Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Alvaro Pardo Colludes With Stacey Stubblefield and Cops Against Mexican Kid

Alvaro Pardo colluded against my son Oliver, another clone of him, in Germany when I was made to go there as a kid.  He was standing around and specifically reported my son, claiming with Stacey Stubblefield that my son and his friend (or someone) had sexually harassed or assaulted Stacey Stubblefield. 

I saw my son at the time of the alleged incident, and he pushed past Stacey Stubblefield and had not even grabbed her breasts, as she lied and claimed he did.  They had a couple of other men who were their friends, colluding against my son because they hated him and me for our power over them and money.

Stacey and her husband stole money from me when I was a kid, and improperly used their adult and government positions to coerce me to agree to have a trustee of my funds "give them" some of my money.  They used it to promote themselves and said she wanted to open her own OBGYN clinic one day.

When I had returned to Wenatchee in 2009, while still as a hostage by Alvaro Pardo and trying to escape from that, Stacey Stubblefield walked past me and smirked, going out of her way on the same day I had told Alvaro where I was going to pick up records.

I have no CLUE what Stacey or her husband consider themselves to be, religiously, because when I was a kid, both of them were atheists.  If they are now "Christians", that is a cover for their atheist beliefs.  They did NOT believe in God or have Christian values and she proved this by having her husband rape me, vaginally, with his penis at my house in Moses Lake, WA and in Germany (he raped me more than once at more than one location), and then SHE also raped me, forcing me to lie down on the group, part my legs and as she held my legs open with her hands, Stacey Stubblefield used her tongue to do oral stimulation around my vagina, going to my clitoris, around my vagina, and pushing her tongue inside of the opening of my vagina as far as she could, and then jamming a finger up my vagina after using it to stimulate the top of the inside of my vagina.  Her last jamming of a finger up my vagina, was to suddenly push her finger as hard as she could, up against my vagina to the cervix, to "hit it". 

Her husband Chris, opened the door to the room, and several U.S. persons did this, to make sure Stacey was in there, and they praised her for what she had done.  Chris, Dan Gatti (so-called defender of victims against pedophiles and he's a pedophile himself), Louis Freeh, Bechtolds, Don Pryzbyla (FBI men) and others.

Stacey Stubblefield raped me on more than occasion.  The oral rape by her in California, while she was visiting FBI offices in CA, was the most shocking because of the number of U.S. government employees who encouraged and supported her, and they also videotaped the incident.  I was videotaped and camera photos were taken of the incident and the only reason any video would be made, would be to play it for others who thought it was funny to assault me, or to cause severe distress against someone who loved and cared about me.

I have been reporting rape against me by Stacey Stubblefield and her cop husband since I was 8 years old.  I reported them a NUMBER of times, to people in government, outside of government, and I also published information about them online, repeatedly, and my story has not ever changed and I didn't make it up--it is the truth.

They were holding more than one of my kids hostage as well.  The Stubblefields were and I was raped by Chris Stubblefield multiple times and by Chris Dabney who tried to blend in with Stubblefields and to mix or confuse things by shaving without a close shave so he had "stubble" when he assaulted me and a few other men did this, out of some kind of "tribute" for Stubblefields.

Stacey Stubblefield orally assaulted me the same way that a professional porn star would.  Meaning, she used her tongue and did the rape of me, like someone who was experienced at giving other women "fellatio", like a lesbian or bisexual woman would.  I saw her involved in "swinger's parties" when I was younger as well. 

She told me to lie down and said, "I'm going to do something to you that you'll like" and I was told to lie down and she used my Mom there with her to make me do what she said.  Then she had one of the Bob jrs. videorecording and Mike Middleton went in the room to take photos with a camera.

An older clone of Mike Tancer, and Forrest Tancer, and Joy, and their daughter with red hair, were also involved.

