Monday, May 30, 2016

Holly Avila and Pablo & Alvaro Pardo: Mafia for Govt.

Holly Avila and Pablo Avila have been working for the Mafia ever since I've known them.  They also had visitors to their house from CIA and FBI concurrently, i.e., Valerie Plame (CIA, former U.S. Army) and her husband and Rick Baken (FBI).

The FBI and CIA organized "hunts" and had my son go with them on these occasions.  I was invited once and had a bad feeling and said I'd just stay back and I didn't feel like going.  The reason was because I believed someone, one of them, wanted to murder me after they got out into the woods and then call it a "hunting accident".

So I didn't want to go.

I was accused of not being part of the government and I didn't want to be part of it and they tried coercing me into it anyway.

Pablo Avila, when I was a little girl, had one of my sons, an older clone of Oliver, same kid, murdered, and supposedly for something to do with Dahlia or Ivory, and after his Mexican group murdered my son, Pablo held a skull in front of me and said "This is your son...hahaa"

He thought my son had "raped" Dahlia or insulted her or something, after I told my son Dahlia and Ivory were shoving things up my vagina.

The Avilas are way worse than most people know.  People think the "Avilas" are this Mexican gang in Mexico, and there IS one, and Pablo actually happens to be related to them, and anytime he didn't think he could do something, he called on his "Mexico gang" or Mafia, to show up and some man who looked like "Jesus" with long hair and beard, would then beat up and sometimes appeared to be tring to torture or murder my son.

Holly Avila has also been dealing with and working with mafia a long time.  She and "Victoria Gotti" looked somewhat similar and traded torturing me and my son.  Then one day, after I noticed how often the "secret Holly" was turning out to be some terrorist, for the U.S. or Mossad or Gottis cover or someone, or CIA Plames, they were torturing me and I was being raped every single day and they were asking me if I wanted to join Middleton's "Mossad".

I said to them, "If you EVER try to claim you are "Christians" after all this, and this torture and murder against my SON, I will talk about all of this" and I warned, "Don't you EVER LIE and say you are a REAL CHRISTIAN" or I WILL!"

I was a kid and fed up with the hypocrisy of the entire government and some of the members of my "family".  Mossad was a fucking shit Monster.  They were controlling me and my kids to the point of "If you join us, you can raise your kid and won't have to fight us, and if you don't, you're on your own".  They wanted me to "join" them just to find a way to snitch to FBI and accuse me of espionage to get rid of me.  They had been dealing cocaine and forcing blow jobs from me since I was a baby.  They were NO FRIENDS of MINE or my sons.

Not only that, I had said, "I don't WANT any COCAINE dealing or BLOW JOBS or RAPES in these ORCHARDS ANYMORE!"

You could ask any fucking Mexican in the entire town of Wenatchee if kids were raped in orchards and all of them knew about it.  I was the ONLY one saying NO.  It wasn't the fucking FBI.  The FBI was saying "yeah, yeah, yeah!"  The FBI loved kids ass.  I was the one who said no more.

I said, "I don't want these fucking Goldsmiths and Middletons and their mafias coming into the orchards with their men and guns, and threatening people and demanding money and dealing cocaine and forcing people on the ground to be RAPED and to do "blow jobs" for every single Mexican orchard cherry and apple picker out there"

Which is what they were doing.  They were forcing me to give blow jobs for all of the Mexican workers, and then giving them cocaine and sometimes money, and  I was raped by almost all of them, just because they wanted to show "allegiance" to Middleton.

The other person who held up a skull to my face and bragged that it was my son, was Alvaro Pardo and he did this to me in Colombia, after the U.S. government trafficked me there, and he was holding me hostage.

Both he and Pablo Avila did this, and a couple of others like William of Wales. 

My son did not ever want me to marry him and clones of my son pleaded with me to never be around Chris Dabney either, and these men murdered clones of my sons.  The U.S. then used them to stalk me down several times, and for purposes of raping me.

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