some other women, grabbed this clone of me, and said to the others with her, "She will never get any insurance money, I promise" as she was grabbing my clone and then killed her, in my trailer, in Coquille, OR, in front of me.  I did look at her eyes, and it was a clone of me.  Her eyes were not like Amanda Bynes, a soft green that matched Granny's eyes (Beverly Constance Baird).  She had the same eyes I had, and then Donna murdered her.  Her comment was made to other cops and in Chelan county, they had had cops involved with programming of me for forcing me into jail on false arrest.

They were pissed off that I chased Donna Ciaramella and Rachel Chandler and Rachel the Jew out of Granny's house.  Rachel Chandler was LIVING there, in the upstairs, and Donna was coming over all the time.  Not just that, Amanda Bynes and Chris Dabney lived there, in the upstairs, for months.  Dabney was a fucking Baird "associate" taking up the entire upstairs and meeting with Rick Baken, FBI man who lived next-door.  Rachel was once there with her husband and then next, she was there alone and I said I didn't want her there next to me because she was spying on me. These fucking cops, from OR to D.C. to TX to WA got mad and claimed I had "chased" her out, and then they were mad I threw Rachel the Jew's belongings into a box and told her, "I helped you pack--Bye bye".  So the cops came over with Donna and other govt. and Dabney and they tortured me upstairs and programmed me and said they'd make sure I went to jail and they wanted "revenge" because I had 'chased' Rachel (or the other Rachel) out of the house.  I mean, what the fuck?  Who is the relative?

These cops were friends with Cop Dabney and Rick Baken.  They had Dick Cheney up there too.  Why the fuck was DICK CHENEY up there about it?  Sent by Bush. They were mad about Amanda Bynes, Rachel Chandler, and Rachel the Jew, all of them, women who had murdered my clones in front of me and were planning to murder more of them. Bynes, Chandler, and Rachel the Jew were all Jewish.  Why was I in the middle of Jews?  It was Jews everywhere.  I was surrounded by a fucking MOB of Jews.

In Coquille, they began plotting to put me in jail for "Jenny Myers", Ron Myers (NBC Director) daughter.  They are also Jews.  They were telling the Coquille Judge, what Ron Myers and the "Myers" family wanted, was 'jail-time' and then in the middle of this, I was 10 years old and they told me to sign a document stating they could "rape me" when I was older.  Dabney was saying, "Well that way you can say you at least had a boyfriend for a short time". I said, "You just said, I repeat, "So we can rape you?" and you wanted me to say "Yes" and you're making me sign a document and now you're claiming you're pitying me and you're trying to make this about "charity sex" for me because you want to block normal people from dating me to become a potential marriage partner?"  I said, "What's wrong with you?  Is this your idea, or your MOM's idea?"  and I said, "Or maybe..."  (pausing for emphasis)

..."Maybe...it's DONNA Ciaramella's idea".  Donna was forcing me to do sex "work" in her house after she raped my older clone of me and murdered her and then they were saying it was all just rough sex and BDSM.  I had said, "What's BDSM?" and added, "That was NOT rough sex--she was raped in handcuffs and then you SHOT her and I saw her being SHOT".  So suddenly these fucked up govt. assholes were saying I had to be trafficked over to Washington D.C. and be "trained in BDSM" as a cover for real torture and rape.  I had said, "You people are murdering all these people and then almost killed me, (and I lied and said, "and I'm not sure who was killed but, you know...still..), and you're telling me I am going to be blacklisted from getting work and that's what you're doing.  Not to mention implanting devices in my body to TORTURE me to force me to NOT be productive and to harm me instead, whenever you want."  Donna then said, "If you shut up I can train you to be an insurance agent".  I said, "You already made me work like an insurance agent and you didn't pay me like you said you would...so now you're saying you'll train me and you'll pay me too?"  Then they said, "You wouldn't be paid during training but after that, you could make money" and I said, "So where would I be an insurance agent?  Here or in England, or where?"  Then they said, "We need to talk about it" and they said, "What is your answer?" and I said, "I need to think about it and I'll let you know".  So I thought about it and then decided I was screwed over and I had no job but if I worked as an insurance person maybe I could at least have enough money to raise my kids, when they were all promising I never could.  I knew, on the other hand, Donna and Dabney were blackmailing me.  They were telling me the only way I could earn money was to not report their murders against my own family and clones, and their already-committed torture, sex training and hostage holding of me.  I didn't ask to be chained in fucking basement and taught "fellatio".  They had then told me I should tell my other clones and daughters to do this for "money" and tried to make it look harmless.  So I decided to say "yes", to make money and get ahead and there was no other way...They used Judges, lawyers, cops from OR to WA and elsewhere, to frame me and try to put me under arrest and they had a number of plots against me and my kids.  So I did what Warren Buffet once suggested I do:  "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em", so I said, a day or so later, after awhile, "Okay, I'll do it" and they said, "Oh, we decided it's not going to work out."  I said, "What?" and then they told me to call back so I called back and Chris Dabney said, "Make sure you don't mention the word insurance agent because if her ex hears about it, he might not like it" and I said, "Huh?" and he said, "Don't say the word insurance agent or what kind of job it is, just let her know you'll take the job" and I said, "Okay".  So I called back and I heard a click on the line like it was being recorded and I said, "I decided I'll take the job".  They said, "What job?" and I said, "The job.  You know...the job."  Then she said, "The job?" and I said, "Yes, you said you could train me and I decided I'll take it".  She said, "I never said I'd train you and I don't have any job."  I said, "But you told me to call and said to let you know if I wanted the job" and she said, "There is no job and you must have the wrong number."  I then got mad after being harassed and called back and said, "YOU told me you had a JOB for me and now you DON"T??? after all that?  What kind of FUCKING BITCH ARE YOU???"  I said, "YOU MURDER PEOPLE and said if I didn't talk about it, you'd give me a JOB and now you're not even giving me a JOB."  I then realized, "Okay, now it sounds like I am talking abuot wanting a murdering job myself and so I said, "Are you telling me to CALL you just to sound like a MURDERER?  You were telling everyone you would never let me have any INSURANCE money and now you're trying to make me sound like all I want is to murder someone for their insurance..." and click, they hung up the phone.  