Stacey Stubblefield raped me with a dildo as well, jamming a dildo repeatedly into my vagina one time, in another separate assault, after her husband had raped me vaginally with his penis and I was bleeding from it.  She said, "Maybe this will stop the bleeding" and she violently assaulted me and I screamed and told her to stop and she had my Dad say to me, "Are you going to shut up and be quiet?" along with James Comey.  I said, "No, I'm not going to shut up and be quiet.  I'm telling everyone what you corrupt sick people have done to me and my SON."

After she had assaulted me orally, in California, during a "lunch break" from FBI meetings, where they had taken me (they took me to San Diego FBI offices and to the Regional FBI offices in California, and one other office in CA there, in the same approximate vicinity), she checked back in with them, handed them off documents and things and then someone said, "So you're going to Kentucky now?" and she said, "I'm moving this weekend".

She was skipping out of the state the weekend after her plot to have me gang-raped.  I heard something about how they were going to "Reno, NV" but also that she was moving to Kentucky.

Stacey was nervous when she started raping me orally and then she wasn't nervous at all.  She acted confident and triumphant because I hadn't continued shouting "No" even though I did at first.  She was threatening me with signals they used to keep me quiet, implying if I didn't say nothing, that they would torture me or kill me and she used to kill animals in front of me.  She had killed animals around me with her husband, and she and her husband had also murdered one of my kids, a little kid, in front of me, to intimidate me into believing if she'd murder another kid, she'd murder me too.  They used all of this torture and scare tactics to encourage Mike Tancer to rape me later.  She had the exact same Mike Tancer, who was younger than me, with her at the time she raped me orally and there were several other little boys whose parents wanted to use to rape me with, around as well, after it happened, including Blixseths, Dabney, Bechtolds, Jim Cartright, and Tancers, Justin Timberlake, and more.

Stacey Stubblefield not only was raping me, she was molesting "Danny" and younger clones of my son, and she was controlling blond girls that were supposedly my daughters too.  I witnessed Stacey pushing her finger into the vaginas of other little girls.  She went on a rampage, raping multiple girls and boys with her government group.

It was not medical "exams".  I was there and I saw what she did and she was raping the kids and the FBI wanted her to and let her do all of it.  They also coordinated with State Patrol to pull over people and intimidate them while driving, and threatening with arrests and rape in jails with govt. men and guards.

Stacey and her husband tried to say they did this in retaliation for something they claimed my older clone did, but it was a lie because I could remember Stacey and her husband raping me when I was barely older than toddler-age.  They had been raping kids, for no reason, just to rape them and promote child sex porn.  She believed "kids should be free to have sex with adults".  She viewed herself as "enlightened" and said she "supported" Prince Charles having sex with me and marrying me when I was a child because of this and then cited countries and historical groups that had no problem with kids having sex with adults. 

When she was raping kids, she was also saying things like "This is for STEPHANIE".  Stubblefields and the Maeirs were, and are, friends, and she also had the Campbells there and they were getting cocaine from them and they were friends.  Both Stacey and Chris snorted coke on a regular basis.  She was also friends with the Ericksons and they coordinated "child raping parties" together.

She was also with an FBI group that was mad at me for reporting rape of my son by Chris, which I witnessed.  They said it was "gay sex" and started trying to indoctrinate me about gays and homosexuality and I said, "No it wasn't, it was rape, and not just that, Chris was an adult and he was not just doing this with adult men like my son, and forcing him, he was doing the same thing to a little boy who looked like him too."  I said, "So are you trying to tell me little boys have gay sex with men?"

She claimed that's what was done by my clone to them and it was a lie.  This is what they'd been doing to ME, for years, before any of this, and they were doing this to my kids too and I was even being taken to swingers clubs in Washington D.C. as a child.

I reported them and I had reported a number of FBI men raping my sons and daughters and me.  I said my son was being raped and wasn't a homosexual pervert and he wasn't "gay" and it wasn't "natural" and men should be with women and not with men and not women with women and they were raping him.  So then they started raping me with women more than before, and forcing me to lie there with my legs spread as Stacey raped me and Kristen Stewart was another rapist, for example.  Then they were saying they were "proving" to me that a woman could "have sex" with a woman and meanwhile, they were coaching a younger clone of Mike Tancer to rape me later in the future, by showing him they had already controlled me to not resist being raped, by threats and signals used to scare me with the idea of my being murdered or tortured.

An older clone of my son told me, one time, that he was being raped and that one of the rapists was "Chris".  Another was James.  He wasn't just getting raped by govt. men as a little kid, they were still raping him, even when he was an adult man.

Instead of admitting to child rape, they tried changing the subject to homosexuality and wanted me to sound like a "prejudiced bigot" and make that the center discussion. 

What they were doing, was raping me and my kids to control us and steal from us and use torture and rape to do it.

They also had Levi and another man trade guns and hold a gun to a Bob jrs. head, and made me watch a younger clone of my son Oliver give him a blow job, with blacks around and William of Wales, James Comey, and Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.  James Comey also had his gun out.  Another man who was immediately involved in this was John Jr. Gotti and his brothers.  It was not just their Dad who was raping me and my kids, their sons were and not one single Gotti kid or Victoria has gone to prison, and maybe that's because James Comey was always invited at their house.  William of Wales and Middletons depended on the Gottis to torture and rape my kids.

After the older clone of my son reported to me that Chris was raping him, they lured him into a govt. office and murdered that clone.  They shot him.  They also had a clone of my son forced to appear "gay" in Israel and disappear in Israel under Netanyahus.

  When I was in Germany, it was another location used to violently rape me, and my son and Danny and a kid were encouraged to bump up against Stacey Stubblefield, by me.  I was told to get them to do this by Bujanda, Alvaro Pardo and another military man and I said "Why do you want me to tell my son to do that? You want him to get in trouble?" and he said "No, we need a COVER and Stacey already knows and if you do this, we'll give you a million dollars because it helps us with the Germans" and I said, "Huh?  you're going to give us a million dollars for my son and his friends to bump up against Stacey Stubblefield?"  and I said, "So he won't get in trouble?" and he said "Nah, nothing like that".  So I told my son to do this, with a couple of kids and Alvaro "reported" it to Stacey before they approached and she smirked, looking over at me and I thought, "Why is Alvaro whispering in Stacey Stubblefield's ear first?" and then when my son pushed past her, she actually turned into him so he touched her breast.  She had been facing one direction, and turned to face the other way so it would be impossible not to.

Then they grabbed my son and a couple of others and tried to "arrest" him and did everything they said they weren't going to do, and then I was taken out to a building that night and gang-raped by all of the U.S. government and more men and they raped me vaginally and rectally and invited British royals to participate and Ben Netanyahu and some Germans.

They said if I reported them, they'd put me in jail for telling others to "sexually molest Stacey".  I said, "I've already reported you and I'll do it again, and in the meantime, all you're doing is making things worse for yourselves because one day, your disgusting plans are all going to backfire."  So when they raped me rectally and vaginally they pushed as hard as they could and withdrew all the way out and then again and said to each other, "The loudmouth is back-firing" and they said, "Is that a quaffe?" (some slang word for a noise like a fart from the vagina during sex or rape).  And they said, "Here's another one in the hole" and were joking to eachother, 'Which hole are you using? top or bottom?"

I said, "I am also reporting the fact that you're asking the Dabneys which hole they should use".  And then I looked and saw an older clone of Robin Bechtold standing there with George, and Mike Tancer and I said, 'Oh, it's Robin."

They were still actively raping me and I said, "Let me tell YOU something you disgusting FAGGOT--when the world hears about what the U.S. has done to me, when I'm a little girl, and my son and kids, when we've done nothing wrong and you repeatedly hold us hostage, force us to murder people including our own family and then traffick us around to gang-rape us, only the most perverted disgusting SHITs will want to be "americans" or to work for the U.S. military and I swear to God, one day, you will find every other nation against YOU and you'll be running for your ass, while everyone else is KICKING your ass, and YOU are going to lose the War."

I said, "So this is your little pathetic battle?  to rape little kids and women? and just to STEAL FROM ME?  when you're not even hostages like we are--you have nothing real to even fight for, just GREED, and that's REAL to you.  So fire away you little shits, go ahead and keep raping me, just fire away and with each rape I will think about how marvelous the eventual revenge of God will be against you for it".