I sobbed and cried and then they had Chris Dabney's mother call me after I talked to Joy Sterling-Tancer.  She said, "We have a job for you and we can train you but it's not in insurance".  I said, "But I wanted to be an insurance agent and I liked it.  I could make money at it and I could be good at it."  And they said, "If you're interested in another job offer, we'll meet you" and so I had to meet them and they said, "We'll train you to be a dominatrix" and I said, "Is this some kind of JOKE about Prince Charles calling me 'tricky' and the Middletons lying and saying I was a "child prostitute"?"  They froze up and I was told, "Do you want the job or not?" and they suggested I listen and said, "Dabney will train you in BDSM" and I said, "What's that?"

It was one low -blow after the other.  They murdered my family, one after the other, and then lied about training me for any real job and then explained BDSM and said, "It's for bondage dominism sadism machocism" and I said, "Yeah, so what's that?" They said, "What do YOU think it is?" and I said, "Well, bondage sounds like some kind of interrogation work or something or ...I don't know...and I don't want any kind of Prison work".  They said, "No, it's not prison work, it's sort of a trade" and then Chris Dabney piped up and said, "You can be Queen of the NIGHT" and I said, "OH, so you're saying Katie can be Queen of the Day and you guys are wanting me to be a HOOKER???" and I started to cry again and said, "I don't want to talk to any of you--I'm reporting all of you."  

One of the movies I wrote a screenplay for and helped direct was "Remains of the Day" and it was after this suggestion that I be "queen of the night' which was slang for "street whore".  Then I also wrote songs and came up with the movie "Bodyguard" about the same time.  They hated my guts.  These people HATE MY GUTS and all they did was grimace and try to conceal their festering oozing UZI hatred of me.  To keep from having the meeting end they said, "Listen, you can make a LOT of MONEY..a LOT of MONEY, and you can have ALL OF IT, and no one has to touch you" and I said, "What do you mean no one has to touch me--so it's NOT sex work?" and they said, "Well they might touch you, but no one has to have SEX with you, it's not SEX" and I said, "So what is it?" and they basically told me to "Think of it as acting and if you do a really good job ACTING, we'll pay you a lot of money and you can raise your kids, buy a house, a car, whatever you want".  I said, "I already write songs and books and movies, so why are you trying to force me to do this BDSM?" I said, "How come no one is paying me for my SONGS, and my BOOKs, and my MOVIES and my TIME DIRECTING MUSIC VIDEOS and MOVIES???"

I said, "So basically you want to keep me from having my own credit and money for real work that I do, and have talent in, and instead, you're trying to cheapen me to look dirty so your other CIA workers can gloat and feel superior."  They said, "Like who?" and I said, "Like Amanda Bynes, Kate and Pippa Middleton, Rachel, Stephanie Maiers, and...and probably Camilla Parker-Bowles too." I said, "You let Middletons call me a CHILD PROSTITUTE and jail me and defame me in England, and the UK and FRANCE and in COURT in France, and then you want me to do BDSM?"  They said, "Okay, then you won't have work or another offer and we told you it's not sex" and I said, "How come you don't pay me for my real work?"  They clammed up and I said, "Why isn't anyone talking?" and then a Bob jr. or someone said, "Okay, she's not interested so that's enough" and they said, "You won't have any other opportunities".

That was it.  Telling me to be a slut BDSM hooker for the govt. to make the govt. look less guilty about chaining me to a bed and gang-raping me as a kid.Not to mention, trying to explain away murders of my clones while they were raped and tortured.  Oh, it wasn't torture, it was just "BDSM".

Oh right.  They were getting themselves out of prison and that's all.  They wanted me to be defamed and poor and have zero social or family connections and I'd already heard about their plots.  They didn't want me to even have grandkids or kids to talk to when I was older.  They wanted me to have ZERO family so I had NO emotional and security base of family for my own protection and that is the U.S. plot.

It went from Donna Ciaramella and James Dabney's and Dabney and Middletons murders to setting me up to never have insurance money in the future when they attempted to run into my car and didn't kill me but injured me.  And in the meantime, they wanted to tamp down the reports by claiming I wanted to do sex work as a preteen.  All that for this bitch Camilla who works for the CIA and shot my clone at my own house, and all the other bitches and God Damned U.S. male pedophile shits---mostly COPS.Not to mention, the Bush family was propositioning me at their house, while having the Bush men go to my bed when I was a preteen, in my nightgown, and molest me, and they were telling me they'd give me a job as a "mistress" and all of their fucking ideas, were in contrast to the fact I owned the rights to my music, songs, books, and movies nd they were stealing them from me.  They were committing crimes to block my safety deposit boxes and murdering my clones to prevent them from safeguarding my material and then telling me to work as a whore.  That's what the Bush shits wanted for my life.

I should have known, when Putin said later, asking me to model for some photographer, in clothing and swimsuits, "That's a little more classy", that he was trying to say it was Jews.  I was asked to wear a blue and white swimsuit, or a blue swimsuit on a sailboat that was white, and this is what was called "classy" as opposed to the forced nude and sex photos of me as a kid. 

It was okay for Jewish girls to look virginal and "clean" but they wanted to trash my reputation.  They weren't being raped--I was.  

These shits telling me to get money in BDSM were denying me work in insurance, business, entertainment, advertising, and my own credit and money for my writing and creative work.  They were telling me "we'll save your money for you for later" and then keeping it.  Heinzes and Kerry, Sterling-Tancer, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and Jennifer "Gelatin", Gellars, Myers, Maiers,Dick Whittemore, Donna Ciaramella, and Bushes, and Trump.  And then Hillary lied and told me if I lost any kids by CPS she could get them back for me.  She is a fucking liar like all the others.  The same people stealing from me, offered me a job in "BDSM" to degrade me, for their own cover of their own crimes.

I started saying I wanted to be a banker and then I could find out where Donna was stealing and hiding my money. 

After I was told the only way to make money was to be trained by Dabney's mother, I finally said "okay".  They started saying, "Cameo, it's just wearing a costume, like a swimsuit.  No big deal." and they had these other shits like Nikki from D.C. trying to encourage me to do it, and Stephanie Maiers, using "friendship" ideas to suggest I could make tons of money just "modeling" with "props" around me.  So they then took a minor, underage, and gang-raped, and tried to claim I was being 'trained for BDSM' which was a lie for themselves to enjoy. 

They then told all of these other countries it's what I wanted to do, and they forced me to be degraded in Washington D.C. while making plots to have me raped by more govt. men as an adult.  Why?  and why the jail plots?  If they were so sure I could be a "BDSM" person who had a "career" why the need for jail plots? 

They wanted me in and out, just to make a disgusting point against me, and have me denigrated and they told me "Pride goeth before a Fall"their fucking lion lipped Middletons.  Not just that, this theft of my property and murders of innocent people was because of Diana Spencer, Mary Donaldson, Kate Middleton and Carol Goldsmith, and Camilla Parker-Bowles, who told me, when I was in England, that THEY would keep my money safe for me.  This is what Camilla murdered my older clone over.