I said, "You're not the world.  You're just one Nation, that isn't even under God anymore, and YOU are going to lose one day, and you're going to lose BIG, and on that day you might think to yourselves, "DAMN.  I wish we hadn't raped Cameo and her kids".

Dabneys WERE there.  They moved other men in front of Dabney so when I turned to look he was behind them.  But those shits were there.

They stopped raping me and I said, "What's wrong?  you don't want to rape me for saying your plans are going to back-fire anymore?"

So basically, they decided to quit for that moment and attack me again later and they never let go of their plots to rape me in the future or steal from me and my kids.  I figured, "They quit because someone walked into the room or someone said quit for now"

The same asshole Dabney, raped me in D.C. in 2008 and said "Here's another one in the hole" and his Jewish cop friend Josh Gatov had raped me and said, "Is that a quaffe?" and Robin raped me and all of the same God damned shits raped me while others were out raping my kids.

Then when I was back home at my house they were making my Dad ejaculate on my back all the time with other govt. men saying "we back-fired on you".

Stacey Stubblefield not only raped me once claiming it was for "Stephanie", she raped me over Yulia Tymoschenko too and then the U.S. was trying to force me to agree to let Ukrainian Yulia raise clones of my kids.

Yulia had tortured me and I had reported her for this multiple times and as a defense, the FBI told my Dad to suggest "Yulia is your real biological mother" to think she was working undercover for me and hadn't really tortured me or only did so to gain evience against others.  This was not the case.

She is also not the person I liked to sew with the most either.  Everyone was trying to say I got motivated by hearing Russian language, and that I liked sewing because of Yulia and it wasn't true.  I did enjoy some sewing with her and she did speak Ukrainian around me, but it was Russian, not Ukrainian, that motivated me and made me not feel as depressed.

And the sewing I did was with my older clone, who was a good seamstress, and some other woman I cut patterns with that I had liked and I'm not sure who it was but we used to do it all the time when I was little.

Yulia took me to Ukraine and tortured me and then at some point, I thought I was a Ukrainian.  I thought and spoke some kind of Ukrainian or Russian language, but I know she tortured me because every single trip there and back on a plane, I was getting ultrasounded with extreme pain to my back.  I was also forced on medical beds and raped and I remembered Yulia had raped me.  No one wanted to admit it.  I thought, as a baby or toddler, I believed I had been living in Russia or Ukraine for one full year.  It wasn't maybe that long, but it seemed like a year to me.  I was thinking in another language, not in English anymore.  I also know I felt mature and superior at this age, not to others but as my own person and when they tried to remove me I believed they were kidnapping me from my home and I didn't want to leave.  I'm sure I had Stockholm Syndrome wherever I lived, but I remember the U.S. moved me away from the U.S. and then forced me back and I also know I wasn't always happy because I was getting tortured and raped at some places.

I don't mind that Yulia appealed to various human rights groups for compensation or acknowledgement of being tortured, but she is also covering over my history and my story with her own life and I don't like that. 

If she was doing humanitarian work, she wouldn't be trying to erase the history of my past.  If she wanted me to remember situations, then why wouldn't she and the human rights groups file more petitions for me and my kids?  Or find out why the UN has been unresponsive to me since others claimed Yulia and others were "raped"?  All of these CIA people who stole money from me, claimed to me, when I was a kid, that they'd do something to help me remember a few things that happened to me, and yet none of them were supporting my right to be paid for my work or receive credit for my own work.

Every single one of them, just wanted to steal from me and try to make me think, as a kid, they were doing something for me in return, and they weren't.  Hillary Clinton doesn't need to grasp at a point near her throat for a public photo the news publishes, to help me 'remember' things because what is the point?  She steals my money and then makes a couple of symbolic gestures as if that's the trade-off?

What a joke.  NO NO NO.  These people ALL raped me and my kids.  They raped me of my human dignity and rights.

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