After she murdered my clone with Bushes and Ronald Reagan and Trumps there, with CIA's Ed Howard handing her the gun (he was then supposedly not in the CIA officially), George Lucas decided he didn't have to pay me anymore either, saying, "I'll keep the rest of it in a trust account for you" and then when Steven Spielberg hired me to work on a movie and co-direct it, one of my cloned sons said give  her money and Spielberg and Bob jr. murdered him.  Ed Howard and "Frown man" were also involved, and a Dicksie and Kate Middleton.  When another clone of my son, again said, later, after I was forced to purchase Anmer Hall for Middleton and William of Wales, when I was told I bought it for myself (they used my parents to sign it over), that it was my house, they hung him and Levi Garrett, an older clone of Levi, murdered him.  I had said to Levi, "Did you think he meant your house or something?  Why did you kill him?"  I said, "It was about Anmer Hall, because I bought it and they forced me to agree and made me sign a deed to it and said it was my house and then they told my parents to sign it over as my guardians, to someone else, and then I guess they planned to give it to Middleton because they were then saying Katie would like it."  I said, "I told them they didn't have my permission to sell it and then all of them put guns, all of them, pointed at my head and said, "Sell it" and they said "If you don't sign that, we'll kill you" and I signed it but then I said I was going to sue for extortion and criminal blackmail or coercion because I didn't consent to having it sold."  Camilla Bowles told me she was keeping some of my money in a bank account herself and she could give it to me later, when I was older.  My older clone said, "I'm older and she wants her money and you don't have a right to it" and Camilla organized a murder of her with the Bush administration (her family), and Jews and Catholics that promote the Bowles there.  Camilla stole a huge amount of money from me, personally, all on her own and then used Charles and CIA family to murder my clones that defended my rights.  The U.S. govt. murdered innocent people for ONE reason:  stealing money from me and govt. conspiracy to promote the CIA Shands, Bowles and Waleses.  She is 100% CIA.  I was forced to give credit for my songs that some English groups stole, to them, as well.  The Waleses owe me a huge amount of money, and Donaldson was also forcing me to say she could "have" some of my money, and that she would keep some of it safe for me.  They murdered my clones over this.  Bob and Dicksie were murdering my clones for the same reason--to prevent me from having my own money and credit.  Maybe not every single one of their clones was, but I witnessed multiple murders over this.  Bob and Dicksie were not letting me have my own credit or money, and I was chained to  abed and raped.  They killed any of my clones who either said I should have my money, asked for my money, said they wanted to be the trustee, or if they dared to utter the names of Bob and Dicksies "other", real kids.
I found the license plate for the Nigerian looking black man on another paper, and it wasn't on the same paper wthat was stolen which had the other U.S. govt. men plates.  It is GHSX.  He is a friend of Michelle and Barak Obama's and was present in a courtroom telling Judges there to give me a jail or community service for what they already knew would be a false arrest, and done under conditions of torture by them and their programming.  If you look him up you can see why I said he looks like Mugabee.  He knows Obamas, Ron Myers (Jewish NBC man) and some other blacks who stood with him and argued they wanted me to have a criminal record as an adult and they wanted to be sure I got either jail or community service (with a bunch of sexual harassers, to harass me and provoke me for purposes of giving me additional citations and jail). This black man stood with Obama when Obama bragged he was taking my kids from me, and then murdered some of my clones, and he was also telling me at a campsite that I was going to have my unborn baby murdered and miscarried and he was friends with both Chris Dabney and Rachel, and knew Amanda Bynes. The other men involved were rapists who raped me when I was an adult and forced me to sign a statement saying "David" could rape me in the future, along with other U.S. govt. men, for saying he had a small penis (because he'd already raped me as a kid).  The taller blond man friend of his had a Germanic background but claimed he was English and something, and Cherokee, and he was an "undercover cop" who is corrupt.  He looked somewhat like John Kaemp, but larger, with blond hair, and his buddy was "David", this shorter dark-haired man with a child-sized penis.
I have a huge number of additional plates to add, some very important, but I am trying to work on a few other things today (Sept. 8, 2016) so it might be a day or two.  Because of serious multiple thefts in my house at night, by someone using a key to get in, I am having to secure my door shut by additional means and not just a lock, and this is because of constant robberies. 

312E765 is a California plate of someone who attacked me and coordinated a murder of one of the clones of my son.  There were several others to mention, but this is one I was stopped by cops over, as a preteen.  I was arrested for purposes of stealing the plate numbers from me and excuse to go through my bag and keep me from documenting people who were making bets and getting money to support the plot for murdering my kids (all of the clones), clones of me, and an unborn baby in the future.  Also, a man who goes by "Matt" murdered my clones and he looks like a neo-Nazi and still uses the last name:  Cstro.   A group of them raped me, including these ones, and they were all part of the same Dabney group.  They were also covering for William of Wales.

There are so many people who murdered my clones, today, I saw so many more faces of people I remember participating in murdering them, it is extremely hard to write all of them down.  There are hundreds of U.S. govt. employed clones and people who murdered them.

The man who has the Australian look, that I mentioned, was involved, along with the other who looked like him, and the actual actor Russel Crow, in setting my clones on fire with the U.S. govt.--alive.  There were several group murders after I refused to "share" my clothes with other U.S. girls.  I was buying hot pink clothing, only in the color hot pink and some accessorized pink colors, for myself, and told my older clone of me, she could borrow my clothes and have some and wear them.  

The U.S. and England, and Israel started it all.  They couldn't keep their hands to themselves--not to themselves re. raping me, and they couldn't keep their hands to themselves re. my property.  I was at first given money for my songwriting, until the U.S. govt. decided since I didn't "share" and since I had supposedly insulted "Anna the Russian" and socialists who worked for the CIA like Kate Middleton, they decided to murder several of my older clones, and they poisoned them, with the entire Middleton family there, and they beat them up and poured gasoline on them and set them on fire to be burned alive and Mike Middleton was directly involved.  Carol Goldsmith and Mike burned my clones alive and their entire fucking family was involved in it.  

Later, this is when Carol showed up at my house again and acting timid after what they'd done, and they tortured and raped me to forget.  I was operated on, and drugged as well, and she tested the waters by coming into my house and room and checking to see what my response and thoughts were of her when she was there.  When I started thinking about what she and her family had done (this was only one of many gruesome murders they committed), she then called my "Dad", or one of the Bob jrs., to the door and acted like she was just asking a question, but instead, she was signaling to him to act intimidating which was the sign for me to shut up or I was about to be jumped, tortured, starved or raped.  So I said nothing. I was forced to choke back the entire report of what a sick shit Carol Goldsmith is, and instead had to pretend I liked her and act casual and say I could help her with her business ideas, as she had suggested.  She claimed she was there to see if I had any ideas about what kind of a business to have or start, and how she was so poor and had no money and how could she support Katie and if Katie wasn't supported, they would never "protect" me.  Mike Middleton, the older clone, and the younger clone of Mike were both there.  She was also telling me she was considering marrying Mike and what did I think? and then she wanted to put on this entire pity act, telling me Mike Middleton beat her up all the time, and did I think she should still marry him?  Carol Goldsmith was using my Dad, or a Bob jr. to specifically threaten me with physical harm, for her.  I wanted to report all of her crimes and I was so scared because of what they did to me, an older clone of me, multiple times, and having to pretend I didn't know it was actually me, I couldn't say anything.  

Not only that, the entire idea to steal my clothes from me, was specifically involving British Royals who were working for the CIA and collected paychecks from multiple U.S. agencies and individuals.

Women who wanted to steal clothes from me were:  Monica Allen, Rachel Chandler, Rachel the Jew, Anna the Russian bitch from D.C. who had already murdered clones of mine in front of me, Anna Sloan-Smith (who was supposedly Dicksie's real daughter, or it was Anna the Russian blond), Shannon Adams (related to cops who stalk me and harass me and then give me citations to this day), Judge Warren's daughter, Kate Middleton, Donna Ciaramella, Donna Titleman, Michelle Erickson (she didn't fit into my clothes but she and another fat girl asked to steal clothes from me anyway and had their family and boyfriends murder my clones when they and I said "no").  Carley Massey-Birch was another one, and Laura Rose and her daughter "Chloe" and a girl named "Phoebe", and Victoria Beckham, Chris Rozollo's daughter (a blond girl), Charlotte Middleton and her daughter, and there were several others.  It went from my allowing a few to borrow my clothes, to having them keep them and then saying, "You let X keep the clothes so why not us?" and they started demanding more and more and it was never enough.  It was MY GOD DAMNED MONEY and MY TALENT supporting these HOs.  The Jews got pissed off when someone finally told me to call them "ho's".  I was later given a box, by the FBI, a huge box, of Hostess Ho-Hos, after they operated on me to torture me and force me to eat to get "fat" and not be academically ahead of anyone.
I wouldn't say this is when theft began, but when hate crimes were deliberately stirred up against me, and the theft became worse.  It was an open door to the devil.  They took advantage of my generosity and then began demanding it and stealing it from me.  Chris Dabney and his kids and family were involved, Dick Whittemore, Carl and Mary DelBalzo, Thebaults, Maiers, Campbells, tons of people from Coquille, Oregon and they started bringing over these fat girls and I was saying, "They won't fit into my clothes" and they started telling me, "So why don't you buy them some that fit?" and it went from that, to claiming they had a right to murder clones of my son and of me, for denying them money and property that was mine.  Raul Bujanda and a bunch of his kids and his Mexican wife also gang-banged me and demanded property and told other Mexicans to steal from me and my own "family", the Bairds and cousins were stealing from me.  Then it ended up going back to huge massacres with briefcases stacked with money again.  Prior to the clothing loans, there were people just demanding huge chunks of my money, like Kerry.  John Kerry used his position to beat up my son and force me to give him and Theresa Heinz money.  Raul Bujanda was also involved in pouring gasoline on my clones and family, with Pardo and others, and then he was telling me I was not allowed to wear the color "hot pink".  They decided to murder my clones with fire, in more than murder scene, claiming it was over "hot pink" and saying things like "It's HOT".  Paris Hilton and her family were involved, and Trumps and Clintons.  Karin Whittemore and other Canadaians even started coming over to my house to steal from me.  Richard Whittemore murdered a clone of my son.  He murdered my son Oliver, who was an older clone back in the 80s, one of them was ambushed by Whitttemor and murdered and John Kaempf was also there. Dick Whittemore is a pedophile.  I was forced to live at his house, just me and him like some of the Judges wanted to do, and in his bed and he was molesting me in my nightgown and taking photos of me.  How the hell he ends up being a "lawyer" for clergy about sex abuse, is beyond me.  Every single lawyer in the clergy sex abuse case, most of them, were known pedophiles.  I knew all of them and had been forced to sleep in all of their beds.  They shared that in common with the FBI and stole my car using Judge Warren and Coburg police who support Chris Rozollo, Middletons, and Goldsmith, and forced me to lose all 3 of my major cases.  My son told me, "It's Richard" one day and they ganged up against him, having overheard somehow, and murdered him.
Various clones of my son mentioned different and some of the same names, and they were all murdered and many were murdered while saying nothing and having done nothing wrong and over money and fear of reports about illegal rape of me.  Any names he even mentioned were not confidential and had no right to confidentiality as a cover for corruption and crimes.  There are laws against abuse and perversion of the law.  My son has a right to mention names of people who he finds out rape me, take porn of me, or who he personally is being raped or assaulted or stolen by.
He mentioned Chris Stubblefield and Chris Dabney many times, and Joey, John, Mike (more than one Mike), Robin Bechtold, Russian Jews (very specifically)--for example U.S. living or citizens but Russian Jews and in general, Richard Whittemore, Amanda Bynes, Anna (Russian) and Anna Sloan Smith, Rachel Chandler and Rachel the Jew (from D.C.), Ken and Kevin, Matt, Jason, James, Rabbi Rose, Scott Lewis/Scott Garrett/Scott the cop from Mt. Angel, Chris Rozollo, Jeff Fowler, Louis Freeh, Michelle (both Obama and Erickson), Gary Erickson, Beau, William of Wales, Harry of Wales, Sofie Rhyss, Edward of Wales, Charles of Wales, Mejia, Philip, Holly, Jim, Aaron, Alan, Armando, Pablo, Bob Jr. and Sr., Levi, Rani and Austin, Valente, Valentine, Annette, Jeremy, Brian, David, Kyle, Karin, Steve, Ben and Matt, Donovan, Mark, Stacy, James Comey, TJ, Tyler, Travis, George Alexander Louis Middleton-Wales (very specifically), Keith, Dicksie, and some others.  Very specific to Joey, Robin, Russian Jews, Rachel, Kevin, James, Chris, Scott, Rhyss, Michelle, and George, and Tyler, and Gary.  The U.S. has used people who murdred him, to transport him around and control him.  They forced him to suffer, and I tried to tell him I would protect him from Michelle the bitch.  He said you need to report her bc she was constantly murdering his clones, and they wre raping my daughters, and stealing money from me and bragging they'd keep me down and low and steal him from me when he was a baby.  They were bragging and telling an older clone of him this and then younger clones of him were scared and begging me to not let Michelle become a "First Lady and to not live in Wenatchee or allow Michelle Erickson to steal him from me.  He did not have stupid ideas about who the real shits were (meaning his top list).  Some others were Frederick, Isaac, Kurt or Curtis, and Kanye West, Jim West, Jordan, Bob from Finley loop road, Angela Merkel, Angelina DelBalzo and Sarah and Carl DelBalzo, Eliza Bechtold, Holly Telerant, Raul Bujanda, Tad, Carol Goldsmith and Gary Goldsmith, Dylan, Dominic, Paul, and TOMAS and TOM.  Also, Dennis Hotchkiss made him cringe, and Judge Bridges, John Kerry, Peter, Rory, and there were other Judges.  He knew Warren was bad and he was right and the U.S. was having a BOb jr. tell me not to report him and he wasn't so bad and he was.  Also Ross (Canada), Putin (didn't really say too much just sort of joked but later they tortured him), and Justin. 
The U.S. is deliberately breeding clones of my son into known hostile and cruel groups of people who murder him, and they traffick him to other countries and make money off of him and he should NOT be born in the U.S. with the govt. the way it has been for decades--putting him and me and my clones at the top of their "enemy" list to torture and steal from, rape, and force to be  born to be cruelly used and disposed of, with zero rights.  The U.S. must be banned from stealing DNA and reproductive rights from people and using it to create slaves for themselves, who they murder, torture and rape and force to work to support everyone else.  They do not give us work as citizens, they have us in slavery, and they have coordinated countless murders and used our lives as nothing but puppets to be shot down by the audience and the "puppet-master".  There is nothing we've done to be treated like enemy #1 but that is the treatment--they use it to justify stealing from us and raping us.  They are raping us, forcing us to breed clones, and now they have been separating us from all of our biological family as their next step to genocide and extermination of our actual heritage and belief systems.  In the past, some of my clones raised sons and kids, and now the U.S. is selling my biological kids to other people and forcing them to live places they already know are not good for them, to deliberately tear apart family and this plot has been since the late 1970s becaue I overheard them talking about it, all the time--a bunch of CIA and plutocracy govt. shits.  They have been isolating us to be raised by people who hate us, and keeping us apart from eachother as if our right to communicate with eachother and be family is a big THREAT to the plutocracy which is dumb and uses military brutality to keep people in order, like a real facist country does.  I would describe the U.S. as fascist with adoration of "royals" who work for the CIA, and controlled by an elite plutocracy that is communist and wants to spread ideas of communism to get others to go along with murders, while they retain the majority of the money and get personally rich with consecutive clones for themselves in their own families.  Blacks like Obamas are a massive problem for me and my son--they think slavery is great...FOR WHITE people they think they can steal from and rape.  They also separate us as if to get back for black slaves being separated from family members--their entire philosophy is of slavery, which is illegal, but that is the OFFICIAL postion of the sick U.S. govt. This plutocracy is protected with military authoritarianism, for torture of people and transport and I've been forcibly moved around and kidnapped by the U.S. with cops at all levels, FBI, Pentagon and all branches of the military, CIA, U.S. Marshalls, Secret Service, and then they've thrown in hostile Mafia and DHS workers to boot, and have also allowed totally strange officials in other countries abuse me, rape me, hold me hostage, force me to work for free, and the U.S. was making money from it.  They kidnapped me and forced me around the world to be raped and then even forced me to work for the militaries of other countries, as a U.S. hostage who had no rights and was given no rights even back in the U.S. 
It is Sept. 9,  2016 and I have been working on things all day and tired and going back to my house but will update soon.  I have started putting together more about murders of my clones or thinking about it and will write a timeline and I initially said over a hundred of my clones were murdered, but when I start adding it up, according to each set of U.S. or British or Danish or Australians or others who killed them, some people murdered dozens of them, on their own and with groups, and it adds up and doesn't even make sense to say just "over 100".  The murders are closer to around 300 or so, and these are murders I witnessed as a kid, which I recall, only up to age 11.  After this, the U.S. kept me away and I believe they had been using me as a lure the entire time, to make my other clones think it was safe to meet me or visit and it wasn't.  They were positioning them for murder and yeah, while occasionally people were "tranquilized", these murders were ones with guns being shot, people chopped up, and hangings and forced suicides and torture.  It was even more like 500 and in the past, as a kid, I did use the same quote and estimate for how many I estimated I witnessed being murdered and tortured, held hostage and forced to work for free and raped.  No, I'm not kidding and some thought I must be confusing my own clones with other people, and no, I wasn't.  I am talking about this many clones of my own son and clones of me, being murdered that many times and some girls too, that were related to me, and supposedly a couple of my clones had other kids besides Oliver and they were also targeted.  This estimate is bc Obamas, for example, in their family, murdered over 30 or more clones of my son and myself.  They had clones of Michelle and Barak (Barry) and their kids and they also had a son who isn't in the public eye--2 daughters and a son.  Their daughters murdered clones of my son, and so did they, many times.  So when I consider all of the locations and instances of them murdering just my clones, and aving this sick plot to control us--it's bad. The Rabbi Rose family murdered at least 3 times as many clones of mine as they have persons in their immediate family bc each one of the family, all the way down to "Chloe", murdered clones of me and my son, to the point it is obvious the Rose family is made up of "made men and women" who think they are mafia and take a #1 target against my family.  Chloe, for example, the girl after Zachary and Elliot, in 1980, was already a grown woman or teen.  There were older clones of Laura and Scott to match, and Elliot and Zachary and they repeatedly tortured and killed my kids.  If you add those up, at least 50 murders of my clones were committed by Obamas and Roses alone.*******
The U.S. murdered so many of my clones, by people who still work for the govt., I was treated like one of the most specialized hostages in the country.  I was never allowed to go anywhere without "prison guards", essentially, around me, and the minute one of my kids or clones said one single word to me, even the most innocent thing, like who they imagined Bob and Dickises "other" kids were, they were murdered.  They were shot and killed for that, for speaking up and saying I should make my own money, for telling others to leave me alone, for sayng "no" to sexual harassment talk about how they were all going to keep raping me and never stop and the FBI supported and liked it.  And it was true, the FBI was 100% backing all of it.  They were trafficking me, stealing my money, murdering my older clones, and selling me for sex and making films and photos of me.  They also had surgeries performed on me and not one surgery was done without prior FBI approval and signatures.
The U.S. was holding me hostage by FBI at a variety of locations, one of them was the Rick Baken residence.  Two of my clones were murdered there, over money.  I was gang-raped there and raped by Baken and I was being tortured and programmed by Chris Dabney, who, back then, they were saying was Rick Baken's "son".  They maybe lied but they told me Chris Dabney was actually Chris Baken and after he raped me and helped murder my clones, they were telling me, forcing me to give him a 'cover', telling me to design a nice cover for him for HIS protection.  Initially, when my clones were still alive, Rick Baken was reported for some of his crimes and both he and Claudia sold their house and property to me, with my son acting as trustee for me and making the purchase.  I said I didn't want them to live there and I wanted an orchard and made enough money, so buy their property for me, and then I'll live next to the Bairds too.  The Bairds didn't like the idea and I said, "I thought I was related.  So I'm not related?"  I was already realizing something was seriously wrong with the fake "family history" set-up and story I was given.  I was hoping to move next to the Bairds and spy and find out who showed up there.  "Spy", as in, just noticing who drove there, as a neighbor might.  My son wasn't told this, but he knew I wanted the property and he bought it and Bakens moved out.  Supposedly they were packing and then all of a sudden, they asked us to visit and murdered my son.  When the FBI decided to murder them, they then acted like my money was never used and it was, and Bakens kept their house and then were organizing with FBI to force me to buy houses for more people, as punjishment and told me I wasn't allowed to buy things for myself, just other people.  I had been trying to buy my son a house and told him the Bakens house was his to live in until I maybe bought another house in another area he liked.  I realized the FBI and U.S. hated my clones --all of them and they didn't want him to have property of his own and they murdered him over it.  Then the FBI told me I had to buy houses for them, not for me or my son or family, but govt. employees for their "important govt. work" and No, I am not kidding and yes, it was real and still is serious.  They forced me to consider houses for Levi and Carmen Garrett and then asked me to buy one for Char too; they forced me to look at property with Michelle and Barak Obama; with the Sterling-Tancers for Mike Tancer (and my son kept saying no repeatedly); for Chris Baken (later surnamed Dabney) and his wife; and then, they decided I had to even buy a house in England, and were telling me then, okay that I could really buy one house for myself and which one did I want of a few aristrocratic houses for sale.  I said I liked one house and then Anmer Hall.  They forced me to buy one of them and then told me I could buy one for my son and I bought Bucklethorn, where Middletons live.  After the purchase and signature, they committed massive bloody murders, inside the houses, changed the documents, and then told me "This will be for Carol and Mike and for Kate and William".  They were even forcing me to "decorate" Anmer Hall the way I would like to have it decorated.  They murdered clones of myself and my kids at every single house I was forced to buy.  I also said I wanted to buy the Coquille liquor store bc I wanted to own a liquor store and I bought it and my son was there and then they murdered him, inside the store, and stole a huge amount of cash.  They first said I could buy it, and then when they said I couldn't, my son said, "She wants her money back" and they had govt. senior officials there and were turning over the money to me again and then they killed him.  The liquor store had already been purchased by me and I had already selected all of the liquor I wanted in the store, with the help of my son.  In addition to several houses I purchased, I then bought a temp RV for my son bc he was traveling and needed a quick place and I wasn't sure this one clone was my son bc some told me to doubt.  The U.S. murdered all of my clones, hundreds of them, over my money, and the FBI is organizing each and evry murder and was involved in all of them.
They forced me to say Chris Dabney was a nice person and this was after my older clones managed to put him in jail for his crimes, and they killed my clones and let him out and kept recloning him, and he was "Chris Baken" and then they said, "Give him another last name" and I said, "Maybe Dabney like James Dabney the lawyer who is always around bc they sort of look alike and both live in D.C. and VA".    A woman who drives 119 HMM (OR) was involved and at Bakens.  Another man who killed my son drives 27331 (Eugene sand and gravel).  A few other plates of people involved in his murders are:  406 JDV, XDX 834, 60974, 629 CLQ, 257 HSL, 864 GKH, 534 BUP, 784 FLU, 973 GBO, VFZ895, 449 EKD, 776 GEK, 54562, 796 DET, 495 GMO, 204 HDS, DACJ, 64553, 872 HXX, 267 DAU, 874 HLU, 292 DYN, 644 BSJ, 938 HVJ, MSC-1, 741 HVX, 567 FZK, 043 CXX, 945 FSD, 629 ELF, 770HVV, ZDA804, BEF-748 (NJ...I think it's "7"), 543 FRR, 389 GHL, 794 BHW, YXR 352 (I think "3"--red sedan), 236 HLL, 11361, 738 HMM, 582 HZW, 416 JDV, 832 GKH or GHK (dark blue stationwagon), 966 FPY, OTH 474 (or Q), 586 JFS, 75241, 635 CKT, 692 HAN, 148 CRN, 872 EBD, SECHR7, ZLF499, 487FUM, 968 EYC, XZD122, ZRS 762, 615 CWD, YCCY652, 542 GGP (or GGR...large silver SUV), HYFT, 705 BTJ, 31049, 539F, 813 FCG, 075 HSL, 452 FEB, 888 EYC, STZ 726, 448 FTE, 256 JDV, 264704, 207 ERG, 947 JCT, WCJ 191, 78073, YSN 229, 968 FTP, 795 HNN, 95436, 271 DAR VNP579, 476 HDV, 18806, VTC 012, 970 GTS, UDY021, 356 HZU, 257 FYD, 534 DBX, 821 HCZ, 990 HUX, 333 JDV, 467 FKY, 32993, 497 FVC, RRN 561,
and there are others I will add tomorrow.
VXK605 and 715 EYF, and 562 GAF murdered my son while he was sitting at a park bench near the library in Coquille.  One of the clones of my son had bus tickets to leave, for both of us and they murdered him after Chris Rozollo and Scott found out about it.  They didn't want either of us to escape and began bringing up things about "Rachel" again.  There were 4 murders at the same park bench, all involving U.S. govt. individuals.  They murdered another clone of my son, close to the same age, next to a semi cab and trailer and the trailer had boxes under it, like metal boxes and it was supposedly for trying to tell me which of the Waleses was most involved in murdering my family and stealing from me.  They murdered him and one of the main managers at the Ace Hardware store helped them.  The semi truck has plates YCCR021.  Chris Dabney was also involved in it, and Wales, and a Coquille Judge and Bob Garrett jr..
I also said Rick Baken murdered 2 clones of mine but he actually murdered closer to around 8-10 of them.  He shot and stabbed some at the Baird house and then he committed more murders at his own house in his basement and in the orchard.  He was holding a clone of me hostage and had people from Oregon to go over and help shoot her, and a Dicksie, in that instance, and then he murdered 2 clones of my son there, with other people, except one time it was just him or him and one other person.  He murdered an entire "group" of clones that were my relatives, at the Bairds.  He was also paranoid because he was sexually molesting and raping me, making me give him back massages, and working with Chris Dabney to try to force me to be a "govt. whore" and I was only 6-8 years old.  Things only got worse.  He wanted me to not be psychic anymore, and so did Garretts and Bairds, and some other govt.  He was "Catholic" and then when he thought I was telling on him he had people tell me to be a "good Christian" and forgive him for his sins and that this is what Jesus did and I wouldn't go to heaven if I didn't forgive him and not tell.  It was all Catholicism, and they had Jews standing around to reinforce the ideas.  I said, "How come you want me to be Catholic or something when Katie and all of the other people here are Jews?"  Then when I said to a Dicksie I could report the one instance she said, "I wasn't there--I was visiting with Shirley Sandberg in Moses Lake."  They had my own "Mom" murdering clones of me, and then using their famous "clone escape excuse" and alibi, while calling me "nuts" and they did this with Bob jrs. and the other clones who were involved in murders. One man at the Bakens house told me, when someone said I was going to double for
 Kate Middleton, "I thought you were Dicksie's double" and smirked.  I started thinking about it.  What was meant by that?  Like I looked like Dicksie and was someone's fake lover?  were they making fun of me about my being molested by Bob Garrett jr. when it was all torture?  or, did he mean Dicksie was using me to take blame for murders and crimes she committed? and then stole money from me to give to shits like Debbie Burt and her daughter to forward over to the Middleton assholes?"  One time, one of the Dicksies walked into a room and said, "Oh, Anna, I.." and I said, "I'm not Anna" and I was about age 8 or so and she fainted.  Then I kept asking everyone, "How come that Dicksie fainted?  because she thought I was Anna or something?"  After I asked if I was forced to take blame for murders Dicksie was committing, one of the Dicksies, at least one of them, started trying to set me up to be framed and hated and reviled, so it looked even more likely.  The FBI began deliberately claiming all of the sex abuse by Rick Baken, their own FBI employee, was just part of an "undercover sting" and it wasn't.  They were abusing me and selling me and making money off of selling me.  The entire FBI knew about it.  Then they decided to make me look like I was a criminal and nuts and they started removing credit for my songwriting work and claiming I was a liar who plaigerized "Madonna" and other artists, when it was the other way around.  They had Annette Sandberg beat me up with cops from Chelan county over it, and so did Rick Baken.  The same cops who raped me and murdered my clones and lied about it, later forced me into jail on false charges of "assaulting" my grandmother, which was a plot they had come up with, with Middletons, Florence Brudenell-Bruce and Chris Dabney and the Sequieras and cops, and Donna Ciaramella and other FBI.  They forced me to go to Coquille to a mental rehab living facility and told me I had to "practice restraining occasionally violent people" for their own safety, and with Dabney smirking saying "Be Safe" the entire time.  He was involved in forcing me to do this, to "practice", in Cashmere at the Baird house, at Baken's house, and then at this mental place and by the time I was at the mental place I said I didn't want to practice that bc I already had the sick feeling they were trying to arrest me on false charges of abuse against someone by wanting me to practice restraint methods on people, with specific triggers for what to do.  The other location I was forced to practice this was with Sgt. Wallace and a blond woman who he recently brought again, and their entire plot was that when they expected me to have PIP money I should have from insurance, after a failed hit-and-run to harm me, they wanted to put me in jail to keep me from getting PIP money and to steal my legal documents, over "Rachel" and their other shits who stole from me and my kids, raped us, used us, and wanted to criminalize innocent kids and people for their own covers of crimes.  I was being forced to "restrain Granny by gently but firmly holding her hands to the side" so she couldn't harm me, or arms to the side rather, when she approached me in a threatening manner and I finally said I didn't want to do this anymore and they forced me to keep practicing and then said, "She might have a KNIFE".  I was forced to practice and rehearse, for hours, days, and weeks, and at more than one location.  By that time, the govt. employees were nothing but violent and threatening me.  They had been lying and claiming they wanted me to learn this for my "cover" and I didn't work for them and was their hostage and I already told them I didn't work for them.  I said, "You're trying to set me up to go to jail and steal my money even I don't hurt anyone, but just lying about me and making an appearance of something" and I said, "How come you keep forcing me to practice this with only Dicksie and Granny?" and I said, "And why iis Daniel here, from Fraziers in Oregon?  How come all of these Oregon people are trying to make me do things with the Washington people?"
This is something this shit Dabney was taking part in, from the first day, not just wanting me to be raped repeatedly, and to be taking blame for their adult govt. employee murderers, he was wanting to put me in jail to have no money from collisions where I was seriously injured, and to be raped by him and suffer from injury and severe bleeding or die and have no responsibility for payments for medical costs or rape damages, and he was also wanting to not just put me in jail for "assault of family", he then said we had to go to another place in Coquille because he wanted to have them train me to do even worse and I still refused and by then I said "If you do this I will call 911, and I have a phone here".  He then had me gang-raped by a huge number of govt. employees, off a road in Coquille, for this, and he made sure I did not have a phone with me first.  He had people like Middletons and others helping with this effort, and I have names.  Then, the other thing they did, was Sgt. Wallace and the blond woman he brings around with him, and Dabney and a Dicksie, had forced one of my clones to open a vault and remove her own possessions--some jewelry and money and give it to them and they stole it.  They then shot her.  They also forced her to give them documents, claiming they were FBI and going to investigate on behalf of me, and they WERE FBI, and the FBI was murdering people who tried to use evidence of crimes to free me from govt. slavery , rape and torture.  George Bush was one of the men who was stealing from  my clones and he had people like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Middletons, Gary Goldsmith and Carol, Dabney and Anna the blond Russian, Anna Sloan Smith, Rachel, and Clintons, forcing my clones to give them money from safes where they stored their own personal property and had been saving some of the money I was earning.  They stole all of it.  Then they were making people in Coquille repeat the same "maneoevers" as a cover for the other thefts and murders, forcing my son and clones of my son to go to banks and safety deposit boxes and having Chris Dabney allowed to inspect everything with Brian Gross, the same detective who murders people and kids and who said he'd make sure no rapes against me were prosecuted.
  Another woman who murdered a clone of me is "Verucca", a wartfaced woman who drives a bus and who has stalked me and my family for years and she's a Russian or German Jew.  She helped murder a clone of me on a boat with Middletons and CIA/Navy man Stanley, and she stole money from a vault, and evidence and then shot my clones, and then she was showing up at my house in Moses Lake, to shoot more and threaten me and she pointed a gun at my head to murder me.
Also, this guy named "Daniel" who works at Fraziers is worse than he looks.  He murdered several clones of me and of my son and one of my clones pointed him out, specifically, before she was murdered.  His mother is a knife-thrower and they were harming me and stealing eggs from me and trying to create slaves for themselves to control.  He raped me, and that wasn't the worst thing.  He murdered my clones in the woods, in attacks, and at my grandparents house he was specifically setting me up to be forced into jail, by torture and programming.  He also killed my kids and clones in WA and in OR at my own house.  In addition, he was trying to be some kind of cover for other blonds, for Kate Middleton, and for George Alexander Louis.  I don't see how he resembles GAL at all, but he was covering for him.  He's a Middleton-Goldsmith spy.  He also starved my son and I found out all of the food I gave my son was being stolen to the point y son was starving and emaciated.  Then he was murdered.  Anytime these govt. people thought I wasn't sure he was my son, they killed him and other times, they killed him too.  He was also agreeing to rape my baby girl aftter saying he wouldn't, and he killed one of my kids and cut them up , and he was beating a Bob jr. in a cage, and outside of one, claiming to do it "for me" when he was a rapist and murderer of my kids.  He got an octopus tattoo when I asked if he would and it was to remember how old I was when one of my sons died.  He used a gun, and then a knife in an attack against a clone of my son, in the woods.  He had some kind of shotgun but also had regular guns.  Also, I'm not kidding when I say the librarian women shot and murdered my clones.  Sarah murdered a clone of my son, Laura and Lizzie each shot a clone of my son and of me (Lizzie shot my son and her "Mom" shot a clone of me) and Laura shot more than one clone of me.  She arrested one at my house in Moses Lake, or held her hostage.   He and his Mom also held my kids hostage at a fair and tortured and degraded me and my kids, and murdered them.  I was asked to redsign a school supplies catalog and select photos and I said for the bubbles one (bubble and wand for giant bubbles), to have some kids near a woods with grass, and then this one boy that looked like Daniel in the middle of the bubble, or behind it, so he was "bubble boy", and reminded me of "gannon", my parent's baby that died whose name means "fair" and I would then remember "fair" for fairgrounds they murdered my clones at.  He was also connected to Gary Goldsmith.
Also, Amanda Bynes was some kind of Garrett relative.  Bob sr. killed clones of my son over Rachel and Amanda.  They dragged him around by the tailgate of a car in front of the Beckhams and Middletons and others, and then another of my son was shot in the head inside of a vehicle owned by my Grandpa.  I had told my son "Grandpa Garrett" and all of my family wwere forcing me to learn to "drive wrong" inside of cars.  I had learned some interesting radio wiring and things for making electronics work and operative and being on the radio myself, and it was some kind of radio hacking and I liked it and then I was getting tortured over this.  My son was murdered anytime he even pointed to radios or cassette players, bc the U.S. was paranoid he was tipping me off about what a shit Chris Ddabney and his entire family were.  C.D. was like "cassette deck".  It was always a fucking C.D. and he is one of the #1 assholes of the entire U.S. govt. who has ruined my life and killed my clones and kids. 
I have a LOT of plates to write up but I am doing this tomorrow bc I can't do it right now.  I do have a few and some things to add to it but the paper that was stolen from me was really huge and it has a lot of plates my son recognized as harming us, and including the California "frown" plate man who tortured us in OR and WA too.  Also, the Rose family came into my house and grabbed my son, another clone of a son, and beat him to a pulp over it, along with some other govt. men here, when I was a preteen, and he suffered a lot from it and literally, was dying--more clones of him died because "frown-man" got ahold of him along with a Bob jr. and Waleses.
He was also told to once run into brush that would stand for either Parker-Bowles or Waleses or Edward and he went after Parker-Bowles as the significant family creating crimes against me and rallying support in CiA and govt. 
 He said, "It's James and Tom" and Tom Parker and James Middleton and James Cartright were standing right there, and I think James Dabney was around.  Another clone of him was murdered under a semi truck trailer, by William of Wales and with Levi helping, with some other govt. men, thugs like Tyler and Brian, Scott, and Trav, and so on, military M.P. looking people, or cops looking and they stuck a rifle around and then shot him.  I had said I would remember a plate that I connected with the person he said it was about and then William showed up and shot him and Pippa and Middletons were there.  It wasn't even William I had implied, it was Charles.  We all knew William and Harry were problems and my son already mentioned all of them.  Every single one of them, and Edward too.  The only one who wasn't named all the time, was Andrew, but he was named earlier-on, along with Anne and her shitty son "Peter" who stole TONS of money from me.  Peter made me feel sick.
Robin Bechtold was and is one of my and my son's #1 enemies.  So are some oin the "Mafia", Angela Merkel, Mike Tancer, Ericksons (Gary, Doug, and Michelle), Michelle Obama, Chris Dabney, Amanda Bynes, Anna, Natalie Hicks-Loebecke, several Mexicans who work for GAL and William of Wales and Harry, Holly Telerant, Avilas and Guzmans, Joe Bonnano, Brian and Lisa Thebault, Richard Whittemore and Bailey (Baileys, from Bailey, Bullivant, Houser, stole money from my clones at vaults and safes and they did it through Lisa Thebault and Brian and then murdered my kids and clones of me--the Bailey law firm is related by blood-marriage to Thebaults in Bedminster, NJ who also murdered my clones, in rivers while "fishing", and for attempting to get modeling contracts.  *****
Maryanne McIntosh and a Bob jr. murdered one of my clones at a house in Wenatchee, WA.  When I told her she had a problem, for a short time, it looked like I might be one day be raising my own kids.  I had caught her and her husband deliberately murdering a clone of me, to obstruct justice over evidence of child pornography and sex abuse of me by her husband and son-in-law Jones, who is and was, a cop.  They also were cocaine snorters.

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